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22 horror films based on real events and popular legends

When a young woman escapes, having stolen $ 40,000 from work, a much harsher punishment awaited her when she stayed at a roadside hotel.

The film is based on the story of a serial maniac from Wisconsin, Ed Guin, who confessed to killing two women, but it is believed that the number of his victims is much greater, and he committed many thefts of graves.

When the police searched his home, they found furniture made of both human skin and bones, as well as an apron made of the flesh and chest of his victims.

2. "From Hell" (From Hell)

Johnny Depp plays an opium addicted police inspector who investigates the murders committed by the Ripper.

The film is based on the famous story of Jack the Ripper, who was associated with the five murders in London in 1888, and also allegedly involved in other murders. The identity of the killer has not been established, despite the many theories associated with it.

3. "The Possession Box"

A beautiful vintage box turned out to be a place of imprisonment of an evil spirit, which is trying to seize the new owner of the box.

The film was based on the story of Dibbuk's casket - the evil spirit that infects a living being. Mysterious box put up for sale on eBay, Everyone who bought the box, witnessed the same paranormal phenomena, starting with a stroke, the phenomenon of ghosts and obsession, and sold it to another person.

4. "Bound to Death" (Dead Ringers)

Twin brothers working as gynecologists are divided into women and are substituted for each other at meetings. When both fall in love with one woman, the differences in their relationship begin to threaten their lives.

It is based on the history of the gynecologists twins Stewart and Cyril Marcus, who had a common job, women and drug addiction. They were found dead as a result of an overdose of barbiturates.

5. "The Girl Next Door" (The Girl Next Door)

Two girls live with their aunt after the death of their parents. However, her aunt and her three sons are mentally unbalanced. Soon, one of the girls is subjected to violence and torture, which is monitored by a boy living next door.

The film is based on the true story of one of the most brutal murders in Indiana, USA. In 1965, the 16-year-old Sylvia Lykens was killed after long tortures by Gertrude Banisevski, her children and neighboring children.

6. "Snowtown" (Snowtown)

When 16-year-old Jamie falls under the influence of his mother’s new boyfriend, he is drawn into the circle of men’s cruel friends.

Snowtown’s killings occurred between 1992 and 1999 by Jason Banting and his accomplices, who tortured and killed at least 11 people. Banting forced victims to call their friends and leave messages saying that they had gone out of town.

7. "Child's play"

The serial killer manages to escape from the police after his soul settles into a doll. The doll falls into the hands of a boy who wanted to get a popular toy that has become a conductor for the killer's soul.

The film is based on the story of a nurse who imposed a curse on the author Robert Eugene Otto with a doll. The curse helped to revive one of his dolls, which scared him at night.

8. "Beyond Fear" (Borderland)

A group of students travels to a city on the border of Mexico and is confronted with a satanic cult dedicated to human sacrifice.

The film is based on the story of Adolfo de Jesus Constance, a religious leader who was involved in human sacrifice. Constance stole and killed members of the drug trade, as they refused to share with him in the business. These were some of the most brutal murders in history.

9. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Young guys visit a dilapidated house, and soon they will meet with the most violent cannibals in Texas.

Although the plot of the film is fiction, the image of "Leather Face" was taken from a real serial killer Ed Heyne. When Gein was arrested, he had masks and furniture made from human skin.

10. "Executioner Dahmer" (Dahmer)

In 2002, actor Jeremy Renner played the role of the real serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the film, where they trace his crimes and arrest.

The film is based on real life and the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, who in 15 years killed and dismembered at least 17 men. He was also accused of cannibalism and necrophilia.

He was imprisoned in 1992 for 16 life sentences. Two years after his imprisonment, he was beaten to death by another prisoner.

11. "Primeval Evil" (Primeval)

A team of researchers goes to Burundi, and a huge 7-meter-long crocodile is the least of the evils they will face.

The film is based on the true story of a giant 6 meter crocodile named Gustav, who lives in Burundi. He is believed to be about 65 years old, and he ate more than 300 people.

12. The Strangers

A young couple experiencing difficulties in relationships goes to a country house, where they are kept in awe by three masked men.

The film is based on a number of real-life events, including murders committed by the Manson Family community. In addition, the film's director, Brian Bertino, drew inspiration from childhood memories, when a group of people broke into their neighbors and asked people who were not there.

13. The Conjuring

The family moves to an old farm, where terrible paranormal phenomena begin to occur. Researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren begin to reveal the secrets of the past of this house, while simultaneously fighting with an unknown entity.

The film "The Spell" was based on the history of the real Perron family, which moved to a house in Rhode Island, which did not know about the history of the house and the land on which it is located. It turned out that the land belonged to a woman named Batshiba Sheran, who lived in the 19th century, who cursed her and everyone who lived there.

14. "Death Trap" (Eaten Alive)

The 1976 film directed by Toub Hooper takes place in an old, decrepit hotel in Texas. The owner of the hotel gets rid of all who did not please him, feeding them to a crocodile, which he keeps in the swamp.

It was based on the story of Joe Boll, also known as the Alligator Man, who fed about 20 women to his alligators in the 1930s. Ball was never punished for his crimes, because when the police stopped him to interrogate, he shot himself to death.

15. "The Six Demons of Emily Rose" (The Exorcism of Emily Rose)

A young woman becomes obsessed and dies from exorcism. No one believes that she was captured by an evil spirit, and they believe that the reason is medical in nature. The priest who conducted the rite of exorcism is accused of her death.

The film is based on real events that occurred in 1968 with the 16-year-old German Annelisa Michel. She was obsessed for 7 years, but she had an exorcism session in 1975. It took 10 months of exorcism and two priests to cleanse Annelise.

16. "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (The Serpent and the Rainbow)

An anthropologist goes to Haiti in search of powder, which the shamans of black magic used to turn people into zombies.

The film is based on a 1985 Canadian writer Wade Davis’s book of the same name. In the book, he describes his process of becoming a zombie.

In turn, the film was based on a study by medical professor Perry Winslow, who studied the psyche of various drugs used in voodoo ceremonies.

17. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Suspect maniac Freddy Krueger pursue parents Springwood, who decided to make a mob and burn Kruger alive. However, after death, Freddie becomes a demon who takes revenge on his parents, chasing their children and killing them in turn.

The story itself is fictional, but the writer has drawn inspiration for the plot from an article he read in a newspaper about a group of Cambodians who died during a nightmare.

18. "The Zodiac Killer" (The Zodiac Killer)

The film is about a serial killer who keeps San Francisco at bay by assassinating at random. During the brutal killings, he also calls the police and sends them a series of letters.

The Zodiac killer is still one of the most unsolved cases in history. The killer himself called himself "Zodiac" in letters and was responsible for the death of four men and three women from December 1968 to October 1969.

All murders were committed in random order, and the only evidence was letters with cryptograms. The lack of evidence led many to believe that the killer was from law enforcement. Only one of the four cryptograms was unraveled.

The case was closed and then reopened in 2007 in an attempt to use modern technology, but it did not succeed.

19. "The Amityville Horror" (The Amityville Horror)

The young couple moves into the house, not knowing what happened in its walls. It turned out that a massacre was committed here, and as a result the house was captured by demonic forces.

The film is also based on real events that happened to the Lutz family, who told about strange paranormal phenomena that happened in their home.

20. "I Spit on Your Graves" (I Spit on Your Grave)

The young writer was raped and beaten by four men. After that, she begins to take revenge offenders, and her revenge becomes terrible.

Screenwriter Meir Zarki drew inspiration from his own life experience. In 1974, he met a woman who was brutally raped. He took her to the police, where she was treated unfairly. He wrote a story based on this story and what could have happened if she took matters into her own hands.

21. Jaws

The giant shark brings fear into the holidaymakers of Amity Island. When the number of victims begins to grow, the policeman, scientist and oceanologist begin to hunt for a shark.

