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Top countries that consume the most alcohol

For many, alcohol has become an integral part of life. Fortunately, some use alcohol only on holidays and in moderation. But still, in some countries, people often drink a lot. And which of them can be called the most "drinkers"?

Who drinks the most?

Top ten countries in which they drink the most:

  1. Republic of Belarus. This country is almost one of the most drinkers in the whole world! Alcohol consumption per capita in recent years is approximately 17 liters! A man in a year manages to drink about 27-28 liters of alcohol! Women drink an average of 9. But the real data is likely to be much higher, because researchers cannot estimate the scale of illegal production of alcohol, that is, home brewing, and Belarusians probably brew, and in large quantities.
  2. Hungary. It is hard to call Hungarians “alcoholic gourmets”, since they are completely selective in their choice of alcohol. There are no favorite drinks, and therefore practically everything is used: wine, beer, vodka, tinctures and so on. In the year one average resident of this country drinks about 13.5 liters of alcohol. In this case, men drink much more often and more than women. They manage to consume more than 20 liters of alcohol per year, while the representatives of the weaker sex are limited to the whole family. By the way, Hungary is famous for its vineyards, probably, therefore, many residents believe that it is simply impossible not to drink here, because there are so many temptations around!
  3. Czech. In this country they also drink and drink a lot. Per capita per year accounts for about 15-16 liters of alcohol (about 19 per man and about 8 per woman), which is quite a lot. And the Czechs especially love beer, no wonder this country is famous for this frothy drink and its breweries that supply products to many countries around the world. By the way, it is here that the most popular and tasty beer is brewed, and then the term “Pilsner” appeared, which translates roughly as “Pilsen” (there is the city of Pilsen in the country). But the prices are quite reasonable, so that people do not deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying the taste and aroma of malt and hops.
  4. Moldavia. Surely at least once in their life everyone drank Moldovan wine. But residents of this country probably drink it regularly, because on average one person over 15 years old gets about 17 liters of alcohol (about 25 for a man, and 9 for a woman). Probably, the Soviet “dry law” is still remembered here or is experiencing that it can be introduced again.
  5. Portugal. In this country, it is warm and sunny almost all year round, so that the vineyards grow like “on yeast”. And it is with pleasure that the Portuguese use it, making wine and other alcoholic beverages from grapes, which are used almost daily as aperitifs or sedatives. In small quantities, such a drink is useful, but if a country entered the top, it means that they do not know how to control themselves. Beer, by the way, is also loved and drunk as much, as it costs much less.
  6. Slovakia. She, too, did not go far from her neighbor of the Czech Republic, they also love to drink here. No wonder per capita per year accounts for about 13-14 liters of alcohol. And if women limit themselves (they drink an average of 6 liters), then men, most likely, allow themselves to be weak every day, as they manage to drink 20 liters each year!
  7. Ukraine. This country is also included in the list of the most drinkers. The average Ukrainian receives about 17-18 liters of alcohol annually, and that is quite a lot. The national drink, by the way, is gorilka, which is very similar to Russian vodka. And it appeared, if you believe some documents and testimonies, in the distant XVII century. And at that time it was called “hot wine”, although it cannot taste like wine to taste, because the fortress is much higher. And some alcoholic products are known throughout the world. So, the popular brand is Nemiroff.
  8. Russia. Russians know how to drink, everybody knows it. And sometimes they just can not stop, because of what the country and entered the top. On average, about 15-16 liters of alcohol are consumed per person per year, and men drink a lot: about 23 liters! The most popular drink among Russians is beer, which is especially loved by men, which is why they are rapidly gaining weight. But women, too, are not averse to missing one or two bottles in good company. In the second place in popularity is the strongest drink - vodka. She runs on almost all the feasts. But, as statistics show, more and more often Russian citizens began to drink wine. But to rejoice or not, it is not known, since this drink is harmful if you do not know the measures.
  9. Andorra. In this wonderful country, in which, it would seem, besides the feasts of so many different more interesting and useful activities, about 14 liters of alcohol are drunk annually. And men drink much more than women, they consume up to 20 liters (while women are limited to only 8).
  10. Lithuania. In this country, every average citizen drinks about 16 liters of pure alcohol every year (naturally, as part of alcoholic beverages). Drink here a variety of drinks, but almost national is the mead. It is made from honey, water and yeast. In total, three types of mead are produced in the country. But as there is a lot of honey here, other drinks are also made on its basis, for example, nectars, balms, tinctures. Probably, it is very tasty, and therefore Lithuanians are so addicted that they do not always comply with the measure.

