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The best books of all times and peoples that every teenager should read

Here are the most interesting books for teens. The list is essentially one, it is divided into components for convenience only. The division is rather arbitrary, as sometimes the book can be attributed to any section.

Teenage literature. Reviews

Literature for teenagers offers young boys and girls to get answers to many questions. Today in bookstores you can find works devoted to the problems of growing up and social adaptation, finding your place in life, novels about young heroes who consider themselves superfluous. Always remain popular books about the struggle between good and evil, about love experiences. In teenage literature, unlike children's books, sad stories appear - about problems in the family, difficulties, injustices, and sometimes they end up very sad.

Such a variety of topics and directions can be found in the classics of literature for adolescents, and in contemporary works. And if books from the gold fund receive only positive reviews and high ratings, modern works are often criticized for their primitiveness and poor language. However, poor grades and bad reviews are often explained by the fact that they were read and commented on by older people: their problems as adolescents seem contrived, the plots are predictable, love stories are too sweet, etc.

But the fact of the matter is that these books are intended for teenagers, and they are allowed to be like this: a bit naive, simple, written in an understandable language. And if individual works of teenage literature are universal, so that they can be read at any age, then most of the books in this direction will outgrow the readers and no longer understand what fascinated them so much and made them sit with their favorite volume for hours.

No need to force teenagers to read classics, instead of their favorite Twilight or Hunger Games. Such behavior can repel the love of reading forever. It is better to allow young people to choose their own books, so they will independently come to the best works of world literature. The road will be a little longer, but at least they will not stop half way.

Why teenagers don't like to read

Many parents are worried about this issue. They sincerely wonder why their offsprings do not want to while away the evening with a battered Chekhov’s volume or discuss Paustovsky’s work with friends.

Let's be honest: even if we discard all the physiological causes of dislike of reading (poor eyesight, emotional and psychological immaturity, hormonal storms, fatigue, etc.), a large percentage of adolescents who are not friends with the book will remain. There are many reasons for this, for example, today great competition for print media is created by bright films with an abundance of special effects, computer games with sometimes more complex than in any book, plot and many other entertainments.

But often teenagers do not like to read because of the wrong selection of books. They try one thing, then something else, and eventually, disappointed, they quit. Although, perhaps, they simply did not find their shelf in the library. After all, today you can choose a work for any literary predilections: there are interesting books about love for teenagers, excellent fantasy books, books, quests, books about the life of modern youth, horrors for teenagers and just good literature that will be understandable and attractive at any age.

Books to read to all

These are literary works for all ages - universal and multifaceted. Someone may say that an interesting book for teenagers should not be too serious, otherwise interest in it is quickly lost. In fact, adolescents are more than willing to understand the most complex and confusing issues, and they are able to appreciate the high-flying literature:

  1. “Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee.
  2. Uncle Tom's Cabin, by G. Beecher-Stowe.
  3. “1984,” J. Orwell.
  4. Diary of Anne Frank, A. Frank.
  5. “Book Thief”, M. Zusak.
  6. "Blame the Stars", D. Green.
  7. A Clockwork Orange, by E. Burgess.
  8. The Great Gatsby, F.S. Fitzgerald.
  9. "Lord of the Flies", W. Golding.
  10. “Flowers for Algernon”, D. Keyes.

Patriotic classics

Here is a list of interesting books for teenagers, made up of works included in the school curriculum. During their studies, they are treated rather scornfully, as students are required to read the classics. But later, after re-dating "not under the lash", these books firmly occupy their place in the list of loved ones for the rest of their lives:

  1. “Scarlet Sails”, A. Green.
  2. “Heart of a Dog”, M. Bulgakov.
  3. “Crime and Punishment”, F. M. Dostoevsky.
  4. “Olesya”, A.I. Kuprin.
  5. “The Master and Margarita”, M. Bulgakov.
  6. “Murder on the street Morgue”, E. Po.
  7. "Portrait of Dorian Gray", O. Wilde.
  8. “Thin Minor”, ​​DI Fonvizin.
  9. Dead Souls, N. V. Gogol.
  10. “The Queen of Spades”, A. S. Pushkin.

Soviet literature

The Golden Calf, I. Ilf, E. Petrov. The best satire of Soviet literature, with which only the stories of Mikhail Zoshchenko can be compared.

“And the dawns here are quiet,” B.L. Vasilyev. About girls who sacrificed themselves to win a tiny battle in a big war.

"The Gulag Archipelago", A. Solzhenitsyn. A very hard book, moreover, there were always rumors that Solzhenitsyn had exaggerated a lot. Recommended for older teens.

"Lolita", A. Nabokov. Despite the scandalous raid, this book does not contain shocking explicit scenes and is written in excellent language.

“Amphibian Man”, A. Belyaev. A beautiful example of Soviet fiction.

Love love

Interesting books about love for teenagers are of considerable interest, because they themselves begin the first serious relationship. Love novels help young men and women to learn to understand their own feelings, understand different models of relationships, and take responsibility for their actions:

  1. "Jane Eyre", S. Bronte and "Pride and Prejudice" D. Austin. Two of the best historical love novels that will interest any girl.
  2. Twilight, Stephanie Meyer. One may criticize this series for excessive sweetness, but teenage girls like it very much, and, in essence, there is nothing wrong with these books.
  3. "Moving Castle", D. W. Jones. Marvelous, unusual tale, which was filmed full-length cartoon.
  4. “Twilight Hunters”, K. Claire.
  5. “Forever”, D. Bloom.

