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How to quickly and permanently get rid of flies

Each mistress was faced with the appearance of flies in the kitchen. Tiny creatures appear suddenly as a whole cloud: yesterday there was no one, and today a cheerful round dance with annoying neighbors lead. And they don’t bring much harm, but their presence doesn’t please anyone. Today we will talk about how to get rid of small flies in the kitchen. Of course, first you need to identify the cause of their appearance, and then determine the methods of struggle.

Interesting Facts

Quite often, tiny creatures disturb tenants of apartments and private houses in the fall and spring. And sometimes they become so many that you involuntarily grab your head. We will immediately reassure: the fruit fly, which is also called the fruit or fruit midge, is a completely harmless type of insect. These creatures do not bite and do not tolerate infection, and are also very delicate. Therefore, having learned how to get rid of small flies in the kitchen, you can easily do it.

There is bad news too. Drosophila breeds very quickly. Therefore, if time does not take action, then you will be in the kitchen hundreds of small flies, very annoying their presence.

Where to attack

Before looking for a way to get rid of the small flies in the kitchen, let's figure out where they come from. Maybe the problem is easier to prevent than to solve. In fact, to prevent the appearance of these tiny creatures difficult. There are three options:

  • Drosophila can fly from the street. They will not stop the mosquito net. Attract them can some spoiled product. Most often it is vegetables or fruits. Therefore, before finding out how to get rid of the small flies in the kitchen, you need to carefully check that the table has not collapsed.
  • Blackfly eggs can "come" to your home along with fresh vegetables and fruits bought in the market.
  • They can be got in a pot with a flower standing on a window sill.

Flower or fruit

One more thing. Speaking about how to get rid of the small flies in the kitchen, we must not forget that they can be different. If insects hover around flower pots, it can be fruktovki or floral schiarides. Those and others are quite small, but they can be quite easily distinguished. Flower midges look like black mosquitoes. They wind in flocks and do not fly away from the pots. Drosophil is not interested in the land too much, so they rarely stay around the pot in which they hatched. Today, in the center of our attention, it is these little flies in the kitchen. How to get rid of uninvited guests? Let's look for ways together.

Development with metamorphosis

We are dealing with insects, and therefore must take into account the full development cycle. Flying individuals are only half the trouble. There are also eggs and voracious larvae. Therefore, the fight against flying insects should be complex, excluding the birth of a new generation. If a flower pot was chosen as a breeding ground, you will have to change the ground to get rid of the eggs laid.

"Find and destroy" - this is how it can be formulated. Since you can get rid of the fruit flies in an apartment, only by completely stopping the life cycle of this, you need to look for where it lays eggs. Otherwise, you will destroy only the flying individuals, which will be replaced by others. It is known that they like to lay eggs in ripe fruits and vegetables that begin to decompose. But not only. Any place where there is food and moisture can attract insects.


  • If you keep compost for indoor plants at home, then you need to look at it: it is usually an excellent breeding ground for these insects. Many growers use this method of cooking fertilizer. In a small box they collect grass growing in pots, tea leaves, egg shells and much more.
  • Trash can. Even if you regularly throw out the bag, there may be a breeding ground for the flies on the walls.
  • Beer and wine, apple cider vinegar - these liquids attract insects like a magnet. If an open bottle is lying around somewhere, they will definitely appear.
  • The source of reproduction can be almost any food. Mushrooms, cereals, fermented milk products, cheeses, if they were not properly stored, can easily become the object of attention of fruit flies.
  • Clogged kitchen sinks, wet sponges and rags, mops - all this is a source of moisture important for midges.
  • If the source was never found, it is possible that the insects came from the street. Or in an inaccessible place behind the table top a little nutrient liquid (jam or syrup) was spilled.

This is the first answer to the question of how to get rid of the flies in the kitchen. How to destroy the nest? It's very simple: we pack it in a bag and take it away from home.

Restore order

After the nest has been found, you need to take care of adult insects. The most important thing now is to deprive the fruit fly from the breeding ground and food. In this case, they will die even without your help. Therefore, we hide all products that may interest them. Carefully close the jam, honey, vegetables and fruits. It is best to put all of this in the fridge in order to deprive the fruit flies the chance of survival.

Perfect cleanliness in the kitchen is in some cases a sufficient measure so that you no longer have to think about how to get rid of small flies in an apartment or house. During ten days in the warm season, all individuals may die, including the existing clutches. In winter, the process may take several months, since the development of the larvae will be delayed.

Bait traps

For a long time no one wants to share territory with flies, so the question is raised of how to quickly get rid of small flies in the kitchen. A bait trap is a great way to work 100%. The principle is very simple: insects are lured into a container with the help of a fragrant bait, and can no longer get back. Leave in the evening such a trap in the kitchen, and in the morning you will find in it a large number of live and dead insects.

How to do it yourself

There is nothing easier. You will need a regular glass jar and a sheet of paper. From it you need to twist the cone and secure the tip with scotch tape. Now place the funnel in the jar, first placing something attractive for insects on the bottom. This may be a ripe fruit, a few spoons of jam or apple cider vinegar.
Experts say that the orange cone works best. Despite the fact that the bait is the same, many more insects always fly into the jar with colored paper. This fact can be explained by the similarity of colors with orange. Citruses are very unloved by the main enemies of these insects - the riders. The proximity of such a fruit suggests relative safety.

How to use traps

Today our goal is to consider the most effective ways. How to get rid of the flies in the kitchen? There is nothing easier: put traps in high-risk areas. This is a sink and windowsill with flowers. After a couple of hours you need, without removing the funnel, pour into the jar a water solution to drown insects. After that, it can again "charge" the bait and put in the room.

