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How to cope with a panic attack

What should a person who periodically experience bouts of unreasonable fear do panic attacks? How to fight on your own when it seems that there is no help from anyone to expect and you are alone with this misfortune? Relatives do not understand, doctors shrug, they say that they are healthy, but the feeling that they are about to die. Endless trips to doctors like a vicious circle, from which, it would seem, can not escape. In fact, there is a solution: it is necessary to understand the problem, and most importantly, to understand that almost every person has certain vegetovascular disorders.

Panic attacks as a component of vascular dystonia

Panic attacks are a companion for people with VVD. At first we will understand in terms. Panic attack is an attack of unreasonable fear for one's health, a sense of approaching death. Attacks can be so strong that a person will rush around the room, not finding a place for himself, he can throw a shiver. High pressure, such a pulse that is not far from fainting. The lack of air, burning and pain in the chest. Symptoms can be very similar to myocardial infarction. There are pains in the heart area, which can be distinguished from angina pectoris by the fact that they are longer (several days, weeks). With a drug called “Nitroglycerin,” such pain is not relieved, whereas taking such a drug as “Validol” can alleviate the condition.

The IRR is not a disease, but a complex of symptoms indicating a disturbance in the activity of the central and peripheral parts of the vegetative system.

Vegetative dystonia is divided into several types:

  • Hypertonic is caused by hypertension, there may be unpleasant sensations in the heart, tachycardia. People with this type are subject to panic attacks.
  • Hypotonic is characterized by reduced pressure, dizziness, weakness, headaches.
  • The mixed type includes the symptoms of the other two types and is most common.

The presence of vegetovascular disorders is not dangerous for life, but they can aggravate the course of existing diseases, as well as, along with other unfavorable factors, contribute to the development of such illnesses as bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, ulcer (in the presence of irritable bowel syndrome - IBS), coronary heart disease.

Physical manifestations of psychological problems

In Russia, people are not used to go to doctors for every reason, few of us have a family doctor or personal psychologist. One financial position does not allow, the other - a frantic pace of life. Many people think that going to a psychologist is a waste of time. Constantly pursuing the question: if there is a panic attack, how to fight? Independently it is not always possible to cope, this should be remembered.

The habit of solving all problems alone often leads to a worsening of the situation and can lead to a sad outcome. There may be daily panic attacks. How to deal independently with them when there is no strength? You must ask for help from relatives who will try to understand and support. When relatives are powerless - there is no need to waste time, you should immediately contact a specialist. There is nothing wrong with that. A visit to a psychotherapist in no way suggests that a person is mentally ill, there are simply difficulties that each of us periodically experiences. For the most part we are talking about depression, which can accompany many diseases and a condition such as VVD, with panic attacks.

Can I cope with panic attacks myself? Opinion of experts on this subject

Panic attacks are accompanied by phobias: fear of suffocating, choking, dying, falling ill with an incurable illness. And the person will worry about parents, children, people dear to him.

Anything can become a trigger for a PA: psychological fatigue, stress, such factors as an accident, being in a close, stuffy bus, illness or the death of a loved one. At one of these moments, you can experience the first PA. Then they begin to repeat every day, usually in the evening. When a panic engulfs a person (whatever he does) every day, for example, at exactly 18.00, at the subconscious level, he begins to wait, worry, worry, which further aggravates the situation.

During the PA, the body is under severe stress, after which a person may feel completely exhausted.

On the other hand, knowing the exact time of the onset of the PA, you can prepare yourself morally, take all the necessary measures. The time has come: panic attacks. How to fight? Kurpatov, a well-known psychotherapist, suggests looking at all this from the other side. His books are written in simple, understandable language. People with PA should read the "remedy for the IRR."

Dr. Kurpatov says that the main thing for such people is to realize that they will not die from the PA. He gives a kind of, but very useful advice, which sounds like this: "When it seems to you that you are about to die, lie down and die." It is impossible to die naturally, and the understanding of this has a good psychotherapeutic effect.

Panic attacks: how to fight. Reviews VSDshnikov

Patients suffering from panic attacks are routinely prescribed sedatives, tranquilizers, blockers. And also prescribe a massage, exercise therapy. It is necessary to figure out whether such methods will allow the PA to win.

Judging by the reviews of patients, exercise therapy and massage have a positive effect, but sedatives are not always. Often, they want to sleep, and they do not stop attacks.

Massage helps to relax, improves blood circulation. What is so useful sport? The fact is that the PA starts because of the uncontrolled release of adrenaline into the blood. Normally, this process should occur when a person is in an extreme situation, and not sitting quietly in a chair. If you know the time to start a panic attack, you can do physical activity. It does not hurt jogging in the fresh air or exercise at home on the simulator. This is a very effective method that will help stop the attack, because the adrenaline will be much to go.

Panic Attack Treatments

The hospital will not put if tormented by panic attacks. How to deal with seizures at home? There are several ways:

  • drug treatment,
  • self-massage and sports,
  • good rest (try not to overstrain physically and morally),
  • communicating with people suffering from the same problem
  • self relaxation,
  • douche (very good for strengthening the vessels),
  • treatment of the underlying disease, if any.

You can also visit the medical facility for certain procedures, such as:

  • hypnosis,
  • acupuncture,
  • professional massage.

Rest is very important, communication with people is useful. If possible, you should go to the sea or to the sanatorium.

Drugs used in panic attacks

The next question that should be addressed in the topic "Panic attacks, how to fight," drugs used for PA. Drug treatment includes the following groups of drugs:

  • sedatives (tinctures of valerian and motherwort, means "Validol", "Corvalol", "Novo-Passit"),
  • tranquilizers ("Relium", "Elenium", "Librium" drugs),
  • adrenergic blockers (beta-blockers have the best effect, such as "Atenolol", "Anaprilin").