Of course, these are rather interesting books for teenage girls, while boys prefer detectives and adventures more and choose works by Astrid Lindgren, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Stevenson, Alexander Dumas, Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury.

For many adolescents, the love of books begins with the fantasy genre. They are usually read when the child has already grown up for fairy tales about Koshchei, Snow White, Gray Wolf, Cinderella, the Great and Horrible Goodwin, but has not yet reached serious literature. Most readers who read fantasy during adolescence retain a reverent attitude towards him at the age of 30, 40, and 50:

  1. "Harry Potter", JK Rowling.
  2. The Lord of the Rings, D.R. Tolkien.
  3. “Dark beginnings”, F. Pullman.
  4. Earthsea, Ursula Le Guin.
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Interesting books for teens 14 years

“Chasodey”, Natalia Scherba. A series of 6 books.

“Methodius Buslaev”, Dmitry Emets.

"Star Rangers", Robert Heinlein. Also in the teenage series, this author can read "Star Beast" and "Tunnel in the sky."

The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, A. Dumas and Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne.

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, A. K. Doyle and “Ten Little Indians”, A. Christie. Classic detective genre.

At this age, it is important to give the child to read what he wants, and not what his parents consider useful for the development. An interesting book for teenagers of 14 years is an opportunity to take a break from the workload and a lot of extra classes. Therefore, the list includes only light, entertaining books, which, incidentally, did not prevent them from entering the golden fund of world literature.

Interesting books for teenagers 16 years

“While I'm alive,” Jenny Downham. The work will be useful for teenagers who have already managed to acquire some bad habits or are faced with the influence of more adult and experienced friends.

“The house in which”, Mariam Petrosyan. The book raised not only the problems of people with disabilities, but also clearly shows the distribution of roles in a social group.

“Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,” Douglas Adams. At 16, it is already possible to appreciate all the diversity of the satirical perception of the world, which is replete with this work.

"Martian Chronicles", Ray Bradbury. At a younger age, the stories in this series may seem boring, but a little later you begin to understand how much hidden meaning they have.

"Martin Eden", Jack London. Teenagers are more likely to read White Fang or the Heart of Three, but it is this work that shows how to work on yourself.

An interesting book for teenagers 16 years of age can raise sharp social issues, such as the topic of prostitution, drug addiction, physical and psychological violence. And it bothers parents who do not know whether to bring control into the process of choosing entertainment literature.

Should parents control the child in choosing books

Every teenager will sooner or later find out about everything that is happening in our crazy world. And it will not be a secret for him that there are different sexual relations, pedophilia, trafficking in one’s own and another’s body, crime, relations between partners of the same sex, etc. He learns about this one way or another: maybe from TV shows, the Internet, magazines, books or friends and classmates will tell him. So, to forbid a child to read a work where these problems are raised is stupid. After all, somehow he needs to grow up, learns to think about serious things, consequences, his own actions. It is impossible to protect a teenager from the cruelty of the world until the age of majority, and by the age of 18 get a full-fledged mature personality.

It’s another thing if all these horrors are written not with the aim of proving something, leading to some thought, but are included in the text so that fans of such reading should enjoy the details. Usually there is a “18+” mark for such texts, plus electronic versions can be labeled with “slash”, “hentai”, “etti” tags.

So, without interfering directly in the process of selecting books, parents still need to know exactly what the child is reading. An interesting book for teenagers will not always be as entertaining for an adult reader, but they still need to be read in order to understand your child and speak the same language with him.

This article does not cover all the most interesting books for teens. The list can be continued for a very long time, and here only the elite are represented, the best of the best. Here is a list of authors of teenage literature who also more than deserve attention:

  1. Annabel Pitcher.
  2. Sally Green.
  3. Jonathan Stroud.
  4. Scott Westefeld.
  5. Natalie Babbitt.
  6. Rachel Mead.
  7. Frank Herbert.
  8. Edward Verkin.
  9. Veniamin Kaverin.
  10. Kerstin Gere.
  11. Veronica Roth.
  12. Vera Ivanova.
  13. Nikolay Nosov.
  14. Kir Bulychev.
  15. Robert Asprin.
  16. Anna Ustinova.
  17. Andrey Nekrasov.
  18. James Cooper.
  19. Mark Twain.
  20. Terry Pratchett.
  21. Christopher Paolini.
  22. Lauren Oliver.
  23. Vladislav Krapivin.

10 best books for young people and teenagers according to Time

In 2015, the weekly magazine Time published a selection of one hundred best books for young people. The list was compiled on the recommendations of reputable critics, publishers and reading clubs from around the world. The full list can be found here, but the first ten.

