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Top 10 best hair loss shampoos

Regardless of fashion trends, beautiful and thick hair always remains one of the main attributes of beauty and attractiveness. But what if they become brittle and begin to fall out rapidly? First of all, it should be remembered that a healthy person has between 10 and 100 hairs per day, depending on their thickness and structure. If all their number has increased significantly, then you need to determine the cause. Because in some cases the reason is rather trivial and lies in the usual lack of vitamins or stress. Whatever the origins of the problem, its elimination is impossible without competent care and / or treatment. And one of the main components is shampoo for hair loss. Our top 10 best ones are dedicated to them.

Cosmetic shampoos for hair loss

This shampoo for hair loss, giving the so-called cosmetic effect. It consists in strengthening the structure of hairs, strengthening the bulbs, hydration and nutrition. Often in the composition includes various vegetable oils, extracts, proteins and vitamin-mineral complexes. Such tools can be easily bought in love in any store, especially since each brand is trying to produce at least one line of similar shampoos.

How do such tools work?

Shampoo against hair loss should act in several directions:

  • Nourish the hair follicles and deliver nutrients to them.
  • Improve scalp circulation This stimulates the blood flow to the follicles, so that they begin to work actively and deliver the nutrients to the hair.
  • Intensive hydration of both hair and scalp. Often the curls lose their vitality and start falling out just due to dehydration, and they need help not only to get moisture, but also to keep it.
  • Protection against negative environmental factors that have an extremely detrimental effect on hair and often provoke its loss.

How to pick up?

How to choose shampoo? In order not to be mistaken and find the right tool, when buying, be guided by such criteria as:

  • Hair type Diligent manufacturers know that the needs of different hair types are very different, and they are taken into account in the manufacture of funds. Although there are so-called universal shampoos, suitable for all types. But it is better to choose the option that meets your specific needs.
  • Composition. First of all, it should include active ingredients, for example, aminexyl, biotin, vitamin and mineral supplements, natural essential or vegetable oils, organic acids, proteins, plant extracts, and so on. But auxiliary artificial additives, such as parabens, sulfates or silicones, should be as small as possible.
  • Reviews It will not be superfluous to study the reviews of a particular tool. To do this, you can interview your friends, acquaintances or relatives, or visit one of the most popular women's online forums dedicated to cosmetic and beauty products.
  • Place of purchase. Healing shampoos can be bought only at the pharmacy, they are not sold in regular stores. Others are in hypermarkets.
  • It is believed that it is necessary to take into account when buying and your gender, because the causes of loss are somewhat different. But shampoos usually do not affect them, they only eliminate the main symptom, nourish the hair follicles, stop hair loss and stimulate their growth. So you should not look for specialized products for women or for men, most of them universal.

Effective means

We offer a review of the best shampoos for hair loss:

