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What can replace botox?

Modern plastic surgery clinics actively promote Botox injections to combat wrinkles. It is no secret that these procedures are really effective. But at what cost do women regain their youth?

Possible complications after traditional injection

Do not forget about the very nature of Botox. After all, it is a derivative of bacteria that cause botulism and can lead to food poisoning. After the injection, the facial muscles partly lose their mobility, due to which the skin visually looks more elastic and smooth.

But even if we lower the high cost of such procedures, an attempt to regain the freshness and beauty can have many unpleasant consequences. Among the main side effects of Botox injections separately should be highlighted:

  • swelling around the eyes (due to the fact that the muscles contract less and less, there is stagnation of fluid),
  • eyelid omission (occurs if the patient has assumed a horizontal position during the first hours after the procedure, and the drug has penetrated into the next muscle responsible for lifting the eyelids)
  • face asymmetry.

It is believed that such consequences of "beauty shots" are temporary and take place in 1-2 months. But there is another, equally weighty argument in favor of Botox opponents - as a result of frequent use of the drug, a person loses most of the facial properties, becomes "lifeless" and looks more like a wax mask.

How to keep youth without harming your health?

But all is not lost! If you want to keep your skin fresh, healthy and beautiful, this can be done by simulating Botox at home. Moreover, instead of a chemical toxin, in essence, it is poison, in this case only those ingredients are used that are given to us by mother nature, which are 100% safe for humans.

The amazing properties of the mask of starch

First, let's talk about masks. The most popular alternative to Botox at home is a starch mask.

To cook it, you will need:

  • starch (1 tbsp. spoon),
  • freshly squeezed carrot juice (5 tablespoons),
  • bitter liquid sour cream (1 tbsp. spoon),
  • starch solution (5 tablespoons),
  • warm boiled water (1 cup).

Preparing this wonderful tool is also very simple. Starch is dissolved in half a glass of heated water and put on a steam or water bath. It is advisable to use glassware. After some time, it is necessary to pour the remaining water into the solution and, while constantly stirring, keep the mixture on the fire for 10-15 minutes. By this time you should have some kind of jelly. Now it remains to wait until it cools, and then mix 5 tablespoons of the solution with the same amount of carrot juice and a spoon of sour cream.

Do not forget to mix the ingredients until smooth!

The finished botox mask at home is applied on the face in several layers. The most convenient way to do this is with a brush. Layers are applied alternately, as the previous one dries. Keep the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes. After that, you need to wash with plenty of warm water and apply nourishing cream or almond oil on the skin. If you choose oil, then after about 20 minutes you will need to remove its excess with a napkin.

Depending on how mimic wrinkles are expressed, it is necessary to use such “Botox” at home from 5 to 10 times, in a course in a day. The finished mask can be stored for 3 days.

Did you know about the anti-aging properties of ... tea?

This is another good alternative to Botox at home. This time we need green tea. You can grind dry casting in a coffee grinder or immediately buy the product, ground to a state of powder.

We proceed to the preparation of the mask. A tablespoon of green tea must be mixed with a teaspoon of cocoa powder, and pour a little boiling water into the resulting mass. There is no indication about the exact amount of water, but in the end you should have a fairly thick mush (but not too steep!).

When the mass has cooled a little, add a small amount of natural liquid honey to it and mix everything thoroughly. Enhance the effect of Botox at home will help the oil solution of vitamin E or lemon juice (just a few drops).

Homogeneous mass is applied to the skin of the face, after which it is left for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure you need to wash with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

It is recommended to carry out this procedure 2-3 times a week for 2 months.

Think of the miraculous power of aloe!

In many apartments aloe is present as a houseplant. Do you also have this prickly "healer"? Fine! After all, aloe helps you to make Botox face at home, spending a minimum of money and without harming your body.

To begin with, cut a few leaves off the plant, rinse them with water, chop and squeeze the juice. Calculate so that in the end you get 2 tablespoons of juice. To it you need to add warm (40 ° C) liquid honey. It is impossible to overheat honey, by the way, because of this it loses all its useful qualities.

The resulting mass must be applied to the face and neck, and left for 15 minutes. After that, you need to wash with water at room temperature.

In principle, it is possible and not to bother to prepare a mask - simple rubbing of the skin with cotton wool moistened with aloe juice will be an excellent prevention from wrinkles.

Want a really powerful effect?

Of course, replacing Botox at home is not always easy. And the result will not be felt as quickly as we would like. In this case there is another recipe - not quite natural, but still safer than the notorious “beauty shots”. And the cost of such a procedure will be much lower.

So, first of all you need to buy two drugs in a pharmacy - Dimexide and Solcoseryl Gel. They can be found almost everywhere. And both of them are very inexpensive - within 150 rubles. Their main purpose is to restore the skin and treat burns, but the “craftsmen” have adapted to use them as Botox at home.

It is best to carry out the procedure immediately after a bath or sauna, when the pores are well open. If this is not possible, before starting a session it is important to thoroughly cleanse the face and rinse it with water.

"Dimexide" diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1:10 and, dipping in a solution of a cotton swab, wipe his face and neck. On top of a thick layer applied "Solcoseryl" and leave for 1 hour.