Folk remedies for the treatment of panic attacks

Now it is clear what panic attacks are, how to fight. Folk remedies that can offer to help in the fight against this disease? Since it is impossible to lie down or sit during a panic, and all attempts to distract yourself are in vain, you can resort to such methods:

  • Light physical exertion.
  • Keep your feet in a basin of hot water or pour cold and hot water on your knees alternately.
  • Breathing exercises (well helps breathing technique into a paper bag).
  • Write down everything that you feel; it will greatly help in understanding your fear, accepting it.
  • Drink a decoction of mint, chamomile or green tea.
  • You can try to make an infusion of the following herbs: take 4 parts of lemon balm, 3 parts of rue and 3 parts of thyme and mix thoroughly. 1 tbsp. l collection pour in a glass and pour cold water. Let stand for several hours, then drink during the day.

How to deal with a panic attack when not enough air

Consider the question: "Panic attacks, how to fight when there is not enough air?" Often during an attack, a feeling of suffocation appears: it is impossible to take a full breath (as you would like to yawn) - hyperventilation syndrome in the IRR. There is a fear of suffocating.

In this case, do the following:

  • constantly remind yourself that it is impossible to suffocate - the air enters in the required quantity,
  • breathe in a paper bag (plastic bottle, scarf),
  • drink some mint tea
  • rub the nasal sinuses with the usual “Asterisk” - this will calm, greatly facilitate breathing.

Is it possible to permanently get rid of panic attacks

You can permanently defeat panic attacks. How to fight on your own is what you need to understand to achieve this goal. Do not be upset, if not, this is not a matter of one day. Each, albeit a small victory will make a significant contribution to the fight against the PA.

It is necessary to learn self-control, understand that they do not die of PA, believe in it. And to make sure, you need to carefully understand the problem with the help of literature, to communicate with people who also suffer from panic attacks.

Features of mental disorder

Panic attack is often the result of neurosis, which occurs due to physical and mental overload. Sometimes the cause of the panic lies in mental disorder, deep depression and trauma that the child had to endure in childhood. This condition is often diagnosed in people under the influence of drugs.

Factors affecting the development of mental disorders are usually several, and they are collected in the subconscious of a person. Often the patient is hard to understand what the reason is the main, because each of them in their own way influenced the general condition.

Among the main symptoms of an attack are the following:

  • Feeling of lack of oxygen
  • Muscle spasm of the larynx,
  • Shivering all over the body and chills,
  • Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands,
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Pressure jumps
  • There is a syndrome of derealization (impaired perception of the surrounding world) and depersonalization (impaired perception of one's own actions),
  • Nausea, vomiting,
  • Feeling of anxiety and bad thoughts
  • Stomach spasm.

The experienced feeling of fear is so strong that even the memory of it causes a new attack. Most people don’t ask for help until the problem gets worse. In such a situation, the patient constantly attacks the panic and it will be extremely difficult to get rid of it.

Treatment methods

Understanding how to deal with panic attacks is quite simple if you go to a psychotherapist for a consultation. He has methods of struggle that are not available to the common man, namely, hypnosis and cognitive psychotherapy. Today, there is a DPDG treatment that can be interpreted as desensitization and processing (neurosis) with eye movements.

Basically, a person faces a problem in a difficult situation and often there is no opportunity to get a doctor. First you need to understand that such a state does not require fuss and you need to calm down. Drugs at this point will not work, because the pills will dissolve in the stomach for about 20 minutes, which means the attack is over. To remedy the situation will be able to fight panic attacks using non-drug methods. These include various exercises and methods of psychotherapy, allowing to stop an attack.

Coping with panic attacks is not easy, but you can help yourself with this. For this it is recommended:

  • To refuse from bad habits,
  • Rest more
  • Get enough sleep at least 8 hours a day,
  • Do physical exercise,
  • Daily stroll in the fresh air.

Think of another

Help yourself with how to overcome panic attacks can be due to the method of switching attention. During an attack, you need to try to distract from it, for example, to look out the window and concentrate your gaze on something third-party. Sometimes it helps to talk with a friend (on the phone), film and other interesting activities that help to think about something else.

Fighting a panic attack with this method usually significantly reduces the onset of an attack.

Anyone can take advantage of the method of switching attention, but it is important to find your support that will help during a panic attack.

It can be a game at the computer, doing a crossword puzzle, cooking food, etc. It is necessary to find among all possible activities exactly what helps most in a particular case. Such support will help to get out of the inner world and forget about anxiety by concentrating on certain actions.

Healing through lovemaking

Sexual relations are extremely important, because according to statistics, people who engage in regular sex, suffer from neurosis much less frequently. Looking for someone just for the sake of this goal is not worth it and it is better to reconsider your life, and then start looking for the second half in order to build full-fledged relationships. When it comes to couples, over time, the passion between people fades away. To prevent this, you need to spend more time on your own half. After all, couples who make love at least 1 times a week are more happy with the relationship. Consequently, neurosis in them are much less common.

Proper breathing

Panic attack causes disturbances in the respiratory system, provoking a feeling of suffocation and how to deal with it in such a situation for many remains a mystery. According to psychotherapists, you should try to focus on your breathing. To do this, slowly inhale air through the nose, imagining how it passes through the nasopharynx and goes down the trachea, expanding the abdomen during a deep breath. Then you need to slowly exhale gradually imagining how oxygen makes a way back and out through the mouth. This procedure is desirable to repeat until the complete disappearance of the attack.

Causes of rapid breathing during a panic attack lies on the excessive release of adrenaline. The described method is designed to eliminate such a phenomenon and it can be used in free time to calm the nervous system. A day is enough to spend on such a procedure no more than 5 minutes.

