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24 ideas for using mirrors in the interior

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Wall mirror in the hallway or in the bathroom - the standard decor options, familiar to all of us. But such rigid frames limit the decorative possibilities of mirrors. We talk about unusual ways to use mirrors in the interior, which will definitely benefit him.

2. Laconic, but almost spectacular stained glass

It is possible to make a similar home decor by our own efforts. It will turn out to draw black outlines with the help of special paints for glass or to make them by sticking black tape on the mirror surface. The main thing - to gently apply the contours, and then the stained glass window will look decent.

3. Mirror art canvas

Even the most primitive drawing, the canvas for which is a mirror surface, will look like a real work of art. There are several options for its application. Sandblasting method is only for professionals in specialized workshops. Such a picture on the mirror can be made to order. A simpler way is to paint the image yourself using special glass paints.

4. Mirrors are also relevant in the kitchen.

Mirror kitchen apron is a non-standard solution that will add sophistication to any interior. This apron is easy to use: to clean it from dirt, you can use a special tool for cleaning a mirror or glass. This way it is easy to remove even greasy traces.

5. Glittering Mosaic

If there was no ready-made mirror mosaic on sale, then it can be made on its own. It is enough to grind the old mirror with a hammer, and use the resulting fragments as a mosaic. Similarly, you can decorate as a separate panel, and the whole wall.

7. Instead of a picture

Square or rectangular mirror suspended above the sofa, where the picture is usually located - the original version of the decor for the living room. To enhance the similarities with the picturesque work of art, choose a medium-sized mirror.

9. Mirror duo with chandelier

Mirrors around the ceiling on the chandelier not only play the role of decor, but also perform practical functions. This simple technique will increase the degree of illumination of the room in the evening. After all, the light of the chandelier will be reflected in the mirrors.

13. Divide the room

Mobile partitions, which are used as a means of zoning that can be replaced, are most often made of glass. Try to replace the glass mirror, and the interior will change.

Another kind of functional decor, without which it is impossible to imagine any living space - these are lamps. If you want to look at the truly original models, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with 20 unique design lamps that will make life brighter.

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1. Mirror as an architectural tool

Finishing the alcoves with mirror glass creates an illusion that makes you think that the chimney is located right in the middle of the room. The interior of the room, reflected in the mirrors, allows it to appear much more spacious and lighter.

3. Mirror over the fireplace

The soft, muted tones used by the decorator in this living room are reflected from the mirror surfaces of the fireplace - the focal point of the room - and create graphic reflections. This arrangement of mirrors - directly opposite the window - makes the room much brighter.

5. Maximum of windows in the bathroom

Mirrors - the effective assistant in many difficult situations connected with dressing. They can visually make room space twice as large, emphasize the proportions of the interior elements in a spacious room, create an “extra” space, reflect both natural and artificial light or a candlelight, and give attractiveness and efficiency to the whole room or an inconspicuous corner. Mirrors can be arranged in groups or separately, have a completely flat surface or ingenious inlays. They can even become an object of art when they are decorated with patina, engraving, painting, eglomise technique or other decoration.

In this bathroom, the designer used smooth mirror panels located at different angles to each other to create a kaleidoscopic effect.

7. Table decoration with mirror paper

London-based designer Emma Piscod combines traditional technique eglomise with fine Japanese washi paper to create modern decorative finishes for interior and architectural projects. A unique mirror finish from Emma can transform anything - from a small piece of furniture to the interior as a whole.

8. Mirror mosaic in the bathroom

Finishing specialist Dominic Schuster and designer Hugh Griffith have joined forces to create these aged mirrored wall panels for the bathroom. The reverse side of the mirror panels is trimmed with a cloth with a pattern, which created as a result of a unique effect of antique glass.

14. Convex mirrors in the corners of the room.

One of the greatest masters of the use of convex mirrors in the interior was the architect of the XIX century. John Soun - he used them to manipulate light and create optical illusions. In his London house, now turned into a museum, there are many mirrors that allow you to illuminate even the darkest corners. If the interior of your house, just like this one, is not minimalist, the curved mirrors will make it even more interesting.

16. Mirror wall above the fireplace

The designer of this living room used the fireplace and chimney trim with mirrored panels as an alternative to the traditional mirror above the mantelpiece. Creating a feeling of open, air space, mirrors reflect walls that are not occupied by shelves.

17. Large mirror next to the stairs

In this hallway one of the walls is occupied by a large mirror consisting of two inclined panels. In a rather narrow, cramped room, the mirror magically pushes the walls, makes the ceiling higher, creating the illusion of spaciousness, and reflects the staircase and living room opposite.