  1. “The Absolutely True Diary of a Half-Indian,” Sherman Alexi. The original name is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Partly an autobiographical book about a boy who grew up on an Indian reservation, for which the author received the National Book Award of America. The protagonist is a “nerd”, dreaming of becoming an artist, challenging the system and the prejudices of society.
  2. Harry Potter series, JK Rowling. The first of seven books about the young wizard and his friends studying at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was released in 1997. The story of Harry Potter has become incredibly popular all over the world. The books have been translated into 67 languages ​​and screened by the Warner Bros. film company. Pictures. The series, starting with the first novel, won numerous awards.
  3. The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak. The original title is The Book Thief. The novel, written in 2006, tells about the events of the Second World War, Nazi Germany and the girl Liesel. The book is included in The New York Times bestseller list and, according to the apt remark of the literary magazine Bookmarks, is able to break the heart of both teenagers and adults. After all, the story in it is on behalf of Death.
  4. "The rift in time", Madeleine Lengle. The original title is A Wrinkle in Time. A science fiction novel about the thirteen-year-old Meg, which classmates and teachers consider too capricious. Perhaps the girl would have remained a thorn and would continue to suffer because of the sudden disappearance of her father without a trace, if it were not for one night event ... The book was published in 1963 and received a number of awards.
  5. Charlotte's Web, Alvin Brooks White. The original name is Charlotte’s Web. This beautiful story about the friendship of a girl named Fern and a pig named Wilburg was first published in 1952. The work was twice filmed in the form of animated films, and also formed the basis of the musical.
  6. The Pits, Louis Seiker. The original name is Holes. This is a novel by a Danish writer that won several awards and ranked 83rd on the list of the 200 best books on the BBC version. The main character is named Stanley, and he totally unlucky in life. So much so that in the end he finds himself in a correctional camp, where he has to dig holes every day ... Unfortunately, the book is not translated into Russian, but filmed under the name “Treasure”.
  7. "Matilda", Roald Dahl. The original name is Matilda. This novel came from the pen of an English writer, whose children's books are famous for their lack of sentimentality and often black humor. The heroine of this work is a girl named Matilda, who loves to read and has some supernatural powers.
  8. The Outcasts, Susan Eloise Hinton. The original name is The Outsiders. The novel was first published in 1967 and is a classic of American teenage literature. It tells about the conflict between two youth gangs and a fourteen-year-old boy Poniboe Curtis. It is noteworthy that the writer began work on the book when she herself was 15 and finished at the age of 18. In 1983, Francis Ford Coppola shot the eponymous feature film.
  9. "Cute and magical booth," Jaster Norton. The original name is The Phantom Tollbooth. The work, published in 1961, about the exciting adventures of a boy named Milo. Readers are waiting for puns and mischievous wordplay, and thanks to the illustrations of Jules Fayfer the book is perceived as a cartoon.
  10. "The Giver", Loris Lowry. The original name is The Giver. This novel, written in a rare dystopian genre for children's literature, received the Newbury Medal in 1994. The author paints a perfect world, where there are no diseases, wars and conflicts and no one needs anything. However, it turns out that such a world is devoid of color and there is no place not only for suffering, but also for love. In 2014, based on the novel, the film “Initiate” was shot.
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10 best books for teens according to the guardian

In 2014, the British daily newspaper The Guardian published a list of 50 books worth reading for boys and girls. The list was compiled by a vote of 7 thousand people. The works were divided into categories: “books that help you understand yourself,” “books that change outlook,” “books that teach you to love,” “books that make you laugh,” “books that will make you cry,” and so on. Here is the list.

The top ten includes books that contribute to the formation of the personality of the young reader and inspiring to overcome difficulties.

  1. The Hunger Games Trilogy, Susan Collins. The original name is The Hunger Games. The first book of this series was published in 2008 and already six months later became a bestseller. The circulation of the first two novels exceeded two million copies. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and, according to Collins, it was inspired by ancient Greek mythology and father’s military career. All parts of the trilogy are filmed.
  2. "Blame the Stars," John Green. The original title is The Fault in Our Stars. A touching love story between a sixteen-year-old Hazel, a cancer patient, and a seventeen-year-old Augustus with the same ailment was published in 2012. In the same year, the novel entered the list of bestsellers The New York Times.
  3. “Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee. The original name is To Kill a Mockingbird. For the first time this work was published in 1960, and a year later the author received the Pulitzer Prize for it. In the US, it is studied in the school program. Это неудивительно, ведь сквозь призму детского взгляда Харпер Ли смотрит на весьма взрослые проблемы, такие как расизм и неравенство.
  4. Серия «Гарри Поттер», Джоан Роулинг. Здесь The Guardian совпал с Time.
  5. «1984», Джордж Оруэлл. Роман-антиутопия о тоталитаризме, изданный в 1949 году. Наряду с замятинским «Мы» считается одним из лучших в своём жанре. Orwell’s work ranked eighth on the list of the 200 best books on the BBC version, and Newsweek magazine placed the novel in second place in the hundred best books of all times and peoples. Until 1988, the novel was banned in the USSR.
  6. Anne Frank Diary. The original name is The Diary of a Young Girl. The only non-fiction in the list. These are records that were kept by the Jewish girl Anne Frank from 1942 to 1944. Anna made the first entry on June 12, on her birthday, when she was 13 years old. The last entry is dated August 1. Three days later, the Gestapo arrested everyone who was hiding in a shelter, including Anna. Her diary is a UNESCO UNESCO Memory of the World Register.
  7. "Street cat named Bob", James Bowen. The original name is A Streetcat Named Bob. James Bowen was a street musician and had problems with drugs, until one day he picked up a homeless cat. The meeting turned out to be fateful. “He came and asked me for help, and he asked for my help more than my body asked for self-destruction,” Bowen writes. The story of two vagrants, a man and a cat, was heard by literary agent Mary Paknos and suggested to James to write an autobiography. The book, written in collaboration with Gary Jenkins, was released in 2010.
  8. The Lord of the Rings, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The original title is The Lord of the Rings. This is one of the most popular books of the twentieth century in general and in the fantasy genre in particular. The novel was written as a single book, but because of the large volume when it was published, it was divided into three parts. The work was translated into 38 languages ​​and had a huge impact on world culture. Films and computer games were made based on it.
  9. “It's good to be quiet”, Stephen Chbosky. The original name is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is a story about a guy named Charlie, who, like all teenagers, is acutely aware of loneliness and incomprehension. He pours out his experiences in letters. The book was published in a million copies, critics dubbed it "" The Catcher in the Rye "for new times. The novel was filmed by the author himself, the main role was played by Logan Lerman, and his girlfriend - Emma Watson.
  10. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte. The original name is Jane Eyre. The novel was first published in 1847 and immediately won the love of readers and critics. In the spotlight - an orphaned girl Jane with a strong character and vivid imagination. The book has been screened many times, it ranks tenth in the list of the 200 best books on the BBC version.
Patrick Marioné - thanks for> 2M / Flickr.com