  1. "Vichi Derkos" is a professional tool, and its price is appropriate, although it is fully consistent with the quality and justified by the positive effect of the application. As part of the product, amineksil is a special component that stops the process of hair loss, and in combination with other substances (such as vitamins PP, B6, B5) provides intensive nourishment and full hydration. Suitable shampoo for all hair types, but as the reviews show, it can dry out even more dry. But the tool does not contain parabens and does not cause allergic reactions. And the effect can be noticed already after 4-5 applications, especially if you additionally use ampoules from the same line.
  2. “Shampoo bath Bain Prevention Specifique” from “Kerastase” is designed for gentle cleansing, full restoration of the structure and slow down the process of hair loss. In addition, they gain freshness, natural volume and well-groomed and healthy look. And all this is due to the unique composition, which includes a special caring formula, proteins, amino acids, lipids and a vitamin complex.
  3. "Biokon Strength Hair" helps with hair loss, and can also be used to prevent it. It includes active ingredients such as leech extract, blood circulation improving extract, caffeine strengthening capillaries, red pepper extract stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles, biotin, dandruff inhibiting zinc pyrithione, anti-inflammatory panthenol, restoring protein silk and moisturizing rosehip. The effect is there, and it will be even more pronounced if you use in the complex other means of the ruler.
  4. "Yves Rocher Anti-Chute". The main component of this product is white lupine extract, which, as scientists have found, stops the hair loss process and also significantly improves the microcirculation of the scalp. In addition, it includes spritia, and it provides blood flow to the weakened bulbs, helping them better nourish the hair and gradually restore their health and well-groomed appearance. The texture is creamy, pleasant and very light.
  5. "Selentsin" - is a whole line of anti-fallout, which includes shampoo. The composition is multicomponent. Caffeine strengthens and tones capillaries, menthol stimulates rush of blood to the scalp and follicles, biotin significantly prolongs the life cycle of the hair and provides them with proper and proper nutrition, nettle extracts and burdock improves blood circulation, hydrolyzed collagen helps to restore the structure. The feedback is positive, which proves efficiency.
  6. "Fitoval". As part of this shampoo, it is possible to find wheat peptides restoring the hair structure, glycogen stimulating active hair growth, as well as extracts of rosemary and mountain arnica that improve blood circulation of the bulbs. It is possible to use the remedy regularly, moreover, both with already existing problems, such as loosening and fragility of curls and their loss, as well as prophylaxis.
  7. Cosval Migliorin is a quality Italian product made from natural ingredients such as chamomile, oats, immortelle, yarrow, linden, St. John's wort, and passion fruit extracts. They are enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol, biotin, minerals, silk proteins, calcium pantothenate. This multi-component formula allows you to stop the process of hair loss and stimulate hair growth, nourish the bulbs and rods, provide hydration and give shine, vitality and natural volume. The tool has passed dermatological tests and is suitable for any type of curls.
  8. “Alerana” is the most popular and, perhaps, the most effective pharmacy therapeutic shampoo that stops the loss. Available in several types of products for different types of hair. All of them contain provitamin B5, burdock and nettle extracts, tea tree oil, and wheat proteins as the main components. But specialized means are enriched with additional substances. So, shampoo for fat curls or combined contains extracts of wormwood, horse chestnut and sage. The composition for normal and dry hair includes lecithin and poppy oil. Also in the line there is a shampoo for men, containing niacinamine, extracts of ginseng, chestnut, burdock.
  9. "Activ F Dr. Hoting, Schwarzkopf & Henkel. This shampoo helps not only to prevent and stop the loss of curls, but also gently and gently clean them, as well as moisturize and nourish. It contains carnitine tartrate and taurine, which penetrate the bulbs through the skin and make them work hard, activating hair growth. At the same time, the curls are not heavier at all and are much easier to comb, which minimizes their damage.
  10. “Dove Hair Therapy Control Hair Loss”. Its action is explained by the unique micro-serum, which penetrates into the hair structure, and then into the follicles and intensively nourishes them. In addition, this formula developed by scientists allows you to restore curls from root to tip and moisturize them effectively, as well as stop the aging process and prolong life. The price is quite affordable, and the reviews are numerous and mostly positive.

3 Kapous Professional

Medical shampoo from Kapus, with a volume of 250 ml, according to the manufacturer, is intended to prevent hair loss. Enthusiastic reviews of women buyers confirm that the tool effectively cope with the task of preventing baldness. The comments emphasize that shampoo is indispensable for those who are faced with seasonal alopecia, for example, due to beriberi.

Of particular value is the tool for those whose scalp can be called dry. The composition is enriched with a complex of active ingredients, which helps strengthen the hair follicles and improve hair growth. The peach scent does not go unnoticed. As a performance criterion, users cite a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair that has fallen out in the bathroom after shampooing after the first applications.

2 Avon Advance Techniques

The budget mass-market representative is Avon brand shampoo with a volume of 250 ml. A distinctive feature of this tool for hair loss - the presence of arginine in the composition. This is an amino acid that is converted to nitrous oxide, favorably affecting the state of the blood vessels, relaxing and increasing their elasticity. Another “bonus” is an increase in blood flow. Thus it is possible to achieve a positive effect on the scalp, which in turn stops the loss. Due to the complex of active ingredients, restoration, strengthening and stimulation of hair growth occurs.

Users in the reviews confirm the high effectiveness of the tool in case of non-intensive precipitation. Women notice that after a month of regular use of "hairfall" comes to naught. In general, there is a comprehensive health effect.

1 Librederm Panthenol

Shampoo with panthenol Librederm - one of the most popular. Despite the fact that there are other products in the manufacturer's line marked “from falling out”, users strongly make a choice in favor of this product. Confidence in the result - the merit of a large number of positive reviews, which describe in detail the effectiveness of the shampoo. Key advantages - fast speed to achieve results, versatility, pomp and brilliance.