18. Three large floor mirrors in massive frames

Reasonably arranging three mirrors in massive frames in the living room, from the windows of which a view of the magnificent landscape opens, the designer gave an opportunity to each of them to reflect a part of this landscape, making the room even more spacious and open.

Shape and space

Mirrors visually increase the space of narrow and small rooms (the main problem of "Khrushchev" and "Leningrad"), but a lonely hanging mirror in a narrow corridor is unlikely to expand its boundaries. 3, 5, 10 mirrors of different sizes can help you create your own looking-glass. In a classic interior, such mirrors will look framed in thick stucco frames (perhaps with a little light). For modern styles, multi-colored narrow frames of various shapes (round, triangular, five-pointed, etc.) are possible with matting (drawing a picture on a glass surface) popular images from films, comics, and sports. Reflected in several mirrors at the same time, the lamp lighting will create visual space throughout the room.

To create a spatial picture of the design that will revive and complement the interior, use mirror surfaces.


It is important that the mirrors on the opposite walls do not reflect themselves, otherwise you risk getting not only an aesthetic cacophony, but also a psychological one. It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable with the rasterization of your personality, each time passing along such a corridor. Opposite the mirror you can hang a photo of your loved one in the same frame, and now it will be twice as favorite.

With the help of a mirror, you can make a decorative accent, the reflection of objects and elements will be accompanied by an original effect of asymmetry.

Light scattering

To create muffledness, you can screw in light bulbs of lesser power, and replace standard mirrors with opaque or textured amalgam for polished metal. As an alternative, aluminum, copper or even silver plates rubbed to a shine will fit. A great option for modern.

The mirror is an effective assistant in many difficult situations related to decorating a room, because you can create your own unique mirror surface, which no one else will have

Broken reflections and a curved mirror in the interior

Another idea is mirroring the corridor for people with a sense of humor. Make curved mirrors to order and decorate with them one of the free walls (can be in the form of applications or one size, lined up). Even the gloomiest mood on Monday morning will be replaced by a cheerful mood with such a variety of author's grimaces and sizes.

It is the modern and avant-garde styles that most gratefully respond to the use of various unusual mirrors.

You can create a warm and cozy atmosphere for your apartment, home or office using decorative mirrors, because these are elegant, creative and elegant products.

Mirrors on the ceiling

Mirror ceiling inserts - a fairly popular version of the interior decor. A room with such a ceiling becomes visually much more spacious and lighter. Mirror ceilings in family bedrooms are especially popular. The purpose of this decor, we leave for self-study.

If you want to visually raise the border of the ceiling and enhance the lighting, ceiling mirrors will be an excellent design solution.

The cabinet with a mirror can be used as an alternative to the usual wall mirror.

Luxurious view of home plants

One of your hobbies is home plant growing? Do not be lazy to turn 3-4 pots with begonias on the balcony shelf into a real blooming front garden. The rear-mounted mirror surface will multiply your green leaves tenfold.

With the help of a well-placed mirror, objects in the interior of the room can not only be discreetly distinguished, but also multiplied

Mirror panel

Fragility - the main drawback of the mirror surface. If it is necessary to install a large-area mirror cloth, there is a way to divide the surface into several parts. A mirror panel may consist of geometrically regular figures (splitting into squares or stripes) or of chaotic "fragments". Moreover, the distance between the dividing lines can be both minimal and with a small spread.

Rectangular mirror without frame suitable for almost any room.

The charm of the fusion style in the interior design of the room, where the center of attention is the mirrors of the refined form in a thin gold frame

Sconces, floor lamps and mirrors

Your living room will turn into a hall for ceremonies if you hang a sconce or install a floor lamp on a long leg in front of a narrow 30-40 cm mirror stripe (it is possible according to the level of the floor lamp or the entire height of the wall).

Hinged mirrors, if it is not a bathroom, are suitable exclusively for large rooms.

A miniature mirror mosaic is appropriate in the decoration of a textured wall (for example, when finishing with decorative plaster) of a room of small dimensions. Catching a reflected ray of light, no matter from which source, the mirrored surfaces will visually fill the room with light and play with playful highlights. This technique is also appropriate when making an apron in a small kitchen. Instead of decorative tiles, you can use a mirror insert of the same size with matting or geometric separation.

The dazzling combination of a mosaic kitchen apron and silver utensils

Mirrors of irregular shape or frame will help to emphasize, complement and bring decorative "flavor" to the interior.

What do we know about mirrors?

Somewhere on the subconscious, most of us assume that when choosing a mirror for the house, the main thing is that it is at a distance of 175-190 cm from the floor in order to fit the top of the head, as well as in width so that the person fits completely.