How to get rid of flying insects

Drosophila flies are not very fast. Therefore, the hunt for them is not particularly difficult. To do this, fill the spray with ethyl alcohol and spray directly on the flying flies. They instantly fall dead. Alcohol is a completely safe insecticide. In addition, it will not harm if it gets on food (of course, bakery products are better covered).

Using the fumigator

If, having left for a few days, you have forgotten a few bananas on the table, then, having returned, you risk to see in the kitchen a whole swarm of these little creatures. Since no one wants to spend time catching insects, you can turn on the mosquito fumigator and leave the apartment for a few hours. On return, ventilate the rooms and sweep the flies from the floor. No less effective and aerosols. They can be sprayed in the habitats of midges and easy to get rid of it. Excellent help and sticky tape. You can buy the usual, from flies, and smear wine.

Midges in the gutter

Kitchen drains are often clogged with food debris. In this case, the water begins to leave slowly; non-flooded areas remain, which become the breeding ground of the flies. If you see that insects are continually selected from the drain hole, then this problem must be solved. First, call the plumber and clean the system. After that, pour a bucket of boiling water into it with soap dissolved in it. The final chord will be the use of alcohol. It will take no more than 100 ml. Just pour it into the drain hole and do not turn on the water for 30 minutes.

Dangerous neighborhood

Flies living with a person have become commonplace, they are even called indoor. Sometimes we do not notice their presence, having waved away, we eat bread and fruits, which insects have managed to point out. We think about how to get rid of flies in the apartment, only when their number exceeds the permissible norms and begins to irritate. And the neighborhood is not so harmless.

An adult female lives about one and a half months and literally two days after hatching, she starts laying eggs. A lot - up to 2000 pieces for his short life. Places for egg-laying are chosen by “favorable” for future larvae - rotting food waste, excreta, manure heaps, cesspools. Now imagine, having made an egg-laying fly flies into the room. What will she bring on her paws?

Considering that the main food source for flies is human food, they are carriers of dangerous intestinal infections, including:

  • diarrhea,
  • dysentery,
  • worm infestation,
  • typhoid fever,
  • tuberculosis,
  • cholera, etc.

As you can see, intrusiveness is not the only reason to get rid of flies and to isolate living quarters from them as much as possible.

Note! The full cycle of the transformation of the insect (egg - larva - pupa - imago) passes very quickly - in 25-30 days. During the warm season, 6–9 generations of flies give way.

Damaged fruits, crumbs on the table, dirty dishes in the sink - a real feast for flies

Why flies strive to get into the house?

Paraphrasing the well-known saying, we can say that the wings feed the fly. Indiscriminate circling in the air is nothing more than a constant search for food, as well as a place to breed. What attracts flies indoors?

  1. First of all, decaying food and human waste, animals. First of all, the insect rushes to the garbage can, to the toilet, to the cat's pot.
  2. Flies will definitely land on affordable food. Favorite smell - meat, in second place in popularity - sweets. Given this feature, many homemade traps are made using a sweet fermented filler.
  3. They love the smell of sweat, stale linen, do not miss dirty kitchen towels. There have been cases when an insect has managed to lay eggs in wounds and abrasions on the skin of animals.
  4. Pets, especially dogs, are the fourth most popular object that attracts flies. It plays the role of the smell of wool, as well as dishes, remnants of food, which, as a rule, is always in the house where they live four-legged pets.

It should be remembered that flies are susceptible to smells - the more unpleasant-smelling dirt in an apartment, the more actively insects inhabit it. They are also keenly aware of the deterrent fragrances. Knowing them, you can effectively deal with insects.

Pelargonium on the windowsill or open balcony will scare the flies by smell

It is easier to warn than to win

In most cases, we first “invite” ourselves, and then look for ways to get rid of flies in the apartment. You need to start with the protection of the premises. Prevention is recommended to be carried out in two directions - to block access to insects and to eliminate the sources attracting them. Here are the activities that will significantly reduce the number of annoying neighbors.

  • Install mosquito nets on the windows and special curtains on the veranda open doors.
  • Keep the apartment clean, especially the kitchen. Always remove or cover food, even if it is fruit or candy. No debris in the sink - wash it immediately after eating.
  • Keep bins closed, wash them frequently with disinfectants. Take out the garbage every day, not allowing the smell in the room.
  • Do not put spoiled meat or fish in the trash, immediately throw it into the garbage chute or on the compost pile.
  • Wash your pets daily. Do not leave leftover food in the bowl.
  • Get a dirty laundry basket. You have no idea how sniffy socks are attractive to flies!
  • Compost heaps, pits for food waste equip away from home. If possible, cover them with lids.

The cover made of mosquito net will reliably protect the fruit from uninvited sweet lovers

It is more difficult to fight insects if you breed poultry, rabbits or livestock, as well as get rid of flies in an outdoor toilet.

  • Manure piles placed at the maximum distance from the premises.
  • Keep the toilet point and cesspool closed. From time to time, sprinkle the contents of the trash with bleach.

How to give a “turn from the gate” to uninvited guests

There are many effective ways to deal with flies. Conventionally, they can be divided into 4 groups.

  1. Mechanical. Assume the capture or destruction of an insect. These include fly swatters, all kinds of traps, stickies, bait.
  2. Physical. We are talking about household appliances that destroy or repel flies with the help of electric discharge, ultrasound, electromagnetic waves.
  3. Biochemical. This means for flies on the basis of insecticides (kill) and repellents (scare away).
  4. Preventive. There are chemical and natural repellents that can prevent the penetration of insects into the room.