Paper bag use

Even a regular paper bag can solve a problem, since you can handle a panic attack by applying it to your face. Then you need to start breathing slowly into it and do it until the attack stops. This method is based on the restoration of gas balance due to inhaled carbon dioxide. If the package is not, then you can breathe in the folded hands of the boat.

Meditation treatment is a reliable means of psychotherapy for any mental disorder. Many techniques have been created, and most of them are not at all on the astral and inner chakra, but on relaxation. Sometimes it is enough to take a comfortable posture, close your eyes and imagine a place that you have long wanted to visit or some magical land with strange creatures, etc. In such a situation, you should try to forget about anxiety and fear and completely plunge into your dreams.

Method of observation from

In such a state it is difficult to think rationally, but you can try to record your fears and re-read them. At the subconscious level, they will become ridiculous for the patient and the attack will weaken or even disappear. This method is quite popular and simple, but sometimes it is difficult to use because of the trembling in the hands.

Way to visualize fear

One should give vent to the imagination and imagine what excites the most. Then you need to destroy the object of visualization by any means, for example, incinerate, eat or even run on the moon. Awareness of one’s own power can help with this, because man is his own master in his subconscious. When the fear is eliminated, the attack will gradually subside and at this moment it is desirable to imagine calmness as something pleasant and beautiful. They will need to enjoy at least 5-10 minutes, after which you can open your eyes.

Energy spiral

For this method of dealing with panic attacks, you should determine the cause of the fear and present it. Then you need to imagine the flow of energy moving in a spiral and move the perpetrator to panic. Further, it is necessary to watch as the fear of spinning clockwise until it feels calm. If the condition has not returned to normal, then you can try to change the direction of the spiral.

Spontaneous treatment

Sometimes in order to understand how to cope with panic attacks, it’s enough to turn to the elements:

  • Land. It represents stability and security. Чтобы воспользоваться этой стихией нужно удобно сесть и почувствовать надежность опоры и то как плотно стопы касаются земли. Затем необходимо осмотреть помещение вокруг себя и выбрать 3 предмета, которые следует назвать вслух, описывая детали,
  • Воздух. It helps to focus and normalize your breathing. You can use this element using breathing exercises,
  • Water. She is responsible for relaxation. During a panic attack a person is often tormented by thirst. You need to try to think about lemon or other food to improve salivation or drink water and at the same time remove the spasm from the stomach,
  • The fire. It represents the imagination with which you can think about the positive moments in your life. To use it, it is enough to think about something good or plunge into your dreams.

The combination of 4 elements is a common method of dealing with PA, but with an element of self-hypnosis. With the help of their combination, a person can get out of the inner world and feel relief.

Stream of light

The method is based on the visualization of a bright and bright stream of energy falling from the sky. One should imagine how it touches the head of the arms and legs and falls to the ground. Then you need to imagine how energy makes its way back from earth to heaven, passing through the whole body. You can repeat the procedure as many times as you like. The purpose of the method is to increase its importance and calm the nervous system at the expense of imagination.

Butterfly exercise

This method allows you to deal with the PA by simply crossing the arms on the chest. It is necessary that the left hand was placed on the right shoulder, and the other, respectively, on the left. Next, you need to gently tap with your hands while introducing yourself as a butterfly, but if after this the problem worsens, you should stop doing the exercise.

Treatment with light flux

This method of struggle implies visualization of fear on the patient's body. He needs to be well imagined, and then mentally direct a powerful flow of energy to the negative emotion, which should destroy it. This method of self-hypnosis helps to eradicate anxiety and can be repeated as many times as you like.

Panic Attack Transfer Method

R. Wilson invented such a method of combating PA and, according to his theory, a person can decide when to be afraid of and control the whole process. To do this, it is recommended immediately before the attack, or at the beginning of it, to start convincing yourself that after 5 hours you should begin to experience, but not now. After a specified time, the conversation repeats and so on until the fear finally subsides.

There is another method invented by this specialist and it is based on focusing a person on your fear. It is necessary every day 2-3 times for 2 weeks to deliberately think about your greatest experience. During this process, it is necessary to forget about all the pressing matters and think only about your fear in order to experience severe discomfort. After 10 minutes from the moment of the start of training, it is necessary to begin to smoothly exit this state. You can do this with the help of breathing exercises and thoughts about the things planned for this day. If you fight a panic attack using this method of treatment, you can achieve significant results. Fear will not seem so terrible, and the feeling of anxiety will significantly decrease.

Panic attacks must be fought, because otherwise they will not go anywhere. Methods of treatment at home are quite effective, but it only stops attacks, and does not cure the root cause. Only the psychotherapist can eliminate the culprit of such a state, therefore it is recommended to consult him as soon as possible.

What is panic attack?

Panic attacks - this is not deadly, but very, very unpleasant. A man suddenly seizes a terrible feeling, accompanied by fear of anxiety - an inexplicable feeling and this is especially painful. In combination with various somatic symptoms, these sensations for a person become simply unbearable, and if you do not curb them at the very beginning, then the matter can even reach the appearance of phobias. To prevent this from happening, it is important to learn how to deal with seizures.

Panic attacks are nothing more than the body's response to a failure in the communication of the brain with the body. This misunderstanding, like any other, can be resolved by mastering uncomplicated secrets.

Before starting any struggle, it is worth examining the enemy. What is panic attack? It lasts from several minutes to several hours of attack with a feeling of severe anxiety and fear. To put it simply: it is a malfunction in the brain's work system, the result is a kind of false alarm with the adrenaline rush, which leads the body to "alert". The body immediately responds to a potential hazard:

  • heartbeat and breathing increase,
  • sweating increases,
  • blood pressure rises,
  • nausea appears
  • tormented by insomnia.