The film is an adaptation of the novel by Peter Benchley, which was inspired by the story of a fisherman who caught a great white shark in Long Island in 1964, as well as stories of shark attacks on the Jersey coast in 1916.

22. Wolf Creek

Three students in a sparsely populated area in Australia met a local resident who turned out to be a sadistic psychopath who tortured them terribly.

The prototypes were two different serial killers of the 90s (Ivan Milat) and 2001 (Bradley Murdoch), who committed a series of brutal killings of tourists in Australia.

23. "The Hills Have Eyes" (The Hills Have Eyes)

The Carter family car breaks down on its way to California in a closed area. The nightmare is becoming a reality, as the family is inhabited by a family of bloodthirsty cannibals who are looking for new victims.

The plot is based on the story of Alexander Souni Bina, who was the head of the clan of savages in the 16th century. Clan members lived in caves and for 25 years committed acts of cannibalism against more than 1,000 people before they were caught.

24. "The Town That Dreaded the Sunset" (The Town That Dreaded Sundown)

A Texas ranger hunts down a killer who fears a small town in Arkansas in 1964.

The plot is based on the story of the murders that occurred in the city of Texarkana in the 1940s. The killer was called the Phantom, as his identity was not disclosed, and there were no remaining witnesses. On account of the Phantom 8 murders committed within 10 weeks.

25. "The Exorcist" (The Exorcist)

Teen Regan MacNeal becomes obsessed with a demon, and she begins to strange attacks. Mother appeals to the priests to free her daughter from the demon.

The film is based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, who heard the story of the boy Roland T., who became obsessed with seances with the Ouij board in 1949. The Catholic Church later conducted an exorcism procedure.

1. Exorcist

  • United States, 1973.
  • Horror
  • Duration: 122 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.

Regan, the 12-year-old daughter of the actress, began to behave strangely. She has unreasonable seizures, and a gentle children's voice sometimes turns into a stern male bass. Objects fly around the room, the bed shakes, people die around. There are no medical reasons for Regan’s behavior, as well as a logical explanation for the events. It seems that to turn to the church and conduct an exorcism is the last chance to save a child.

"Exorcist" of 1973 was shot based on the novel of the same name, which is based on the real story. In the late 1940s, reports from anonymous sources appeared in newspapers: they wrote that they had witnessed a session of exorcism over a boy under the pseudonym Roland Dow (or Robbie Mannheim). The priests who conducted the rite claimed that the boy’s bed was shaking, objects were flying through the air, and the child himself spoke in an inhuman voice. The sessions were held in the hospital with the permission of the church, but the doctors were confident that Roland was simply mentally ill.

Now films about exorcism have found their niche in the horror genre, but then the motion picture made a splash. The story of a demon-possessed child was called the worst movie of its time, and people fainted after watching it. The film received four Golden Globes, four Saturns, and was nominated for an Oscar in 10 categories, but was awarded only two statuettes.

2. Six Demons Emily Rose

The exorcism of emily rose

  • United States, 2005.
  • Drama, horrors.
  • Duration: 122 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.7.

The priest is trying to prove that he is not guilty of the death of Emily, who died during an exorcism session. He recalls the events of those days in detail, telling the judge and jury about the strange behavior of the girl. But doctors believe that Emily was sick with epilepsy, and not obsessed and died due to the negligence of a church minister.

Such a case actually occurred in 1976. Annelisa Michel died after a series of exorcism rites. The girl was diagnosed with epilepsy and had symptoms of a mental disorder, but she and her family were convinced of possession of the devil. Annelisa did not speak her voice in different languages, could not touch the crucifix, and called herself the names of different demons. As a result, the priest was accused of causing death by negligence, and parents - of criminal inaction. The court found everyone guilty.

  • USA, Hungary, Italy, 2011.
  • Drama, horrors, mysticism.
  • Duration: 114 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.

A graduate of the seminary, Michael Kovak, has lost faith and is going to deny his previous vows. But the abbot is sure that the young man needs to undergo exorcism training at the Vatican before drawing hasty conclusions. Michael agrees and goes to Rome, where he meets Father Lucas Trevent, an experienced exorcist.

The film with Anthony Hopkins in the main role is based on the works of Matt Beglio "The Rite". Based on a true story, the book tells of a young, out-of-faith priest from the USA who went to study exorcism in Rome.

4. Deliver us from the evil one

Deliver Us from Evil

  • USA, 2014
  • Horror, mystic, thriller.
  • Duration: 118 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.2.

A skeptical New York policeman turns to a priest for help to solve mystical crimes and, possibly, to conduct a session of exorcism.

The mysterious thriller is based on the biographical book Beware of the night, a former police officer from New York, Ralph Sarchi. The author tells about the supernatural and demonic situations that, according to him, had to face on duty.

About maniacs

  • United States, 1960.
  • Horror, mystic, thriller.
  • Duration: 109 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.5.

A woman steals a large sum of money from an employer and runs away from the city in a hurry. She stops to spend the night in a motel, whose owner is a young and handsome man named Norman Bates. But he is not what he seems.

The legendary horror film by Alfred Hitchcock is familiar not only to fans of the genre. This film has become a cult and has not lost its charm in our days. The prototype of the main antagonist Norman Bates was the famous American serial killer Edward Gene. He had a cruel mother who, in spite of everything, he loved very much. Gin was mentally ill. He dug up old graves, taking the remains of himself home, and even sewed a suit from the female skin. Later, he was accused of the cruel murder of several women, for which the maniac recognized as insane spent the remainder of his life in a psychiatric hospital.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The texas chain saw massacre

  • United States, 1974.
  • Horror
  • Duration: 83 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Sally, her brother and friends are going to a distant cemetery to check on the grave of their grandfather: in the state of Texas vandals are operating. At the same time, the company visits the farm and accidentally meets its neighbors. From the eerie little family in the neighborhood on the skin goosebumps run, and the fear is quite reasonable.

The story of a maniac, nicknamed Leather face that kills people with a chainsaw, was continued and expanded into a series of eight separate films. The original film director Toub Hooper took the case of Edward Guin, who became the prototype of the Leather Face. Yes, this is the same criminal whose image was the basis of the character Norman Bates from Psycho. True, Gene committed murders in Wisconsin, and not in Texas.

In total there are eight feature films about the Texan maniac Leather face.

3. The city that was afraid of the sunset

The town that dreaded sundown

  • United States, 1976.
  • Crime, drama, horrors.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.1.

In a small American town at night, a maniac attacks a couple of lovers. The victims managed to escape, but now the city is in a panic. Никто не привык к такому, люди в страхе ждут нового нападения убийцы. Через несколько недель так и происходит: при тех же обстоятельствах любовников находят мёртвыми.

В основу сюжета фильма легла реальная история маньяка, по прозвищу Фантом, чья личность так и не была раскрыта. Он орудовал в штате Техас в 1946 году и посеял панику среди жителей небольшого города. Ему приписывают восемь нападений, все из которых совершались в выходные дни.

4. Eaten alive

  • United States, 1976.
  • Horror, thriller.
  • Duration: 91 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.5.

Next to the swamps of the state of Louisiana is an old hotel. The owner of the institution Judd got himself an unusual pet - a crocodile, who lives behind the hotel. Lodgers who break the rules do not pay a fine. They are sent to feed the bloodthirsty reptiles.

Another Toub Hooper film based on the story of a real maniac. Joe Ball, nicknamed Bluebeard of South Texas, was a serial killer in the 30s. He owned a bar in whose territory there was a pond with alligators. According to the legends, Ball fed the corpses of victims to his pets, although this was never proven.

5. The hills have eyes

The hills have eyes

  • United States, 1977.
  • Horror, thriller.
  • Duration: 89 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.4.

The Carter family travels to California across the country in a mobile home. They are not lucky: Carters get into an accident in the military zone. Around miles of desert, and help to wait for nowhere. In addition to this, a family of cavemen started hunting for them.