Consider the principle of operation, the pros and cons of the most popular ways of dealing with flies.

Mechanical methods of insect extermination

Among the advantages of mechanical methods of struggle is harmless to humans and animals. But chasing the flies or luring them into traps, to achieve 100% of the result is problematic. However, if it is a city apartment, where insects are randomly flown single specimens, mechanical traps can be quite enough.

Duct tape

Coming to us from the Soviet era, but quite an effective remedy for flies is sticky tape.

It works like this. The paper strips are saturated with attractant (attractive aroma), the surface is covered with a sticky substance. Tapes are hung near the lighting, in the kitchen, baguettes. Flying on the smell, flies stick and can not get out of the sticky trap.

The disadvantage of this method is an aesthetically unattractive view of planted strips.

Time-tested flycatcher

Food Bait Trap

An effective remedy for flies - a trap with a poisoned bait. It is easy to do it yourself from an ordinary plastic bottle (see photo below). How it works?

A sweet liquid is poured into the bottom of the trap, into which a poisonous substance is added. The insect gets to the bait through an upturned neck of the bottle, but there is no turn back. What can be cooked for "treats"?

  • In a sweet syrup or jam, add a pinch of black pepper.
  • Soak a piece of bread with a mixture of milk (fourth of a glass), soda (1 tablespoon), formalin (half a teaspoon). This bait can simply be spread out on saucers and put in places where flies gather.
  • Bread, napkin soaked with a solution of honey with the addition of saccharin. A glass of warm water will need 10–15 g of sugar substitute. Despite the love of sweets, insects can not stand it.
Homemade trap for flies, mosquitoes, wasps

Home appliances to fight flies

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips and recipes, how to get rid of flies with the help of homemade devices. But not always worth the candle worth the candle. It is much easier to buy inexpensive and effective devices to repel or kill insects. Their advantages:

  • harmless to humans
  • 100% guarantee of cleaning the room
  • small size
  • modern, aesthetically appealing look.

Electric trap

This device is a screen with a light source, covered with a metal grille, which is a weak discharge of electric current. Ultraviolet radiation attracts flies, but by touching the grid under tension, they drop dead.

Electric insect trap in action


The device, which received popular recognition - an electric fumigator from flies. The principle of operation is simple - from an electric charge the plate impregnated with fumigants begins to heat up and evaporate the poisonous substance - vaportrin. It is absolutely harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals, but it paralyzes the respiratory system of insects.

Arguments in favor of the fumigator.

  • The device is easy to use.
  • Durable, you need to change only the plate or bottle with liquid.
  • The fumigant is odorless.
  • Широкий спектр действия – мухи, комары, мошки, осы.
К недостаткам фумигатора можно отнести быстрый расход пластин. Если дом большой, понадобится несколько приборов.

Химические средства борьбы

If you need to quickly destroy a large number of insects, insecticides are the best remedy for flies. It is necessary to use them carefully, especially if there are small children, animals, aquarium fish in the house. Insecticides are produced in the form of aerosols, granules. Modern means, in addition to the immediate destruction of flying pests, have a prolonged effect, they prevent the appearance of flies after processing the premises.

Granulated Insecticide Agita

Among insecticides of the new generation - Agita from flies. This is a granular preparation, which, in addition to the poisonous substance, contains sexual pheromone. He draws flies, and after tasting food, they quickly die. Agita does not smell, has a wide spectrum of action - cockroaches, fleas, ants, wasps will additionally die. The drug can be diluted for spraying or lay out the granules in places where insects. After processing the premises, the flies will not be for 4–8 weeks.

Note! Other insecticides have characteristics similar to Agita. Flybayt retains the effect for 3 months (once sprinkled and for the whole summer). Jet kills adult insects, larvae, eggs. Emulsion Executioner will destroy all the flying, crawling pests in the apartment.

Agita granulated insecticide is especially in demand where large rooms need to be treated.

Natural repellents

There are many repellents in nature, with the help of which one can both block access to a room and get rid of flies. What smells are afraid of annoying insects, how to use it to fight them?

  • Plant lavender, snapdragons, ferns, tansy, flies next to the windows, the front door will fly around your house.
  • The same effect will produce indoor plants - geranium (pelargonium), myrtle.
  • Fill the room with unpleasant smells for flies. In aromalampah use essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, lavender, cloves.
  • Sachets with these plants, bouquets of dried flowers will perform the same function.
  • While cleaning the apartment, add vinegar or a few drops of turpentine to the water. The smell is almost indistinguishable to humans, and scare away insects.

The pleasant smell of lavender will refresh the air in the room and chase the flies

Effective drugs, interesting methods to combat flies a lot. But do not expect to win, if cleaning the apartment is not your priority. Sometimes a bucket of water and a rag are more effective than an aerosol or fumigator.

How to get rid of flies:

Folk methods

Many ways are good for spot fighting with flies when there are few of them in the house. Also, folk methods are suitable for cases where you do not have the opportunity to use special tools.