Breathing problems can cause choking, dizziness, numbness of the limbs, even fainting. As soon as there is fear - an ally of a panic attack. A person may feel that he is going crazy, he has an incurable disease and he is dying. Naturally, he begins to scroll through all the options, and anxiety increases like a snowball. To prevent this from happening, it is important to stop the panic attack at the very beginning - at the adrenaline rush stage, not allowing the snowball to turn into an avalanche that can cover the head.

What to do when panic attacks: 12 useful tips

  1. Breathe. Breathe slowly into a paper bag (as American movie characters often do) or by placing palms to your mouth to restore breathing rhythms.
  2. Drink up. But not hot, but quite the opposite: in small sips of cold water (100-150 ml).
  3. Wash your face Cool water leads to feelings. Rinse your face, imagining how the causes of a panic attack are washed away. If you have a can of thermal water, use it.
  4. To talk With friends, relatives on the phone, with virtual interlocutors in the network, with a diary, or with a random companion, if trouble caught up with you, for example, in the subway. Talk about something pleasant, exciting for you. If there is no one around or you don’t want to talk to strangers, chat with ... yourself. Speak, and out loud (if you're at home), everything you do. Find for yourself, beloved, the words of encouragement, comfort.
  5. To distance. Realize that your emotions are short-lived and evaporate soon. So let go of your thoughts and take the position of a passive observer.

Remember: a panic attack is not a contender in a deadly fight. Therefore, do not fight, do not argue with him, otherwise the adrenaline level will rise, the alarm will increase. Mentally “stand back” and watch from the side how his forces are exhausted.

  1. Sing. If you are not in a public place, tighten the fun song by focusing on its content and mentally imagining the video sequence to the words.
  2. Take your hands Rub your palms until you feel the heat in them, remember the expander or a simple rubber ball, shake your hands.
  3. Relax the body. Ideally, lie down and turn on calm music. Imagine that you are a feather that hovers above a breathing peace in a flowering meadow.

  1. To solve problems. It doesn't matter what: remember the theorem, solve a crossword puzzle, create a new route to work, play a game downloaded on the phone, describe everything you see in front of you in a foreign language ... The main thing is to switch the brain from a panic attack to a solution of a problem.
  2. Pet the hair kitty, dog, hamster. Talk to your pet. If you have an aquarium at home - great! Look at the flowing movements of the fish and tell them how beautiful they are, how lucky you are, that you have such silent friends.
  3. Chew. For example, chewing gum. Well, if she will be menthol.
  4. Make a boss. When fear begins to slowly go away, tell yourself: “I decide everything here, because I am the main one. I blocked the "faucet with adrenaline," so that the body, calm down! You are in my power. And I'm fine!".

How to cope with a panic attack? 4 ways

This article is from the category of those where I am writing about what I experienced myself ... Panic attack syndrome can only be understood by those who have experienced it ... Sensations, I tell you, are far from weak ... Those who are suffering from them now, I want say at once: “No panic guys! You do not go "roof." You are mentally healthy people. And you will not die. " Why am I so responsibly stating this? Because I myself am a living example. So…

How to cope with a panic attack?


Enemy need to know in person. The better you know the enemy, the weaker he is.

Panic attack is a psychosomatic condition. Notice! - NOT a disease.

Signs of a panic attack:

  • severe excitement with tremor (trembling) or, conversely, sudden general weakness,
  • heart palpitations that a person "hears" (how is it? - explained below),
  • lack of air, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, lump in throat, nausea,
  • panic, desire to run whither,
  • terrible fear of death.

All listed manifestations are physical! Not mental! These sensations are caused by the failure of the autonomic nervous system (the oldest mechanism that is responsible for salvation and survival). At the same time, an imbalance of hormones is connected, which with the nervous system are sisters. The causes of disorders can be different: from momentary stresses to accumulated discontent, efforts to restrain unpleasant emotions for a long time, divorce, loss of loved ones, prolonged psychological stress or pressure. In my case, it was a constant dissatisfaction with myself. As a result, my internal degree went too high, and, against the background of normal health, I was just knocked down. Then I really believed that I was dying ... But everything turned out to be easier. The body prompted me that it was time to change my way of life, my attitude towards myself and others, otherwise ... there would be no second Chinese warning, and the consequences could be worse than the syndrome of panic attack.

Now you understand what a panic attack really is - therefore, there is no reason to fear for your mental and mental state.


Tablets, sports, walking, meditation - what will help? Everything!

This is operational psychology, where in every individual case all methods are good if they give a positive result. There is nothing shameful about taking pills (antidepressants, sedatives). Physics are treated with physics. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, and do not try to relieve the pain with breathing exercises. If you have a fever, take aspirin, and not persuade the temperature to drop. The human body is not iron. And if you need urgent help, do not test your body for strength. When panic attacks pass, usually a person calmly refuses pills, without any addiction.

Like any living creature, cat or parrot, the human body loves caring. These are walks in the fresh air, good wholesome food, light physical exertion (again, not suitable for everyone), breathing exercises. Of the latter, the sobbing breath method of Yuri Vilunas is useful.

Ask your body which way of caring suits him best? Listen, it will prompt. You have doubts whether to communicate with your own body. But you communicate with your dog, or with a cat ... and consider it normal.


Meditation, yoga, Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi. What are these methods good at? They attune spiritually to the positive through working with the body. Here, and human psychology, aura and chakras, and energy channels, in addition, all body systems are involved. What do I use? Given my case of dissatisfaction with myself, I chose the method of feasibility study (Emotional Purification Technology). The essence of which: take yourself as it is, plus 10-15 minutes of work with points on the body. Download a short and simple guide to the feasibility study here.


The main method of psychology is to understand the cause of the syndrome of panic attacks. Smoke without fire. It means that somewhere the fire is still burning, which, if not extinguished, will periodically remind of itself with smoke — that is, a panic attack. Clients often find that similar sensations — fear, anxiety — they had before, but not to that extent. It is in this “earlier” that the reason should be sought. You can start now:

  • What do panic attacks remind me of?
  • what do they look like?
  • and what is the use to me of them?