The plot of the film Wes Craven is inspired by the story of Alexander Bean and his family, who lived in the XV century in Scotland. According to the legends, the Bean family and their clan were cannibal killers, although there are no reliable historical references on this subject. Nevertheless, the story is popular in British folklore.

  • United States, 2001.
  • Horror, mystic, thriller.
  • Duration: 122 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.8.

The mysterious killer Jack the Ripper plunged England into fear. Police inspector Fred Ebberline must find him and bring peace of mind to the British. He is trying to solve the mystery, but it is not easy. Abberline suspects that the serial killer is the fruit of the conspiracy of the Order of the Freemasons and the Royal House.

A maniac called Jack the Ripper killed London slut prostitutes in late 1888. His identity was never disclosed. He killed women in a monstrous way, carefully removing the internal organs of the victims, for which he was attributed a deep knowledge in the field of surgery.

7. Wolf pit

  • Australia, 2005.
  • Horror, thriller.
  • Duration: 99 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.3.

Students travel to Australia to find a crater formed by the fall of a meteorite. This is a mystical and mysterious place full of secrets. And now a group of friends in the epicenter of events.

The plot is based on the story of the Australian maniac Ivan Milat, who killed tourists. He was caught and convicted for his crimes for life.

8. The girl next door

The girl next door

  • United States, 2007.
  • Crime, drama, horrors.
  • Duration: 91 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.7.

Megan and her sister Susan after the death of their parents live in the house of the Chandler family. Their aunt Ruth has three sons, but the mother of her is not the best. The woman was cruel to the girls: beaten, tortured and humiliated.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Jack Ketchum, which, in turn, is based on a true story. Sylvia Likens of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, died at the age of 16 after tormenting torture with Gertrude Baniszewski, whom the girl was left to care for, her children and neighbors' boys.

In the same year another film was released, based on the tragic story of young Sylvia, “The American Crime”.

9. Beyond fear

  • United States, Mexico, 2007.
  • Crime, horrors, thriller.
  • Duration: 105 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.6.

Students go on a trip to Mexico. They hope to have fun, relax and have fun on the glory, but the adventure turns into hell. Students are captured by drug lords who are members of satanic worship.

The film is based on a real story about the murder of a teenager by a drug baron-satanist and other members of a cult in 1989 in Mexico City.

1. Horror Amityville

The amityville horror

  • USA, 1979
  • Horror
  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.2.

A family with three children buys a luxury home at a very competitive price. They still do not know that past masters died a horrible death within these walls. New guests fall into the trap of home and become witnesses of unexplained and terrible events.

The film is based on the novel by Jay Anson, which is based on the real story. Ronald DeFeo - Jr. killed his parents, two brothers and two sisters while they were sleeping. Motives were not obvious. Later the Lutz family settled into the house, but she did not live there for a long time. Throwing all their belongings, the owners fled from the house: they were chased by voices, strange sounds and smells at night, as well as unexplained mystical phenomena.

In 2005, a remake of the film was made, and in 2017, the story of the sinister house received a new interpretation.

2. Creature

  • USA, 1982.
  • Biography, drama, horrors.
  • Duration: 125 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.6.

Carla Moran was the victim of an invisible creature. She was raped and beaten when the woman was defenseless. Karla wants to understand what happened, and seeks the help of a specialist - a parapsychologist.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Frank De Felitta, inspired by the story of a woman by the name of Doris Beather, from Los Angeles, California. In 1974, Doris claimed that the ghosts of three men had raped her.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street

  • USA, 1984.
  • Horror
  • Duration: 92 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Pupils from the same school see the same nightmares: a creepy man in a striped sweater with a burnt face and a glove with five blades. The name of this nightmare is Freddy Kruger. Freddie is back to take revenge. He kills the victims in a dream, but the problem is this: all those who died in the dream died for real.

The director of the legendary horror Wes Craven was inspired by the story, which he read in the Los Angeles Times. The article talked about a family that fled from Cambodia to the United States. Terrible nightmares tormented his little son, he was afraid to sleep and tried to stay awake all the time. One day, when the boy did fall asleep, the parents heard screams in the middle of the night. They ran into the room and found their son dead. He passed away during a nightmare.

The story of the maniac Freddy Krueger received a sequel and grew into a franchise of nine films.

4. Kids Games

  • United States, 1988.
  • Horror, thriller.
  • Duration: 87 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.6.

The little boy, Andy Barclay, is sure that his doll is alive. And this is true: the evil spirit of the murderer invaded the innocent toy. The child, of course, no one believes, and the doll continues to kill.

At the beginning of the 20th century, little Robert Eugene Otto was presented with a doll, which the boy named after himself. He was inseparable from the new toy, but his parents were worried. They heard that from the room where their son was playing with a doll, there were two different voices. Someone even claimed that the doll was moving. The toy has spawned many urban legends, and now it flaunts on the shelf of a museum in the state of Florida.

5. The moth man

The mothman prophecies

  • United States, 2002.
  • Drama, horrors, mysticism.
  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.5.

Journalist John Klein lost his wife two years ago. Before her death, she told him about a strange creature, but she was not believed. The woman was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused the death. By the will of fate, John finds himself in the small town of Point Pleasant, where he learns about a strange creature that lives in the vicinity. It turns out that it is very similar to the one who was obsessed with his wife.

This mysterious story was born in 1966 in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA. Many people claimed to have seen a strange creature the size of a man, with wings and luminous red eyes. This was widely reported in the press, and in 1975 an American journalist, John Kiel, known for his UFO theories, wrote a book about the moth-man, according to which the film was made.

5. The Ghost of the Red River

An american haunting

  • Great Britain, Canada, Romania, USA, 2005.
  • Drama, horrors.
  • Duration: 83 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.

Bell's family is respected in society, but she does have detractors. A curse has been sent to her, and the evil spirit will not lag behind until one of the Belles is killed.

The Bell family lived on a farm in Tennessee in the 19th century and was quite rich. In 1818, the head of the family, John Bell, began to see images that were not in reality, strange things began to happen in the house and horrible sounds appeared. For a year, the family suffered from ghost attacks, until John died. Whose hands it was the case remains a mystery.

6. Ghosts in Connecticut

The haunting in connecticut

  • United States, Canada, 2009.
  • Drama, horrors, mysticism.
  • Duration: 102 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.9.

The family moves to a new home, closer to the clinic, where the son is treated for cancer. Dwelling keeps terrible secrets and full of ghosts.

The plot of the film is inspired by the story of a real-life Snedeker family. In 1986, the family settled in a house in Connecticut to be closer to the hospital, where the son was treated for cancer. It turned out that before the house was a funeral home. When the Snookers learned about this, they began to notice strange and terrible things.

But in the film, of course, everything is greatly exaggerated. And evidence of the presence of evil spirits in the house, except for the words of family members, no.

7. The spell

  • United States, 2013
  • Horror, mystic, thriller.
  • Duration: 112 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Edd and Lorain Warren do paranormal investigations. They were approached by the family, which became the object of torments of the evil spirit. Spouses must defeat the demon and save the family.

The Warren Spouse Film Series is based on true stories. Edd and Lorain did investigate paranormal phenomena from the 1950s: the house from Amityville Horror, the doll Annabelle, the nun from Borley Church, and many, many others. However, skeptics believe that the results of Warren's research are not credible.

8. Winchester. House that built ghosts

Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built

  • Australia, USA, 2018.
  • Biography, fiction, horrors.
  • Duration: 99 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.4.

Sarah Winchester, the heir to the arms company, lives in a luxurious mansion with quaint architecture. Inside the house and so similar to the labyrinth, but the hostess now and then rebuilds something and builds new walls. There are reasons for everything: so Sarah is trying to trap the ghosts who are eager for reprisals against the Winchester family.

