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What and how to wear diamonds?

Few women will refuse to have diamonds in their jewelry box. These stones are noble, luxurious and expensive. Not so long ago, such decorations were considered appropriate only in special cases, for example, at evening receptions, and painted women aged 40+. Today everything has changed, and how to properly wear faceted diamonds will tell further.

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In the modern world, the rules that a single young woman should not wear diamonds are considered a relic of the past. To look stylish, it is enough to know the rules of the combination of jewelry and have a good taste. Let's start.

  • You can wear precious stones in 20 years. But it is worth remembering, the lower the age, the neater and less they should be. After 30 you can afford already larger options.
  • Time is not a hindrance. It is not necessary to wait half a year to finally put on your chic set for some kind of social event or other celebration.

The jewelry industry makes earrings, pendants and rings with tiny, sometimes even shards, precious stones that do not look too fancy or flashy. Carnations or studs, thin rings, small pendants, such jewelry can be worn even in the office.

  • Wear where you want. Previously, jewelry etiquette was so strict that putting rings with a gem on the other finger of the left hand, except for the unnamed, was considered a terrible move. The woman was immediately “diagnosed” by the absence of good taste, even when she put the diamond on the middle finger. In the end, the choice was small - remained index.

Fortunately, today these rules have sunk into oblivion, and women can afford to decorate any finger on any hand.

  • Observe a sense of proportion. Especially if you go to a celebration. "King of Stones" should not overshadow the beauty of your decoration and yourself. If this is a headset with small stones, then it is necessary to observe the rule of three.

If you are a happy owner of a large shining cut diamond, then you should not distract attention from it with additional accessories. He just play the role of "highlight" of your image.

  • The right thing. Agree, a girl with expensive earrings and a ring of incredible beauty, dressed in youth style "street chic" will look somewhat ridiculous. Still, precious stones are a status thing, so the ideal pair for it will be a constant classic. Conciseness, restraint, strict cut, neat styles - its main characteristics.

In a word, the clothes should be such that the people around can see and understand - here comes the real lady.

  • Heirlooms. This is a special kind of jewelry that requires special occasions to put on, and a carefully selected set of clothes. But agree that such an accessory will transform not only the bow itself, but also a woman who will feel and even behave quite differently. If you think that vintage relics are outdated, you can always change the frame, and give them a modern look.

Diamonds are always in fashion. It is stylish and elegant. Such decorations are able to present their mistress in the best light, provided that her image is flawless. Shine and be the center of attention!

How to wear diamonds?

There were a lot of rules about diamonds at different times - to whom and how to wear them. Nowadays, fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules for violation of which you will be considered a woman without knowledge of etiquette, but you should be guided by the general principles of relevance and good taste.

Who can wear diamonds?

In general, everything - that is, any woman can find an event in her life and a place to go in diamonds. The younger the woman, the more modest and sleeker the jewelry should be.

Once it was believed that unmarried girls should not wear diamonds at all, even if the financial situation allowed, but now it is an irrelevant relic of the past.

Of course, diamonds can be worn at solemn and secular events - but not only! Modest jewelry with small diamonds can be your everyday companions - this is how small earrings, pendants and, of course, rings are worn.

You can wear a diamond ring every day, if it is engagement or engagement, or it has another symbolic meaning that is important for you (for example, a gift from your husband for the birth of your child).

If you want to wear a ring that is much more luxurious than your wedding ring, for a special occasion, then wear it on either your other hand or in return for your wedding ring, taking it off for a while.

If you choose jewelry for the evening, for an evening or cocktail dress - do not overdo it! Two jewels are quite enough - for example, a necklace and earrings, earrings and a ring, a pendant and a bracelet ...

Of course, the celebrities on the red carpet wear more than two pieces of jewelry, but: first, this is permissible only at very high-profile events, secondly, only to persons who are all cameras, and thirdly, hang diamonds from head to toe - It is very often simply ridiculous and tasteless, even if the “Christmas girl” is rich and famous!

By the way, do not forget about another rule - if you wear jewelry with a particularly large, “pure” diamond, then other jewelry, even diamonds, is better not to wear. Of course, you can not combine diamonds with jewelry!