It does not have to be in the floor and some special form, the main thing is to see yourself. What a pity that few people think about other, very important functions of the mirror surface.

Whatever one may say, but a mirror differs from everything else in decoration by one important feature, it reflects. Everything around and all around, which gives them the ability to visually expand the space of the room, is, of course, just a hoax, but what a beautiful and magical!

Why is everyone used to, that pictures should hang on the walls or, at most, some collages, and why nobody thinks about how many small mirrors dressed in a frame on one wall will look nice?

After all, every day, passing through such a “picture” gallery, you will see many renewed portraits of yourself, your beloved.

And beautiful mirrors in such an unusual description can look interesting in any room: in the bedroom, hallway, bathroom or living room!

Another variant of this idea is if each mirror is hung at a slightly modified angle, at least 5 °, then any of them will show their reflected part of the room, and this can be not only the opposite wall, but also the ceiling, the floor, as well as others. hard-to-reach room areas. In this simple way, you can create a whole still life from pieces of your own apartment.

For very small rooms with an irregular shape, it is best to use large integral mirrors that visually correct the shapes and give the room volume.

Large mirrors of rectangular, square or oval shape must be framed in the frame, and it is important that they combine in their structure and pattern with your overall interior. Mirror surfaces of unusual shapes, which, by the way, are now quite popular, cannot be framed in frames, they should be mounted on the wall in its original form.

By the way, about unusual forms. Recently, more and more, it is precisely the non-standard sizes and shapes of mirrors that are valued, for example, in the form of hearts, the sun, some animals or insects, the image of architectural masterpieces, for example, the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

Best of all these unusual shapes look on the walls, which are painted in one, and, best of all, bright color. In the end, it turns out very nice and modern images.

Window to the world

It turns out that instead of the usual for us windows, which reveal the beauty of the real world, in your house you can organize a kind of snag, which performs approximately the same functions.

To do this, you need to hang a mirror sheet, which in appearance completely repeats your windows, it is desirable to place it in a wall niche.

Such an unusual mirror must be decorated, which is easy to do with your own hands without much material costs and anxiety. Above our new "window" be sure to fasten the eaves, on which you can position light tulle to match your rest decor.

Be sure to provide your "mirror" solution with a shelf that will play the role of a window sill. It is possible to place still life objects on it - a vase with fruit or a room flower, another, more extravagant solution, is small lamps, the light of which will be reflected in the mirror surface, resembling real sunlight.

Such an imitation of light will surely give your room additional illumination and depth of space. Another option is to place a mirror on the slope near the window, thereby visually expanding its borders. Such a simple technique will expand the space by reflecting everything that happens by law.

All sorts of ideas on how to use mirrors in the decor, and not count, someone, for example, may not be interested in a new, but very interesting way of expanding space - a mirrored ceiling.

To decide on such a bold step in the bedroom is the personal will of everyone, but the mirrored ceiling in the living room or above the dining table is a very interesting decision.

If you believe the Chinese, then this decor is able to reflect not only pieces of furniture, but also the feelings that live in a particular room. Thanks to this multiplied effect, love and goodies on the table will be twice as much, and well-being and prosperity will never leave your home.

Dimensions and location

Before installing any kind of mirror in the room it is very important to familiarize yourself with all the nuances that may appear during installation.

  • the size of a large mirror in the range of 1.7-1.9 m,
  • to be displayed in full height, a surface 140 cm high is needed, up to the knees - no more than 120 cm, 60 cm to the waist, only a head - 40 cm,
  • significantly increase the room mirror from the ceiling to the floor,
  • the smallest in width is not less than 0.3-0.4 m,
  • when located in the work area, we face a nuisance - a constant struggle with fingerprints and other contaminants,

The mirror becomes the final detail when creating the interior

  • the composition of several small accessories is raised from the floor by 1.5 m,
  • wall structures set at eye level, so as not to bend down in trying to consider the reflection,
  • ошибочно зеркальные поверхности размещать напротив друг друга, так квартира превратится в лабиринт, вместо визуального расширения пространства,
  • we avoid working with splinters with raw edges, so as not to be injured,
  • If you hang in the zone of direct exposure to sunlight, the surface from heating quickly dims. Lighting should fall not on the accessory, but on the interior items that are displayed in it.

For decorating rooms, use the property of mirrors to display streams of light.. Competently placed interior details will transform dark rooms, and add volume to narrow corridors. If the accessory is hung not directly, but at a certain angle, the amount of furniture in the room visually increases or an endless corridor is created.