Regenerating shampoo with a high concentration of panthenol will be relevant for damaged, thinning and brittle hair, regardless of the type of scalp. Thanks to the hypoallergenic, it is suitable even for owners of sensitive skin. The anti-fallout drug is sold in a 250 ml vial.

The best professional shampoos against hair loss in women

The so-called professional loss shampoos have a higher cost, which is largely due to the fame of the brand. However, if you study the composition, it turns out that the number of useful components there is more. In addition, in addition to the direct task (suspending baldness), they effectively care for the scalp and hair “on all fronts”.

Shampoo against loss of the brand Aleran differs narrow specialization of the manufacturer, which focuses on the production of medical products. Means of this series are designed to strengthen, daily nutrition of damaged hair and combat their loss. A 250-ml bottle of shampoo, according to users, is enough to assess whether the remedy treats your hair loss in your particular case or not. According to the survey, shampoo shows a high degree of effectiveness.

The shampoo is recommended by experts for intensive nutrition and restoration of weak, prone to hair loss. After a month of use, accelerated growth of new hairs is observed, microcirculation in the follicles improves, production of collagen and elastin is activated.

1 Horsepower 500 ml.

The Horsepower shampoo conditioner already by its name gives confidence that after its use the drop-down hair will develop in the wind exactly like a thick horse mane. Indeed, judging by the reviews, with the help of this tool it is possible to suspend active precipitation. The bottle of 500 ml suffices for a long time. Shampoo is versatile, satisfying the requirements of different types of hair - brittle, thinned, damaged, dyed. As for the scalp, the tool is recommended primarily for representatives of the dry variety.

As a result of regular application, anti-fallout conditioning shampoo has a firming, protecting, nourishing, moisturizing and stimulating growth of follicles. In the ranking, he rightly found a place due to the content in the composition of collagen and lanolin, reducing electrification, maintaining an optimal level of moisture, increasing the density and elasticity of the hair.

The best budget shampoos for hair loss in men

Shampoos for hair loss for men are practically no different from women's products from baldness. The men's line is in many ways a marketing ploy. The only characteristic feature of these shampoos - the classic "male" fragrances. Users appreciated the budget funds presented in this category, which allowed them to enter our rating.

2 Recipes grandmother Agafi

Agafya's special shampoo is the most budget means among other rating nominees. The uniqueness of the product is the infusion of 17 Siberian herbs. The composition includes red juniper, mummy and Baikal golden root on melt water. Shampoo helps to stop hair loss, fights brittleness and lack of shine. Among men, the remedy is in special demand. A big plus buyers consider the volume of the bottle - 350 ml.

As a result of regular use, a mild and healthy cleansing of the scalp occurs, hair follicles compensate for the lack of vitamins, stabilization of the sebaceous glands is observed, which is especially valuable in oily skin types. In the reviews mention the increase in strength, strengthening of the hair rods, the restoration of blood vessels in the scalp and a slight antifungal effect.

1 Clear vita Abe Complex

Male shampoo against hair loss from Clear, produced in a bottle of 200 ml - the category leader. Its uniqueness lies in the development of the composition, taking into account the characteristics of the male scalp. The formula of strengthening is based on the content of ginseng in the composition, contributing to the improvement of the condition of the hair, their attainment of density and healthy appearance, an effective cessation of hair loss.

Technology Nutrium 10 is a mix of a dozen nutritional and active plant components. Monthly use of the tool, according to user reviews, activates the natural protective layer, ensuring dandruff disposal and its prevention in the future. In general, customers respond positively to this shampoo, recommending it to men who are faced with beginning alopecia.

The best professional shampoos for men's hair loss

Professional men's shampoos from hair loss, as well as women's, are distinguished by increased cost, high demand for the brand, as well as enhanced useful properties. Care, protection and care extend to the scalp and hair, stopping hair loss, and promoting speedy recovery.

3 Hair Therapy

Khaire Therapy Selentsin based on nettle extracts and burdock, caffeine, with the addition of collagen, menthol and biotin rightfully deserved a place in the ranking of the best of the best anti-alopecia remedies. Among the buyers there are many men who prefer this shampoo because of its high performance. The product is sold in a bottle, the volume of which is 200 ml.

