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Dr. Komarovsky about children's hair and whether to cut a child a year bald

The child is born with the first touching hairstyle. It can be a rather thick head of hair or a gentle infant fluff. Over time, it will be replaced by "adult" hair, tougher and thicker. Wishing to speed up this process, parents dream of mowing a newborn as soon as possible. When is it necessary to cut the baby for the first time and what to do with the hair?

There are many myths and superstitions about this. To believe or not to believe - parents have the right to decide for themselves. Definitely one can only say that blindly follow the fashion is not worth it. It is better to be guided by common sense and not to harm the newborn.

Suitable age

Hair has always been emphasized and emphasized. It is believed that hair is a source of information, a connection with the cosmos, an energy umbilical cord connecting an infant with ancestors, natural protection for a person from an aggressive environment. Opinions about when you can cut the hair of a newborn, diverge. And each option has its own explanation.


In Russia in antiquity, infant mortality was very high, not every newborn lived to a year. Parents in every way tried to protect their offspring from danger. In order not to deprive the child of vital forces and energy, not to bring illnesses, the child was not cut. If the crumbly happily celebrated his first year of life, it was believed that he liked the family, and he decided to stay to live in it. And the first tonsure of a one-year-old baby was a kind of dedication. At this solemn event invited the midwife, which helped bring the child into the world, and after the adoption of Christianity - and the godparents who were responsible for the little one. The Godfather cut the first strands on the top of the baby crosswise, which were then tied up with red thread or ribbon and kept in a special secret chest. It was believed that after such a dedication the child was under the protection of the whole race.

Thick toe hair was a symbol of good luck and happiness for everyone. Therefore, in order for the hair to grow rich, the cut strands were not thrown away, but certain ritual actions were performed with them: buried in an anthill, drowned in a river, hid in a house behind a ceiling beam or folded for wattle fence.

Muslims had to shave the head of a newborn on the seventh day after birth. This rite symbolizes purification. The shaved hair was weighed to find out how much alms to give to the poor, and then buried.

Myths and Superstitions

Folk art, including legends, omens and superstitions, accompanies a person all his life, starting from the very first day, and is passed on from generation to generation. Many ancient signs and superstitions about the first haircut baby alive to this day.

  • Haircut "under zero" will help make the child's hair thick and beautiful. This is the most common myth. However, pediatricians warn: such manipulations may entail unpleasant consequences. First, the crumb feels discomfort when shaving, which also can cause irritation on sensitive baby skin. Secondly, such a first haircut baby can adversely affect the hair follicles - "shake" the hair roots, which will slow down the growth and degrade the quality of hair.
  • If you mow a child up to a year, you can "cut off the tongue." It was believed that after the baby’s hairstyle, the development of speech could be disturbed, the baby would be silent for a long time. However, this is not scientifically confirmed.
  • Hair stores a charge of energy. If you cut them to a year, you can bring on a newborn disease. In fact, the regrown long bangs not only interfere with the baby, but can also spoil the eyesight. A thick head of hair that goes down to the neck and shoulders can cause irritation.
  • If the newborn has sparse hair, they will remain forever. The density of the hair and their structure is laid in the womb, is determined genetically. The number of hair follicles after birth does not change. Therefore, no matter how much you cut the newborn under a zero, the lush mop of hard hair will not grow in the person to whom nature has presented thin, delicate hair, similar to a feather grass.
  • Caps and panama stop hair from breathing. Frivolous mothers try to do without hats as long as possible in order to provide oxygen access to children's hair. At the same time, infants are subjected to unjustified risk of getting heat stroke or catch a cold. In order to grow hair better, a proper diet and regular brushing before bedtime is enough.

What to do to better grow hair

The heavenly bodies have a tangible effect on the human body. Are you thinking when to cut a baby for the first time according to the lunar calendar? Keep in mind: a haircut on a growing moon accelerates hair growth, but on a decreasing one, it slows down.