Interesting Facts

And finally, some interesting facts about the so-called alcohol culture of the world and different countries:

  • The critical rate of alcohol consumption, according to the World Health Organization, is 8 liters. But at the same time, the average volume of consumption throughout the world is 10 liters, that is, it turns out that literally in all countries alcohol is abused. And such statistics is very sad.
  • Currently, alcohol takes millions of lives every year! So, they die from it much more often than from violence, pneumonia and AIDS. Just imagine: many literally kill themselves with their own hands, abusing alcohol.
  • Approximately 45-48% of the world's population have not tried alcohol even once in their lives. And if you take into account this fact, it turns out that those who drink are abused anyway, otherwise the indicators would not be so significant.
  • In different countries they use different drinks. For example, in Spain, France and Portugal are very fond of wine, probably because there are many vineyards here. In Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany, residents love beer and wine almost equally.
  • The more to the north is the state, the more strong drinks are used in it. And they are especially drunk in such countries as Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, the USA, Canada, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Japan and the United Kingdom. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the residents of these countries believe that strong alcohol helps to warm up. And this is true, because after drinking there is a feeling that it has become warmer. But such a feeling is often deceptive and even dangerous, because many people are freezing to death in a state of intoxication.

Now you know which countries they drink the most, and which drinks are especially loved by their inhabitants.

Data change

In order to determine the exact level of alcohol consumption, it is necessary to calculate the amount of pure alcohol consumed per capita. We are talking about the "pure", as there are drinks that are very drunk, and there are those who are only a little fun of the person. For the compilation of a rating list, data from the World Health Organization was used. The minimum age for calculating information is 15 years.

Regional factors

Most of all alcohol is consumed in Europe and in the states of the Northern Hemisphere. The highest rates are given by Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ireland, France. The countries of Asia, Africa and those located near the Pacific Ocean consume significantly less alcohol. The article is not about the level of alcoholism, but about how much pure alcohol is consumed domestically. Thanks to this approach, the data obtained are as objective and unbiased as possible.

Cultural influence

Depending on the country in which the person lives, may depend on their alcohol consumption. For example, in Europe they like to drink because alcoholic beverages are produced in many countries. Also in every state there is that alcohol, which is considered national. In Russia, it is vodka. Considering that it contains a lot of pure alcohol, this state is probably far from the bottom of the general list. Weather conditions are also an important factor. In places where the permafrost is constant, people drink more often in order to “not freeze”. However, we must understand that this effect is only an illusion.

Country Ranking

Top ten: Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Andorra, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The level of consumption of pure alcohol per capita ranges from 17.50 to 13 liters.

Second ten: Portugal, Serbia, Grenada, Poland, Latvia, Finland, South Korea, France, Australia, Croatia. Alcohol consumption is from 12.90 to 12.20 liters.

The last five top stamps: Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom. Alcohol consumption ranges from 11.90 to 11.60 liters.


Alcohol is popular all over the world just like coffee, tea, juice, cocoa, and so on. The effect of alcoholic cocktails can be disastrous, depending on how much a person drinks. At first glance, the consumption of alcohol by people does not cause an additional reason for anxiety, but additional research should be conducted on how much alcohol is consumed per capita.

It should be understood that the data are not based on the stability of the use of alcoholic beverages, but on how many liters of pure alcohol per capita are.

It must be remembered that alcoholic cocktails negatively affect the nervous system, brain, liver and other organs in the body, so it is better to completely abandon its use!

What people drink in different countries

It should be borne in mind that in different regions of the world use different types of alcoholic beverages. In France, Portugal and Spain, they mostly drink wine. Beer and wine are equally held in high esteem in countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium and Switzerland. The north of the country, the more it consumes spirits. These include: the Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Denmark, USA, UK, Finland, Russia, Japan, Norway.

Did you know that about 48% of the world's population has never touched alcoholic beverages?

World beer rating in 2018 according to WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO for short) regularly conducts research related to the health of the world's population and publishes ratings. Not an exception and a question of alcoholism. According to the organization, alcohol is one of the three main causes that directly or indirectly increase mortality. At the same time, the amount of alcohol consumed per capita increases from year to year. Information on the amount of alcohol consumed comes to WHO from the organizations controlling its sale.

Table: statistics of drinking states at the beginning of 2018

Contrary to popular belief, a large amount of alcohol is not consumed because of poverty. This is evident from the above rating, where only a small part of the seats belong to developing countries. According to WHO, stably high rates remain with a number of European countries. The reason for this is low employment and affordable alcohol in countries with a high standard of living. According to experts, every fifth resident of a developed country is a chronic alcoholic.

The leading countries of the rating stand out from the general picture both for reasons of drunkenness and for its unexpected distribution. In Ukraine, due to political changes and economic instability, the alcohol market is almost not controlled. These reasons serve to increase the number of people drinking. In Belarus, in recent years, the anti-alcoholism system that existed before has been virtually eliminated. True, in mid-2018, the government decided to launch a new large-scale anti-alcohol campaign.