From time to time, so that the gel does not dry up, you need to wet your face with a cotton swab dipped in boiled water.

At the end of the procedure, the gel is removed from the skin using the same tampon, and the face is rinsed abundantly with warm water.

Apply a light, non-greasy, hypoallergenic cream to dry skin. It is best to carry out the procedure in the evening, before bedtime - then the next morning you will literally wake up as a “different person”!

On guard of beauty

Radical measures almost always give quick and noticeable results. But it can be achieved without resorting to invasive methods, however, spending a little more time. Here are some effective ingredients that experts advise in cosmetics:

Hyaluronic acid

Quite a lot has been said about it, but we will once again recall if you have not yet acquired any funds based on it. The main merit of this component is the possibility of retaining a sufficient amount of water in the deep layers of the dermis. Thereby providing the skin with a smooth surface, healthy color and no wrinkles.

But over time, the metabolism in the cells slows down, and the reserves of "hyaluronka" are significantly reduced. Replenishment required. When buying cosmetics, pay attention to the classification. Low molecular particles are able to penetrate deeply, and low molecular weight will work mainly on the surface, providing a lifting effect. Therefore, Botox can be abandoned in favor of this component.

Stem cells

At one time they were called "the elixir of youth," and many were frightened even by the thought of them. And all because it was necessary to “extract” such cells from the umbilical cord blood of born babies. But, fortunately, Japanese scientists discovered the incredible properties of plant stem cells, which are now widely used in cosmeceuticals.

They increase the activity of cells of the human body, while not causing any adverse reactions. That is, they simply help the body to independently slow down the aging process.

A high content of vitamins, antioxidants and various acids will certainly find a response on the skin in the form of smoothness and a healthy glow.

Numerous studies have shown that peptides that are part of cosmetics, and fall on the skin, have a positive effect. The surface becomes more hydrated, the blood microcirculation improves, the correct acid-base balance is maintained.

Vitamin complexes with peptides are also highly effective. Parallel intake of such drugs enhances the effect, increasing the level of oxygen saturation of cells, as well as improving the general condition, performance and brain activity.


Hormonal balance, which undergoes a serious restructuring after 40 years, has a pronounced effect on the skin of a woman. Appears dry, sagging, uneven color.

In this case, phytoestrogens can come to the rescue - special compounds of plant origin that have a similar effect to hormones. They prevent thinning of the skin, peeling and manifestation of pigmentation.

Especially effective are oils of phytoestrogens. For example, primrose oil is often added to eye cream. With its help you can get rid of fine wrinkles, soften and nourish the skin.

It is vitamin A. For timely activation and action, it must be contained in the body "in reserve." That is why in cosmetics, vitamin A is often found in an inactive form, enriching the skin and accumulating.

Retinol copes with the elimination of rashes, rosacea, dryness and sagging. Just one drop of retinol, added to the makeup of cosmetics, can easily replace expensive anti-age products.

Anti-aging cosmetics - a special kind of care. Therefore, it requires care and systematic use. Then its ingredients can provide the proper effect. Be beautiful!

What is botox

Botulinum toxin is a pharmacological drug that temporarily blocks the nerve impulses of a muscle due to the neurotoxin complex. The active component of this drug is botulinum neurotoxin type A, which is obtained in laboratories by synthesizing anaerobic botulism bacteria of the Clostridium species (Clostridium botulinum). Botox is the trade name for the licensed botulinum toxin drug, which is produced by the famous American firm Allergan Incorporated.

This pharmacological agent is used to smooth facial wrinkles. The mechanism of action of the drug is as follows:

  • In the muscle, under the fold of facial wrinkles make an injection of Botox.
  • Botulinum neurotoxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, so that it temporarily loses its mobility.
  • As a result of a decrease in muscle receptor activity, muscle relaxation occurs in a small injection area.
  • Muscle tissue immobility contributes to the rapid smoothing of small skin folds on the face - wrinkles.
  • The visible result comes after 2-4 days from the moment of Botox injection. The most effective effect of injections is manifested after 2 weeks.
  • Muscle contractions are resumed 4-6 months after injection due to the appearance of lateral processes of the nerve terminals. This process is called muscle reinnervation.

Advertising is often silent about the problems that arise after using Botox. Over time, many patients are aware of the negative effects of hasty decisions and the use of cosmetic procedures:

  • Side effects:
  1. bruising, burning sensation in the Botox injection area,
  2. headache,
  3. nausea,
  4. swelling of the face
  5. double vision
  6. ailments similar to infection with a viral infection.

  • The negative effects of Botox injections can occur during the first 2 weeks, as a result of weakening of the muscles: drooping of the mouth or sagging of the eyelids.
  • The lack of movement of facial muscles creates a “mask effect”, making it difficult to express emotions through facial expressions.
  • Vision problems when blocking the muscles around the eyes.
  • Paralysis (with repeated use of Botox) - the muscles of the face weaken so much that they stop working.
  • Fatty tissue filling of areas of the face with immovable muscles, caused by the action of Botox.
  • Botulinum toxin is poison by nature. It has a negative effect on the entire nervous system. Its local action causes great doubt among neurobiologists, because toxic substances are rapidly spreading with blood in all organs.