I feel that the last question I can hear from the reader: “What ?! Benefit?! That's bullshit! There is no logic! ”And who speaks of logic. And nonsense in comparison with what - with your mind, which is ready for all the right adult answers? By the way, the syndrome of panic attacks is more common in people who are prone to control themselves, others, the situation. But what dictates this control? Perhaps fear: for a child, for a loved one, fear of being left with nothing or alone ... So much for the "fire". But only in this case. The reasons for the syndrome of panic attack are many.


Panic and the fear of dying during a panic attack are dictated by body sensations, rather than mental disabilities. By the way, the explanation promised at the beginning of the article - a person “hears” a rapid heartbeat only if it occurs on nervous grounds. And you can reassure him not with heart, but with sedatives. With real heart disease, tachycardia (rapid pulse) is not subjectively felt. This is their big difference.

Panic attacks are temporary. And not for life! Often this is a hint that it is time to change your habitual way of life, attitude towards yourself and people.

Do not be alone with this state. Human psychology loves to go outside. In other words, tell about your panic attacks at least one person who understands and supports you. After all, at any moment you may need his urgent help. As many as five people knew about my attacks, I was not ashamed to talk about it, and we were looking for a way out together.

If you wish, get psychological counseling online, for example. What will help you decide what to do and what to do next. Or ask a question to a psychologist for free now.

How to cope with a panic attack - today the topic is very relevant. In different parts of the world, people suffer from fear and ignorance of what is happening to them. If you managed to achieve good results, share. Your experience and knowledge can save many.

... there is no fear in reality.

How to quickly remove the attack

If you know how to help yourself quickly, the person will not be afraid of the following attacks, and the treatment will be more effective.

Options for "first aid" for yourself:

  1. Drink some water
  2. If possible, wash,
  3. Conveniently sit and do breathing exercises,
  4. Try to turn your attention to some object - a signboard, a flower bed, a person, a TV,
  5. Apply a cold compress to your head and drink a sedative
  6. Additionally - aromatherapy, music, meditation.

Exercises to help calm yourself

For interesting memories, film, call a friend.

Imagine your fear as a tangible image, and then design how you destroy it. Remember the feeling of lightness when it disappears, and try to enjoy it.

- Earth (sit or lie down) - a sense of security,
- Air (breathing exercise) - concentration,
- Water (drink water) - peace and tranquility,
- Fire - refer to what gives vitality inside.

Before starting the first symptoms, you need to convince yourself to worry about this in, for example, 5 hours. When the time comes - “renegotiate” the contract. As the attack is postponed, its intensity diminishes, and this gives the person an understanding of his own advantage.

Pump it, and get out of this state. Such a technique will show that fear is manageable and short-lived.

Medication Treatment

Medicines are selected individually by a specialist, based on the nature of the attacks and the physiological characteristics of the person.

All drugs for the elimination and relief of symptoms of PA can be divided into groups:

The main drawback of the drug method is instability (recurrence is possible over time) and addiction.

When addictive people:

  • stop struggling with fears and problems
  • do not train the will and endurance,
  • do not know how to behave correctly in a critical situation
  • fall into a closed cycle "attack-medicine", not wanting and not understanding how to connect the internal capabilities of the body.

Proper treatment should include a comprehensive method: “drug + intrinsic motivation”. If possible, it is better to start with non-drug methods.


Go out for a walk with the dog, play with it, pick up a cat - purring helps.

It is proved that care and caress for four-legged friends will distract from gloomy thoughts and fears.

Relieve muscle tension, bring peace and pleasure. For yourself, massage your fingers, neck, ears.

Cope without pills will also help:

Hypnosis treatment

Hypnosis in the treatment of PA eliminates unpleasant symptoms, identifies and neutralizes the cause of the attack.

During therapy, the doctor helps to stop being afraid of the factor that activates panic attacks, and worry about its repetition.

The expediency of using the method is due to the following:

  • the inability of the patient to remember or explain the cause of the first attack,
  • medical intervention is contraindicated for health,
  • critical mental condition of the patient,
  • there are no contraindications to hypnotic intervention: the person is immune to hypnosis, there are incorrect attitudes, there is no confidence in the doctor or therapy in general, hysterical personality type.

Гипноз – это вмешательство в естественную работу психики.

Перед началом сеанса врач обязательно должен оценить состояние пациента.

Как вылечить ПА при беременности и после

С медикаментов можно принимать только слабые нейролептики и только в период первого триместра.

If a woman has experienced this before pregnancy, one should undergo a course of treatment, and during gestation, observe the correct sleep pattern, good nutrition, and limit yourself from any stressful situations.

In the waiting period for the baby will help:

  • Relaxing massage, aromatherapy,
  • psychotherapist sessions
  • breathing exercises (equalize breathing, calm the heartbeat, relax muscles that can carry the risk of miscarriage)
  • phytotherapy - the use of soothing herbs (only under the supervision of a specialist).

Treatment in children

Panic and fear - the normal reaction of the child's body to abnormal circumstances.

The reasonsvarious:

  • diseases of the nervous system
  • intoxication
  • heredity,
  • features of character (suspiciousness, anxiety, thirst for attention),
  • social factors (family distress, difficult living conditions or relationships).

Help for a child is medication, which is individually selected by experts, and psychotherapy. At the sessions, they will teach breathing exercises, how to manage emotions and situations, how to relax in time and correctly.

In the family it is important to surround the child with understanding and care, emotional comfort, closeness and acceptance, but without an emphasis on the disease.

Who is at risk?