An excellent way to strengthen and stimulate hair growth, according to pediatricians, is combing. This useful ritual must be performed every evening. First comb your baby's hair to the left, then to the right. Brush against hair growth. And in the end lay the curls in the direction of their growth. Such a "massage" will improve blood circulation, improve the access of oxygen to the hair follicles. Choose the right comb for the crumbs. Best suited wooden, with rounded teeth, which are inserted into the soft rubber.

Mothers who are lucky enough to raise their daughters almost immediately after their birth dream that girls will grow thick, silky hair, and it will be possible to build hairstyles that others will admire. Therefore, as soon as the baby grows curls, mothers and grandmothers begin to braid pigtails, make tails, pulling delicate girl's hair with rubber bands, hairpins, bows. It looks all great. However, pulling in hair that has not yet become strong, in tight braids and tails, it is very easy to harm their young owner. Bald patches or places covered with fuzz may form, silky strands will thin down and become thinner. To restore problem areas is sometimes almost impossible. Therefore, doctors are of the opinion that up to 4-5 years the best option would be a short haircut, and you should not grow long hair.

We go to the hairdresser

So that the first haircut of the child in the barber shop is successful, you can first take the baby with you so that he can look around, make sure that the place is not dangerous, and watch how mum or dad is cut. The child will gladly follow the example of the parents.

To make the kid feel at home, you can bring your favorite toys with you. And it is better to go to the children's hair salon, where all conditions are created for young clients: a fabulous toy salon design, entertainment in the form of dolls, bears, and machines. In some barbershops there is even a living corner with fluffy and not very inhabitants - rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles. A child with pleasure will come to such an institution more than once.

Swift house

Avoid stress from meeting with strangers and incomprehensible objects will help haircut at home. The question arises: how to mow a child for the first time? Knowing the basic techniques, mom will easily put in order the head of the beloved karapuz.

Haircut will require a comb, spray with water and scissors. Soak your hair and gently comb it. Then, with a slight movement of the hand, pinch the lock between the fingers - middle and index - and trim the end of the strand.

To the first haircut of the child (as well as subsequent) passed without tears, it is worth following a few tips.

  • Conveniently place the child on the lap of the father, grandmother or grandfather.
  • You can spread around dolls, robots or soldiers, favorite bears and hares. The game is a habitual activity for a child. He does not have time to suspect that something was wrong. And you can distract the baby by turning on the cartoon.
  • During the first haircut, even your favorite cartoon characters can be powerless. Something tasty - a cookie, a piece of sweet apple - will become a red herring. Keep the treat at the ready.
  • The kid is unlikely to sit without moving. It should be ready for this.
  • Scissors should be safe - with blunt, rounded or protected ends. The child may start or turn sharply at the crucial moment.
  • If the child does the first haircut with a machine, it is worthwhile to show the child the miracle of technology and demonstrate how it works. It is great if he sees how his elder brother or father is cut with this device. The boy will gladly follow the example of adults.
  • The kid feels your mood well and will easily understand if you are shaking like an aspen leaf, being afraid to bring scissors to the hair of your beloved offspring. Be confident in your actions.
  • Haircut is better to start with the most difficult and problematic areas, because the kids get tired quickly. You will do the most important thing - and you will not be afraid of any whims and protests.
  • After completing an important procedure, be sure to praise the child. Compliments of relatives and friends, as well as a small gift for the little hero will be very helpful.
  • So that the baby is not disturbed by the hairs remaining on the body or clothes, you should complete the haircut with water treatments.

After the baby's debut haircut is completed, the question arises, what to do with the hair? At one time, the first curl from the head of a newborn was carefully kept until the age of majority. If someone in the family fell ill, the curl was placed in a canvas bag, and the resulting “pendant” was put on the patient's neck like an amulet. Helped the first cut curl and in the case when a person had to make a fateful decision. It was believed that hair is a relationship with the mother, with the whole race, preserved for life.