Contraindications to botox injections

In addition to the negative effects of Botox, there are medical contraindications for the use of this cosmetic procedure:

  • Myasthenic syndromes - various kinds of facial muscles. Any intervention by blocking the work of the muscular system leads to aggravation of the disease.
  • Vision problems. The mechanism of the influence of botulinum toxin on the functioning of human organ systems is not fully understood. Practice states the negative effect of muscle blocking - double vision, the appearance of black flies, etc.
  • Pregnancy and lactation in women. Indiscriminate use of drugs can affect the health of the child.
  • Gravitational ptosis. Under the influence of gravity of the earth, the skin of the face sags (goes down), especially with age. It creates the effect of "flesh", suspended eyelids and lowered corners of the lips. Sometimes Botox injections exacerbate this problem.
  • Predisposition of facial tissues to edema. Botulinum toxin can provoke the effect of "bags" under the eyes.
  • Allergy. Ladies who are predisposed to all sorts of allergic reactions of the body, it is necessary to consult a doctor before making a decision about the use of Botox, so as not to expose themselves to unnecessary danger.

Recipes masks for the skin around the eyes with the effect of Botox

The first mimic wrinkles appear around the eyes. This area of ​​the female face requires special care, because the skin above and below the eyes is very delicate. The inept use of cosmetics leads to a worsening of the problem: inadequate hydration of the skin causes dryness of the epidermis and leads to the formation of wrinkles just like a heavy fat cream. Prevent premature aging of the skin can be constantly using home-based procedures to maintain cell turgor. The mask with the effect of Botox around the eyes copes with this:

  • With parsley. A tablespoon of crushed leaves of fresh herbs pour 100 g of boiling water. Infuse the solution in a non-metallic container under a closed lid for half an hour. Peeled medium-sized potatoes grate on a fine grater. Mix one tablespoon of potato gruel, 2 tbsp. Spoons of strained parsley infusion and 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil. Put the mixture on cheesecloth and keep the mask on the eyes for 30 minutes. Remove residues with a cotton pad. Wash after the procedure is not necessary.

  • With oatmeal. Two teaspoons of oatmeal flakes pour hot milk. Wait until they swell. Put a warm mass on the eyes, keep for 20-25 minutes, relaxing as much as possible. Remove residues with a cotton pad moistened with warm water. The mask removes even deep facial wrinkles with regular use.

  • Honey Mix one egg yolk with 1 tbsp. spoon of honey in May. Add one dessert spoon of sour cream and olive oil. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until smooth. The resulting mask is applied to the area around the eyes. Hold for 20 minutes. Remove residue with a cotton swab.

Masks for the skin of the face of pharmaceutical products with the effect of Botox

Botox for the face at home becomes possible as a result of the use of certain drugs in the composition of face masks with the effect of skin tightening. The most effective drugs for this are dimexide and solcoseryl. The first of them is a synthetic agent with antiseptic effect, the second - has natural components that contribute to saturation of the epidermis with useful amino acids, trace elements and electrolytes in the home.

Solcoseryl improves the blood supply to the skin, nourishes it with oxygen, activates collagen synthesis. The effect of Botox at home create such masks for the face:

  • For mature skin. Mix 1 teaspoon of Dimexidum with 100 ml of water. With a cotton swab soaked in a solution, rub the face without touching the area around the eyes. Apply solcoseryl to the area treated with dimexidum, leave for 60 minutes. Wash off the mask, apply a moisturizer.

  • For dry skin. Treat with dimexide face as described in the previous recipe. Mix 1 tbsp. ложку солкосерила с 1 чайной ложкой миндального масла, тщательно размешать ингредиенты до однородной консистенции. Толстым слоем нанести маску на лицо, избегая кожи вокруг глаз. Держать 40 минут. Снять средство ватным диском, умыться теплой водой.

Маски с эффектом ботокса для кожи лица из растительных компонентов

Витаминизированные маски из натуральных растительных компонентов– альтернатива ботоксу в домашних условиях. The best ingredients for fortified skin nutrition are fruits, for its moisturizing - aloe. The excellent effect of increasing the elasticity of the cells of the epidermis gives the potato due to the starch content. The color of the skin improves green tea. Based on the properties of the above components, the following Botox face mask recipes are compiled that can be used at home:

  • Cut a few lower aloe leaves and put them in a fridge for 10 days to activate bioactive substances. Cut the aloe leaf along the side faces, scrape the pulp with the edge of a teaspoon, put in a non-metallic container. Brew green tea. Add warm tea liquid to aloe jelly mass in a 1: 1 ratio. Soak a cotton swab with a healing solution, apply to the skin of the face. Hold for half an hour, then wash with cold water and apply a light moisturizer.

  • Grate a small potato on a fine grater. To the resulting mass add 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture gently to the face and around the eyes. Roller of cotton napkins around the face will help prevent the flow of potato juice. Mask hold for 30 minutes. Remove the potato flesh. Wash in warm water.