“People with a high level of anxiety and, as a result, a high desire to establish control over everything they are dealing with. They absolutely do not tolerate any uncertainty, trying to control every step. And since life requires expanding goals, relationships, skills, and a person cannot give up total control, the brain is unable to cope, and at some point the body fails - and here’s a panic attack right there! ”Says Annette Orlova.

Super-demanding people also suffer from panic attacks to themselves and others. Perfectionism leads to incredible overloads, the feeling that you are missing some opportunities, that someone is doing better, as a result, the person wears out.

Such people are passionate about high goals and future projects. But in the present they are not at all. They often suffer from urgent addiction, that is, they cannot rest and experience a surge of anxiety if a couple hours of free time are given, and as a result they receive panic attacks as a prize.

How to cope with panic attacks?

“First of all, you need to quickly create maximum comfort for yourself. If possible, sit comfortably, try to take a relaxed posture, if it's hot - unbutton it. If it works, squeeze both hands sharply into a fist ten times or apply auto-training, having prepared in advance and mastered its elementary techniques. Be sure to put a pill in your mouth that can be absorbed. For this case, validol is suitable. You can use the most ordinary heart drops, if they are at hand. They have a calming effect on the nervous system, ”advises Lucius Suleimanova.

“It is also important to change thinking! This is a big and difficult path. From the negative - to the positive, from the estimated - to the host, - emphasizes Annette Orlova. - First you need to limit the so-called "eaters" of time "- social networks, negatively colored conversations, complaints, nagging. Jumping from one case to another, constant distractions - for example, when you need to be focused on business, but you can not refuse a colleague or relative to chat "about anything" - will only increase panic. "

“Try to relax and delve into your feelings as much as possible, however paradoxical it may sound. Learn to experience them like any other unpleasant feelings in your life, and as soon as the realization comes that the attacks do not kill you and nothing terrible happens in the end, you will be able to calmly observe your experiences from the outside, ”Ekaterina Fedorova advises.

Another effective way to cope with panic attacks is to keep a psycho-emotional diary in which you can describe in detail your feelings, the depth of sensations, associations and memories associated with them. In a relaxed state, try to establish the causal relationship of emotional outbursts and your actions, it is important to find a source that causes negative feelings.

Relaxation exercise against panic attacks

Relax all the facial muscles, starting with the eyes, cheekbones, jaw joint, lips, and the muscles of the hands ... Inhale, exhale, relax the muscles, inhale again, relax as you exhale.

Perform a breathing exercise, if there was an attack, - "4-4-6-6".

Breathe in at the count of four, that is, inhale and count to four.

Hold your breath and count to four more.

Then exhale into the count of six, that is, exhale and count to six.

Rest without inhaling the count of two.

A new circle - re-breath on the count of four.

The delay is four.

Exhale - at six.

In total, repeat the exercise for 5–10 minutes, and the attack will go away.

Here the most important thing is to breathe and count, because at that moment the brain switches.

How to help another person deal with panic attacks?

To help a loved one suffering from panic attacks is possible. But phrases like: “All is well”, “Do not worry”, “Calm down” - will be useless. We must understand that a person does not control himself and his body.

You can try to distract him with a story about something sweet, funny and fascinating. You can help restore breathing, that is, try breathing slowly and measured along with it (see the exercise above). You can make him lean so that his head was below the knees - this will help increase blood flow to the head.

Also, to prevent panic attack and reduce the risk of its development can be an active lifestyle. Walking in the open air, exercise, swimming, intensive walking, visiting a bath or sauna, douche, good nutrition, normal sleep, good rest after a working day - in combination, this will help avoid unpleasant conditions and live a full life of a healthy person.

Step 1. Change the diet to get rid of panic attacks.

What do you want? To burst trash and feel healthy? It does not happen. Panic attacks after meals are a common cause of their occurrence.. Therefore:

  1. Tea, coffee, mate and other tonic drinks - set aside! Drink only pure water, or neutral herbal tea. By neutral, I mean ordinary vitamin herbal teas, no frills. They should not be too active herbs like Hypericum, knotweed, yarrow or ginseng. Chamomile, lemon balm and mint are the best options. But also without fanaticism!
  2. Milk exclude! In any kind. No cheese, no cottage cheese, no yogurt, no kefir - nothing at all. Forget you already about any misconceptions about healthy calcium and other bifidobacteria. Adult animals do not drink milk and do not eat cheese. Pets do not count. They are accustomed to junk food and get sick just like people.
  3. White flour and sugar are also prohibited. I will not even say why. This is so trite. This includes honey and all sweeteners. The exception is dark bitter chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 72%. But in moderation! Per day no more than 25 grams. This is a quarter of the usual hundred gram tiles.
  4. Any fast food to exclude! Chips, crackers, snacks and other dried chews, candy and cookies, ice cream and chocolate bars, Coca-Cola, sprites and similar to them pops. Yes, you yourself know what it is.
  5. Do not overeat and do not gorge at night to dump. At least 2 hours before bedtime, eat nothing. If you are unbearable, drink a glass of herbal soothing tea or just a glass of pure water. It will help. Want to learn how to get rid of panic attacks before bedtime? Try to dissolve a teaspoon of peony spirit tincture in a glass of water. Excellent soothing!

And a few words about junk food. The fact is that all this so-called “food” very heavily loads the liver. To cope with such an incredible load, the body too often and too actively connects the kidneys to the cause. And when the kidneys are excessively active, adrenaline is produced, which whips up the autonomic nervous system, and we get the classic panic attack.

Often the question arises: what pills for panic attacks and tachycardia should be taken?


Tablets will not save you, but only exacerbate the situation. Tablets are used only in the most neglected cases, when a person is very inadequate and practically confined to a hospital bed. If you are reading this article, then this is definitely not your case.

Here I am telling how to get rid of panic attacks yourself forever without pills!