Exquisite and original doors

Functionality and Purpose

We choose the shape of the mirror relative to the function that will be performed in the interior of the apartment. All options are discussed with family members to take into account preferences:

  • vertical direction - make the cloths higher, allow you to see yourself upright,
  • horizontal - “pushing” the walls, but the ceilings seem low,
  • square and rectangular shape - will complement the strict classical style,
  • oval and round shape - most often used in the decoration of hallways,
  • figured or in the form of a triangle - made to order, decorate the apartment of creative people with extraordinary thinking,
  • Framed - perform a decorative function.

Unusual solution with flowers

Mirror surfaces not only reflect the world around, but also become an indescribable part of the decor. Let's make a pattern for a mosaic in order to decorate the walls with fiction, in parallel with “expanding” or “raising” the ceilings.

Front door with mirror

Such doors will save the space of a narrow corridor. In a small apartment we install a standard door with a mirror on the inside. For a country house we choose the outer surface, complemented by forging or bars.

Visually increase the space

We decorate the door:

  • A quick look to fix hair, is an unconscious instinct, so the decision to get a door with a mirror like a modern lady.
  • Harmoniously fits into any style. It is combined with country, classic and even African style, suggesting the installation of accessories in the walls.
  • These doors are in harmony with any furniture in the hallway. Most often acquire panels of ash, bleached oak or wenge.
  • The door design involves the manufacture of panels more than 12 mm in thickness, when compared with the standard - 10 mm.
  • Visually, the walls are moved apart, so we will arrange a new space in the hallway and corridor.

This option will be the main highlight of the house

Mirrors on the wall

Mirror surfaces increase narrow rooms, visually expand the usable space. If you hang one mirror at the end of the corridor, this erroneous method will not add to the attractiveness of the apartment. You should think of a composition of several accessories so that the space will play.

Mirror surfaces increase narrow rooms

Shard panel

A bold decision to cut the mirror surface into strips or squares to embody the idea of ​​decorating a larger section of the wall. You can place splinters abutting or leave space. Even if during the operation one square disappears, it can easily be exchanged for a similar element.

A bold solution for the interior

We do not mount mirrors on opposite walls. It is best to hang a picture opposite or family photo. So the interior will not be overloaded, and the space will visually become larger.

Mirror ceiling

Increasingly used in the design of ceilings. We place an ordinary mirror or make a mosaic of pieces, increasing and “raising” low ceilings. Lay out any pattern in pieces, even a novice will learn to work with them. You can make a mirror cornice, running it around the perimeter of the room. Luxurious reception looks in the bedrooms of classic style.

Textured walls

If part of the wall is decorated with decorative plaster, we supplement it with a mosaic of mirror fragments. Also make out the transition between the plastered wall and wallpaper. The light will fall on the mosaic, expanding the space. The light source is not important, even if it is not the sun's rays, but the built-in light.

Use of light

For the modern style we use models with a matte surface, and the bulbs are replaced by less powerful ones. Complement the composition of copper or aluminum plates, rubbed to a shine, which is placed on the walls.


We decorate the wall not with a mosaic, but with mirrors in frames of different shapes. So we make the ceiling lower, this method "breaks" the wall with small elements. Gallery on the wall is suitable for living room decor, it will add home comfort.

Mirrors in the interior of the living room and their functions

To get started, carefully look at the room, describe the pros and cons in planning, and only then choose the shape, size and suitable place for the mirror.

If you correctly place the surface, you can pretty well emphasize the idea of ​​the room or hide defects on the walls.

But the main thing that stands out is the mirrors in the living room interior that can visually expand the space.

If you have chosen the correct form of such a decorative element, then there is an opportunity to perceive the room in a different way.

When you need to select any designer detail, place a mirror opposite it. Thus, it will be accent in the living room.

The main concepts of placing mirror surfaces in the living room

Mirrors have a sufficient number of advantages, you can use them when they are properly placed.

In order to avoid problems, let's look at the options for placing surfaces.

  • Use not one mirror in the interior, but several, but do it very carefully, if they are opposite each other, the room will seem confusing.
  • If a large room does not need to hang a mirror on the ceiling, the effect of this effect on some residents may be constantly dizzy.

Mirror placement

Nowadays, the assortment of mirrors is large, so making the right choice is sometimes very difficult.

Framed mirrors

The choice of such mirrors should be carried out quite carefully the product should complement the previously used direction.

Today, mirrors without a frame are widely demanded. They fit under minimalism.

Having studied the style, we can say that it is practical and does not like to use too bright and in a large number of decorative elements. Pick a large mirror on the wall, this option will increase the space.