  • Grind in a blender halves of banana, orange, peach. Add to gruel 1 tbsp. spoon cream. Mix the components thoroughly. Apply the mask to the face (except the area around the eyes), hold for 30 minutes. Remove the mixture from the skin, wash with warm water.

Starch for botox at home

The systematic use of face masks on the basis of starch is an effective substitute for Botox at home. The method for producing starch is based on washing it out with water from shredded potatoes. This allows you to save a maximum of natural, skin-friendly substances in potato flour: vitamins of group B, PP, E, potassium, iron, selenium, etc. Starch-based masks are made 2-3 times a week for a month. Keep on their face should be 15-20 minutes, after which you need to wash with warm water. The following masks act as Botox:

  • For clarification. Connect 1 tbsp. spoon starch and honey, mix to a uniform consistency. Add a pinch of fine sea or iodized salt and 1 teaspoon of milk.
  • For problem skin (pore cleansing). Mix starch and kefir in a 1: 1 ratio. Introduce the whipped protein of one egg into the thick gruel of ingredients, mixing thoroughly.
  • For fading skin. Flesh half a banana with a fork, add 0.5 tbsp. spoons of cream and 1 tbsp. spoon starch, mix to achieve a homogeneous mass. Apply a thick layer of mask on clean skin.

Masks with honey

Natural bee honey, used in face masks, acts like botox at home. Honey fills the cells of the epidermis and derma with a multitude of vitamins, microelements due to its ability to quickly penetrate into the cellular structure. Honey can have the following effects on the skin:

  • cleans the pores, thereby improving the oxygen supply to the cells,
  • stimulates blood circulation in the skin tissue,
  • promotes the exfoliation of dead cells and regeneration of the covering layer,
  • tones the skin, stimulates muscle relaxation, smoothes mimic wrinkles.

The higher the quality of honey, the more effective the anti-aging procedures with its use. Among the effective, alternative Botox masks at home can be distinguished:

  • With beeswax. Melt in a water bath 1 tbsp. spoon of beeswax. Mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tbsp. spoons of fresh onion juice. The resulting mixture is applied to the face in the form of heat. Hold for 10 minutes. Remove with a wet wipe.
  • With gelatin. Mix 100 g of cream and 1 teaspoon of gelatin, leave to swell. When the gelatin swells, heat the ingredients in a water bath until a homogeneous mass, stirring constantly (do not bring to a boil). Cool the mixture, pour into it 1 tbsp. spoonful of honey and olive oil, mix thoroughly. Apply the mask for 20 minutes, rinse.
  • With cocoa. K 2 Art. spoons of cocoa add 1 tbsp. spoon cream, honey, oatmeal. Put the container with the components in the water bath and, stirring, wait for the thickened homogeneous mass. The mask is applied to the face for 15 minutes in the form of heat. Leftovers are removed with a damp cloth.

Why do people look for botox replacement?

Since Botox is the name of a drug that contains botulinum toxin that is poisonous to humans, many people are afraid to use it and are looking for analogues. In a small amount, this substance relaxes the muscles into which it is injected. But if you exceed the dosage, unwanted reactions may occur in the form of a violation of the innervation of a part of the body. These changes are often irreversible. Therefore, there was a need to find safer products with a similar effect.

Replacing Botox over time is also required for those to whom the drug is suitable. This is due to the addiction of nerve fibers to the action of the toxin. Because of this, the effect is weakened and wrinkles are not completely smoothed. It is also necessary to replace the drug for the prevention of irreversible changes. This allows the muscles to restore conductivity and contractility.

Botox Analogs

In search of a replacement for Botox, several drugs were developed. They all differ in molecular composition, action and country of manufacture.

For women who are looking for a more natural way to fight wrinkles, hyaluronic acid injections are suitable. The same drug is used for temporary lip augmentation. It is completely absorbed, leaving no traces. There are a lot of preparations with an action similar to Botox. Those who are satisfied with the use of the toxin, it is necessary to periodically change the funds based on it to prevent addiction and reduced efficiency from the procedure.

Hyaluronic acid is contained in the body of any person, so its use is absolutely safe, harmless and has a minimum number of contraindications.

Alternative to botox at home

Fully create the effect of Botox on the face at home after 50 years is impossible. Masks and creams are not able to relax the muscles and block the nerve endings. But it is possible to give skin tone, start the synthesis of collagen, thereby reducing the depth and number of wrinkles. All home procedures work more effectively, if you fix them with facebook. This is a set of exercises that allows you to tighten the facial contours, improve the skin trophism and remove facial wrinkles.

Pharmaceuticals use Dimexide and Solcoseryl as a substitute for injection therapy. Each of the drugs acts in its own way:

  1. Dimexide improves skin permeability for active substances, enhances their effect and accelerates blood flow inside the dermis.
  2. Solcoseryl starts collagen synthesis, activates the metabolism and has a strengthening effect on the blood vessels, preventing the occurrence of "stars".