10 best books for schoolchildren according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

In January 2013, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation published a list of one hundred books for secondary school students for extracurricular reading. The list includes works outside the school program.

The creation of the list and its content caused a lively discussion in the press and the Internet. Many critics have spoken to the Ministry of Education and Science, and some literary figures have suggested alternative lists.

Nevertheless, here are the first ten of the "100 books on history, culture and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation, recommended to students for self-reading."

Please note: the list is written alphabetically, so our top ten consists of the first ten names. Two works by the same author will be considered one item. This is by no means a rating.

  1. The Blockade Book, by Daniel Granin and Alexey Adamovich. This is a documentary chronicle of the blockade, first published with bills in 1977. In Leningrad, the book was banned until 1984.
  2. “And the day is longer than a century” and “The White Ship”, by Chingiz Aitmatov. In the title of the novel “And the Day Lasts a Century,” a line of Boris Pasternak’s poem is pronounced. This is the first major work of Aitmatov, published in 1980. The story “The White Ship” about a seven-year-old orphan boy living on the shores of Issyk-Kul, came out ten years earlier.
  3. "Star ticket" and "Island of Crimea", Vasily Aksyonov. The story of the Denisov brothers, told in the pages of the novel "Star Ticket", at one time "blew up" the public. The most innocent thing Aksyonov was accused of was the abuse of youth jargon. The fantastic novel “The Island of Crimea”, published in 1990, on the contrary, was met with a bang and became the main all-Union bestseller of the year.
  4. “My brother plays the clarinet,” Anatoly Aleksin. The story, written in 1968, in the form of the diary of the girl Zhenya, who dreams of devoting life to her brother musician. But it turns out that each person is like a separate planet, and everyone has their own goals and dreams.
  5. “Dersu Uzala”, Vladimir Arsenyev. One of the best works of domestic adventure literature. The novel describes the life of small peoples of the Far East and the hunter Dersu Uzala.
  6. "Shepherd and Shepherd" and "Tsar-fish", Victor Astafiev. Two stories on two main themes in the work of Astafieva - war and village. The first one was written in 1967, and the second one - in 1976.
  7. “Odessa Tales” and “Konarmiya”, Isaac Babel. These are two collections of stories. The first tells about the pre-revolutionary Odessa and the Beni Creek gang, and the second about the civil war.
  8. “Ural tales”, Pavel Bazhov. This is a collection based on the mining and metallurgical folklore of the Urals. "Malachite Box", "Copper Mountain Mistress", "Stone Flower" - many of these and other works of Bazhov have been known and loved since childhood.
  9. “Republic ShKID”, Grigoriy Belykh and Alexey Panteleev. Adventure story about homeless children who lived in the School of social and labor education named after Dostoevsky (Shkid). The authors themselves became the prototypes of the two characters. The work was filmed in 1966.
  10. "The Moment of Truth", Vladimir Bogomolov. The novel takes place in August 1944 on the territory of Belarus (another name of the work is “In August, forty-four”). The book is based on real events.

The most interesting books for teens

Top 10 most interesting books for teens:

1. “Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. This novel was published back in 1960 and almost immediately became a bestseller, and the author received the Pulitzer Prize for his work, which is one of the most prestigious. In addition, the book to this day remains popular and in demand. The narration is conducted on behalf of the child, which makes a look at what is happening direct and objective.

The novel describes the events that unfolded in the 30s of the last century. This time was a period of great depression that hit the state of Alabama. The whole novel is literally saturated with childish maximalism, warmth and humor.