You can wear jewelry with diamonds, small and elegant, and for no particular reason. But the daily routine is different.

Profession, occupation, status of a woman matters ... It is rather strange if a cashier in a supermarket sparkles with diamonds, a teacher at a school, a nurse at the reception of patients - but these stones are appropriate for an office manager, business woman, manager, etc.

What clothes to wear with diamonds?

If you wear diamonds - it is worth understanding that this is a status jewel. It is effective when others understand what kind of thing you are wearing! If your goal is just to sparkle, then you can replace diamonds with rhinestones or cubic cubic zirconias — your goal will be achieved!

It is by no means bad to wear imitation "under the diamonds." But since fakes and imitations are worn by many, then, putting on real jewels, they must be presented correctly and most effectively!

So that no one would doubt - these are diamonds, and nothing else!

The first and foremost rule is that jewels are not worn with cheap clothes. The more expensive the decoration, the more expensive and better the clothes, shoes and accessories (even if it’s not about evening dress).

The diamonds do not go youth things, something hippo-ethnic, etc. A wardrobe for jewelery is a quiet, elegant classic (for example, the bon tone style, which sympaty.net has already written about).

The larger, more expensive and more intricate the jewelry with diamonds in design, the more concisely the decor and silhouette should be clothes. Indeed, undoubtedly - diamonds should “solo” in the image!

But luxury quality fabrics for diamonds are more than appropriate! If this evening dress is under a diamond necklace, then let it be monotonous, clear-cut silhouette, without fine fractional décor (such as embroidery, various inserts, numerous frills, etc.), but from high-quality satin, chiffon or velvet.

In this case, sequins, rhinestones, Lurex and other brilliant “samovar” decor are completely excluded - the precious sparkle of diamonds next to it will simply be lost and depreciate!

The same applies to “theater” handbags, shoes, belts, accessories in your hair - do not let them overshadow diamonds with glitter! The prints on the dress are not very good, the contrasting combinations of bright colors in the image are not always acceptable, lace, mesh, etc.

Although, if the jewelry is worn on the open area (ring, bracelet on the bare hand - if the dress is without sleeves, necklace or earrings - to the dress with a large neckline), then openwork inserts, various intricate draperies, etc. are also possible. The main thing - diamonds should be the center of attention!

Can I wear diamonds during the day? If we are talking about small, concise design decorations - then yes.

Business clothes can be complemented with stud earrings, a thin ring, a small pendant on a chain or a modest brooch. One, maximum two jewels with diamonds is quite enough for a daily everyday look.

Of course, it also matters in what situation you want to wear diamonds during the day - they are completely out of place for a walk with a dog or for going to the supermarket, but they are quite acceptable in a fashionable office, on a date in a cafe, etc.

The history of diamond etiquette

Diamond etiquette originated in the XVII century, and it was formed at the court of the French king Louis XIV. In those days, special cards were created for court ladies, where one could find a detailed description of the basic rules of behavior and wearing clothes. There was also a clause that said that diamond jewelery is the privilege of married ladies.

The rules forbade wearing diamonds in the daytime. They could be worn only after five o'clock in the evening. Behind the scenes these rules continue to this day. True, today allowed the wearing of diamond products unmarried girls.

The publication

Diamonds are perfect for an evening out. Photo jems.bz

It is believed that jewelry with diamonds is appropriate to wear in the evening. It is also not recommended to wear them daily. This stone initially disposes to solemnity. Going to the store or walking with a dog is not among those. The event really should be important. It would not be superfluous to have a neat diamond piece for going to the theater or a romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant.

What to wear diamonds with?

A diamond is a demanding and ambitious stone. He plays the main violin in the image, even if it is small. Therefore, the dress should not be screaming. It will be enough monochrome dress, made in an elegant design. It is worth remembering that clothing must be of high quality. Diamonds are unacceptable to wear under cheap outfits. The larger the product with diamonds, the more expensive the fabric from which the dress is made. Wearing diamonds for casual casual clothes or a tracksuit is completely out of the question.