Working together, drugs can replace Botox and similar agents. The procedure can be carried out at home. Before using this method, it is worth checking the absence of an allergic skin reaction to drugs. Otherwise, you can get not just a bad result from the procedure, but also a burn. With the successful interaction of drugs will give several positive effects:

  • increase skin elasticity
  • acceleration of blood flow, natural blush and beautiful complexion,
  • moisturizing the skin on all layers,
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis,
  • the flow of oxygen into the skin, the appearance of inner radiance,
  • narrowing of enlarged pores
  • reducing the number and depth of wrinkles.

After 30 minutes of exposure, the remnants of drugs should be thoroughly washed with running water. This will help avoid undesirable consequences.

Fix the results will help homemade masks based on gelatin, starch or honey. Also, to soothe the skin is perfect natural sour cream high fat. For daily use, you should look at the series for mature skin from Dior or Awen pharmacy cosmetics.

Before cream it is better to apply liquid serum. Suitable moisturizing and based on hyaluronic acid. This will prepare the skin for the action of the cream, enhance its effect and allow it to penetrate more deeply. Such sera are in the brands Beautydrugs and MIZON.

For hair instead of Botox, you can also use products based on hyaluronic acid. They are in the lines of professional cosmetics Kapous. It is an indelible care that removes static electricity, makes hair docile, smooth and soft.

No-injection anti-aging procedures

For those who can not decide on injections and is looking for an alternative to them in cosmetology, a lot of rejuvenation techniques have been developed. Several of them can rightly be considered a substitute for Botox:

  • no-injection mesotherapy - is carried out by a special device that nourishes the skin with a cocktail of nourishing and moisturizing substances without injury,
  • laser exposure - penetrates into the deep layers, triggering regeneration from the inside,
  • microcurrents - stimulate blood circulation and collagen synthesis inside the skin by electrical action,
  • The ultrasound method is a good way to correct wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds.

If the skin is not only lost of elasticity, but also prone to rashes, it is worth regularly to do chemical peeling. Due to the aggressive properties of the drugs, the internal reserves of cells are activated. The skin produces elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid on its own, there is a clear rejuvenating effect.

During the peeling, unwanted pigmentation is removed, pores narrow, inflammation disappears. Depending on the quality of the skin and the presence of problems, there are several types of effects:

  • superficial - helps to remove dead cells, partially tightens pores,
  • median - removes inflammation, effectively acts on the pores, improves blood circulation,
  • deep - stimulates the production of active substances, eliminates pigmentation.

When choosing a method of rejuvenation should consult with a beautician. He will select the desired method, taking into account the type of skin and existing problems.

Answers on questions

What are the contraindications for botox replacement procedures?

All contraindications are relative:

  • the presence of inflammatory etiology,
  • period of childbearing and breastfeeding,
  • the presence of an allergic reaction to the formulations that are used for the procedure,
  • infection process
  • the presence of kidney stones, gallbladder,
  • diabetes,
  • oncology,
  • skin pathologies: large ulcers, wounds, stitches from the performed manipulations.

After the symptoms defining the contraindications disappear, the procedure can be performed.

What complications are from botox?

After incorrectly injected botulinum toxin or exceeding the permissible dosage, undesirable reactions may appear:

  • swelling in the eye due to fluid retention,
  • ptosis due to the spread of the drug on the eye muscles that lift the eyelid,
  • asymmetry of half faces due to uneven administration.

If the drug is entered correctly and in the right dosage, the likelihood of complications is extremely small.

What are the reviews of doctors about preparations with botulinum toxin?

In medicine, these funds are widely used to treat patients with cerebral palsy and other lesions of the nervous system. Therefore, doctors treat Botox well, but subject to all norms of use, individual selection of dosage and consideration of all contraindications.

Is it possible drugDysport and its analogues to apply on the eyelashes for the effect on the hair?

No, these products are not intended for outdoor use. It is not safe and forbidden to inject them into the eyelids.

Summing up

An alternative to botox exists. It can be both salon procedures at the beautician, and home remedies. Before choosing a method of rejuvenation, it is obligatory to consult a doctor in order not to add new ones to the existing problems.

What alternatives to Botox have you resorted to? What effect was obtained and were you satisfied with the result?

Botox - healing poison

To information (for general development): botulinum toxin - this is our botox. The scientific name of the real poison. Scientists from the UN organization have stopped working with the botulinum toxin substance and recognized it at the level of biological weapons. Why is he so dangerous? If a large dose of this substance gets into the human body, the nervous and muscular systems become paralyzed and in time there will be a lethal outcome.

Fearfully? Me too. But no one is going to poison us. It's all about the dosage. For beauty injections, botulinum toxin is measured in units. Only 30 U are needed for injections, and for a lethal outcome, you need 3000 U (100 times more). So, for cosmetic purposes - Botox, like poison, is not dangerous.

Possible effects after injections

There are a number of recommendations that should not be done immediately after the injections:

  • You can not go to bed, for the correct distribution of the drug in the body, you need to keep your head upright.
  • Show no emotion, limit facial expressions.
  • You can not use a lot of liquid and salt, but otherwise there may be a large swelling.
  • It is not advisable to eat hot food or drinks, temperature fluctuations can increase the swelling and cause irritation of the skin.
  • You can not massage the face (puncture sites) and especially touch with your hands, in precautionary measures, so as not to carry the infection.
  • If you experience a burning sensation, itching, allergic reactions, you can not self-medicate and take drugs without consulting a doctor. If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor.