Furniture items with mirror inserts

Attributes fit for almost all design ideas. Mirror blotches will affect the room and give it a stylish and trendy look.

Products are durable and reliable with a long service life. And all thanks to modern technologies that were used for manufacturing.

Compositions from small mirror details

The mirror on the wall in the living room can add extraordinary beauty to the appearance in the room. If you wanted to make the room original, mirrors of unusual shapes and sizes with identical frames will help.

Spectacular combinations can be the most real and individual decoration of the hall. Photo mirrors in the living room will show whether to even use them for your own home.

Lighting and mirrors

In order for the mirror surfaces to fully cope with their functions, they must be equipped with light sources.

LED strips around the perimeter, will create an excellent and unique look that easily blends into any interior.

Create the living room of your dreams, fantasize, especially with the basic concepts of mirrors and their applications, we introduced you.

Sometimes a person is not able to independently pick up a mirror in his house. Do not panic, but ask for help from experts. Dare!

Mirrored wardrobe

Wardrobe with mirror facades - always a win-win for a small bedroom. In order that the facade does not seem too trivial and boring, additional matting with drawing patterns repeating the decor of the walls will provide a balanced image of the finished interior.

With the help of a mirror wardrobe you can easily and effortlessly increase the space of a small room.

We decorate the nursery

For a child's room, contour mirrors fit the patterns of recognizable cartoon characters. For example, a mirror in the form of Mickey's mouse or McKwyn's Lightning racing car for boys, or the floating little fairy Din, Peter Girl's girlfriend in the girls' bedroom are great solutions.

A teen's room is where the most varied selection of shapes and frames opens up.

Wall decor

A narrow mirror tile, mosaic or strip can play the role of a decorative lintel between the joints of two dissimilar surfaces on a flat wall, for example, when moving from plaster to wallpaper or from one color to another.

If you prefer extravagance, then fragments of broken mirrors are perfect for the interior of your room. Mirror fragments reflect the light better than the whole mirror, and also help to expand the space

Steampunk style element in the interior: a large mirror of the radial sections

Mirrors and fireplaces

Mirror canvases are widely used in decorating the back wall of false fireplaces. Candles in the fireplace imitation portal, reflected by lights in recessed mirrors or mosaics, create the full effect of a large flame.

Mirrors can also be used in the falsekamina portal, because when the fire of candles is reflected in the mirrors, a graphic reflection is created.

Best review

For comfortable work at the desk or when playing the piano, when you are sitting with your back to the door, it is recommended to hang a small mirror at the level of your eyes. So you will immediately see all incoming, not looking up from the case.

White walls can be decorated with mirrors of different shapes and sizes, the resulting “row of windows” enlivens the room and makes it much lighter.

Completely changing the look of the room with the help of decorative baguettes and moldings (imitation of stucco) and a large mirror from floor to ceiling

Round mirrors can be used as a decorative element, as they have the promise of a “sun”

The use of mirrors in the interior.

If you decide to use mirrors as a decorative element, you should follow a few simple rules:

  1. It is better to use mirror cloths of approximately the same size, preferably small or medium.
  2. If the mirror panel has a non-standard form, then it should not be framed frame.
  3. If the mirror is square, oval or round, it should be placed in a spectacular frame.
  4. Frames for mirrors are better to choose the same, so the overall composition will look harmonious and harmonious.
  5. Especially actual use of the same frames will be for different-sized mirrors.
  6. When creating a wall mirror composition, it is important to avoid excessive clutter, often five mirrors framed with stylish frames are enough for a harmonious image.
  7. Frames in harmony with the general decor of the room look impressive, for example, a wooden frame can be combined with a wooden dining table.

In general, according to the assurances of professional designers, the composition created with soul and at least partially using the rules described above will look good.

Nowadays, the non-standard form of decorative mirrors, for example, carved in the shape of butterflies, the Eiffel Tower, puzzle, hearts, penguins, motorcycles, fish, etc., is increasingly valued. When purchasing such mirrors, it is important to realize that they must be combined in style with the rest of the furnishings in the room. For example, butterflies, mice, penguins and other “animals” will look good in a fresh interior, made in white, yellow, blue or green.

Above, I mentioned that it is better to select mirrors of approximately the same shape and frame identical frames, but there is an exception - vintage interiors, chic and retro interiors. Often these interiors are decorated with different sweetheart things, sometimes not quite compatible with each other ... But be that as it may, in the above interiors it is quite possible to use differently decorated mirrors, which is strictly forbidden in ultramodern interior designs.

Mirrors in the interior photo

In the corridor

In the corridor, the decor item has a practical function. There is no need to hang decorative mirrors, but to give preference to one wide or several narrow horizontal sheets.. They create a smooth transition from the entrance to the living rooms.