Currently, we live by different rules, guided by modern traditions. But for each mother, the first cut curl of the baby is the memory of a happy waiting time for a miracle, the first meeting with the child, his first smile and the first steps. Save this memo in a secluded place - in an envelope or in a special pocket of the first photo album of your toddler.

When deciding when to cut a baby for the first time, remember the main thing: the health of your baby and his good mood are more important than blindly following traditions and rituals.
Shaving a head does not make thin, sparse hair hard and thick, and tight pigtails and tails can cause hair loss. A short haircut in childhood will facilitate hair care, will prevent irritation and heat loss.

About children's hair

Some babies are born with an impressive head of hair, while others are almost bald. It depends on the innate characteristics, as well as on the speed of hair growth during the period of intrauterine development. However, in the first months of life, partial hair loss is considered the norm, because the infant hair of a newborn is gradually changing to more formed in structure.

The baby's hair is not similar to adults, because the medula is not developed in them - a small microscopic rod that is responsible for the main function of the scalp - heat preservation. Infant hairs, therefore, do not warm his head at all. However, this is not a reason, according to Yevgeny Komarovsky, to wear a few hats and caps on her. The kid will not freeze, because he has a more active blood circulation. A quarter of the blood volume is nourished by the brain, and since this process is intense, then, first of all, it is the head that sweats from the toads.

Myths and truth

  • “Hair cannot be cut until year” - myth. If the child has thick hair, and the July heat is on the street and the head is sweating, then it is more hygienic and more useful to cut the baby. The connection between success in the future and the first infant curls has not been proven by anyone, as well as the fact that it is through the hair that the infant communicates with the mother.
  • “You need to wash the baby’s head more often with baby soap” is a myth, and a rather dangerous one, warns Yevgeny Komarovsky. Daily washing of the head with soap, even if it is hypoallergenic, childish, can lead to hair loss, and not to their active growth. Doctor recommends washing your hair with detergent no more than once a week.

  • “You need to brush your baby more often” is a myth. Often combing, even though it may be pleasant to some of the children, injures the hair.
  • “Strengthening the hair is necessary with grass decoctions” is a myth. Komarovsky calls it a commercially sound hearing. It is beneficial for manufacturers and sellers of various tools based on herbs and fees. Weak hair can not be strengthened. You can not spoil them.

Is it good to cut in a year?

This question Evgeny Komarovsky asked most often. In families, there are real battles on this topic, since fathers, who are less susceptible to mystification, do not attach due importance to the problem, and mothers are more worried about it. Parents are interested not only in whether to cut the child a year, but also in where and how to properly dispose of the hair of the toddler, so that they do not jinx it, “steal the life force”, or offend it.

By itself, a haircut year-old karapuz does not harm, says Yevgeny Komarovsky. But to hope that the hair will begin to grow thick and curly, if up to a year they were thin and straight, you should not. The density and thickness of the hair, the speed of their growth, texture and color - all this information is laid at the genetic level long before the child was born.

As soon as the fertilization of the egg, the set of genes is strictly defined, and it means everything - and whether the baby is brown or blond, and whether his hair will be thick.

Accordingly, trimming or shaving well can not change anything in the genetic code, and therefore these manipulations have no effect on the quality of the hair. Relatives may have the illusion that the hair has become stronger and thicker, because, according to Evgeny Komarovsky, hair growing back after haircut looks more voluminous and feels tougher to the touch. But this is nothing more than an illusion. Therefore, to cut a year or not is up to parents. If the baby is not trimmed, nothing terrible will happen, as no miracle will happen if it is shaved.

Regarding where to put the cropped hair, Komarovsky advises to apply a maximum of imagination. If you want to bury them under a pear in the garden in the full moon - please. If you want to burn, and dispel dust on the river - also no problems. Since medicine is not proven that there is at least some connection between cut hair and the fate of the child. If you really want to find such a connection, it is better to address this question with healers, magicians or shamans.

Why bald head?