  1. In a glass of water, dissolve a teaspoon of honey and a little sugar. Soak a napkin in liquid and place it on a plate; it will serve as bait for flies.
  2. Prepare a mixture of 60 grams of milk, 35 grams of soda and half a teaspoon of formalin. Pour the bread crumbs into the resulting composition and transfer to a plate.
  3. Cook in a saucer composition of syrup, sugar and black pepper. Having tasted the treats, the flies will die several days later.
  4. Take a glass jar and measure a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it, and then pour a little table vinegar. Close the container with plastic wrap or bag, making a small hole. Once inside, the flies will sink into the solution.
  5. Castor oil and rosin combine in equal proportions, and then heat. Put honey or jam in the mixture to make a sticky composition. Prepare paper strips and apply mass to them. Hang traps in the habitats of flies.
  6. Put honey, sugar and syrup in a jar. Build a paper cone and lower it into the container with the narrow part down. Insects that have flown into the trap will no longer get out of it.
  7. A mixture of vinegar and water repels flies. For 1 liter of liquid will need 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Treat with a surface solution inside the house.
  8. Get flax in the pharmacy ordinary and make a decoction based on milk. Pour the liquid into the container and place it in the corners of the house.

Flies scare away the scent of eucalyptus, mint, geranium, lemongrass, tansy, cloves. Also, insects do not like the smell of kerosene.

Special means

Their use makes it easy to get rid of flies in the house. However, they can be toxic to humans, so they should be used with caution.

Consider common insecticides:

Cheap drug that effectively destroys pests, affecting their nervous system. From contact with this drug flies quickly die. During its use of protective equipment is not necessary to apply.

There are soluble crayons that can be used to process walls, doorways, and window frames. For example, the chalk "Masha" is the most popular. When using it, you need to monitor the safety of children and animals in the house.

They are sprayed inside the premises, closing all the windows and doors to avoid drafts. After treatment it is recommended to leave the room. Soon the pests die, poisoned by harmful substances.

The most famous aerosols are "Dichlorvos" and "Chlorophos".

Fly bait containing pheromones. It is dissolved in water and sprayed at home. And also means it is possible to put with the help of a brush on a window sill or a wall. Wear gloves when handling. One of these drugs is Agita 10 WG.

Chemicals in the form of granules

They can be spread out in the corners of the house in a dry form or prepare a solution from them. The first option is suitable for those who have no animals in the house. Mortar treated walls, windows and doors. Upon contact with the agent, the insects will immediately be paralyzed. The most common drugs are “Byte Fly” and “Fly Byte”.

The device, which is inserted inside the plate with poison poison. When heated, he spreads the substance around the apartment, thereby scaring flies. In the nursery fumigator is better not to use. The most popular tools are: "Taiga", "Raptor", Flop.

Street traps

They can be installed in the yard of a private house. They attract insects, producing carbon dioxide and heat. Pests are trapped, and they are sucked into the device, then they die during the day. The range of the device is from 4000 square meters, it is not used for premises. But the likelihood that flies will fly into a dwelling through a window or door is significantly reduced.

They are placed indoors on the floor or on the table, and there are also models in the form of wall sconces. They attract flies with a spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. Approaching flies die from the discharge current. Devices may have a design that prevents insects from falling to the floor.

Preventive measures

Because flies can lay eggs on food, there is a risk for humans to become infected with many diseases. Therefore, it is important to carry out prevention and adhere to some recommendations to protect the house from insects.

  • Periodically do wet cleaning. Insects start when the house is not clean enough, so keep an eye on the condition of the bin and put food in the fridge.
  • With the beginning of the spring period, protect your windows with a mosquito net so that flies cannot get inside.
  • If you plant a bird cherry and an elder near the house, then annoying pests will not want to approach your dwelling. Including their deters smell of walnut and wormwood. Those who live in an apartment can place a pot of geraniums on the windowsill.
  • If you keep cattle in the territory of your private house, then a animal shelter or a place of manure storage will become your favorite habitat for flies. In this case, it is recommended to monitor the cleanliness of the pens, and add the carbophos solution to the manure.

The danger of finding flies in the house

These insects are carriers of many diseases. If a fly lands on your food, it can infect them with bacteria, which, in addition to food poisoning, can even cause death. Their habitat is great for the development of diseases.

The fly sits on the places of accumulation of garbage, and then on our products, thereby infecting them. The consequences of infection from flies can be such diseases: conjunctivitis, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, tuberculosis, anthrax, salmonellosis, as well as carriers of parasitic worms.

Popular ways to get rid of flies

Getting rid of these insects can be divided into 2 stages:

  1. Finding and cleaning places of pollution. Being at this stage, thanks to the cleaning and cleaning, you can significantly reduce the number of flies. This will allow you to keep their growth under control. Do not forget to take out the garbage in time and close the tanks. As they become dirty, wash them with a solution of vinegar. Flies do not like this smell. Throwing packets in the garbage chute, tie them well.
  2. The next step is getting rid of adult flies indoors. Since they no longer have a breeding ground, the problem is the destruction of the insects themselves. In order to live flies, you can use repellents that are in any store. But unfortunately, these tools are not safe, so consider the folk ways.