In the interior of the hallway

Several small mirrors are hung on the walls of long corridors. We equip accessories with lighting, we install several wall lamps. To expand the space needed wardrobe, equipped with doors with a reflective surface.

In the hall

We install a mirror in the hallway, even if there is no space for a dresser or a padded stool. The decor object not only performs a practical function, but also becomes a decoration of the room.

In the corridor, the decor item performs a practical function.

Recommendations for installation in the hallway:

  • A narrow hallway will visually expand the mirror over the entire surface of the wall. There is also a reception with furniture, equipped with mirror cabinets and doors.
  • Choose models with hooks, shelves or drawers.
  • Lovers of originality equip an accessory of unusual shape.
  • At low ceilings we will install reflective stretch ceilings or ceiling tiles.
  • We nail several small mirrors with identical frames along the wall or make a composition from frames of different configurations.
  • An inexpressive hallway is decorated with a large mirror canvas in a beautiful frame. For minimalism, choose a laconic frame, for ethnic style - decorate with leather or twine, baroque and gothic - oval frames of wood, covered with patterns.
  • Mirror cabinets - carry the functional load. In them we hide keys, small accessories, means for care of clothes and footwear.
  • If you want to put a picture and a mirror in the hallway, hang a mirror picture on the wall.
  • Small mirrors in the original frames will complement the composition of photographs and paintings.
  • We will revet the walls and niches with mirror tiles. So in the hallway will add light, there will be more space.
  • We combine mirrors with illumination; we place small lamps next to the decor elements.

In trend use of furniture with a mirror surface. Bedside tables, dressers, hangers and shelves will help to hide clothes and cosmetics, at the same time fit into the overall style.

For the bathroom choose a large reflective surface that can withstand the effects of moisture and steam. When buying we are interested in the material for the frame so that the expensive purchase does not become a disappointment. The Provence style will be supplemented with heavyweight structures with an artificially aged frame, for high-tech we select glass or aluminum frames, the classic ones are rectangular models with strict frames.

For the bath choose large reflective surfaces

Increase the space of the reflective surface under the bath. To make it last longer, we use shockproof material. We hang on the walls multifaceted mirrors that do not have clear boundaries.

Choosing mirrors in the bathroom

When choosing mirrors in the bathroom of a small apartment, we combine practicality and beauty.

Lockers or shelves

Instead of a shelf with a reflective surface, choose lockers. The area for storing creams and toothbrushes is increasing, and we put indoor plants on the free shelves.

Backlit Models

A practical solution to choose a bathroom cabinet under the sink with a mirror. The design plays the role of a dressing table, so the mirror needs lighting. Dimmed lighting promotes relaxation in warm water, in contrast to the sharp top light. Instead of the built-in lighting, choose the expensive option - pendant and table lamps.

The combination of practicality and beauty

Large mirrors

Even in a small bath set a tall mirror in full growth. We supplement it with several small models on the walls or make a reflective mosaic. Reception "expand" the room, the bath seems much more spacious.


Produce expensive models with heating, so even with high humidity they do not mist over. To care for the usual reflective surface use solution for automotive glass, so provide protection from moisture.

Bohemian style

In the kitchen we put large furniture, and mirrors here will help to expand the usable area. Not only decorate the walls with models in different frames, but also make a mirror surface on the furniture.

Increase the kitchen area:

Wall models with massive frames, reflecting small interior details, will not increase, but will reduce the space. The option is suitable for large kitchens, and in small ones we paint over the frames to match the furniture set so that they “dissolve” in the air.

Wall model with massive frame

  • Mirror on the entire area of ​​the wall. If we make the whole wall or two mirrored, then we avoid the sensation of a “closed” space. The idea is suitable for small-sized kitchens, will require minimal cost. Located opposite the kitchen unit will make a typical narrow rectangular room.
  • Mirror apron. Хозяйке трудно каждый раз смывать разводы на поверхности, хотя можно подобрать материал, который не так загрязняется,
  • Отражающая отделка кухонной мебели. При входе на кухню, кажется, что здесь совсем нет мебели, она «растворяется» в воздухе. The punishment for the hostess is to clean the mirror room when fingerprints are visible again. Option - order relief or aged coating for furniture,
  • Mirror surfaces as an addition to furniture. Strips of mirrors will decorate air ducts or smooth out unsightly surfaces,
  • Composition in one style. On the wall we place several accessories united by one type of frame. We experiment with the form to make the composition play.