This is the second most popular question that Dr. Komarovsky has to answer. Many parents, and even pediatricians, argue that a bald patch on the back of his head at the age of one year is a sign of rickets. Yevgeny Komarovskaya claims that baldness of the back of the head has nothing to do with rickets. Just a baby up to 6 months most of his life is lying down. When he learns to turn his head around, he begins to actively use this new skill. Hair rub on the bed and just wipe off.

Do I wear hats and caps?

If the hair falls out all over the head, then the reason may be a lack of vitamins, poor nutrition, and chronic overheating of the scalp, which threatens all the kids, whose parents and grandmothers are used to be sure to wear toddler hats. The caps should be removed so that the scalp begins to "breathe", then with great probability there is no need to do anything else, because the quality of the hair will soon noticeably improve and the loss will stop.

Caps should be avoided in the period of illness of the child. A cap at high temperature can become very dangerous, because, according to Komarovsky, a child simply has no place to "dump" excess heat.

Possible problems

The list of pathological disorders in hair growth is quite large, but, according to Evgeny Komarovsky, every mother should know:

  • ringworm (hair falls out strongly, in some places the hairs look like trimmed). To treat this fungal disease should pediatric infectious disease,
  • alopecia (hair falls out due to severe immuno-allergic pathologies). With such alopecia, the hair roots are damaged. Treat ailment will be a pediatrician and an allergist,
  • syndrome of obsessive movements and conditions (the child damages the hair mechanically - by twisting it on a finger, pulling it out, pulling it out). He rarely needs treatment, often neurosis disappears on its own, but consultation with a pediatric neurologist, psychologist and psychiatrist does not hurt
  • stresses, fears, emotional trauma (hair growth is disturbed at the biochemical level, as well as as a result of vascular spasm of the scalp). The problem must be addressed to a pediatrician and a pediatric neurologist,

  • avitaminosis (deficiency of vitamins of group B and zinc greatly influences hair loss). The problem should be addressed to the pediatrician,
  • hypervitaminosis (выпадение и ломкость волос в результате передозировки витаминами, в частности чрезмерное потребление витамина А). Обсуждается с педиатром,
  • лекарственные «побочки» (некоторые медикаментозные средства вызывают проблемы с состоянием волос). Явление временное, в лечении особо не нуждается, но можно обсудить его с лечащим педиатром,
  • гипотиреоз (scalp suffers from problems with the thyroid gland). Treats the endocrinologist.

Tips of Dr. Komarovsky

The doctor advises not to exaggerate the problems associated with children's hair. The first time is to cut the child when growing hair begins to cause him or his relatives inconvenience. If you suspect a disease - immediately go to the doctor, who knows why, how and why.

Dr. Komarovsky will talk about the problems that children with hair can have, as well as the common prejudices associated with hairline:

Problems in the first year of life

Problems haircuts with a child up to a year

A controversial moment arises in connection with the desire of parents and relatives to cut a child under one year old and concerns the quality of the head cover. There is an interesting fact related to the baby's hair - the central core (medulla) is normally responsible for the hair's ability to keep warm, but in children under 1 year the property of the medula is not developed yet, and the hair is not able to warm the head. But unlike adults, in which a quarter of the blood flow goes to the blood circulation of the brain and heating of the head, children are characterized by even more active processes in this part. It is difficult to freeze children's head. Against this background, most other problems arise:

  • poor growth
  • hair loss,
  • subtlety and fragility.

Hair problems may be related to external or internal factors.

External factors

The baby from birth to six months is constantly lying down, occasionally twisting its head, so the hair on the back of the head is worn out, because of which baldness is formed. The quality of children's hair suffers from one of the leading factors - chronic overheating of the scalp, while their thinning and brittleness is observed. Especially overheating is dangerous for a sick child: high temperature and a covered head harm not only the scalp, but also the thermoregulation of the child’s body. To improve the condition of the hair, it is necessary to stop injuring them, to make sure that the head does not sweat.