The picture is based on the real story of the widow's son Oliver Winchester, the inventor of the famous rifle. The mistress, after consulting with the medium, really rebuilt her mansion many times so that the ghosts would get lost and could not find it. Were the ghosts really? Perhaps, but there is no real evidence of this.

The legendary house is located in the city of San Jose, California, USA, and still attracts tourists and fans tickle nerves.

1 Girl opposite / The Girl Next Door, 2007

The 2007 film, based on Jack Ketchum’s novel of the same name, based on the true story of the murder of Sylvia Likens.
Events in the film are described by narrator David Moran. As a child, in the summer of 1958, he met new neighbors: Meg and Susan Lolin, after the tragic death of their parents who moved to their Aunt Ruth Chandler.
Soon, Ruth began to find fault with the sisters and insult them, culminating in physical torture and sexual acts against Meg. The three sons of Ruth and their friends willingly participate in bullying, and only David feels compassion for the girl, but he cannot help her. Will he have time to save her?

2 American crime / An American Crime, 2007

The film, like The Girl Opposite, is based on the real events of the late 60s related to the torture and murder of Sylvia Likens.
Gertrude Banizhevski, it would seem, the most ordinary housekeeper, keeps in custody in the basement of her house and tortures the teenager girl in the most sophisticated ways, since Sylvia did not receive payment for the maintenance on time.

3 Zodiac / Zodiac, 2007

For nearly 25 years, he kept the whole of San Francisco at bay. Communicating with the authorities through reporters, he in his letters and ciphers harshly reproached the police for inaction. The zodiac then disappeared for a while, then appeared again. Sometimes the police began to doubt that the next murder was exactly the one whom they had hunted so vainly, and not some imitator. However, the handwriting of murders and letters to reporters said that "Zodiac" has not retired.

4 Open Sea / Open Water, 2003

The film is based on real events: it was based on a case that occurred in Australia in 1998 with spouses Tom and Aileen Lonergan.
A young married couple goes on holiday, which promises to be romantic and exciting.
Spouses Susan and Daniel, who are fond of scuba diving, book places on a boat for diving enthusiasts. Their last outing into the sea ends in failure: the boat on which they arrived, forgets to pick them up ...

5 Hunger / 2008

The film tells about the struggle of prisoners from the Irish Republican Army for the recognition of a political status. At first they try to achieve this by refusing to wash, to wear prison clothes and in every possible way planting dirt in their cells. However, this tactic did not bear fruit: the prisoners were forcibly shorn and washed, while beating them to a pulp. Finally, one of them - Bobby Sands - decides to start a deadly hunger strike ...

6 Changeling, 2008

The action of the film develops in Los Angeles 20s of the last century. Turning to the police with a statement about the disappearance of the child, the main character soon gets her son, but informs the police that, despite the resemblance, it is not her son. Instead of helping, an unhappy mother gets a registration in the ward for a lunatic ...
The film is based on real events. A series of kidnappings and murders of boys in California, committed in 1928, is known as the "Vineville killings in a hen house."

7 Earthquake / Aftershock, 2010

The earthquake in the city of Tangshan (Hebei Province) in 1976 lasted less than half a minute, but claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. These seconds put the mother before an impossible choice - to save her son or daughter, and salvation turned into a burden of guilt for decades.

50. Madness (1974)

Horror: brought up by his religious mother in a spirit of contempt for women, Ezra Cobb (Roberts Blosso) digs up the corpses and decorates their house with them - including the body of his dead mother - and then commits a bloody murder.

Real story: Like many other movies on this horror movie list, “Madness” was inspired by the life story of Ed Heine, America’s most famous serial killer.

However, the film distorts the facts - Hein was never a necrophile.

49. "247 degrees Fahrenheit" (2011)

Horror: In this micro-budget horror film, staging the good old “forest hut” is staged, four friends go to a lake house to have a fun weekend, but soon they find themselves locked in a sauna, the temperature in which is constantly rising.

Yes, it is the exact opposite of Frozen.

Real story: Three men spent 10 hours in a sauna in Georgia, after their friend, by chance, locked up everyone, went to the toilet and forgot to return. Fortunately, no one died.

48. "Candy" (2006)

Horror: a photographer who meets young girls through the Internet (Patrick Wilson) becomes a victim, uh, of his production in this horror thriller. The clever teenage girl performed by Ellen Page lured the pedophile to a meeting, the further course of events will not go according to the plan of an adult man.

Real story: Once producer David W. Higgins saw a news report about Japanese girls who trapped entrepreneurs in a trap where they were subsequently beaten and robbed.

47. "Fire in the sky" (1993)

Horror: A science fiction horror film directed by Robert Lieberman. The plot unfolds in 1975 and tells us the story of the lumberjack Travis Walton (D. B. Sweeney), who discovers a UFO in the night sky, and then he is abducted by a ray of light ...

Real story: the film is based on the book by that same Travis Walton, in which he describes in detail the incident that happened to him in 1975.

According to him, he was abducted by aliens, who subjected him to numerous experiments before being returned back to Earth in five days. The history of Walton has since become one of the most famous cases in the history of such abductions.

46. ​​The Legend of Buggy Creek (1972)

Horror: The tape, filmed in a pseudo-documentary genre, explores the life of a monster, supposedly living in the swamps of Arkansas.

With the help of staged and real interviews, supplemented with the necessary performances, we learn the history of the mysterious creature.

Real story: At the heart of the film “Monster Fouquet” is a mythical character in the spirit of Bigfoot, which is known to be living in the vicinity of the small town of Fouquet, which is in the state of Arkansas. In our imagination, something like Sally from Monsters Inc. comes up ...

45. "The Cannibal" (1999)

Horror: “You are what you eat,” reads the slogan of this picture. Yes, as you might have guessed, a film about cannibals. Captain John Boyd (Guy Pierce) discovers that there are bipedal predators in 19th century America.

Real story: The little car lover Robert Carlisle was, at least in part, inspired by the image of Alfred Packer, who was convicted of cannibalism in 1874.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, and also earned the nickname Smug Cannibal.

44. "The Rite" (2011)

Horror: Theological seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) struggles with his lack of faith and travels to Italy to study exorcism.

He goes to study with his father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), an experienced exorcist who is faced with the greatest test ahead.

Real story: The very real Father Gary Thomas was a film consultant, and the plot is based on the real life experience of a priest.

Томас проходил 40-часовые курсы обучения в Риме, чтобы стать квалифицированным экзорцистом и его история легла в основу книги «Обряд: Становление современного экзорциста», написанной журналистом Мэттом Баглио.

43. «Монстр» (2003)

Фильм ужасов: Inspired by the life story of Eileen Warnos (Charlize Theron), a former prostitute from Florida who was convicted and sentenced to death for killing six people in the 1980s-1990s.

Real story: Eileen’s fictional mistress has been added to director Patty Jenkins’s film, but otherwise it’s based on the real life story of Warnos.

Or, at least, on the colorful stories that Warnos herself told about her life, claiming that the men she killed had attacked first and raped her.

I must say that the film received a lot of attention because of Charlize Theron and her transformation from beauty into a real monster.

42. Dracula (1992)

Horror: A young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, must go on business in Transylvania to Count Dracula, who wants to buy property in the capital of England. But Jonathan does not know who Dracula (Gary Oldman) really is ...

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves plays the English version of Ted Logan.

Real story: Although the opinions of experts on this issue differ, it is widely recognized that Stoker created the character of Dracula in the image and likeness of Vlad Tepes, a Romanian folk hero who superbly impaled his enemies.

41. Ambush (2007)

Horror: Mena Suvari leaves American Pie far behind to play the role of Nurse Brandi, who, driving a car after a night of drugs and alcohol, knocks Tom (Steven Ree).

However, instead of saving, well, or finish him off, Brandi leaves the seriously wounded and wedged Tom in her windshield along with the car in his garage ...

Real story: In 2001, Chante Yavan Mallard hit a 37-year-old homeless person in a car and left him in the garage in the same way.