Step 2. Force in motion or how to distract yourself from panic attacks

Life requires movement.

You move very little. Your grandmother was much more active. In the last century, panic attacks were rare, and the year before they were not known at all. Neuroses have happened, but there was no panic attack. And all because people did not sit for hours on end at the computers, did not lie on the sofa, surrounded by cookies, chips and ice cream, and did not stare into the box with the next series.

Panic attacks force you to move even less. But to go out for a walk - no, no, no! What do you! There's scary - scary. What if an attack happens, and I fall right in the middle of the street in a muddy puddle and will be there lying around like a bum, and everyone will go indifferently past or look at me, wrinkling their faces from disgust. And even worse, if at all nobody will be near, and no one will save me. Oi-wei!

Often, people turn to yoga as a universal method of becoming healthy, strong, flexible, and, in passing, lose weight if it works. Now the network is full of literature and video lessons. But I do not recommend self-practice yoga.

Even such seemingly simple complexes as Surya Namaskar (Greeting to the sun), supposedly accessible to everyone from young to old, in fact, without the careful supervision of a competent teacher, can cause significant damage to your health.

But you can calmly perform ordinary morning exercises. It takes only 15 - 20 minutes of time, is really simple and accessible to everyone without restrictions. Charging will not only wake up your body in the morning, but also accelerate blood and lymph, which has a very positive effect on the body's tone. And where there is a controlled tone, there is no place for panic attacks.

The movement also helps to distract from the constant thinking of panic attacks. While you are doing something abstract, you have no time to be anxious and afraid. In addition, active movements quickly rid your body of excess cortitol, a stress hormone.

In the evening, I recommend doing light stretching or flowing movements from Chinese qigong gymnastics. They are closer to meditative practices than to physical education. Very well soothe and relieve stress. This is exactly what many of us now lack.

How to stop being afraid of panic attacks? I recommend learning a fairly simple gymnastics "18 forms of Tai Chi-Qigong." At one time, it was she who helped me cope with panic attacks. I still, for 6 years now, have been doing it with pleasure before bedtime, and I advise you.

In the active movement, in addition to the obvious physical utilities, there are also implicit psychological ones. As you move, your attention is focused only on movement and breathing. Thus, motor activity also distracts you from endless disturbing thoughts.

How to stop being afraid for your own heart? Here is an excellent quote from the singer, journalist and director Elena Pogrebizhskaya, who survived the horror of the panic attacks (link):

Panic attacks themselves are not lethal. Even more so, when it seems to a panic player that his heart will now break from tachycardia or stop, he is mistaken. On the contrary, such “attacks” not only do not harm the heart, but also strengthen it. About the same as during sports load. So people exposed to panic attacks are not only not “heart-sick” - they are much healthier than many ...

Step 3. Getting rid of stressors - common causes of panic attacks

A person does not choose his illness, but he chooses stress - and it is precisely stress that chooses illness.
Irwin Yalom

You yourself are well aware that stressors - these are the very things that drive us into stress. Life without stress does not happen, no matter how cool. But to resist them can and should be. The main thing is not to save them in yourself. Accumulated stress just shoot panic attacks at the most inopportune time. Therefore, we will purposefully “let off steam” until the pot has burst from overvoltage.

The first thing to do is to compute the heaviest stressors. You will get it without difficulty. Someone has a hateful, hateful job, another has a lack of money, the third has an inadequate relative or spouse (s), etc.

But what to do with it?

There are two ways: either to fix the problem, or to step aside yourself. In some cases, the first option is possible, in most others - the second. And this is understandable: you cannot get a relative anywhere, you will not become rich overnight, it is also problematic to change jobs.

But everything is solved! It is important to learn how to solve your problems, and not to dismiss them, like “maybe it will resolve itself”. Do not resolve! If you are tired of your work - look for another. If the other is not - look for advantages in the one that is.

Head up ham? Relative bastard? Naughty children? Get to know them better. Why are they like that? Perhaps the problem is yourself? You yourself have inspired something, but in fact these people are quite normal, you just need to find the right approach to them.

There are no hopeless situations. Now, if you were on Mars without food, water and air for the next hundred years, then this is a real problem.

Until you resolve your main sources of stress, you cannot get rid of panic attacks.

The main stressor that almost everyone has and which must be systematically and ruthlessly disposed of is our endless anxieties about the future. You need to literally constantly drag yourself into the present moment and remind yourself that the future has not happened yet, it simply does not exist, and when it does come, it will not be at all the way we imagine it. It is impossible to predict. And we just do it all the time.

Step 4. Getting rid of the fear of new panic attacks

Who has known the fullness of life, does not know the fear of death. Fear of death is only the result of unfulfilled life.
Franz Kafka

Working with your fears is not an easy thing, but necessary. If you cannot overcome your fears alone, ask a friend or relative to help you. It will be necessary to act decisively and purposefully.

Choose in the first place exactly what scared you during the first panic attack. Either the place where it happened. And work with it until you overcome your fear.

If you had a panic attack on the subway, and now you are afraid to even go there, then this is exactly what you have to work with, overcoming fear. You can, as I said, ask someone of your friends to ride along with you on the same route on which you grabbed.

At the same time, carefully monitor your feelings and constantly remind yourself that you are doing this on purpose to overcome your fear. Watch your breath. If you feel that fear is rolling, deliberately breathe slowly and stomach, and not quickly and chest.

If you do not have the opportunity to ask someone for help, then act independently. Just move on a little bit.

In the same metro for the first time, it is enough just to go down the escalator and immediately go up. Next time you can already dare not just to go down, but to go one or two stops and go back. And so on.

The meaning of these actions is not to get scared again, but to show your subconscious that there is absolutely nothing to fear. This is gained repetitions, for several times, as an ordinary habit. You are like a bystander, as if watching who is scaredrather than experiencing this fear yourself. It is important to step back from the situation. This is not the first time, but it turns out over time and certainly helps.