They say that it is quite normal if after the procedure: there is dizziness, nausea, indigestion, and general weakness. This is the body's reaction to intoxication. This may occur in the first day after the pricks.

And yet, you need to say about the possible side effects:

  • Puffiness around the eyes that does not go away.
  • The omission of the century, it can happen if the drug gets into the next muscle.
  • General face asymmetry. It seems like this effect goes away after a couple of months (as cosmetologists say).
  • With the constant use of Botox, the mimic muscles atrophy and the face becomes a wax mask without movement (even a normal smile will not work).

Effect and regularity of the procedure

The action of Botox - a temporary phenomenon, after 4-6 months, blocked muscles and nerve channels are restored. That is, wrinkles appear again. After the first procedure, the next injection is needed in about six months.

What is interesting: with each new introduction of Botox, the duration of the effect (wrinkles do not appear) increases to 10-12 months. This is the gap between the injections.

So what do you think? I personally, in general, are very afraid of injections, no matter where. Such a fear from somewhere in childhood. If the injection is simply necessary (for example, at the dentist), then I close my eyes to see nothing. With facial injections to close his eyes is unlikely to turn out.

And the most important thing: even though they call beauty injections - an ordinary cosmetic procedure (such is commonplace), still, you should contact a normal clinic, where they will perform tests, where they will monitor the patient for the first few hours after the procedure, and will not be put out best wishes, because the next client is next.

Now go through the analogs of Botox, let's see the effectiveness.

Dimexide + Solcoseryl

Before use, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test: overnight, apply a few drops of diluted Dimexidum on the inside of the elbow (dilute: 2 drops of Dimexidum / 10 drops of purified, boiled water). On the second hand, it is necessary to apply solcoseryl (undiluted). And leave it all at night.

If suddenly, there is redness, burning, itching, in any case, use drugs - you can not. Ignore the test rule on the reaction - it is impossible.

  • dilute dimexide with purified water in a ratio of 1:10,
  • mix and apply sponge on face
  • the next layer is a solcoseryl gel, apply abundantly, without missing a millimeter of skin,
  • as the gel dries, it is necessary to moisten the skin with boiled water (most conveniently from a spray bottle),
  • stand for an hour, constantly wetting the face,
  • rinse well and apply a moisturizer.

It's easy, you can stand an hour. The price of drugs in pharmacies: Dimexide one bottle - an average of 60 rubles (price class), gel solcoseryl - from 400 rubles per tube (also available). And the testimony of this procedure is wonderful, the only thing - you can use “home botox” no more than once a month. Like this.

“Botox” from starch

Prepare a mixture of masks:

  • 1 tbsp. spoon of starch,
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 tbsp. spoon of sour cream,
  • 5 tbsp. tablespoons fresh carrots (fresh juice).

  • Dissolve starch in water,
  • add ingredients
  • mix well
  • apply on face and neck for 30 minutes,
  • rinse with cold water
  • moisturize the skin with a cream.

I have long heard of the wonderful properties of starch masks. Easy to prepare, you can even store the mixture for three days. Masks do the course. With regular use - the result will be persistent.

Aluminum alum from the pharmacy

Do not be alarmed by this name. These are no chemicals, the drug is not dangerous. It is used for many cosmetic procedures. In more detail, you can read on the Internet on sites (if I start talking about how they can be used, you will get a whole article about alum).

Surprisingly, nobody talks a lot about this drug. Я случайно подслушала, что одна дама в уже довольно таки пожилом возрасте выглядела на 20 лет моложе, а секрет был прост – она постоянно пользовалась жжеными (то же самое что и алюминиевые) квасцами в косметических целях.

Подтягивающая маска для лица:

  • 1 белок яйца,
  • 1 чайная ложка квасцов,
  • 1 чайная ложка масла (оливковое, миндальное или другое).

Все ингредиенты хорошо перемешать, нанести на лицо, кроме области глаз. It is advisable to lie down, in five minutes the skin will begin to tighten. After 15 minutes, wash off the mask with a solution.

  • 1 teaspoon alum
  • 1 cup of warm water.

Gently wash off the mask, you can cotton pad. Apply a moisturizer, you can not apply the cream, you need to look at the condition of the skin after the procedure.

You can make a mask twice a week.

Experiment and result

I discovered the mask of alum for a long time. The result is, but if you do not do it regularly, the effect persists for a while. And since I usually forget something, my procedures are irregular.

I always have starch in the kitchen, for baking, for cutlets, etc. She made a mask on the basis of starch, but instead of fresh carrots she added berries from frost (strawberries, currants, apricots). The mask tightens the skin, but that such a straight wow, did not happen.

All cosmetics from home cooking should be done regularly. This is the main rule. And only then the result will gradually come.

Dimexid + solcoseryl has not yet experienced, waiting for its turn, but judging by the recall on the Internet - a cool tool.