Mallard was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

40. “Open Sea” (2003)

Horror: Diving enthusiasts Daniel Kintner (Daniel Travis) and Susan Watkins (Blanchard Ryan) after going out to sea are in distress when a dozen sharks appear around them.

Real story: In January 1998, Thomas and Aileen Lonergan were mistakenly left by the boat (the counting of the returned divers was incorrectly counted), only after 48 hours the crew accidentally discovered a bag on board that, according to the documents lying in it, belonged to Lonergans

Despite organized searches, the bodies of the spouses were never found.

39. "Ghosts in Connecticut" (2009)

Horror: The Campbell family moves to a new home, which is closer to the clinic, where their son is being treated for cancer. But soon the settlers will learn that the morgue used to be located here - and the spirits of the dead are not at all excited about the new guests.

Real story: Al and Carmen Snedeker lived on the territory of a funeral home in Connecticut that was allegedly haunted by ghosts.

Their eerie habits were so outrageous that the notorious researchers of the paranormal phenomena Ed and Lorraine Warren were involved in the poltergeist investigation.

38. "Primitive Evil" (2007)

Horror: New York Newsroom staff Tim Manfrey (Dominic Purcell) and cameraman Stephen Johnson (Orlando Jones) head to Burundi to find a man-eating crocodile.
The reality exceeds all their expectations when a crocodile turns out to be an 8-meter monster ...

Real story: A 6-foot crocodile named Gustave really lives in Burundi. Crocodile is 65 years old, he managed to hide from the authorities for many years, and most people think that he ate about 300 people.

Sometimes real life is really much worse than at the cinema ...

37. “The Lost City” (2006)

Horror: The wanderer Trevor (Jason Connery) is offered a ride and eventually he ends up in the ominous Brodrick family who lives on a remote ranch in Texas, known only as The Lost City.

Real storyA: In 1984, a ranch of ranks, known as the Texas slave ranch, was raided by the authorities, who discovered that the workers were kept there against their will, for use in agricultural work.

In addition, records of torture sessions using cattle races, as well as human remains were found there.

36. The Moth Man (2002)

Horror: Richard Gere plays the role of John Klein, a reporter who finds himself in a small town in West Virginia and hears amazing stories from locals who have seen a strange creature that looks like a giant moth man. Who is he, just a myth, or.

Real story: The film is based on a book by John Keel, who studied the eyewitness accounts of The Moth Man and conducted his own investigation into Point Pleasant in 1966 and 1967.

In the book, however, he links his detective work with another topic, in particular, with the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.

35. “The Door” (2013)

Horror: When several people disappear in the 1980s, radio host Charlie Crowe (Dallas Roberts) begins to suspect that there are “shadow people” behind this.

He connects the more rational thinking Sophie Lacombe (Alison Eastwood) to the investigation.

Real story: As the filmmakers explained, their picture is based on a viral video plot called “The Phenomenon of the Face in the Dark”, as well as on certain beliefs that the “shadow people” are responsible for the so-called Sudden Night Death Syndrome.

34. Carla (2006)

Horror: After Paul Bernardo (Misha Collins) rapes and kills Carla Homolka's sister (Laura Prepon), the couple get engaged and continue to commit violent crimes.

Real story: Paul Kenneth Bernardo was a Canadian serial killer who raped and murdered young women in Scarborough, Ontario.

Bernardo killed at least three people, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to jail, where he still away the time.

33. “Predatory Waters” (2007)

Horror: The usual fishing in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia becomes terribly unfair for Grace (Diana Glenn) and her family when they realize that huge crocodiles have chosen them as their dinner.

Real story: In December 2003, Ashley McGow, Brett Mann and Sean Blowers went to Kangaru Flat to take part in races on their quad bikes, except for 22-year-old Brett, this event ended up being eaten by a giant crocodile.

The facts are terrifying - crocodiles have killed at least 12 people in North Australia over the past 20 years.

32. "The killer of the zodiac" (1971)

Horror: In San Francisco, several corpses were found with a characteristic maniac’s handwriting, and the Police Department is exposed to a series of phone calls and letters from an alleged killer.

But will they be able to track him down before he kills a new victim?

Real story: The zodiac was a serial killer who committed his crimes in San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s.

In a series of letters to the San Francisco Police Department, he called himself "the Zodiac," and it is believed that on his conscience the killing of seven people. The identity of the perpetrator remains unknown ...

(You can also watch another great film on this story by David Fincher's Zodiac.)

31. "The curse box" (2012)

Horror: A young girl gets on sale a old casket. After the girl looks inside, her behavior becomes more and more uncontrollable.

Maybe she is obsessed with the devil? Or just trying to cope with their feelings about the divorce of parents, Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Cyrus Sedgwick)?

Real story: Directed by Ole Bornedal told the story of the box Dibbuk, which became the inspiration for the film.

Jewish legend says that Dibbook is an evil spirit that can move into the soul of a living person. Numerous owners of a particular casket that went on sale on eBay reported strange phenomena occurring around it.

30. “Executioner Dahmer” (2002)

Horror: Young Jeremy Renner puts on a wig and plays the role of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer who is operating in Ohio and Wisconsin, blaming the crimes of his own parents for divorce.

Real story: Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992 for the murder and dismemberment of 17 men.

Although his perversions - cannibalism, necrophilia - as many claim, were the result of insanity, psychiatrists discovered that in fact, based on the law, he was in his right mind. He was beaten to death by his cellmate two years after he was sentenced to 16 life sentences.

29. “Eaten alive” (1977)

Horror: A film about a crocodile killer by director Toub Hooper with Robert Inglund.

Neville Brand is the owner of the hotel who kills everyone who infuriates him and then feeds them to his beloved crocodile.

Real story: Joe Boll was also known as the Alligator Man, in 1930 he killed 20 women and fed them to his alligators.

Ball was never brought to justice - when two sheriffs from the Behar district came to Ball to interrogate him, he pulled a revolver from the cash register and shot himself.

28. “From Hell” (2001)

Horror: American film adaptation of the comic by Alan Moore, which tells the story of police inspector Frederick Abberline (Johnny Depp) and his mission to track down Jack the Ripper.

Real story: Jack the Ripper is undoubtedly one of the most famous serial killers of England, however, no one really knows who he really was.

In 1888, Jack committed five murders, and his identity still remains a mystery. Which, of course, makes him the perfect horror movie hero.

27. “Beyond Fear” (2007)

Horror: three college buddies come to the Mexican border town, where they discover a hotbed of worship offering people.

Real story: Berman's film was inspired by the story of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a cult leader who openly practices human sacrifice.

Constanzo kidnapped and killed members of the drug cartels when he was denied a share of the business. The damage he caused to them was so terrifying that we would refrain here from describing them.

26. “Six Demons of Emily Rose” (2005)

Horror: A session of banishing the devil from a young girl ended in her death. The exorcist priest who conducted the ceremony was charged with murder, although the process was officially initiated by the Catholic Church.

Real story: The plot of the film is inspired by the story of a 16-year-old girl named Annelise Michel, who was believed to be possessed by a demon in 1968.

In 1975, two priests decided to perform the exorcism, and it took them 10 months to achieve the goal.

25. "The Ghost of the Red River" (2005)

Horror: A chilling film in which John Bell (Donald Sutherland) and his family fall victim to an invisible ghoul who has his eye on Bell's daughter, Betsy (Rachel Hurd-Wood).

Real story: According to the legend of Belle Witch, which originated in Tennessee in 1800, John Bell was poisoned and killed by a ghost.

His death is the only one in the history of America that has been documented as the death of a ghost.

24. “Alien Daughter” (1977)

Horror: The director of this “brain explosion” is a horror connoisseur Robert Wise. Anthony Hopkins is extremely ominously playing the role of Elliot Hoover, who pursues a young couple and claims that their young daughter is the reincarnation of his deceased wife.