Most Drinking Countries: Statistics from the University of Washington and the Melissa Gates Foundation

Not only WHO is conducting research: in early September 2018, American scientists compiled their ranking of alcohol lovers, which was published in the medical journal Lancet. Country data varies by gender of person using alcohol. The standard unit of measurement was the “drink” - 100 milliliters of red wine or 30 - strong alcohol.

On average, the stronger sex representatives drink 1.7 drinks a day, that is, 170 ml of wine or 51 ml of stronger alcohol. The first three places in the number of men's drinks are:

  • Romania - 8.2 conditional drinks per day (820 ml of wine or 246 ml of strong alcohol),
  • Portugal and Luxembourg - 7.2 drinks per day (720 ml of wine or 216 ml of strong alcohol),
  • Lithuania and Ukraine - 7 drinks per day (700 ml of wine or 210 strong alcohol).

For women, the statistics are much more modest: on average, beautiful ladies of the world consume 0.73 drinks per day, which is equivalent to 73 ml of wine or 21.9 ml of strong alcohol. Dominated by the number of women drunk alcohol:

  • Ukraine - 4.2 drinks per day (420 ml of wine or 126 ml of strong alcohol),
  • Andorra, Luxembourg, Belarus - 3.4 drinks per day (340 ml of wine or 120 ml of strong alcohol),
  • Sweden, Denmark, Ireland - 3.1 drinks per day (310 ml of wine or 93 ml of strong alcohol).

Interestingly, according to the University of Washington, the most sober men live in Pakistan, while women live in Iran.

The most drinking countries in the world are our neighbors and European states. However, in Russia they still drink a lot. But residents of the Americas in excessive drinking are not seen.

Drinking countries of the world: dynamics and statistics

These data are collected by WHO experts annually, it helps to find out the overall degree of dependence and the percentage of alcohol consumed.

The rating is based on data from organizations that control the sale of alcohol and on the basis of private sources that record consumption in the so-called third countries of the world.

For more than ten years, the states of Eastern Europe and formed from the former Soviet republics have headed the list. Russia is almost always in the middle of drinking dozens.

The world began to drink more. Such statistics WHO conducts since 1961, on the basis of these data are developed special programs to combat the spread of alcohol. However, almost every nation accepts its rules to drink or not to drink.

The summary is compiled not only by the amount of pure ethanol drunk. All produced alcohol, imported or purchased, is taken into account. At the same time, as a rule, in the leading territories themselves, the population does not consider drinking to be a national problem.

Statistics of the most drinking countries in the world in 2018 indicate that due to the policy of containment, the proportion of alcohol consumed has greatly increased in countries with an open economic border. In an explanation of the study, WHO provided a rationale for this situation. The organization noted that a lot of alcohol, which is considered to be consumed in the countries, the first three are not bought in order to drink. Most often, such a sale occurs for the purpose of further distribution.

Constant states that are included in the world ranking remain countries where a culture of consumption of the so-called light alcohol - wine, beer, local fruit brag - is very developed. Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Italy and others, are leading in another statistical list - consumption of low-alcohol beverages per capita. This year, they were joined by the countries of Africa and South Korea.

Beer consumption per capita for 2018

Top 18 most drinking countries in the world

The global level of alcohol consumption has risen on the planet. In 2018, for every person over 15 years old, there are 6.6 liters of pure alcohol per year. Since 2014, this figure has increased by 0.2 percent.

Considering the countries with a strong economy, experts found that every fifth of their residents is a chronic alcoholic. Europe holds the leading position on suicides under the influence of systematic drunkenness for five years. Every 4 attempts to deprive yourself of life here is associated with drinking.

This year’s ranking is presented almost entirely by European and post-Soviet countries. Closes the top 18 of the world list Australia. She first came to 20 countries with a heightened interest in alcohol.

And the most drinking country in the world in 2018 is Belarus, and the share of consumption of all categories of beverages has increased here.

18 line rating. Three years ago, this state was in the top thirty drinkers. But, due to the ubiquity of local varieties of wine and beer, the kangaroo country was faced with the problem of alcoholism among Aboriginal people. The health of many of them has deteriorated to such an extent that in some territories they had to introduce compulsory treatment of drunkenness for local Indians.

Slovenia and Denmark

17th and 16th place. Традиционно страны имеют одинаковый показатель алкоголизации населения. В этих государствах пиво не считается алкогольным напитком, его продажа разрешена лицам с 15 лет. Часто начинают употреблять алкоголь гораздо раньше. Примечательно, что местное здравоохранение не считает эти национальные традиции угрозой. Многие лекарства производятся на основе пива и производных.

15 место. Two-thirds of the territory of this state is occupied by vineyards. Wines are made here even more than in Italy. This alcoholic drink is considered a national treasure and is drunk everywhere. Hungary is the only country in Europe where you can get drunk pretty much behind the wheel. Criminal prosecution begins only for the systematic use of alcohol, leading to death from an accident.