The main character, Jean Louise Finch, who lives with her father and older brother, tells about the life of her family and neighbors. But the book touches on the topic of violence, xenophobia and interracial conflicts. The girl expresses her opinion about the imperfections of the world. And Louise's father, who was a lawyer, was an example of honesty for many.

2. The book "Blame the Stars" by John Green Released relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of millions of teenagers around the world. This is an amazingly sentimental, sad and romantic story about the life of adolescents who are faced with a huge problem.

A boy and a girl with cancer, meet in a support group, and begin to communicate. They are aware of the seriousness of the situation, but continue to struggle and still remain teenagers: active, creative, purposeful. Augustus and Hazel fall in love with each other and try to challenge fate.

They understand that their love can end at any moment, and therefore they are ready to go to any length to live and be together. Forgetting about death, adolescents learn all the secrets of feelings, face misunderstanding, jealousy and condemnation. But now they are together, and what will happen next is not so important.

3. Not to mention, perhaps, the most popular series of books about the boy wizard Harry potter. The first book was published in 1997, and the last - 10 years later. Author JK Rowling has become the richest woman in Britain. All the books were filmed, because each story excites the consciousness of not only children and adolescents, but also adults.

It all started with a boy who was raised by his uncle and aunt. He wanted to run away from home, but he ended up in the real school of magic. Harry had to learn the secret of his family and face difficulties that would break any adult. But Potter endured everything, no wonder he was called "the boy who survived."

Heroes matured in front of readers, acquired new qualities and skills, changed. In the plot there are evil conspiracies of enemies of Harry Potter, and romantic stories, and jokes. In general, books are read literally in one breath.

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy, And the Flame Flashes, and Susan Collins the Mocking Murder. All three parts were filmed and became real bestsellers. In the story, the action takes place in the territory of the former America, which has turned into a totalitarian state by Panem, consisting of 12 districts, called districts. The despotic ruler Snow annually arranges the “Hunger Games”, in which only one of 24 people must survive.

To participate in the games from each district choose two teenagers: a girl and a guy. But in the games in which the simple but brave girl Katniss took part, everything did not go as planned. No one could have imagined that these games would be the beginning of cardinal changes.

5. The book "The Catcher in the Rye" - a novel by Jerome Sellingerwritten by him in 1951. And although the work was originally intended for adults, it became popular among young people and even had a tremendous impact on the culture of the last century. Some phrases are quoted so far, and the book itself has become a kind of set of laws for many generations of rebellious youth and representatives of various radical movements.

The story is extremely simple and tells the story of a simple teenager Holden Caulfield, who was expelled from school for academic failure. The main character considers himself a little stupid, and many who know him agree with this. But some of Holden’s views on life deserve attention. He talks about his perception of morality and social laws, expresses his disagreement and dreams of simple and banal things that can make him happy.

6. “It's good to be meek” - Stephen Chboski's bookwhich many called the modern interpretation of the novel “The Catcher in the Rye”. A novel about life, thoughts, about love of a simple teenager, who is trying to understand himself and begin to live a normal and interesting life.

The protagonist Charlie goes to high school, but he is afraid that no one will understand him there. The boy begins to write letters to someone who does not know and has never seen, but who needs to understand him. On the advice of literature teacher Bill Charlie begins to read books, and literally each of them becomes his favorite.

The boy, heeding Bill's advice, tries not to absorb everything into himself, like a sponge, but to skip like a filter. And Charlie is trying to return to childhood again and remember the long-forgotten and experienced injuries, as well as to understand the feelings for the high school girl who is the sister of his friend.

7. "Street cat named Bob" - a book written By James Buen. It is a simple, but at the same time amazing story about the friendship of a man and a cat and about their small joint success. In the story, the main character (he is the author of the book) James, who is a street musician, and a simple red cat named Bob were lonely, miserable and homeless.

Bob searched for food and survived on city streets, and James died from drugs and hopelessness. Probably, Bowen would have disappeared in the interweaving of the streets of London if he had not once met the red cat, Bob, who had become a real talisman for him, a true friend and guardian angel. Today everyone knows this amazing couple. In social networks you can find a lot of photos, videos. And so, in 2014, a whole book was published telling the story of a simple musician and a street cat.

8. “Sweet Bones” by Alice Sebold - not quite ordinary, but very heartfelt story about a girl whose life was cut off so suddenly and absurdly. The story is led by Suzy Salmon herself, who was raped and killed by a man living next door. The story begins with the moment of the murder, then the girl enters her own paradise, from which she can observe the lives of her loved ones.

She watches everyone, leads the reasoning about their actions and lives, and even gets a couple of times to be there. The whole work is built on these arguments. The story that began with the death of the protagonist ends with the breakup of the girl’s family and the birth of her younger sister’s first child.

9. “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zuzak. Events of the work take place in Germany before the war. At that time, death was literally in the air and permeated the whole being of people. The main character is a little girl who has lost her family and loves books very much. She picks them up on the streets and just steals.

For her, each book is a separate story, some kind of life event. As a result, Lizel begins to write herself. The story of her tells the angel, who after death takes the souls of people. Death follows Lizel on his heels, but she continues her work. The quivering story of the need to remain a man in any situation won the hearts of millions.