Yeah, really, strange ...

Real story: The course of things becomes even stranger when you learn how the background history of the novel by Frank De Fellita, according to which the script was written.

Fellita's six-year-old son played the piano perfectly, despite the fact that he had never studied music in his short life. The strange development of the child led Fellit to contact with the occultist and, as a result, to the author's belief in reincarnation.

23. Strangers (2008)

Horror: Horror with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as spouses who came to their summer house, only to become victims of three masked psychopaths.

Real story: Director Brian Bertino said that the film was inspired by a series of hacks that occurred in the area where he lived when he was a child.

In addition, he also drew inspiration from the notorious murders committed by the occultist and serial killer Charles Manson.

22. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984)

Horror: American teens are haunted by the disfigured ghost of a serial killer with knives on their glove, whose name is Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). There will be blood. Lots and lots of blood.

Real story: Although the plot itself is completely fictional, scriptwriter and director Wes Craven admitted that he was at least partially inspired by the LA Times article about a group of Cambodian immigrants who died from nightmares ...

21. “Bound to Death” (1988)

Horror: David Cronenberg's classic about twin brothers, gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle (Jeremy Irons).

They live a difficult life, while people believe that they really are one person. A brother who is more experienced in love affairs seduces women, whom he passes on to his modest twin when he gets tired of them.

Real story: The twins Stuart and Cyril Marcus were gynecologists who were found dead in 1975. Death was due to exit from the state of barbituromania.

Cronenberg read about the brothers in the essay by Ron Rosenbaum and used parts of their story for his film.

20. “When the lights go out” (2012)

Horror: The British film tells about the events that occurred in 1974 in Yorkshire. The Maynard family moves to a new home, where ghosts begin to haunt them. Who are they and what do they want?

Real story: A belief called “The Black Monk from Pontefract” tells about one of the most brutal manifestations of poltergeist in the entire history of observations.

Joe and Gene Pritchard reported paranormal activity in their home in Pontefract - as well as moving objects, and they also saw a ghost in the hood.

19. “They” (2006)

Horror: Lucas and Clementine live peacefully in their home, but one night they wake up from a strange terrible sound. They are not alone.

Do you want muscles to strain from tension? You will get it ...

Real story: Directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud filmed a film based on the history of an Austrian couple who stayed in their Romanian country house, where the spouses were killed by three teenagers.

18. "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (1988)

Horror: Anthropologist Dennis Alan (Bill Pullman) goes to Haiti to teach black magic that can turn people into zombies.

Soon after his arrival, he falls prey to the adepts of that very magic.

Real story: Canadian scientist Wade Davis described the experience of the zombie process in his book of the same name, which was published in 1985.

17. "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" (1986)

Horror: The story of a lone tramp Henry (Michael Rucker), whose hobby, as it happens, was killing people. Whenever he pursues and then kills his victims, his “handwriting” changes.

Believe me, this sight causes horror.

Real story: Henry's character is based on stories about Henry Lee Lucas, a real serial killer who claims he killed about 3,000 people.

Despite the fact that this is not proven (and even Lucas refused to confirm such allegations), in 11 murder cases he accused his victims of offending him in childhood, and this was one of the reasons for his criminal activities.

16. The Creature (1981)

Horror: According to Frank De Fellit's novel, the film version of Sydney Fury is about a single mother, Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey), who seems to be the victim of a sex-anxious poltergeist.

Real story: In 1974, paranormal investigators Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff visited the home of Doris Beater in Culver City, who claimed she had been abused by some entity.

Meanwhile, in the house, Beater Gaynor and Taff allegedly saw moving objects and a strange image ...

15. "Day of the woman" (1978)

Horror: A cult classic about revenge on a girl who was raped (although at the time of release the film was regarded as tasteless and excessively cruel).

Writer Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton) goes to her country house to spend the summer there, away from the hustle and bustle of New York. The local gang of scumbags violates the idyll of outdoor recreation, Jennifer is attacked and brutally abused.

Real story: Author and director Meir Zarki drew inspiration from a chance meeting in Central Park in New York in 1974. There he came across a woman who was raped and beaten, but when he took her to the police, they allegedly treated her without proper attention.

Zarki notes that the character Jennifer Hills was created based on this incident - she takes revenge on criminals, not relying on the law.

14. "The hills have eyes" (1977)

Horror: A bizarre story in which a family meets with a brood of cannibals somewhere in the wastelands of California.

Real story: Wes Craven wrote the screenplay of this film inspired by the legend of Alexander “The Scotsman” Binet, the head of a clan of cavemen who lived in the 16th century.

They lived in caves for 25 years, during which they managed to eat about 1,000 people before the clan was discovered and destroyed.

13. The Conjuration (2013)

Horror: От режиссера «Пилы» Джеймса Вана. В главных ролях Патрик Уилсон и Вера Фармига, их персонажи — исследователи паранормальных явлений Эд и Лоррэйн Уоррен, к которым обращаются за помощью очередные незадачливые новоселы, чей дом облюбовал таинственный полтергейст.

Реальная история: Эд и Лоррэйн Уоррен исследователи-практики, которые утверждают, что в свое время исследовали более 10000 паранормальных случаев.

One such case occurred in the Perron family, whose new home in Rhode Island had allegedly become the dwelling place of an ominous witch named Bathsheba Sheran, who lived in the 19th century.

8 Wolf Pits / Wolf Creek, 2005

The film is based on the crimes of a real Australian maniac named Ivan Milat.
Three students travel to Australia to find a giant crater formed by the fall of a meteorite. This place is shrouded in terrible secrets and mystical stories. Our heroes could not assume that they themselves would become participants in the next such mystical story ...

9 Survive / Alive, 1992

The film is a reconstruction of the sadly famous events about the crash of a Uruguayan plane over the Andes in 1972. The film is based on Pierre Reed’s book The Living: The Story of the Survivors of the Andes, based on documentary material.
In the fall of 1972 on Friday the thirteenth of October over the Andes, the airliner crashed, carrying the school rugby team from Uruguay. The plane crashed onto a high plateau, which was completely cut off from the outside world.
Here, amidst wild cold and corpses, a handful of surviving schoolchildren faced a cruel, inhuman test of survival. Seventy-two endless, painful days, young people fought for their lives. Wreckage of the aircraft served as a refuge for them, food for the bodies of the dead comrades. Sometimes you have to turn into a beast to remain human ...

10 Ghost of the Red River / An American Haunting, 2006

"Ghost of the Red River" - a story based on real events that took place in the USA (Tennessee) in the 19th century. About the history of the Bell family, attacked by a mysterious spirit, 35 books have been written. They all talk about how the curse fell on the respectable and respected Bell family. From a certain moment a ghost began to come to their house, who was seeking the death of a family member.

11 Cannibal from Rothenburg / Rohtenburg, 2006

In 2001, Armin Mayves posted on the Internet an announcement about finding a volunteer who wants to be eaten ... Many idiots responded to his request, but only one, Bernd-Jürgen Brandeis, showed perseverance and perseverance and ... was successfully eaten. The film shows us a long way from childhood itself and to the cherished goal of both, the volunteer victim and the cannibal ...

12 The Boston Strangler / The Boston Strangler, 1968

The film tells the true story of the terrible killer Albert de Salvo. Despite the fact that he himself was a family man and the father of two children, he became a maniac murderer and killed thirteen women. It happened in Boston from June 1962 to January 1964. The population of the city was terribly intimidated, women did not walk the streets alone. But after some delay, the police still managed to attack the trail of the maniac and arrest him.

13 Wastes / Badlands, 1973

In 1959, a young man named Keith and his underage girlfriend Holly embark on a run after the murder of Holly's father, who forbade them to meet. Heading to the wastelands of Montana, a couple commits a series of cold-blooded murders on their way.
The plot of the film formed the real events that occurred in 1958. The prototypes of the main characters Keith and Holly became a couple of lovers Charlie Starkuezer and Caryl Fugett, who terrified the American residents with a series of bloody murders.