How to wear diamond jewelry

The younger the woman, the smaller should be the diamond (La Brune & La Blonde pendant)

The diamond bracelet should be worn on the right hand. (Garavelli Jewelry)

  1. Young girls should pay attention to small diamonds, while mature women are advised to wear large stones.
  2. A ring with a small diamond is appropriate to put on the ring finger. Rings with frilly design and large gems look great on the index finger. And on the middle finger is better to wear rings with stones of moderate size.
  3. The diamond ring on the hand should be one, even if its size is not large.
  4. According to the rules of diamond etiquette, a bracelet with a king of stones is worn only on the right hand. It is desirable that it does not hang out and fit as tightly as possible to the skin.
  5. Necklace is recommended to wear with a dress that has a neckline, and the pendant will look good on closed clothes.
  6. Today it is fashionable to wear brooches. True, diamond products are by no means impaled on outerwear. This is considered a sign of bad taste. (but only in the case of diamonds). Wearing such an accessory should be on the left side of the chest, receding to the side about 6 centimeters from the top button. The distance from the shoulder to the place of fun should not exceed 10-15 centimeters. A suit, dress or blouse should be discreetly cut and neutral in color.

If you follow these simple rules, then the diamond jewelry will make the image irresistible and brilliant!

Diamond traditions

Diamonds have always been the privilege of the ruling classes or the rich. But even in this environment, up to the end of the 19th century, only married women could wear such jewelry. The girl received the first precious stone from the groom at the engagement - in a little ring.

The second rule was prescribed to come out with diamonds not earlier than 18 hours. Morning and day were given to rubies, sapphires, pearls. Semi-precious stones of the turquoise type were available to young individuals.

Nature of the event

The main rule that is to be observed is that diamond jewelry is not worn daily. This evening stones for special occasions, elegant by candlelight or artificial light.

  1. Secular rout In the evening, wear a full necklace of diamonds, complemented by a ringlet or bracelet.
  2. Job. Silver or white gold earrings and rings with small diamonds or crumbs are permissible. Large stones, massive necklace, dangling earrings are excluded, especially at business meetings or negotiations. For such events a diamond pendant is sufficient up to 15 mm on an elegant chain and starts with small stones. A brooch is selected from the brooches on the left side of the jacket (but the chain must be discarded).
  3. A party. Silver jewelery imitating the sign of the zodiac and the studs of the same style will do.

Diamond products are not worn on outer clothing, but you can decorate a branded handbag, scarf, kerchief with them.

Age and Marital Status

Large diamonds in massive jewelry designed mature ladies.

Girls will suit pendants, pendant, bracelet, studded with diamond chips, or dangling earrings. Of particular importance in the diamond ring. In the Western world, it is a symbol of engagement. It is worn either by those who will marry really soon, or by those who wish to create such an appearance.

Number of decorations

Regal stones do not tolerate "grouping", so two or three diamond accessories of small dimensions are optimal in a dress. Large decoration is present in the singular.

Low-key and expensive. To work fit a classic suit, monotonous soft blouse, laconic black dress. In the evening - an elegant dress with open shoulders or a deep neckline. Things emphasize the elegance of the stone and draw the attention of others to the sophistication of the image of the hostess.

The neighborhood of jeans, a motley dress, a knitted sweater or sportswear, even branded models, is moveton.

How to wear

By tradition, a diamond ring is worn on the ring finger of any hand. It is possible on the average or index, but never on the big or little finger. The exception is a male diamond signet ring on the left little finger.

Bad tone is the second ring on the finger (except for the wedding).

Wedding rings

Lovers of the classics will love engraved models or chic vintage ones. Eccentric ladies will suit the options of the “modern” style, in which white stones are combined with a black diamond. Such a duet looks expensive and stylish.

The universal ornament put on for a holiday or just like that. A small pebble in a miniature pendant is suitable for everyday wear. The length of the chain is determined by the cut of clothes. Can be supplemented with stud studs.

Such a set of jewelry smoothes the severity of the business light pencil skirt and emphasizes the airiness of the blouse. The ensemble looks formal and feminine at the same time.

The most favorite accessory of ladies and some men. Developed several types of diamond earrings:

  • pusety - “carnations” with a modest decor,
  • the tracks are classic, suitable for a celebration or every day,
  • ringlets - are considered the earliest ear ornaments,
  • Hanging - one-piece or with pendants, put on for an evening, cocktail dress.