Oh, yes, I promised to tell you about my friend, who decided to take beauty shots. Some time later, after our conversation, I met her. Honestly, even upset: she looked fine, wrinkles disappeared around her eyes, the oval of her face became clearer and waves disappeared on her forehead.

She didn’t tell a lot about the procedure itself, and didn’t say how she transferred too. Looks were not so good. Well and so, of course, she boasted that she was younger by 20 years (yes, she was really younger).

And I still think: is it worth it to “prick”, if the result is still unstable, just like after my home masks. Not yet decided on drastic measures.

In general, I told you what and what, information for consideration. I will not agitate, in this case everything is individual.

And of course, I want to wish you, not eternal youth, no, this does not happen, learn to take your age. Wow.

Why may need an alternative?

Botox may need replacement in the following cases.:

  1. For example, in 5% of patients this drug does not work at all, the skin is not smoothed, wrinkles do not disappear.
  2. Botox eliminates predominantly mimic wrinkles (read more about the principle of Botox action here).

Botox analogues may be contraindicated in such cases.:

  • Allergic reactions and intolerance to drugs.
  • Inflammation or infection.
  • Muscle weakness or myopia.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Going to any injection procedure, first consult with a specialist, it may be necessary to undergo a full examination so that later there are no various complications.

What can replace it?

Analogs can differ from Botox by the following indicators:

  1. At the cost of.
  2. The end result.
  3. Exposure time
  4. Method of drug administration.

The following remedies can be used instead of Botox:

  • Neuronox. Contains botulinum toxin, human serum albumin and sodium chloride. Its composition is almost identical to Botox. Due to its high molecular weight and average albumin concentration, the drug does not penetrate into adjacent tissues, but acts only on the site of administration. Neuronox smooths expression lines and temporarily corrects hyperhidrosis.
  • Cream and other cosmetics with botox effect. Many women praise LYSEDIA anti-wrinkle serum, which takes effect about a month after application. But in this case, there are some conditions: cosmetics with the effect of Botox will be useful to people under 30 years old, with pronounced mimic wrinkles, with fear of injections, and also with contraindications for the administration of botulinum toxin.
  • Home remedies. You can use a mask of banana, egg white, almond oil, etc. - despite the absolute safety of these methods of rejuvenation, when they are applied, the desired result is not always achieved. Nevertheless, the effect of their use is still there.

With botulinum toxin

  1. Dysport. Manufacturer: Ipsen company (France and the UK). Contains less toxic substances. Lactose acts as a solvent.

2 of these funds are approximately equal in financial costs required to achieve similar results after exposure to drugs. It is also used for neurological disorders (like botox).

  • Xeomin. German drug from the company "Merz". In this tool there are no proteins and preservatives that can cause an allergic reaction. Due to the minimum content of botulinum toxin in the preparation, it acts only on fine wrinkles.
  • Relatox. This is a Russian substitute for Botox, which has been produced by Microgen since 2014. Animal protein is used as a preservative. The action of Relatox begins in half an hour. The effect persists for 8-9 months. Each vial contains 50 or 100 mg of the substance.
  • Lantox. Chinese budget alternative to botox. The effect lasts up to 8 months.
  • Botulaks. Manufacturer "Hugel Inc.", South Korea. In terms of its performance, it resembles the Chinese fellow Lantox.
  • Without botulinum toxin

    • Hyaluronic acid. This substance is good because it is also present in the human body. It can even smooth deep wrinkles.
    • Lifting masks or creams. Cream "Botorelax" (Fr.), a series of "Botoss" from Faberlic, products from "CellCare" (Switzerland).
    • Dimexidum and Solcoseryl based masks. Before using them, first test for an allergic reaction. Because of the aggressive effects on the skin, such masks are made no more than 1 time per month.
    • Argireline. Japanese drug, muscle relaxant. The basis of this tool is an aqueous solution of the substance HEXAPEPTIDE-8 (Hexapeptide-8).

    Folk remedies

    1. Starch Botox Mask - to 1 tbsp. starch, add 5 tbsp. Carrot juice, a glass of warm water, 1 tbsp. sour cream. Apply to cleansed face for 30 minutes.
    2. Mask-Botox based on potatoes - 1 tsp is added to 1 piece of grated potatoes. olive oil. The mask is also applied for 30 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.
    3. Egg White Mask - soak the oatmeal so that they thicken. Add egg white to them, mix well and apply on cleansed face.
    4. Wheat mask - Boil 25 g flour until thick. There is also added beaten egg white, a spoon of olive oil and 1 tsp. salt. The aging time on the face is 30 minutes.

    In any mask you can add fruit and honey, they will provide additional nutrition to the skin.

    We offer to watch a video on how to prepare a face mask from starch:

    Another video, which presents an effective recipe for facial rejuvenation, as an alternative to Botox:


    Despite the fact that Botox and its analogues are gaining their popularity, beauty shots may not be so harmless. Therefore, choosing analogs of the drug, find a good specialist in the field of cosmetology, which based on your individual data will be able to find a suitable means for rejuvenation.

    Where do mimic wrinkles come from?