14 The Alphabet Killer, 2008

The film is about a serial killer based on real events in small towns of the state of New York.
The Alphabet Killer is an unknown person who is credited with a series of murders committed in the early 1970s in Rochester, New York. Three girls were raped and strangled. The case got its name due to the fact that the names, surnames, as well as the cities in which the bodies of the victims were found, began with the same letters.

18 Grachy Digger / Gacy, 2003

The story of one of the most famous American serial killers of John Wayne Gacy, serial maniac, also known as the "clown killer." Former cop John Wayne Gacy lives in a small town in Illinois. He is a respectable and respected by all people. John is married, works as an outlet manager and hires teens to do piecework. Neighbors often visit Gacy. Everything in John's house is good, except for a strange smell coming from the basement ...

19 Memories of a murder / Salinui chueok, 2003

South Korean film directed by Pong Joon Ho, based on a true story (the murder of 10 women in 1986-1991).
In 1986, in the Korean outback, two local women were killed in the same perverted way. Detective Du Man Pak and his assistant Yong Gu Zhu, a volunteer who volunteered to assist in the investigation of this terrible case, are trying to unravel the mysterious circumstances of the incident with all possible zeal.

20 Dark Water: Exorcism / Blackwater Valley Exorcism, 2006

Based on real events. Emotionally fragile Isabel closes in on herself, battling with the dark and vicious demon who invaded her. The girl's father invites the priest to conduct an exorcism rite, but as you know, for the ceremony to succeed, unshakable faith and strength of spirit are necessary. Before the priest gets up a difficult task - for a start he needs to cope with his own "monsters" that raise doubts in his soul ...

3. The girl next door, 2007

Police in the US state of Indiana calls the crime that inspired the creators of the painting, “the worst crime against a person you can imagine.” Silvia Likens, a 16-year-old teenage girl, was left behind under the supervision of a friendly neighbor, Gertrude Baniszewski, because of a long business trip. Very quickly, the kind housewife turned into a torturer who mocked Sylvia with her sons and friends. Three months later, Sylvia died of starvation and numerous injuries.

4. The spell, 2013

One of the best horror films that won numerous awards tells the story of the real witch Bathsheba Sherman. In 1971, the Perron family settled in a house in Rhode Island, in which she had previously lived, whose family members began to die in turn under strange circumstances. In the city archives, they found evidence that everyone who settled in the house since the death of Bathsheba died a tragic death. The family summoned a Warren couple - psychics who also worked with a house in Amityville. The rites of exorcism helped drive the witch’s spirit out of the house.

5. The curse box, 2012

Dibbook's box (evil spirit, dreaming to dwell in the body of a living person) is a real artifact that can be regularly seen on sale at online auctions. Its owners often follow each other, because every new customer faces hallucinations, a succession of failures and obsessive ideas that emanate from the spirit that dwells in the box.

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2003

Sequels, prequels and all sorts of new interpretations of the old story about the maniac Jason named “Leather Face” hiding his face under the mask of human skin removed so much that envy any other horror franchise. His prototype was the serial killer Ed Gein, who was humiliated by his classmates since childhood, which made him angry with the whole world. Only in a mask created from the skin of his victims, could he act fearlessly and recklessly.

7. Children's games, 1988

A series of films about the doll Chucky, obsessed with the spirit of a bloody maniac, scared more than one thousand children of the 90s. Chucky had a virtuoso ability to kill; he combined bloodthirst and the innocence of a charming talking baby toy. A doll named Robert, which became his prototype, could not kill anyone just because it was destroyed in time. Robert lived in 1906 with the artist's son, whose name was Robert Eugene Otto. The boy had a nanny who was unfairly fired, and she cursed the child in response. Since then, at night, his doll began to burst into angry laughter and scold the child with foul language. On the advice of the fortuneteller who lives next door, Robert was burned.

8. Snow Town, 2011

The inhabitants of Snow City in Australia from 1992 to 1999 existed in fear - each of them was afraid of sunset. With the onset of night, a gang of John Banting emerged in the city, which could completely capture any person to torture and kill him. All in all, 11 people suffered from their actions, although the police had been convincing their relatives for many years that they had just fled from their homes. The reason for this was the notes thrown by the gang to the city post office, in which the "runaway" asked never to look for them.

9. Henry: portrait of a serial killer, 1986

The character of a maniac suffering from a mental disorder and killing people indiscriminately appeared in the script thanks to the existence of the killer Henry Lee Lucas, who killed more than 300 people. It is not known whether his words were true, but before the death penalty he said that the first 30 of his victims were guilty of humiliating him as a child.

10. The fourth type, 2009

Milla Jovovich played the role of psychiatrist Abigail Tyler, who lived in Alaska in the mid-2000s. She was massively approached by patients who told that they were abducted by aliens at night. Under hypnosis, it was possible to find out that the coming of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization preceded the arrival of a white owl. Abigail had to complete a career with a scandal in the scientific community after 10 of her patients went missing.

12. "The city that was afraid of the sunset" (1976)

Horror: a micro-budget indie film that preceded Halloween (not Black Christmas).

1946 A hooded killer is terrorizing the city of Arkansas, and the Texas Ranger is trying to kill him.

Real story: The wave of murders in the 1940s, called "Murders in the Moonlight," was the work of the killer, Texarkan Phantom.

Within 10 weeks, Phantom killed eight people - the perpetrator was never found.

11. “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991)

Horror: Oscar-winning horror, thriller, in which the FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) was tasked with working with cannibal killer Hannibal (Anthony Hopkins) to track down Buffalo Bill (Ted Levin).

Real story: Author Thomas Harris created the character Buffalo Bill as a collective image of a serial killer, including the prototype for him were Ed Gein (ripping the skin of his victims) and Ted Bundy (used his charm to win the trust of the victims).

The storyline Starling - Lecter built by Harris on the basis of the relationship between Bundy and Robert Keppell, a forensic expert and a professor at the University of Washington.

10. "Psycho" (1960)

Horror: Hitchcock Classic. Janet Lee plays the role of a fluent employee who just robbed her boss.

When she stops at the Bates Motel, the karma intervenes, and the fugitive awaits an extremely unpleasant ending in one of the most shocking scenes of the cinema.

Real story: Robert Bloch's novel of the same name is partly inspired by the story of Ed Heine, a serial killer who murdered women in Wisconsin.

However, Bloch did not use Heine as the main template for its history. He began writing a novel at the time Gein was already arrested. Subsequently, the chronicle of the maniac’s life became a news hit and inspired Bloch, although he did not use any specifics related to Gain in his work.

9. "Snow City" (2011)

Horror: Exciting Australian film, the story of which revolves around 16-year-old Jamie (Lucas Pittaway), who is being abused by his older brother, before meeting his mother's new boyfriend John (Daniel Hensholl).

What's next? John punishes cruelly (and deadly) anyone he considers a pervert or a weakling.

Real story: From 1992 to 1999, John Banting and his gang committed "murders in the Snow City".

A total of 11 people were tortured and killed. Bunting tortured his victims to leave voice messages that they were leaving home ...

8. “Horror Amityville” (1979)

Horror: A young couple with three children enters their new mansion. Happy owners bought a home at a very low price. Unfortunately, they do not know that the previous owners died a horrible death. The strange events that start happening around the family make them believe that something terrible is hiding in their home.

Real story: The real case of the Lutz family, which was investigated by paranormal detectives Ed and Lorraine Warren, is described in the book that became the basis of the script (Jay Anson).

7. "Children's games" (1988)

Horror: “Hi, I'm Chucky. Want to play? ”Serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) is fatally wounded by police, after which, with the help of eerie voodoo magic, he transfers his soul into an inanimate doll.

Despite the fact that the criminal is now inside a harmless doll, he is not going to surrender and will soon start for the old.