Step 5. The right attitude to get rid of panic attacks

Correct - read positive. Yes! Exactly. To succeed, you must have a positive attitude. But how to do that? It is easy to talk about it when everything is fine with you, and nothing sausages. A person suffering from panic attacks is constantly under pressure of fear and anxiety. Consciousness is most often narrowed, barely enough strength to keep afloat and not to leave the coils completely. What kind of positive thinking, and even more so about decisiveness, can we talk here?

Here the right books will help you.

What books to read from panic attacks

I highly recommend finding the books of Dr. A. V. Kurpatov, especially one book called “Remedy for vegetative dystonia"(This is the old name, the new - in the picture below).

Books contain a lot of useful materials that are submitted in an accessible, and most importantly - an easy and optimistic manner. This is what you are now extremely lacking. I do not think that in this state you will want to delve into the wilds of NLP or the classical psychology of states.

Personally, Kurpatov’s books helped me a lot to understand the problem and its causes. That, in turn, prompted the choice of the right path, and in the end I got rid of panic attacks.

Также рекомендую найти и послушать (именно послушать в записи, а не почитать) настрои Г. Н. Сытина.

Возможно, вы уже слышали о его легендарных настроях. Во время второй мировой войны этот человек получил массу тяжелейших ранений и был списан с 1 группой инвалидности. Врачи даже не верили, что он вообще выживет. Но постепенно он сам себя восстановил при помощи придуманных им словесных настроев (аффирмаций).

There are a lot of moods: for general recovery and rejuvenation of the body and for recovery of specific parts of the body. I recommend finding already-read tunes in audio format. When you feel bad, there is nothing better than someone's confident voice that suggests to you that you are completely healthy.

Believe it works. When depression depressed me after several panic attacks, it was Sytin's attitudes that helped me to pull myself literally by the hair out of this viscous swamp. Starting to listen with distrust, by the end of the first session, for the first time in six months, after the first panic attack, I sincerely smiled. And believed!

From the moods I recommend to first listen to the mood for heart strengthening. This will give you confidence in your own little engine, and you will no longer be afraid of attacks of tachycardia caused by panic attacks. Next, listen to the mood for general health-rejuvenation. Enough to do it once a day. The effect will be required.

That's the whole program to get rid of panic attacks. There is nothing new and nothing complicated. All this with a certain perseverance and interest is available to any person. And you are interested in exactly 200%, so I know that. Apply a bit more perseverance, a little stubbornness and a bit more than usual, fearlessness. And then you will succeed!

The right attitude - the key to success!

Think about this. Surely you have repeatedly had a logical question: why the hell did this attack fall on me? Not a drunken neighbor or a malicious grandmother at the door, not a nasty work colleague or a mean traffic cop who fined you last week for speeding, not a rich oligarch or one of your friends, friends, but that was you. What is the punishment?

Let's just say: you should be proud of yourself. According to the observations of the same psychotherapists, panic attacks most often affect the nature of a thin, highly educated and intelligent. So you and cards in hand. Take all these steps and systematically implement them in your life. Intelligence and a high level of intelligence will help you with this.

And further. Do not try to cling to the past. In the sense that you do not need to want to “return everything back,” as it was before, when you were not bothered by panic attacks. I understand you very well. Itself more than once dreamed about it. Panic attacks have a most unpleasant property: you are sure that they themselves will not pass, as they do not treat with all sorts of drugs. After all, this is not some kind of flu, sore throat or acute respiratory infections, about which you know for sure that they will pass, and everything will become as before - well and carefree.

After the appearance of the first panic attack, everything in your life changes. You stop trusting your own body. That feeling of carelessness that was earlier vanishes. It is because the panic attack can occur suddenly and, as they say, out of the blue.

However, know that in the past you were not really carefree. It was not carelessness, but stupid carelessness. You fed your poor body tons of junk food, stuffed it with terrible news, thrillers and horror movies on the box (and you thought it was just like that, entertainment and does not affect anything?), Saved up in yourself stress and other tensions. Did you seriously believe that all this will not leave you sideways in the future? Yes, you did not even think about it. And it would be worth it. Now you have something to ponder. And there is work to do.

How to get rid of the morning panic attacks

This is also a frequent request for finding this article. The answer is simple - with the morning panic attacks should be fought in the same way as with any other - evening, day, night, holiday, etc. There is no particular difference.

Another thing, if you confuse the usual morning hunger with a panic attack. I recommend reading the article on hypoglycemia.

The fact is that a sharp drop in blood sugar, which is called an attack of hypoglycemia, its symptoms are very similar to a panic attack. And it happens quite often in the mornings, corny from hunger, especially for those who like to sit on all sorts of diets and “medical fasting”.

I knowingly took the last phrase in quotes. Because only the process prescribed by the attending physician can be therapeutic, and for very good reasons. If you suddenly decide to starve in order to "clean up, get rid of toxins, lose weight, etc.", then it is not a fact that your body will be very happy about it. And get a banal attack due to hunger is very, very simple.

Can panic attacks be cured forever?

100% yes! But you must understand that this is not the same thing as pulling out a bad tooth and settle down on it. Type more nothing to hurt, and you can score at all.

In order for the PAs not to return, it is necessary to keep yourself in shape — not to burst any garbage, to actively move, to meditate, to get enough sleep, to think positively, that is all.

And then you can safely say that you will be fine.

Download and print the manual “How to quickly remove a panic attack” to immediately find and read as soon as an attack occurs. Or send the link to those who may need it.

If the article turned out to be useful for you and helped to cope with panic attacks or at least reduce their number, please write in the comments what exactly helped you - meditation, exercise, changing diet or all of this together?

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