Folk remedies and prevention of appearance

  1. Vodka. This is not a cheap way to kill insects. Flies do not like the smell of vodka, so it must be sprayed in the whole room where they are. Also, this method can be applied while working in the garden. Pound the body with vodka, and flies will not bother you with your intrusiveness.
  2. Essential oils. Flies do not like the smell of mint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus.
  3. Carnation The smell of cloves, these insects also can not tolerate. It is recommended to put on the saucer pieces 15 buds of carnations.
  4. Flavors from flies. You can make your own flavoring and put it on the veranda. To do this, take two lemons, then cut them in half and in each half of the lemon stick a few clove buds. Put everything on a saucer and leave on the table. Due to this, insects will not climb into your plate.
  5. Hazel lotion. Mix half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of hazelnut, then add 50 drops of eucalyptus oil to this solution. This solution can be rubbed open areas of the body.
  6. Trap for flies. To get rid of these insects in the house, you can make a homemade trap. All we need is a liquid to attract flies and an empty can. As a liquid, you can use plain water or milk, add jam or honey to them.
  7. Sugar trap. Make a solution of sugar and pour it into the jar. Then make a cone of paper and insert it into the jar so that it does not touch the solution. Flies are very fond of sugar, so do not remain indifferent. After they crawl into the jar with a solution, from there they will not get out. So act all personally made traps. You can also cover the jar with a bag and make several holes in it.
  8. The following recipe is filling the can with beer. Instead of beer, you can pour 2 cm of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a saucer. Mix everything and put in the place where there are a lot of insects.
  9. Make a solution of syrup, sugar and black hot pepper. Having eaten such a yummy insect will die in 3-4 days.
  10. Mechanical methods used by all. These include a fly swatter or just a folded magazine or newspaper. The only disadvantage of this method is that traces remain on the surfaces. Explain how to use this method, probably not necessary. In childhood, children killed these insects with a stretched rubber band or a slingshot. But this method is most likely suitable for boys.
  11. Velcro for flies. They are saturated with a means that attracts insects. On them flies fly like honey and stick. You can buy them in almost any store or make it yourself. For this you need to make a very strong syrup from sugar. To make the effect better, you can add a little honey. Then cut the strips from Kraft paper and leave them in the syrup for a while. After that, dry them and hang them in places where insects live.
  12. Indoor flower plants. There are predator flowers that feed on flies. You can buy one of these plants. This, for example, sundew, flycatcher or Zhiryanka.
  13. Geranium. This is a fairly well-known indoor plant. Again, it is beginning to come into fashion to plant this plant in pots. Flies and moths also dislike indoor geraniums.
  14. Plants and herbs. Flies do not like the smell of some plants. Just plant these herbs around your home.
  15. Basil. This is a plant that is widely used in cooking. Basil leaves produce a fragrance that insects dislike. Drop it around the house or in the pot, put it on the windowsill. If you do not have fresh basil, take the dried green of this plant and hang it in the house.
  16. Bay leaf. In the house he is always there. It can also be used against flies.
  17. Tansy. This plant is not widely grown, but it can be seen growing on the fields or along the road. In addition to flies, the smell of tansy is repelled by mice, bedbugs, ticks and moths.

Now you know what to do in order to get rid of these annoying insects. Use our advice and they will not bother you anymore.

What means to fight midges exist

Fruit flies are annoying tiny creatures whose presence in the house itself annoys all its inhabitants. When these small creatures, not confining themselves to annoying flattering, are taken to actively spoil the products, and in addition they are still trying to bite, the patience of the tenants comes to an end, and they begin to urgently look for means to fight the pesky newcomers.

Where do home flies come from and how to get rid of them

Small black flies, which are so annoying hostesses, extraordinary insects. The unique ability of these malicious volatile creatures to appear, as if from nowhere, gives them a certain mystical halo. However, the secret of the occurrence of mosquitoes in hermetically sealed flats, has nothing to do with magic. Drosophila flies, of course, do not have the phenomenal gift to seep through walls. In fact, the midges get into tightly enclosed premises together with products brought from outside, and the larvae and eggs of fruit flies can hide not only in vegetables and fruits, but also in mushrooms, cereals and garden flowers.

Each mushin lives short-lived. Appearing in the world at dawn, in the evening of the same day she dies, but if the apartment has food for her, namely, a supply of spoiled vegetables and fruits, the wine fly has time to lay a huge number of eggs on them. Thus, the number of midges begins to increase exponentially, however, in fairness, it should be noted that in the winter drosophila multiply not so actively, but if they are not dealt with, even in cold weather they can flood the whole house in a few days.

In addition to the rotted fruit, the black flies love indoor flowers, but rather to say, the moist soil in which they grow. In addition, the reproduction of the mosquitoes that have penetrated the house is facilitated by the water that stagnates in the aquarium, the dampness that reigns in the sanitary facilities, dirt in the cages of pets, leaking sewage pipes, dishes that have been washed for several days and trash forgotten in the kitchen.

Therefore, if you have fruit flies or flower flies in your home, before you try to poison the intruders, try to eliminate their “tavern” first. To do this, first remove all the food from the table and wash the dirty dishes, then inspect the refrigerator and conduct an audit of kitchen cabinets. The rotted fruits and moldy cereals found there immediately take to the garbage, along with it, take with you the garbage that has been stuck in the bucket.

Having finished cleaning up the kitchen, in order to eliminate the dampness, ventilate the apartment, clean the aquarium, loosen the ground in the flowerpots and drain the water from their pans.

At the end of the cleaning, vacuum the floors in the whole house and at the same time check if the apple core does not lie around in some secluded place.

1 way. Industrial Insecticides

In the case when the general cleaning did not give the expected result, and malicious flies continue to warp around the apartment, you can of course poison them with some insecticidal aerosol, but the same dichlorvos, for example, is allowed to be used only in the toilet and living rooms, so toxic toxic chemicals can be used in the kitchen is unacceptable.

In rooms where food is stored or prepared, it is better to use factory adhesive tapes to fight against midges. Deploy and hang a couple of stickies under the kitchen ceiling, and the next day you will see that the number of small “saboteurs” who secretly sneaked into your house has decreased significantly.

A fumigator can also be a great way to solve the problem of a fly invasion. Refill a special plate for flies into this device, or attach a tank with an anti-mushin fluid to it, turn on the unit for the whole night, and in the morning you will not find a single fruit fly in your house.

2 way. Homemade traps

Fruit flyers can be fought not only with chemistry, but also with safer, but no less effective folk remedies, among which are homemade traps described below.