Location opposite the dining table

Mirrors feature in front of the dining table. They bring abundance to the mistress, pacify, attract a prosperity.

In the living room

In large living rooms cost and without mirrors, after all, enough space. Use in small rooms becomes a salvation for the owners, corrects minor defects in the room. Before buying a model, assess the layout of the living room, note the shortcomings that need to be hidden.

Living room option

Location Rules:

  • Should not be reflected more than two large vases or figurines. Otherwise, the room will turn into a collection of junk.
  • Mirror ceilings should not be made in the spacious living room. This technique is acceptable in rooms with low ceilings in order to “lift them up”.
  • They “pull” the walls upwards with elongated accessories, and in order to “widen” them, they decorate the walls with long mirror strips horizontally.
  • Gallery. Reduce the height of the room will help mirror gallery. Framed models hang on the wall. Reception "breaks" the wall, making it visually lower.
  • Do not abuse in dark living rooms. Accessories increase the space of the lighted rooms, and without light they will not fulfill their practical purpose. Location is permissible if it is possible to equip the lighting with table or floor lamps.
  • We hang a mirror surface opposite the window with a beautiful landscape. If you can see a building or dilapidated houses outside the window, it’s better to give up the idea.
  • Select an old vase or an expensive picture with the help of a mirror. Place it in front of the subject to attract attention.
  • Composition. We decorate the living room with a composition of several mirrors, framed in frames of the same style. We hang family photographs between objects. The center of the composition will be a large mirror decorated with floral patterns.
  • Front garden We transform several pots of plants into an oasis with the help of a reflective surface. For plants we put a mirror to get a spectacular display.
  • Accessories in heavy frames lean against the wall. Interior walls can not withstand their weight, so install on the floor. Near furniture, surfaces look beautiful, so we place them near a dresser, cabinet or a lamp on a curved leg. ”
  • Chimney shelf. The fireplace is decorated with decorative elements, leather armchairs are placed nearby, candles are placed on the shelf, but the upper space is empty. If you attach a mirror above the mantelpiece, not only the space will increase, but also the fire of candles, figurines and knickknacks will be displayed.

Will add any style a mirror window blende. We choose a patterned frame, we artificially age it out, we add binders. The surface in a white frame will fit the French style, the raw wood will create a rustic atmosphere, and the intricate interweaving of the frame in retro-style will play against the background of a heavy pedestal and gilded accessories.

On both sides of the bed in the bedroom are bedside tables, but if you attach mirrors behind them - the amount of light increases, the room will get a romantic look. Placing behind the bedside tables does not irritate the eyes, does not contradict the rules of feng shui.

In the interior of the bedroom

Mirror we make the facades of bedside tables, headboard, legs or bed supports. Bearing columns are masked with a reflective surface in order to “dissolve” them in space. Accessories decorate the carved elements, paint the patterns.

Care about the safety of the baby - the main criterion when choosing a mirror. Accessory contributes to the development of the child, it will take his attention for a long time:

  • Unacceptable reflection of the bed in the mirror. If the baby wakes up at night, then the reflection will be frightened. Also, should not be reflected other items that at night turn into horror stories.
  • It is impossible for the nursery to buy doors with a mirror.
  • Surface hang vertically, do not place at an angle.
  • The accessory should not be damaged and dust.

Accessory contributes to the development of the child

Cut out cartoon characters from contour mirrors by patterns. Girls will love the Winx Club fairies, and boys like racing cars or Mickey's mouse.

Dressing table design

The dressing table accommodates many shelves and drawers. Mirrors choose large in order to conveniently apply makeup. The surface should match the style of the table, not stand out from the overall composition. We put lamps or lamps on both sides, choose soft lighting. The harsh light hits the eyes, makes you squint.

For convenient makeup application

Consider the types of dressing tables:

  • Classic. The set includes a table, bedside tables and a mirror.
  • Trellis. The table comes with a three-leaved mirror surface. The central part is fixed to the base, and the two side are adjustable. The model allows you to do styling and makeup, to consider the reflection not only from the front, but also from the rear view.
  • Pierum. The tops are small, but reflecting the entire surface.
  • Design with a folding mirror. The accessory is fixed on the inside of the tabletop, so we get, if necessary, applying makeup,
  • For small bedrooms, choose a wall construction. It takes up little space, the table is made of a pair of legs that are screwed to the wall. It involves mounting a wall model with four legs.

In classic style

In the small bedroom we replace the bedside table with a dressing table, hang a mirror on the wall, put a ottoman. In the large bedrooms we put a dressing table near the window, instead of a desk lamp, we make a backlight with a floor lamp or a forged lamp.