Internal problems

The subject of close attention of parents of the first year of the child - children's hair - signals the development of certain diseases, for example, pathological baldness reports immunoallergic, deficient or neuropsychiatric conditions. In such cases, “zeroing” or regular haircut, as well as ointments and lotions for the scalp will not help the beauty and health of the child. What course of recovery to choose - exactly knows the pediatrician.

When to cut a child: superstition

The tradition to cut a child no earlier than one year old, rooted in the Old Slavic rites, has a symbolic meaning. The rite of vowing carries the meaning of spiritual and physical harmony. The event was held on a clear day before noon, with jokes and treats for all relatives and guests. In the pre-Orthodox traditions, the custom of cutting a child who has reached the year of life symbolized age initiation. This meant that the child after a year ceases to be an infant, his physical body changes, and a haircut completes the transition from infancy to childhood. Shorn curls were preserved and served as a talisman. The tradition is also associated with a different historical significance, when infant mortality from typhoid fever transmitted from lice was high. Shaving his head, the threat of death is over.

Risks of the procedure

Knowledge increased, parents became less superstitious, rules and habits changed. Haircut most often accelerate the replacement of vellus hair to more mature. A child's hairline changes three times a year:

  • baby is born with a fluff
  • during the year the down rolls, unevenly distributed on the head,
  • by the year on the site of the infant cannon grow tighter hair - children's.

For the first time, they are sheared to 12 months for practical reasons, as regrown hairs bring some discomfort in studying the environment and irritate the baby’s skin. But dramatic changes in appearance at a given age, when children consciously look at themselves in the mirror, can cause psychological trauma. The event can be dangerous if relatives tend to shave their heads. In view of the fact that when shaving there is a high risk of injuring the child, which in turn increases the likelihood of infection, doctors strongly recommend the procedure. Secondly, a scar may appear at the injury site, where the hair will not grow.

Baby's first haircut

Recommendations for haircuts and baby hair care

For the accelerated acquisition of a normal head of hair and the solution of an aesthetic task, it is better to cut it, and if the procedure is held, the skills or a visit to a specialist are required. Unfortunately, children's salons with modern equipment, strangers frighten the kid who first visited the institution. And for parents who bear the burden of spending on a child, services are not always available. If the crumb feels bad at the hairdresser, there is an opportunity to invite the master to the house.

How to cut baby for the first time

Knowing the subtleties of craftsmanship, it is possible to safely handle the first haircut yourself:

  • Before the procedure, put the child on his knees to the one he trusts.
  • Use a safe tool for a haircut - scissors with blunt, preferably rounded ends (try so that the child does not see them).
  • Before the session, wet the child's hair with a spray bottle or with his hands, stroking his head.
  • Distract the child with a cartoon, a fairy tale or an interesting toy.
  • Comb the wooden comb from top to bottom, pinch the curls between the middle and index fingers, with a neat, quick movement, trim the ends of the strands.
  • Start your haircut with the most overgrown, problem areas - this is the main part of the procedure.
  • Do not use adult trimmer for children's haircuts. The device has a large gap between the blades, designed for hard, dense hair. A child can be seriously injured when strands get stuck in the gap and damage to the hair follicles.
  • Use a baby car with a ceramic coating, low noise and heat.
  • Do not perform the procedure when the child is not in a mood or sick.
  • After the haircut, praise the child and make a compliment.

It is better to carry out the first procedure in the winter when the head is in a hat for some time, and when in contact with other people and children, the changes will not be visible. Instead of a short haircut or shave, it is preferable to cut the bangs for the first time, and in the summer period to cut strands on the neck, preventing rashes and irritation.

From the characteristics of the cover depends on the further frequency of haircuts. With slow hair speed, the procedure is recommended once every 3 months. The opposite situation will lead to the fact that the bulk hair makes it difficult to care and will become an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria, as it provokes overheating, increases sweating.

To cut or not to cut a child in a year - only parents decide, considering his psycho-type and physiological features. It must be remembered that shaving does not justify the risks and does not affect the quantity and quality of the child’s hair, and some of the quality problems of the hair depend on the parents. Much more important is the health and emotional state of the child when the time of the first haircut comes.