The shampoo helps in the prevention of intensive hair loss, has a positive effect on the number of actively growing hair follicles, nourishes the hair follicles and makes them stronger, thereby prolonging the hair cycle. The reviews mention the pleasant aroma, the appearance of luster and volume, a significant reduction in hairfall during the first course of use. Shampoo is suitable for sensitive scalp, as well as other types.

200-миллилитровый дерматологический шампунь Фитовал содержит экстракты арники и розмарина, пептиды пшеницы и гликоген. Благодаря грамотно подобранному составу средство на ура справляется с задачей по приостановлению потери волос. По окончании курса пользователи отмечают уменьшение выпадения, обретение блеска, увеличение объема.

По заверению производителя благодаря средству происходит стимуляция роста более здоровых волос, стержни укрепляются изнутри, нормализуется кровообращение кожи головы. In the reviews, customers focus on naturalness, convenient packaging, as well as the universality of the product, suitable for any type of hair.

1 Ducray Anaphase

Shampoo from Ducre - a representative of the premium segment of anti-hair loss. Men who are concerned about intense baldness, do not stint, and are ready to buy goods at an inflated cost in exchange for an outstanding result. This shampoo, produced in a bottle of 200 ml, demonstrates high efficiency, which has earned the recognition of customers and primacy in the rating.

This product is designed specifically for the care of weak, damaged and falling hair. During the course of application, there is a strengthening of hair follicles, healthy radiance and pomp. The composition includes a complex of vitamins necessary for nourishing hair, prone to hair loss, and the activation of new growth. The highlight is monolaurin, which slows down the process of precipitation and reduces the activity of enzymes responsible for the development of alopecia.

How to choose shampoo for hair loss

Alopecia can have far deeper causes than a disorder in the skin of the scalp. With increased hair loss, you should definitely consult with your doctor; most likely, you will have to pass some tests. If hormonal changes or other abnormalities of a medical nature are detected, shampoos against hair loss can only serve as an adjunct treatment.

  1. Special attention should be paid when buying hair type, finding out to dry, bold or normal, they are. Often, alopecia is temporary, associated with hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or childbirth. In such cases, it is advisable, in addition to treatment with detergents, to use multivitamin complexes.
  2. It happens that the hair due to its dryness break off at the base. For such a shampoo fit shampoo, sulfate free, and at the same time rich in nourishing oils that moisturize the roots. You should carefully study the composition of the product: burdock oil, extracts from nettle, rosemary, jojoba, as well as proteins, biotin and caffeine are the most valuable components that make shampoo really effective.
  3. Some buyers, both women and men, notice that the shampoo, which clearly showed itself from the positive side and helped stop the process of thinning hair, after some time ceases to act. Doctors trichologists confirm that the scalp tends to "get used" to the same ingredients. There is another reason: if the shampoo is quite economical, in 2-3 months after opening the package it may lose its medicinal properties. Therefore, in the case of observing a similar phenomenon, it is necessary either to change the product or purchase a new bottle of a proven product.

Criteria for choosing a good shampoo against hair loss

Shampoo for thinning hair should be chosen very carefully:

  • by hair type and scalp: for dry, oily or normal hair,
  • by type of problem. Science is known:

1. androgenic and focal alopecia - serious diseases requiring medical treatment,

2.temporary enhanced hair loss (after stress, strict diet, childbirth, etc.). Therapeutic shampoos will help, slowing down the loss and activating the growth of hair,

3. hair breaking off at the roots, which is due to the destruction of the cuticle. Here, a good nourishing and moisturizing care will do best.

  • by composition. The presence in the shampoo of proteins, keratin, biotin, plant extracts, minerals and trace elements that strengthen the hair cuticle is welcome. Very useful for thinning hair oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (avocado, jojoba, burdock, rapeseed, black currant, borage, evening primrose), extracts of dwarf palm fruit and nettle, biotin, caffeine, vitamin B6, zinc. If the hair is damaged, it will also be useful silicones and moisturizers. As for shampoos with medicinal components, they are best applied on the advice of a doctor.

Important! Baldness is a medical problem. If shampoos, masks and dietary adjustment do not help, it's time to contact a trichologist. That doctor will identify the causes of hair loss and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

The best shampoo manufacturers for hair loss

All anti-fallout shampoos on the market can be divided into 2 large groups:

  • The means giving the cosmetic effect. These are any high-quality store and salon shampoos with a firming, protective and moisturizing effect. They can prevent brittle hair, protect them with silicones, oils, and proteins, and help grow new hair. But in some way they cannot influence the work of the hair follicles.
  • Pharmaceutical shampoos. These include the products of the brands Vichy, Kerastase, Klorane, Fitoval, Alerana, Selentsin, etc. These products contain therapeutic components of local action of varying degrees of effectiveness and require course (not permanent!) Use.