Real story: Scenario for the Children's Game, written by the writer Don Mancini based on the doll legend Robert. The doll belonged to an artist and writer from Key West named Robert Eugene Otto. In 1906, the maid gave little Robert a doll, but soon after her dismissal she put a curse on her. After a while, strange things began to happen in the house. The servants claimed that the toy suddenly began to talk, and the members of the Otto family more than once heard an evil giggle.

6. “Wolf Pit” (2005)

Horror: When a tourist car breaks down in the Australian outback, three guys take help from a farmer who kidnaps and tortures them in the “wolf pit” of the national park.

Real story: The stories of two criminals inspired Greg McLean to make the film.

The first is Ivan Milat, who in the nineties kidnapped hitchhikers and tortured them in the forest. The second is Bradley John Murdoch, who is responsible for the murder of a British tourist.

5. The Drop (1958)

Horror: Perhaps this is the strangest film about the invasion of aliens, but at the same time the coolest one! Where else will you see a giant jelly drop that goes down to planet Earth and begins to devour the inhabitants of a small town in the USA?

Real story: There is the concept of the so-called "star jelly" or as it is also called "astral jelly", this gelatinous substance that gets to the earth with meteorite streams. Also similar objects
fall out during the rainy period in different places on Earth, have a complex, irregular shape of the kisely-like formations.

The film “The Drop” was inspired by the events that occurred in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Police outfit stumbled upon a jelly-like aircraft that looked like a quivering jelly. Unfortunately, it dissolved when they tried to move it. Which is preferable to being eaten, isn't it?

4. “The girl opposite” (2007)

Horror: Not a romantic comedy by Emile Hirsch, but a psychoactively trailing thriller in which Megan (Blythe Offarth) is abducted by neighbors, who subject her to cruel torture in her basement.

Real story: The shocking events of the film "The Opposite Girl" were taken from the story of the murder of Sylvia Lykens, who in 1965 was subjected to prolonged torture and, eventually, killed by Gertrude Banizhevski. At the time of death, the girl was only 16 years old.

During the trial, the prosecutor regarded the crime as "the worst crime against a person in the history of Indiana."

3. The Exorcist (1973)

Horror: The most exortic film of all exortic films.

The script is written based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, directed by William Friedkin. A young girl, Linda Blair, who invokes demonic powers with a seance board, soon becomes obsessed with the devil himself.

Real story: Blatty's book was inspired by a boy under the pseudonym of Ronald Doe, who in 1949 was allegedly possessed by the devil. The Catholic Church was called upon to perform the rite of exorcism.

2. “Jaws” (1975)

Horror: The first official blockbuster, although the film is not like any of the popular blockbusters that modern moviegoers are used to.

The film is based on the novel by Peter Benchley, directed by Steven Spielberg. The plot focuses on police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) and the great white shark, which attacks the population of a small town in the United States.

Real story: Benchley's book was inspired by the story of fisherman Frank Mundus, who in 1964 caught a great white shark on Long Island.

Also, some authors claim that Benchley drew inspiration from the wave of shark attacks on Jersey Shore in 1916.

1. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974)

Horror: Classics of the genre. The cult horror film, in which a group of teenagers becomes a victim of a saw, which is operated by a maniac nicknamed "Leather Face".

There are numerous sequels and remakes, however, none of them can be compared with the original Toub Hooper.

Real story: Although the plot of the film is fictional, the character "Leather Face" is partly based on the image of the real serial killer Ed Gein, who at the time of the arrest had nine masks of "human skin".

10 Waggie: Devil's Board

Inspired by the seances, Lane Maurice knew about the rules. The devil's board must be handled very carefully. Никогда не играть одной, не приходить для игры на кладбище и обязательно по окончании сказать: «Прощай». Вместе с подругой Дебби они часто вызывали духов и спрашивали о важных моментах. Вначале это было обычным любопытством, но с каждым годом желание общаться с потусторонними силами становилось сильнее…

9 Шкатулка проклятия

В соседнем дворе проводилась ярмарка. Изящная шкатулка ручной работы понравилась девочке, и малышка принесла покупку в дом. After a while, parents began to notice strange things. Daughter did not perceive anyone except toys. The adults got worried and tried to shift the child’s attention, but she didn’t want to listen to anyone. The evil spirit acted and it is necessary to take urgent measures to release the child from the influence of magical forces.

8,247 degrees Fahrenheit

A company of friends goes out of town. They decide to distract from everyday life and spend the weekend away from the hustle and bustle. A lake house is a great option. Sauna, natural pond, clean air. Friends start with a bath, which is equipped in a modern style. Exquisite veneer, adjustable temperature and beautiful tan. Having sustained a certain time, the men decide to leave the hot room to plunge into the cool water, but for some reason the door does not open ...

7 Citizen X

On the territory of Russia, people begin to disappear. Through time, their mutilated bodies are found. At the beginning, with a cursory examination of the corpse, the police decide that the killer is a person with an unconventional orientation. But then they understand: the sophistication of methods of violence is directly proportional to the mental rejection of a maniac. The psychiatrist paints a portrait of citizen Iks - an excellent family man with some problems of potency. The search team is attacking the trail of the beast in human form ...

6 Six Demons by Emily Rose

A Catholic priest is accused of murder. As a result of his actions killed a young lady. The ceremony of expelling the devil from the body of the student led to terrible agony, which the girl could not stand. Doctors express an opinion on the treatment of the patient. Everyone has different assumptions. The witness of the ceremony who was called to the process unexpectedly falls under the wheels of the car. Dark forces continue their activities ...

5 Beyond Fear

A trip to Mexico for three students is an opportunity to take a break from strenuous activities. When traveling by car, they did not anticipate what their desire to learn about the customs of another country would turn out to be. Innocent guys are victims of a satanic organization that is looking for a candidate for the next ceremony. Young people do not understand the seriousness of the holiday. Only having come into contact with the breath of death, friends begin a desperate struggle for survival.

4 spell

Paranormal researchers chase ghosts and free people from the influence of otherworldly forces. Two girls turn to the rescuers and talk about the doll in which the spirit has moved. Ed and Lorraine initially do not attach importance to the details and to help the girls simply take the doll with them. The storage for items used in magical rites has already been filled. But to destroy things in any case impossible. Otherwise, they will go around the world in search of another victim, to tell the story of their own death ...

3 Amityville Horror

A terrible tragedy took place in a house on the outskirts. Six members of the family ruthlessly shot. Only the youngest son survived, telling about the incredible creepy voices that forced the killing of native people. After a time, a new family is moving into the house, not wanting to hear about the rumors. She does not believe in the magical powers that inhabit the beautiful and cozy mansion. After a while, strange things began to happen to the head of the family. The cheerful and loving father gradually turned into an evil and sullen personality ...

Street prostitute Eileen meets a pretty girl Selby. There is a friendship between them. Aileen's battered life lacks human warmth and attention. The next meeting with the client ends in tragedy. Not wanting to endure the humiliation and beatings, the prostitute kills a man and runs away, stealing a handbag with money and car keys. She decides to start life from scratch. After settling in the hotel with Selby, she begins to look for work, but no one wants to help the former girl of easy virtue ...

1 Exorcist

12-year-old daughter behaves very strange. Concerned mother leads the child to the doctor. Doctors examine the girl's brain, but they cannot find anything. Regan becomes aggressive. In her voice, there are male shades. All attempts to return the patient to its former state are reduced to zero. Traditional medicine does not have the practice of treating such a disease. We'll have to turn to the sacred father, expelling evil spirits with prayer and incense ...

Authors, who take the real plot as a basis, want to emphasize the inseparable connection between cinema and life. Spectators who follow the plot, gradually get closer to the characters and live with them the events taking place. Being filled with emotions, a person for a long time is under the impression of the seen story. Perhaps this is the creators of films and seek: to find a true fan of the screen.