Drunken trap. Flies love beer and dessert wine. Put an open, unwashed bottle of beer or liquor on the kitchen table. Спустя пару часов, в ней соберется великое число дрозофил, слетевшихся на нежданный пир, вам же останется лишь заткнуть пробку сосуда, полного мошкарой, и снести его на помойку.

Яблочная ловушка. Not less sweet alcoholic drinks, fruit flies love apples. Taking advantage of their weakness, you can build a very effective trap, in which natural apple vinegar will play the role of bait. To make such a trap, take a half-liter jar, fill it with warm water for a quarter, pour a spoonful of natural apple cider vinegar into the water, the smell of which has a fascinating effect on the midges, and add a few drops of shampoo or dishwashing liquid to it. Attracted by the aroma of your favorite fruit, the midges will land in the water, and the “sticky” soap film formed on the surface of the liquid will not allow it to fly back.

3 way. Scare

If you do not have time to build traps, try to scare away unwanted guests with any unpleasant smell for them. As such means, "horror stories" you can use:

  • camphor, the smell of which is very fond of all flies and mosquitoes. Throw a pinch of this substance on a heated dry pan, as soon as its crystals begin to emit a characteristic wormwood aroma, immediately remove the dish from the stove and walk with it throughout the apartment. Having smelled the smell of camphor, the flies will be forced to retire.
  • garlic - The garden midges are afraid of the smell of this plant, so they can be frightened off by the flies that have chosen their potted plants. Cut a few cloves of garlic on the plates, spread them out on the surface of the substrate in flower pots, and the midges will soon leave their homestead.
  • carnation, the rich aroma of which throws midges into panic. Put a dessert spoon of clove buds in a small dipper, fill them with a glass of water, and place an improvised aroma lamp on the stove. When the liquid in the scoop starts to boil, a thick, spicy spirit will spread throughout the apartment, which will drive away the "stray" guests.

Why do you need to get rid of flies

Flies themselves are unpleasant creatures. No one gives pleasure to admire these insects, especially if it crawls on a plate with a sandwich or sticks to a sugar bowl.

Such products will have to be thrown away, they are already hopelessly spoiled by mushy larvae, a huge number of viruses and bacteria that flies carry on their paws. And therefore you should definitely find out how to get rid of flies for a long time without Dichlorvos or chlorine - these insect substances will be thrown out of the house, but also the owners too.

It has been scientifically proven that flies can infect humans with such life-threatening diseases:

All these diseases are successfully treated today, but they can cause irreparable harm to health, therefore flies should be brought out without fail, especially in those houses where there are small children or chronically unhealthy people.

Folk ways of getting rid of flies

Many people know how to get rid of flies in the house without using chemicals that are harmful to humans too, or ugly adhesive tapes. But more they are suitable for owners of private houses and cottages, although they can be used for an apartment. Here is a consistent plan of action:

  1. Install dense mosquito nets on all windows and doors that will open. This will save not only the penetration of flies outside, but also other insects.
  2. Move as far as possible from the house all the gutters, garbage bins, outbuildings and pet barn - that is, all outdoor objects that attract the attention of annoying insects.
  3. Plant a tree that flies off the smell of its resin or leaves near the front door, porch, balcony or terrace. it
  4. On the window sills place the pots with plants, the scent of which also does not like flies. You can choose geranium, eucalyptus, myrtle, and if you put long containers with tomato seedlings, you can kill two birds with one stone - get rid of harmful insects and grow a healthy vegetable.
  5. The wooden floor on the veranda, in the corridor, in the kitchen and in the living room can be first washed with vinegar, and then spread out the sprigs of tansy, fern, wormwood, elderberry. Covering them with a solid carpet and spoiling the interior design is not necessary, just a few shoots in the corners or under the chairs.
  6. All these tools will become a reliable barrier for flies wishing to enter your home. Now it's up to you to expel those insects that are already in the room. To do this, you can make a decoction of flax on milk. The resulting mixture in small containers placed on shelves, tables and cabinets throughout the house. Soon the insects will begin to look for another habitat for themselves.
  7. Experienced housewives are advised to prepare such a bait at home: dissolve saccharin in warm water and add a spoonful of honey. Soak a newspaper in this mixture and dry it. In the evening, spread out the prepared newspapers where flies accumulate in large numbers and sprinkle with water. Insects will fly to the sweet smell and die. The most unpleasant thing is the morning cleaning.

It is impossible to evict flies from an apartment or a house where food is constantly left on the tables and shelves, do not like to wash dishes and carry out wet cleaning - all housewives need to understand this. If the house is not clean, none of these recipes will not help.

Mechanical methods for breeding flies

These recommendations are suitable for those who are looking for ways to get rid of flies in an apartment without preparing a variety of decoctions and plants, quickly and radically. To date, these tools are offered:

  1. Duct tape. The principle of operation is very simple. A strip of paper or silicone is smeared with a special solution bait. Flies flock to an attractive scent, sit on the tape and tightly stick to it. These tapes are sold in any supermarket in the department of household goods, if desired, they can be made independently. The effectiveness of this tool is average, a big minus - a tape stuck to dead flies under a kitchen lamp.
  2. Fumigator Much more aesthetic and practical option. Simply fill a small device with a special plate or liquid and insert it into an outlet. Neither the owners of the house, nor their guests will feel any unpleasant smell. But flies, he reliably scare, like mosquitoes. A big plus is that you do not need to clean dead insects. But the cost of the fumigator together with the plates or liquid is several times higher than the velcro.
  3. Fly swatter An old, proven plastic or plastic fly swatter is the easiest mechanical way to get rid of insects. True, you have to spend time and make physical efforts, besides, you need to have a certain accuracy and speed of reaction to slam the brisk target. And then you will have to clean not the most pleasant-looking spots from the stretch ceiling, Italian wallpaper and polished parquet. But the pursuit of buzzing insects with a fly swatter at the ready can serve as a good discharge and even entertainment after a busy day. The cons of this tool - do not count. Dignity - worth a penny. With no money at all, it can be replaced with a folded newspaper.