    We all frown from time to time, squinting, smiling, yawning and wrinkling our foreheads. For a couple of seconds, our skin gathers in the folds in order to “return to the initial positions” in a moment. If such tricks are regularly performed even with the most elastic and elastic skin in the world, mimic wrinkles will appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the mouth and the eye sooner or later.

    By the way, have you ever noticed that you can easily “read” their character on the face of older people? From the mimic wrinkles one can see which of the present grandparents often smiled or was pleasantly surprised in his youth, who — frowned anxiously, and who — pursed his lips discontentedly and skeptically chuckled.

    Theoretically, mimic wrinkles can be avoided if you learn to always keep emotions under control. But, first, it has not been possible to anyone ever. And secondly, even when our face is relaxed, his muscles are still in good shape. And that means - quietly laying the "foundation" for future reasons for frustration ...

    And here to help the forever young beauties comes true Botox. A few shots - and the skin again looks smooth and stretched like a drum! Not a trace of mimic wrinkles, and the seller in the store, quite seriously, again calls you "girl."

    Under the influence of botulinum toxin (the active component of Botox), the facial muscles relax. As a result, “crows feet” are smoothed around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds are noticeably softened. The visible effect lasts for about 4-6 months, after which the procedure has to be repeated.

    It would seem that a great answer to the question: "How to remove wrinkles?". I went to the beautician once a half-year “for technical inspection” and up to 80 you look like 18! Simple, effective, not too expensive, and you don’t need to go under the surgeon’s knife!

    How did I replace Botox: a muscle relaxant without injections and pain

    The use of Botox in medicine was at one time approved by the American organization, the Office for the Control of the Quality of Drugs. Despite this, many Russians still treat prejudice against Botox injections. Especially after the sensational story with Oksana Pushkina ...

    Admittedly, there are a lot of side effects in Botox. However, as with any such radical procedures.

    It has been proven that, as a result of injections, the water balance of the skin of the face may be disturbed, unpleasant sensations appear in the form of puffiness around the eyes or a severe allergic reaction.

    In addition, regular injections of Botox cause atrophy of the facial muscles, deformation of the oval face and loss of skin elasticity. Simply put, after some time after the procedure, the skin will begin to age even faster than before.

    In the list of contraindications: individual intolerance to the drug, certain viral and infectious diseases, pregnancy and the feeding period.

    It is clear that the side effects do not necessarily appear at you. The list of “side effects” to the commonplace aspirin or analgin is also written a lot of things - but millions of people all over the world accept them and do not complain.

    In a situation with Botox, I am more annoyed that my face will be pricked with needles. I take very bad shots and ordinary shots - and here the FACE! Plus, I understand perfectly that 80% of the result depends on the professionalism of the beautician and on the quality of the preparation itself. How can I check both if I decide on the procedure for the first time in my life?

    In general, at one time I firmly decided that Botox injections were never for anything. How to get rid of wrinkles? What can replace botox? You just need to look for safer ways ...

    For example, to connect contrast baths, to master a face massage or to do a special gymnastics (face building) or yoga for the face every day. And you can not particularly bother and just use professional cosmetics (masks, serums, creams).

    And I want to tell you about one such miracle remedy for wrinkles today.

    Muscle relaxant for the face instead of Botox: Episilk Relaxing Serum

    The main component of this serum is argireline - a muscle relaxant. This is an artificial compound of amino acids created in the laboratory (it does not exist in nature). Its uniqueness is that it slows down the conduction of a nerve impulse and gently relaxes a muscle. Being absorbed into the skin, the substance blocks the impulses of neurotransmitters in the facial muscles.

    This prevents the appearance of new facial wrinkles and reduces the depth of existing ones. In the annotation to the product, the manufacturer Hyalogic LLC gives specific figures: on average, mimic wrinkles are reduced by 27%, and the maximum recorded result is 50-60%.

    Of course, Botox shots give a more noticeable and long lasting effect. After all, argireline only slows down the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, and does not block them completely. But after using relaxing serum, you probably will not have a frozen face-mask, like after Botox.

    It must be borne in mind that muscle relaxants, like Botox, can only cope with facial wrinkles! Age-related skin changes, alas, are beyond their control.

    And it does not need a lot - just one drop is enough for me to smooth the forehead and skin around the eyes.

    Facial relax Episilk: my personal assessment

    I join one of the rave reviews to the product. Relaxing Serum is one of my best purchases on iHerb! The result is amazing - wrinkles really disappear! Small ones disappeared completely, and the deep ones just became not so noticeable. Not to say that before the serum, I looked like a wrinkled "old woman Izergil", but everyone noticed the changes for the better.

    In addition, the skin itself has become more elastic and velvety, and peeling and small rashes have disappeared without a trace! By the way, Hyalogic LLC serum also perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face and eyelids, as it contains hyaluronic acid. In general, the effect of "three in one" - as in advertising.

    How to use? In the morning and in the evening we cleanse the face, moisturize the skin with a tonic and apply serum to “problem areas”. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to also serum with coQ10 or serum with hyaluronic acid. You can buy a muscle relaxant here, where I buy.

    In my opinion, Episilk is a real salvation for girls with pronounced facial expressions! And for those who, like me, do not want to put dangerous experiments with injections on their own face.