Mirror in the wardrobe

Transform the room mirror surfaces of the wardrobe. The room will be filled with light, even small rooms will visually become larger.

Sliding wardrobes in decor:

  • Fully mirrored surface of the door without a framing material is suitable for small bedrooms. The room is doubled in appearance. The design is installed in the niche of any room, it looks advantageous in front of the windows or near the pots of plants.
  • The doors of wardrobes are not only moved apart in different directions, but also opened like an accordion. If you leave the door slightly ajar, create the effect of multiple display.
  • For a classic style fit mirror doors in the framework. In the upper panel arrange additional lighting.
  • Narrow closets along with walls in bright colors “spread apart” the walls of narrow corridors and hallways.
  • The surface can be not only solid, but divided by elements into sections. Jumpers do relative to the overall style,
  • Arranging the mirror full-length on the cabinet doors will allow you to see yourself from all sides.

The room will be filled with light.

Sliding wardrobes with a reflective surface are not only attractive, but also practical. In addition to roominess for clothes, allow us to assess the appearance before leaving the house.

Figured mirrors

To design the mirror, we work with accessories of different shapes:

  • classic version - round, rectangular square models,
  • the use of triangular mirrors will make the interior dynamic,
  • ethnic motifs - decorate the frame with ornaments, stones, gems,
  • Boho style - rectangular models, artificially aged by chemical solution,
  • eclectic - surfaces with curved edges that play a decorative role,
  • Moroccan motifs - the spirit of Eastern exoticism is depicted in a mirror quatrefoil,
  • Art Deco - a mirror surface by applying amalgam becomes brownish, golden or emerald, brings magic to any room,
  • ethnic direction - placement of mirror stripes like the peacock's tail.

Figured, non-standard option

The room will transform the mirror surface, reinforced between the vertical racks, which is turned at its discretion. Mirrors-psyche often produce bilateral, which allows us to consider an increased reflection from the other side.

Experimenting with the frames, we supplement with a spectacular "highlight" the classic style, we put emphasis on the high-tech style. Previously, the mirror surface wore a practical purpose, and over time it became indispensable if you wanted to smooth out the sharp corners of rooms and hide layout errors.

On a brick wall

Brickwork is combined with any interior style. A large mirror surface will hide part of the unsightly wall, reflect the landscape outside the window or a picture.

In the loft interior

If there is a narrow brick strip along the wall, then we duplicate it on the opposite wall with a mirror. Loft-style brickwork will be transformed if it is decorated with an accessory in an artificially aged frame.

Panel of the mirror

When creating panels connect square or triangular mirror tiles. The design has no practical function, it serves to decorate voids on the walls.

The design has no practical function.

Recommendations for placement:

  • You can not hang in front of places that we want to hide from strangers,
  • mirror surfaces do not have opposite the front door or in rooms for relaxation, not everyone likes to see their display constantly,
  • around the panel do not place pictures or photos in the framework, so as not to give a variegated composition.

When creating a panel, we experiment with the color and texture of the surface, supplement it with finishing materials or fasten it without them.

Serves to decorate the voids on the walls

Niche in the wall for the mirror

Niche is not only decorative, but also practical function. Here we store the little things or things that are not often used in everyday life. When making a niche use a mirror surface to give the room depth, add light.

At the head of the bed we decorate a niche with a mirror panel, make shelves, decorate around with spotlights or wall lamps. This space is needed to store trivia from travel or family photos.

Mirror in the interior

Mirrors in the apartment transform the interior, their installation is not associated with high financial costs. Experimenting with styles, working with mirror sheets, as a result of filling the apartment with coziness and comfort. Getting rid of the boring situation, it's time to expand the space of the apartment with the help of mirrors. After reviewing the information, please leave your comments with arguments in the comments. They will be useful to other readers. Your opinion is very important to us. Thank you for your participation. We appreciate your every review and your time.

Fake or mirror window.

Such a snag mirror will be not only an interesting design solution, but also fill the room with additional light. It is better to immerse the mirror canvas in the wall niche, and to provide a shelf at the bottom, which will act as a window sill, from above you can fasten a real ledge and hang curtains corresponding to the style of the room. In addition, built-in lights should be placed on the bottom and sides of the niche, which, when switched on, will be reflected in the mirror surface and simulate the sun's rays.

Mirrors in the interior (video recommendations):

Interior design mirrors in recent years is gaining increasing popularity, so the photos presented in the article will help you decide on their choice and placement on the walls. Dear readers, do you have unusual mirrors in the interior of a house or apartment? Share your interesting acquisitions in the comments, and do not forget to subscribe to receive the latest news from the site "Comfort in the House."