To get the maximum and fast effect, it makes sense to use several tools at the same time. A few days will have to work hard, but the effort is worth it. Flies won't bother you all summer long.

And in order to prevent them from re-invasion, you should buy an ultrasonic repeller. This is the most modern way to safely and surely get rid of any insects in the house - flies, mosquitoes, black flies and cockroaches.

By the principle of action, the repeller is somewhat reminiscent of a fumigator, but it does not use any chemicals. The device emits ultrasonic waves of high frequency, to catch which a person is not capable. But he is very strong effect on insects and makes them stay away from the source of ultrasound.

How dangerous are flies and what harm do they cause?

Flies are not only annoying insects that cause discomfort to all residents of an apartment or house, but also carriers of dangerous diseases. These pests feed on the remnants of food, waste products of people and animals, waste.

And some food sources may contain dangerous pathogenic microorganisms that move onto the bodies and legs of flies and are carried by them. If an infected insect sits on food, its use can trigger the development of a serious disease.

The summer period is the time for infections, especially intestinal, developing as a result of the consumption of contaminated products. And the flies that inhabit our homes and apartments are often carriers of such dangerous diseases as typhoid fever, tularemia, diphtheria, cholera, salmonellosis, dysentery, anthrax, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis. In addition, these pests can carry the eggs of other parasites, for example, worms (worms).

The actual question is where do flies come from? The causes of such pests are associated with food sources that they easily find. Often insects catch the smell of food or waste and arrive from entrances, from the street, from garbage dumps or from neighboring apartments.

Species of these pests

Flies are insects belonging to the order of Diptera and living in a variety of conditions, including in the dwellings of people. Many known species are considered synanthropic, and this means that the lifestyle of such pests is closely related to humans. All species have similar features, and the first is the structure of the body.

Among its parts, such as three pairs of paws, chest, abdomen, head, wings, complex and simple eyes, antennas and proboscis are distinguished. The flies have well-developed olfactory organs that allow them to catch odors and detect food sources. And insects estimate food that they have found with their paws, which are the most sensitive organs.

There are several types of flies living in houses and apartments:

  • The housefly stands out as a separate species and is the most common. She lives in apartments, in the wild is extremely rare.
  • House flies are very similar to house flies, but differ in more impressive body sizes and a varied diet. Living in private houses, they are able to eat not only waste and food, but also manure, plants, and the remains of rotting fruit.
  • Fallen flies Their body is colored green with a tint that is the hallmark of this species. These insects feed on the corpses of small rodents and large animals, various wastes, excrement, manure. Sad flies are the most dangerous because they carry a huge number of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Autumn screech is another species of flies that live near people and in their homes. In structure and appearance, this pest resembles houseflies, but differs from them in an increased length of the proboscis and in the presence of so-called teeth on this part. The insect feeds on human tissues: during rubbing with a dentate proboscis about the skin, it captures parts of the epidermis with blood and consumes them. Also, the fly is saliva, containing toxic components and provoking intense irritation.

In addition to these types of flies in homes and apartments, you can also find other equally common pests: fruit flies (fruit flies), moles, butterflies, and so on.

How to get rid of flies folk remedies?

Bringing flies out of an apartment is not easy, as they fly, easily penetrate the dwelling from the outside and reproduce at a rapid pace. To destroy such pests, you need to act comprehensively and consistently.

The fight can be divided into several stages:

  1. Restriction of insect access to food sources. To do this, all products should be stored in sealed packages and cleaned in a closet or refrigerator, and promptly dispose of garbage and carry out cleaning in order to remove food debris from different surfaces (table, floor, furniture).
  2. The destruction of eggs. All potential sources of progeny distribution should be removed from the apartment or house. Since eggs are usually laid by flies in waste and food residues, all this must be thrown away. Also, carefully inspect stored products. Eggs can be a storehouse of eggs, so they should also be carefully examined. General cleaning is necessary, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
  3. The third and final stage is the struggle with adults. And it can be done in different ways, the most effective of which will be discussed in detail below.

All methods of dealing with flies can be divided into three groups. The first is mechanical methods that involve catching insects and their destruction by mechanical action. This group includes various traps, fly swatters and other devices.

The second category - methods of repelling with the help of sharp and unpleasant smells for flies. The group includes a variety of fumigators, checkers and natural herbal remedies.

The third category is pest control, which is aimed at the destruction of flies. They contain poisonous components that, after ingestion of insects, cause their imminent death.