So what kind of shampoo against hair loss to choose?

So, neither in cosmetic, nor in medical lines of shampoos we did not find an ideal remedy for hair loss. Perhaps it’s not the quality of these products, but the problem with the loss of any shampoo does not work alone: ​​you need an integrated approach, and often treatment by a doctor. "Price Expert" advises to consult with a specialist and choose exactly what your hair needs. Successful acquisition and beautiful hair!

Shampoo against hair loss which company to choose

Companies producing cosmetic products flooded the shelves of pharmacies, specialty and ordinary stores. It is difficult to choose among them the one that will surely help solve the problem. First, if the tool does not cope, then this does not mean that it does not work, perhaps, for some individual parameters, it did not fit you specifically. Secondly, many nuances play a role in the selection of the product that ultimately turns out to be optimal. We have selected those brands of cosmetics cosmetics, which are not the first year in a leading position in sales. In this case, all of them have consumer confidence, and some are marked at the highest level.

The following companies can be distinguished if they have shampoos against hair loss in their range:

6. "First Aid Kit Agafi"

These brands are quite different categories, so compare them literally, almost impossible. The first lines were divided by European brands of medical cosmetics. The following two companies belong to the mass market group, so their performance may be slightly lower than the previous two. The last positions in the list were left to domestic firms producing, in the opinion of users, high-quality and inexpensive products.

Twins Tek 911 Onion

One of the best inexpensive shampoos for hair loss, users often call 911 Onion from the Russian brand TVINS Tek. This tool is aimed at nourishing and strengthening the bulbs through the normalization of metabolic processes. At the same time, it perfectly restores damaged hair structure. The composition of the shampoo contains a variety of plant substances that contribute to the loss of regular use of the product.

Components such as onion, nettle, chamomile, birch, burdock extracts, as well as a number of vitamins, make the tool very effective, really coping with its task - eliminating hair loss. Shampoo delicately, but thoroughly cleanses the scalp from impurities and cares for curls. After using it, the strands are distinguished by their particular elasticity and softness. They shine, have a well-groomed and healthy look.


  • cleans well
  • high efficiency,
  • suitable for regular use
  • formula rich in vegetable ingredients
  • makes hair more dense
  • inexpensive.


  • may cause allergies
  • gives little foam
  • visible result does not appear immediately.

"First aid kit Agafi" Dermatological

The brand “First Aid Kit of Agafya” offers Dermatological shampoo to solve the problem of hair loss. True, the manufacturer warns that this tool is more suitable for the prevention of this problem, rather than to solve it. Although, it is worth noting that users who have used the product emphasize the high efficiency of care. For example, hair breaks much less, and we remember that sometimes losses are connected just with the fact that they break off along the length.

The shampoo contains active ingredients that stimulate the nutrition of the bulb, as a result of which it heals, and also improves the overall tone of the scalp. The soap root, which more gently cleanses the hairy part, is the main basis of the washing product. Calamus root and saturated linolenic fatty acid serve to improve nutrition, cellular metabolism and strengthen barrier functions. Another important element is keratin, which prevents dehydration and keeps the hair young.


  • high efficiency of strengthening,
  • a composition rich in natural ingredients
  • hair break less,
  • density increases
  • price per tube in 300 ml.


  • works as a prophylactic agent
  • not very ergonomic bottle.

L'oreal Elseve Power of Arginine

The L'oreal Arginine series from L'oreal has a shampoo of the same name in its lineup that perfectly copes with the problem of hair loss. In its composition the main component is the amino acid - arginine. That it is the so-called construction element of the hair fiber. A special formula has an effect in three directions at once: nutrition, strengthening, accelerated growth and reduction of precipitation. The effectiveness of the tool was tested in research laboratories, as evidenced by the data that anyone can read.

The manufacturer advises to improve the use of shampoo twice. The first time a small amount must be well cleansed scalp. After rinsing, apply a second portion of the product, gently massaging the hairy part for 3-5 minutes, so that the product has time to get inside the skin for impact. Shampoo gives a large amount of foam and perfectly washes the curls.