10. “Wine from dandelions” Ray Bradbury - The story of a twelve-year-old boy who, in delight, lives for one summer, filled with events, emotions, experiences. But the most important thing is that he is alive, feeling and breathing.

These were the most interesting books for teenagers.

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"All in our hands"

Before you an interactive list of books for teens "14+", a list of "must read". You could say a list for all times. And you do it. How?

Vote for the literary works that you like, and raise their rating. The higher the rating of the book, the longer and higher it hangs in the TOP. Books that have not been voted on for a long time will disappear from the TOP, others will take their place. Therefore, the motto is: “I like the book - plus it! You know better - suggest. "

You can offer books for the list here and on the wall of our new group for reading teenagers (“Vkontakte”).

There are a couple of voting rules. One book can not be added several times. If you want to raise her rating even higher, call your friends. And second, a registered user increases the book’s rating 10 times stronger than an unauthorized anonymous author. Thank you all active!

The best books for teens:

“Teenagers suffering from a serious illness are not going to give up. They are still adolescents - poisonous, restless, explosive, rebellious, equally ready for hatred and love. Hazel and Augustus are challenging fate. They are in love with each other, they are tormented not so much by the shadow of death hanging over them, as by ordinary jealousy, anger and misunderstanding. They are together. Now - together. But what awaits them ahead? ”

“In this story, the two main characters are James Bowen, a street musician from London, and the redhead Bob, a street London cat. They were homeless and lonely, but once they met each other: James died from drugs and despair, there was no point in his life until a four-legged friend appeared in her that helped him cope with problems, brought good luck and became a real guardian angel . Now Bob and James (in that order!) Are well known not only to the residents of London, who meet them on the streets, in the underground and in cafes, but also hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. YouTube videos, Facebook photos, Twitter posts, and now a book written by James Bowen, tell an amazing story about a friendship with a cat that changed his life. ”

“Sixteen-year-old Jacob from childhood was accustomed to the stories of his grandfather about his youth on a distant Welsh island, in a shelter for strange children: about monsters with triple tongues, about an invisible boy, about a flying girl ... The nightmares that tormented a teenager were the only side effect. But once a nightmare broke into his life, killing his grandfather in reality. "

“This guy and girl are familiar from childhood and can still love each other, but they will have to become enemies. By lot they must participate in the terrible "Hunger Games", where only one survives - the strongest. As long as there are at least some participants in the cruel quest, Katniss and Pete can defend each other and fight together. But sooner or later, some of them will have to sacrifice their lives for their loved one. That is the law of the Hunger Games. A law that has never been broken! ”

“Lou Clark knows how many steps from the bus stop to her house.” She knows that she loves working in a cafe and that, most likely, she does not like her boyfriend Patrick. But Lou does not know that she is about to lose her job and that in the near future she will need all her strength to overcome the problems that have fallen on her. Will Traynor knows that the motorcyclist who shot him down took away his desire to live. And he knows exactly what needs to be done to put an end to all this. But he does not know that Lou will soon burst into his world with a riot of colors. And they both don’t know that they will change each other’s life forever. ”

“Yesterday they were ordinary guys - they listened to rap and rock, ran after the girls, went to the cinema. Сегодня они - пешки в чужой игре, похищенные неизвестно кем для участия в чудовищном эксперименте. Их память стерта. Их новый дом - гигантский комплекс, отгороженный от еще более огромного Лабиринта стенами, которые раздвигаются утром и замыкаются вечером. И никто еще из тех, кто остался в Лабиринте после наступления ночи, не вернулся. Ребята не сомневаются: если они сумеют разгадать тайну Лабиринта, то вырвутся из заточения и вернутся домой.But who will risk life for a common purpose? Who will go almost to certain death? Only two - a boy named Thomas and his girlfriend - Teresa. "

“It’s no secret to anyone that vampires actually exist, live next to us and sometimes use their unusual skills. But few people know that in America, in the heart of Montana, there is a real Academy, where vampires are trained in the high art of magic. And almost no one knows that in the world there are bloody vampire wars and the race of Moroi is opposed by the cruel tribe of Strigoi - vampires who have crossed the line of the law and do not stop murder. Even the walls of the Academy, the holy of holies of science, are not very reliable protection against the intrigues of dark forces. Young Moroi princess Lissa and Rosa, her friend and faithful guardian, are once convinced of this when they are at the epicenter of terrible events. ”

“On the outskirts of the city, among the standard new buildings, stands the Gray House, in which live the Sphinx, the Blind, the Lord, Tabaka, the Macedonian, Black and many others. It is not known whether the Lord really comes from a noble kind of dragons, but here the Blind is really blind, and the Sphinx is wise and mysterious. Tobacco, of course, is not a jackal, although he likes to profit from someone else's good. For everyone in the House there is a nickname and everyone lived in it for one day as much as at the Exterior we sometimes do not live for a lifetime. Each House accepted or rejected. The house kept a lot of secrets, and the banal "skeletons in the closets" - only the most understandable angle of the invisible world, where there is no progress from the Exterior, where the usual laws of space-time cease to operate. Home is much more than just a boarding school for children abandoned by their parents. Home is their separate universe. ”