14th place. This country closes the list of territories where lovers of low alcohol live. Despite the fact that more often we remember the national port, the Portuguese themselves prefer local wine and beer. The latter is considered tastier than the Slovenian and Czech, since it is made with the addition of grape sugar.

13th place. Spanish wines are a frequent export item. Over the past two years, the percentage of strong alcohol consumption has increased. Grape vodka and moonshine occupied the main places on the table of the Spaniards. Over the past year, societies advocating sobriety have become popular in the country. Many believe that in this way wine producers are trying to fight those who make strong alcohol.

12th place. Classic Irish whiskey annually produces up to 30 liters per each Irishman living in the world (!). In the country for 4 years there was an alcohol riot. And today, local producers have reached a high world level in the production of various alcohol-containing beverages based on malt and distillates.

11th place. As before, the only country in the European Union where drinking alcohol is allowed everywhere. Local and imported drinks are so popular that they are told about them in high school lessons. The authorities believe that such awareness will help young people make the right choice and stop drinking alcohol.

France and the UK

10 and 9 line rating. These countries have a constant high alcohol rating. Local traditions of production and consumption of alcoholic beverages originate from the very beginnings of statehood. More than half of the recipes of these countries are based on wine, beer, whiskey, and so on. Until recently, some denominations considered the normal use of wine by children from the first year of life.

South Korea

8th place. Asian countries do not often fall into the alcohol statistics. The UK is obliged to pay such attention to the production and consumption of quite European drinks - vodka, moonshine, tinctures, liqueurs. 10 years ago, drinking in the country was completely prohibited, the lifting of restrictions led to such an amount of alcoholics that the government started talking about the return of taboos.

7th place. The country of wine and sun is always among the ten most drinking nations. Here, alcoholic beverages are used as soft drinks. Surprisingly, in Italy with a fairly high rating, you hardly find anyone drunk. However, here the percentage of regular drinkers of spirits reached high rates. According to statistics, every third adult in Italy is a chronic alcoholic.

6th place. Our country 5 years ago was among the top five top drinking countries in the world. In general, the Russians began to drink less. Experts attribute this to the general impoverishment of the population. Not a small role in the fight against bad habits is a program to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Closes the top five. Residents of this small country quickly responded to fairly poor performance, the local parliament approved a program to combat alcohol dependence in just a few days. Starting next year, you can drink any alcoholic beverages only by reaching 20 years of age. The country will be completely banned alcohol advertising. Introduced the concept of time without alcohol - 2-3 weekdays and all holidays, you can not buy drinks anywhere.

It occupies a stable fourth place. The position of the country has not changed for five years. Neither restriction nor propaganda help to stop alcoholism. Most people drink beer here, but strong alcohol is on a par with it.

This country was in the top three for the first time, usually it ranked in the second ten. This is due to the removal of age restrictions on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Any Estonian over the age of 16 can drink now. It is noteworthy that this measure also applies to foreigners. Alcohol tour in this Baltic country became frequent tourism.

Second place. The depressing result was obtained as a result of the almost unregulated market of alcoholic beverages. In a country with strong traditions of home brewing and winemaking today, every 4 years old and under 25 years old is considered a chronic alcoholic.

First place ranking. The highest relative consumption of pure ethanol. Almost half of the respondents (47%) confirmed that they regularly drink strong alcoholic beverages 2-3 times a week. Over the past three years, the anti-alcohol system has been almost completely destroyed. And most likely, consumption data is greatly underestimated.

3. Ireland

Irish people are famous for their love of strong drinks and appropriate pastime. They prefer local alcohol to any alcohol, which can be drunk per year up to 12 liters.

Czech culture is closely related to the production of alcohol and its consumption. About 12 liters of strong alcohol are drunk here a year, while the beer, which the country is famous for, does not count.

5. Croatia

12 liters of alcohol on average per person over 18 years old - such figures are a record for Europe. Croats consistently occupy the first places in the ranking of the most drinking countries in the world, but in the back they breathe the indigenous inhabitants of the Alpine region.

9. Belarus

Belarusians, as the closest relatives of Russians, open the top three leaders of alcoholic countries. During the year the average Belarusian drinks more than 12 liters of strong alcohol. This figure is higher than that of its neighbors - Russia and Ukraine.

Another fragment of the USSR, now in the European Union, breathes in the back of Belarus. The northern mentality and the Russian heritage have led to an average drink of about 15 liters of alcohol per person per year.

Back in 2011, per capita consumption of alcohol in Russia was a record 15.76 liters per capita per year. However, by 2016, this figure decreased to a modest 14 liters per year, equating Russia with other European countries.