  • arginine-rich formula
  • nourishes and strengthens hair
  • the result is noticeable from the first weeks
  • pleasant aroma,
  • acceptable price.


  • can make hair greasy type
  • cope only with an easy degree of loss.

Syoss Anti-hair fall

The company Syoss has in its arsenal of cosmetic products Anti-hair fall shampoo that helps solve the problem of hair loss. Part of the caffeine acts directly on the bulbs, thereby strengthening the hair prone to loss. In this case, the tool takes good care of thinned hairs, makes them stronger and more dense, and also removes brittleness. With this product it is easy to grow long and healthy hair.

Many users have noted that Anti-hair fall keeps hair clean for a longer time. The use of shampoo gives the volume of hair, but does not weigh down, so it always looks light and full of vitality. The product cleans the scalp even from oil masks literally the first time. But for the best effect, it is desirable to apply the product twice in one wash. The formula includes apricot kernel oil, which moisturizes as well as apple stem cells that stimulate hair follicles.


  • copes with hair loss,
  • caffeine as an active ingredient
  • pleasant aroma,
  • well foams
  • economical consumption
  • average price.


  • not suitable for all hair types,
  • can dry the ends.

Vichy dercos

Both men and women will help to cope with hair loss with Dichos shampoo from Vichy. This remedy can be purchased exclusively in pharmacies or in specialized stores. The highest quality of this product and its performance justify the high cost. The active ingredients in the composition are vitamins and the patented aminexyl molecule. They nourish hair from the very roots, strengthening it and restoring vitality. The caring formula gently cleanses the skin, does not dry the hair, so after washing they are easily combed.

Dercos has passed clinical efficacy trials. According to their results, hair loss is reduced by 75%. Provitamin B5, vitamin B6, and arginine help to improve skin microcirculation and strengthen the hair structure. Regular use during the month allows you to see a significant result - the loss almost completely stops. With a heavy degree of loss, in addition to shampoo, you can purchase ampoules from the same series. The product is suitable for regular use.


  • therapeutic and caring formula
  • the tool has high efficiency
  • strengthens the strands
  • can be used by courses or regularly,
  • gives enough foam.


KRKA Fitoval

KRKA Slovenian is famous for its Fitoval shampoo against hair loss. From the same line, for complex struggle with the problem, the manufacturer recommends the use of special capsules and balsam. This tool is the same as the previous one, can be bought in pharmacy chains. It is quite common. The cost of shampoo is much lower than Vichy. At the same time the product is consumed economically.

Fitoval contains active ingredients such as rosemary and arnica extracts, wheat peptides, and glycogen to nourish the hair follicles. Thanks to this rich formula, the curls become stronger from the very roots, become more durable, stop falling out. Shampoo allows you to soothe irritated scalp, so it is suitable for people with hypersensitivity. This product can not be used continuously, enough to wash their heads 2-3 times a week for 3 months, so that was the result.


  • rich formula
  • significantly reduces the loss
  • strengthens hair
  • promotes the growth of new ones
  • economical consumption
  • acceptable price.


  • gives little foam due to the natural composition,
  • not everyone will like herbal scent
  • course application.

What shampoo against hair loss to buy

1. Shampoo 911 Onion from the Russian brand TVINS Tek will be an excellent choice for people with hair loss. Its rich vegetative formula and high efficiency will help to save you from this problem for quite a small amount of money.

2. For those who wish to take care of their hair in advance, in order to prevent their loss, we advise you to purchase Dermatological shampoo from a domestic manufacturer, the company “First Aid Kit Agafi.” This tool will give the necessary care to the scalp, and low cost for a large amount will serve as an additional nice bonus.

3. If you have a light loss, then pay attention to the shampoo enriched with a special amino acid - Arginine Strength from L'oreal. It perfectly strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles, after which hair growth increases.

4. From the mass market group, the best shampoo against hair loss is Anti-hair fall from Syoss. Its formula has as an active ingredient caffeine, acting on the hair follicles, which reduces losses and improves growth.

5. Dercos from Vichy is recognized as an excellent therapeutic shampoo. It will suit men and women. The high cost in this case is justified, since the product works.

6. If your hair falls out due to stress, season, lack of vitamins and other minor causes, then Fitoval shampoo from the Slovenian company KRKA will help you. It will significantly reduce losses and will stimulate the growth of new hair.