Herbs and Potted Flowers

You can scare flies away from a private house or apartment with the help of plants that have sharp specific odors. Consider the most effective means:

  • Geranium has a pronounced aroma that will scare away pests. You can put a pot with this plant on the windowsill. And even better to place such flowers in all rooms of the apartment or house, in order to fully protect their homes.
  • The aromatic seasoning basil, known to many, can also be used as a means of fighting flies. Bundles of fresh grass or a pinch of dried need to place on the windowsills and near potential sources of nutrition.
  • Owners of private houses and cottages for scaring can use marigold flowers, which have a rather pronounced smell and scare away many pests. It is best to plant them near the entrance and under the windows.
  • If a bird cherry grows on a plot, flies are unlikely to fly here.
  • To cope with flies without chemicals will help tansy, the leaves of which (dried or fresh) can be placed on window sills and pieces of furniture, as well as hung on eaves and lamps.
  • If you have a clove, then scatter this seasoning in small containers and arrange it on the window sills and around the products.
  • Peppermint has a fresh aroma, pleasant for people and frightening off annoying flies. If such a plant is in your garden or garden, then you can pick it off, put it in water and arrange it around the house. But it is allowed to use dried mint.
  • Owners of cottages and private houses that grow tomatoes can use their foliage: it can be expanded into all rooms to scare off pests.
  • Lavender - a beautiful flower with a specific aroma, annoying flies. Pots with plants can be arranged in rooms on window sills or on the local area around gazebos and verandas.
  • To expel pests and dwellings, lay bay leaves in all the rooms.

Other methods of struggle

You can destroy annoying flies with the help of other means and devices:

  1. Well repel flies essential oils: lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, lavender and others with pronounced aromas. The first method of application is the wetting of cotton pads in the tool and the distribution of such homemade repellents at home. The second way is to add oils to water and spray solutions on all surfaces.
  2. Ready-made shop traps made in the form of adhesive tapes. They are applied a sticky substance and bait: the fly smells the smell, sits on the surface, sticks and can no longer fly away.
  3. You can make effective traps for pests yourself. To do this, take any container with a wide neck (jar, cut plastic bottle), tape, paper and bait. Make a cone with a small hole out of paper, place it narrowly in a jar, fill it with bait, and fix it on the edges of the neck. To lure the pests, you can use pieces of fruit, beer, sugar syrup. The upper part of the container can be closed with polyethylene or foil, making several holes. The principle of operation of such traps is simple: flies catch odors, penetrate inside, and can not get out. Enhance the effect of liquid and sticky bait.
  4. Peel citrus fruits, laid out on the apartment, will scare away insects. You can also use the peel of oranges or lemons or the pulp of these citruses.
  5. You can spray vodka or alcohol at the places where flies accumulate: a strong smell will irritate the insects and force them to leave the room.
  6. Get rid of the flies at home will help ordinary vinegar. It is used in different ways. You can soak in it cotton pads or pieces of cloth and spread them around the room, you can spray the product from the spray on the main surfaces. You can also simply heat the vinegar in a room full of flies.
  7. Try to make a sticky tape with your own hands. To do this, heavily grease a strip of thick paper or cardboard with a syrup made of water and sugar. Spread traps on window sills and near insect food sources.
  8. Prepare a hazelnut lotion. First make a decoction: three tablespoons of dry raw materials, pour 150 ml of boiling water. Смесь варится на медленном огне в течение пятнадцати минут, по прошествии которых снимается с плиты. После часового настаивания под крышкой отвар нужно процедить и смешать с таким же количеством 9%-ного яблочного или столового уксуса. Такой лосьон распыляется на участках скопления мух.
  9. Для отпугивания насекомых используйте фумигатор. All such devices operate in approximately the same way: during heating, repellent odors begin to evaporate, as well as chemicals that destroy pests.
  10. Ultrasonic scarers. They emit ultrasonic waves that must cause insects to leave the room. But, as practice shows, these adaptations are not always effective. In addition, to achieve a lasting effect, they must remain on all the time.
  11. Electric traps. Infrared radiation attracts flies, they rush to the trap and die under the influence of current.
  12. To get rid of flies, use insecticides. Such preparations contain chemical components that destroy flies: they settle on their paws, and then enter the digestive tract and begin to act, causing paralysis and death. The most effective means are “Executioner”, “Get”, “Flybite”, “Raptor”, “Agita 10WG”, “Minap 22”, “Varan”, “Master”. But it is necessary to use any insecticidal preparations extremely carefully. First, do not spray them in the nursery and food. Secondly, carry out processing in a respirator and gloves. Thirdly, ventilate the room after the procedure. And fourth, observe all the data in the instruction manual.

When do you need help from relevant services?

If you don’t manage to get rid of flies at home on your own, and there are many insects, then it makes sense to seek help from professionals. In each city there are specialized pest control services involved in the destruction of pests.

The specialists must have a license to carry out activities that guarantee the effectiveness of the work carried out. Disinsectors apply concentrated insecticidal preparations and treat all surfaces.

The main advantage of contacting a specialized service is the complete destruction of flies. In addition, you do not have to contact with chemicals, and at the time of treatment all tenants have to leave the room, so the fight against flies will be safe. But not always and not everyone has the opportunity to leave. It is also worth remembering that the services are paid, and the price depends on the area of ​​the apartment or house and the degree of infection, that is, the number of flies and eggs laid.

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What to do so that the flies do not appear again? Observe preventive measures:

  • Install mosquito nets on all windows and make sure that they remain intact and do not have holes and slots. Air vents and the entrance is also desirable to protect the nets.
  • Dispose of garbage in a timely manner, do not allow it to accumulate.
  • Store waste in a closed container, for example, in a bin with a lid or in a lockable special container.
  • Products should be stored in closed containers and cleaned from the table in time.
  • Clean regularly and remove all food residues.
  • Wash dishes in a timely manner and do not leave them in the sink. Leftovers on the plates attract flies and can be used as food.
  • Do not allow rotting vegetables and fruits.
  • Inspect indoor plants regularly.
  • Ventilate all rooms often.
  • Having noticed one fly in the room, immediately destroy it, so that it does not have time to lay eggs. Regularly inspect all the premises in order to detect insects and timely control of them.

Now you know how to poison flies and scare off such pests, so you can fight them and protect your apartment or house.