“451 ° Fahrenheit is the temperature at which the paper ignites and burns. Philosophical dystopia Bradbury paints a hopeless picture of the development of post-industrial society: the world of the future in which all written publications ruthlessly destroyed by a special detachment of firemen and books storage prosecuted, interactive TV success is everyone's brainwashing, punitive psychiatry resolutely dealt with occasional dissidents and hunting an electric dog is coming for the incorrigible dissidents. ”

“Margaret Lee works in her father’s second-hand shop. Today she prefers Dickens and Bronte sisters. All the more surprising Margaret, when she receives from the most famous writer of our day, Kinds of Winter, an offer to become her biographer. After all, no less than their books, Miss Winter is famous for not having told a single interviewer a word of truth. And here in front of Margaret, who turned out to be within the walls of the dark, ghostly past of the mansion, the Gothic story of twin sisters literally unfolds, which strangely echoes her personal history and gradually leads to the solution of the mystery that has led many generations of readers to insane - to secrecy "Thirteenth tale."

“1948 Difficult post-war time, devastation, hunger. Children had to grow up early, to take on adult responsibilities. The hero of the story, an eleven-year-old boy, cut off from his home, is in need, starving. He alone fights for his existence, not accepting alms and help from those around him. Thanks to the young teacher of French Lydia Mihailovna, the boy discovers a new world for himself, where people can trust each other, support and help, share grief and joy, save from loneliness. French lessons are lessons of kindness and mercy. ”

“1920s. In the streets of Petrograd, colorful and pathetic homeless children are sailing, who are caught from time to time for children's receivers. In one of them - the school named after Dostoevsky (SHKID) hungry and arrogant, but quick-witted rags gathered. This shelter of comedians is managed by an honest and intelligent director. His disarming trust taught the guys manhood, helped not to dissolve in the run of troubled times ... A bitter human comedy ... "

“Once a talented scientist Dr. Salvator saved the life of a little boy by transplanting shark's gills to him. From that day on, Ichthyander, the scientist named his adopted son, could swim under water like a fish, dive to any depth, but it was hard for him to stay on land for a long time. "

“In a distant village on the border of sea and land, she lived without a mother and was raised by her father, a sailor, the girl Assol. At this time, somewhere on the other side of the earth, far from the sea, a boy lived. His name was Gray. He was surrounded by his father and loving mother, and he lived in a big castle, with all the blessings, so as not to worry about their daily bread. Will Assol and Gray meet? And what is it like to live, waiting for a miracle, to live and search for oneself? ”

“The love story of Jane Eyre, a working governess on Thornfield estate, and Mr. Rochester, became a model of loyalty, dedication and boundless devotion.”

“The story of Romeo and Juliet, again returned to this world. Between ninth-graders Roman and Katya there is a tender and bright feeling. The mother of a young man who does not want to understand young lovers separates them from deception. Despite all the obstacles, Roma and Katya strive to be together. Failure to understand their feelings leads to tragedy. ”

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Top Ten Books for Teens

1. Susan Collins "The Hunger Games"
2. John Green "Blame the Stars"
3. Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockingbird”
4. JK Rowling Harry Potter Series
5. George Orwell "1984"
6. Anne Frank “Anne Frank Diary”
7. James Bowen "Street cat named Bob"
8. J. R. R. Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings"
9. Stephen Chboski “It's good to be meek”
10. Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre"

Will change your thinking

Harper Lee "To Kill a Mockingbird"
James Bowen "Street cat named Bob"
Markus Zusak "Book Thief"
Malory Blackman "Tic-tac-toe"
R.J. Plasio "Miracle"
Mark Haddon "Mysterious night killing a dog"
Stephen Chbosky "Good to be meek"

Make you cry

Alice Walker "Color Purple"
John Steinbeck "About mice and people"
Audrey Niffenegger "Time Traveler's Wife"
Khaled Hosseini "Running after the wind"
Michael Morpurgo "Warhorse"
Jenny Downham "While I'm Alive"
Jody Pikolt "Angel for Sisters"

Make you laugh

Joseph Heller "Trick-22"
Douglas Adams "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Sue Townsend "The Secret Diary of Adrian Moul"
Holly Smale "Jackass"
Jeff Kinney's “The Diary of a Wimp”
Louise Rennison "Angus, Thongs and Big Ass Kisses"

Teach you to love

Anne Frank Anne Frank Diary
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Judy Bloom Forever
Stephanie Meyer "Twilight"
Meg Rosoff "How I Live Now"
Emily Bronte "Wuthering Heights"
Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre"

Intrigue you

Susan Collins "The Hunger Games"
Cassandra Claire "The Instruments of Death: The City of Bones"
Veronica Mouth "Divergent"
Michael Grant "Gone"
Daphne du Maurier "Rebecca"
Derek Landy "Skelezher Slicker"
Anthony Burgess "A Clockwork Orange"

1. “It's good to be meek” Stephen Chboski

Fifteen-year-old Charlie is trying to cope with the suicide of his friend, Michael. In order to somehow get rid of anxiety and depression, he begins to write letters to a stranger, a good man whom he has never met personally. At school, Charlie unexpectedly finds a mentor in the person of an English teacher, and friends, classmate Patrick and his stepsister Sam. For the first time, Charlie decides to start a new life. He goes on a first date, kisses a girl for the first time, makes and loses friends, experiments with drugs and drinks, participates in the play “Ricky Horor” and even writes his music.