Beautiful earrings with a lock-pin, but require caution when wearing. More secure lock bracket.

Earrings are chosen so that their hair does not hide. That is a short haircut or long hair laid up. A large diamond will complement a voluminous hairstyle, medium and small pebbles are suitable for a smooth haircut.

Kohl and necklace

The most popular option is a necklace of gold of yellow, pink, white colors (or all at once). Diamonds in them are combined with other pebbles:

  • sapphire - for blue or white dress,
  • emerald - an ornament with one large or slightly smaller gem is considered ideal,
  • Pearls - the most aristocratic option.

Necklaces are made in floral or abstract themes. Strict, with geometric patterns and shapes, the product is worn at the official status event.

Bracelet and watch

Better than others emphasize the taste, style, financial viability of a lady or a gentleman. The case of chronometers with diamonds, including black, is made of gold of all colors, platinum, titanium.

The youth line in watches and bracelets is made of silver, of all forms, styles, with a scattering of pebbles. The bracelet is preferably worn on the left hand.

It occurs infrequently, therefore, allocates the owner. A brooch decorates a collar of a blouse, a scarf edge, a shawl, a cape, a jacket. A diamond accessory completes the look, making it elegant.

By type of fastening brooches are classified as follows:

  • a pin is a practical, popular “flower” type, easily attached to a purse or clothes,
  • a hairpin is the only variety used to decorate hair (along with clothing),
  • игла – крепится на одежду специальной иголкой, выделяется утонченностью, воздушностью, особенно на шляпке.

Брошку надевают на левую сторону. Большая с крупным камнем подойдёт роскошной даме, юной леди к лицу воздушный вариант.

Для мужчин

Самый популярный аксессуар – часы. The range for representatives of a strong half is not limited to them. Popular jewelry with black diamonds - bracelets, cufflinks, tie clips, rings.

Carbonado - the perfect solution for anyone who considers shiny white pebbles frivolous, ladies'. Although business women, wanting to demonstrate hardness, adorn themselves with a ring, brooch or watch with a black diamond. According to the zodiac is a stone of Leo and Cancer.

Diamond products do not tolerate "competitors", so jewelry with other stones in the same outfit is excluded.

Brilliant "second hand"

Behind cut diamonds, like no other gem, stretches a train of intrigue, crime, blood. Only the “path” of exclusive copies is known. Why a little ring or brooch appeared on the road, what is behind it is unknown. There can be several reasons:

  • thrown into hearts, under the influence of emotions,
  • the owner was in trouble, the stone absorbed the energy of the tragedy,
  • accidentally lost.

Finding a pebble, it is worth contacting a psychic who you trust. Perhaps he will make out the “aura” of the jewelry. If there is no certainty, it is better to get rid of the jewel. For example, pawnshop or commission. For the same reason, you need to think carefully before buying such antique gizmos.

A hereditary diamond is considered to be a powerful talisman. Not hurt pebble, donated by relatives. Safer to buy a new product.

Rim for diamonds

Diamonds in products are framed mainly with gold of all colors not lower than 585 samples. The democratic segment is represented by 925 silver.

White, pink or yellow, in combination with the gems of a similar class - emeralds, pearls, sapphire.

The price of jewelry depends on the massiveness of the frame, the number and size of stones. Products with one small stone are available - 1,290–11,380 p.

More expensive luxury options. For example, massive earrings made of white gold with emeralds and diamonds - 104–247 thousand rubles, sapphire - 130–155.5 thousand rubles.

Products from silver are laconic, as a rule, they have one stone. They are small diamonds or scattering. Suitable for every day, there is a children's and youth line. Interesting silver engagement or vintage rings.

The cost of jewelry is available - from 590 p., The maximum price of most does not exceed 4900 p.

In salons rarely comes across. Such things are piece goods that are exclusively made to order.

Any diamond jewel is the best gift for all women and many men. This is endless gratitude to the giver, joy, pride. But also efforts, after all it is necessary to correspond to a regal gem on clothes, a hairdress, a make-up. If finances are limited, start with silver. These jewelries resemble white gold, but are several times cheaper.

Having bought or received a first diamond as a gift, the hostess will unwittingly start moving to a new level, to the world of beauty and luxury.