Maintaining hair beauty and health

When caring for children's hair, you need to eliminate trauma and excessive treatment. Proper care to maintain their quality includes:

  • UV protection.
  • Wash with warm (not hot) water without soap.
  • Moderate combing - before bedtime.
  • High-quality detergents designed for children.
  • Not tight hairstyles for girls.

Hair care for a newborn baby

The science of trichology proves that hair, like all living things in nature, naturally adheres to cyclicity. At the same time they are in different phases of development - the old hair falls out under the action of the new. Their change occurs in a timely manner, of course, and does not depend on external manipulations. If you lift a strand of longer hair, you can see other growing different lengths. This indicates a continuous change of cover. Hair that is in different phases of development, trimmed in a short haircut, create a sense of the illusion of density hairstyles.

Magic or justified reality?

It is believed that hair has some kind of own, biological, memory. Not for nothing among students there is such a sign: you can not cut or trim the hair before the exam, and then you will forget everything that you taught.

For the same reason, the haircut procedure is also a matter of concern for pregnant women, because by cutting off their curls, it can lose the information that it should pass on to the unborn child at some biological level.

It is also precisely for this reason that it is believed that children can not trim the hairs either, because through them they can receive information that links them to the gods.

Nowadays, faith in the Gods is practically lost, which is why parents especially do not believe in such signs. However, in accordance with them, by cutting the hairs of a baby, you deprive him of God's help, he becomes whiny, develops worse, maybe even aggressive and cruel.

There is still a sign, if you cut the curls of a child under one year old, then you will “cut off the tongue”, the child will learn to speak longer than others. Someone believes, some do not, but most mothers still do not risk cutting their children before the year ...

If you look at all this from a scientific point of view, then cutting a child up to one year doesn’t bear much importance if you thus hope to improve the thickness and strength of his hair. They will be exactly as much as the hair follicles on the head, and haircut is not to blame.

Kids are born with a gun on his head, and somewhere only after a year he begins to transform into ordinary hair. Therefore, those widespread opinions that, they say, if you cut a baby on a bald head in 1 year, then after it a thick and healthy hair will grow, they are groundless. The kid, rather, irritation of the delicate scalp will receive.

And the hairs themselves will be updated, just with time. Doctors advise, in order to strengthen the baby's hair, you just need to comb it every day - getting curls first to the left, then to the right, against growth, and then by hair growth.

When can I cut my hair?

If you want your haircut to be accompanied with some positive and correct changes in life, then we bring to your attention a kind of calendar when you can cut the hair of a woman. The best and easiest way to stick to a specific week.

  • For example, on Monday, haircut and hair painting are very favorable, thus you will get rid of a pile of unsolved problems.
  • On Tuesday, it’s better to go if you have the monotony and monotony of life, and on Wednesday a haircut will be a prerequisite for discovering something new, making new friends and returning old ones. Haircut on Thursday helps to increase well-being and popularity.
  • But on Friday it is better not to have a haircut, leave it on Saturday, which is the most favorable for a new hairstyle.
  • Sunday - the day is not for haircuts, cutting off the hair on this day - you cut off your own luck and destiny. Although if in your life everything is bad, nothing works out, then you can resort to such a procedure, maybe fate will turn to you with another, more favorable sideways.

What days it is better to refuse haircuts?

In addition to the listed days of the week, there are also some calendar dates, the so-called satanic lunar days, on which they say, it is possible to cut the “mind and memory”. These include the 9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th numbers, they also include the days of lunar and solar eclipses.

If you want your hair to accelerate its growth, it is better to have a haircut on a full or growing moon, but on a decreasing moon it is better not to. But, if you want the hair to stop falling out and strengthen the roots, then it is the waning moon that will help you with this. They will grow slower but healthier. One more thing - trust your hair to a proven master, it is believed that the hairdresser should be of the same sex with you, preferably younger than you.