Charlie lives a relatively quiet and stable home life. But the alarming family secret, which influenced his whole life, makes itself felt at the end of the school year. Charlie is trying to get out of his head in the real world, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to fight.

2. “We are expired” by Stays Kramer

Virginia is 17 years old and she has everything a girl can dream of. She is young, beautiful, smart, about to go to Yale, she has a boyfriend, Scott, Olivia’s best friend, kind and loving parents. But at the prom, Virginia finds out that Scott is leaving her. Pretty drunk, in a fit of anger, she gets behind the wheel of a car and gets into a terrible accident. The girl remains alive, but she has both legs amputated. So in an instant the fabulous life of Virginia turns into a real hell. And the girl is increasingly thinking, is it worth living like that?

3. “Sweet Bones” by Alice Sebold

The life of one ordinary American family Salmon in an instant turns upside down when Suzy, the eldest daughter, brutally and unfairly kills a maniac.

One December afternoon, on the way home from school, the girl accidentally ran into her killer. She was lured into an underground cache, raped and killed. Now Susie is in heaven, she is watching the inhabitants of her city, who enjoy life while they are alive. But the girl is not ready to leave forever, because she knows the name of the offender, but her family does not. Suzy desperately clings to her life and watches anxiously as her relatives and friends try to continue to exist. Even more, Suzy is worried about the fact that the killer still lives next to them.

4. "Alice's Diary" Beatrice Sparks

This is the tragic and instructive story of Alice - a girl who, at a very young age, plunged into the destructive world of drugs.

It began when Alice slipped a soft drink mixed with LSD. Over the next month, she lost a cozy home, a loving family, and replaced them with city streets and drugs. They deprived her of innocence, youth. and, ultimately, life.

5. "Blame the Stars" by John Green

Hazel Lancaster was diagnosed with lung cancer at a young age. She believes that she must come to terms with what her life has become. But then, by chance, she meets a young man named Augustus Waters, who several years ago managed to overcome cancer. When Hazel, in his sarcastic tone, tries to interrupt Augustus' attempts to meet, he realizes that he has found the girl he has been looking for all his life. Despite the terrible diagnosis, young people rejoice at each new day and try to fulfill Hazel’s dream - to meet her favorite writer. They cross the ocean and go to Amsterdam to have this meeting. And although this acquaintance turns out to be not exactly what they expected, in this city young people find their love. Perhaps the last one in life.

6. “Shelter” Medellin Ru

For sixteen year old Dan Crawford, New Hampshire Preparatory College is more than a summer program, it's a lifeline. Being an outcast at his school, Dan is excited about making friends during the summer program. But when he comes to college, Dan finds out that his hostel is a former mental hospital, better known as the last refuge for mentally ill criminals.

When Dan and his new friends, Abby and Jordan, explore the hidden caches of their creepy summer house, they soon discover that it is no coincidence that the three of them were here. This refuge is the key to a horrific past, and there are some secrets that don’t want to remain buried.

7. “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver

For the most popular high school student, Samantha Kingston, February 12th - "Cupid's Day" - promises to turn into one big party: Valentine's Day, roses, gifts and privileges that you get if you are at the top of the social pyramid. And it lasted until Samantha died in a terrible accident that night. Nevertheless, she, as if nothing had happened, wakes up the next morning. In fact, Sam lives the last day of his life seven times, until she realizes that even the slightest change in her last day can affect the lives of other people much more than she thought before.

8. The Twelve by Nick McDonell

This is a story about the life of ordinary New York teenagers, written by a seventeen year old guy. Children, from whom rich parents buy money, arrange parties in luxurious mansions and do not know any other entertainment than drugs and sex, which leads to tragic and shocking consequences.

In order not to fall into such situations, you should definitely read books about sex for teenagers.

9. "The house in which ..." Mariam Petrosyan

A young man named Smoker lives in a boarding school for children with disabilities. When he is transferred to a new group, he begins to understand that this is not just a boarding school, but a building filled with terrible secrets and mysticism. The smoker learns that all the inhabitants of the castle, even the caregivers and directors, do not have names, only nicknames. It turns out that there is a parallel world and some children can move there freely. A year before his release, the guy begins to fear the real world, which is outside the walls of this house. He is oppressed by the most important question: stay or leave? Go to the real world or parallel, even if not forever?

The reader will have to decide for himself whether this House is really magical, or is it just the children's imagination?

10. “451 degrees Fahrenheit” by Ray Bradbury

Guy Montag - firefighter. His job is to burn books that are prohibited and are the source of all strife and trouble. Even so, Montag is unhappy. Marriage disagreements, hidden in the house of the book ... The mechanical dog of the Fire Department, armed with a lethal injection, accompanied by helicopters, is ready to track down all dissidents who are challenging society and the system. And Guy feels that he is being watched, waited until he makes a wrong move. But is it worth fighting for life in a society that has long ruined itself?