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Timeless trends: The basic elements of an autumn wardrobe that never go out of style

The summer heat is outside, and all are thinking only about the sea ... But autumn is just around the corner, so now we should think about outerwear, which not only protects from rain, but also creates a unique feminine image. This is a raincoat - a convenient and practical thing that will favorably emphasize all the advantages of your figure. You do not know how to choose the right model so that it really decorates you? Then read this article, take our advice and go to the shops to search for this item of clothing that fits you in all respects. And we wish you good luck in this difficult but pleasant business!

Double-breasted, classic and short

To get started is to understand the types of this modern decoration.

  1. Trenchcoat (trench) - the most common style. It is a double-breasted buttoned look with a large turn-down collar, shoulder straps, buckles on the sleeves and a wide belt. On the back is a slot. For its manufacture uses waterproof material. Trench is a universal style that fits almost everything. It emphasizes the waist and visually makes slimmer silhouette.
  2. English coat is a direct variation, made in the classical style. It is decorated with a small closed collar, made in the form of a stand, cut through pockets with flaps or leaves, staples on the sleeves. On the back can be made slot or counter fold.

This look is suitable for business women who love a conservative style. It goes well with strict things and is a great addition to an office suit.

  1. A cape with a cape - a model with a cape on the shoulders, a little not reaching the waist. According to the style there are trench coats or a classic version.
  2. Shoulder-shortened capes are double-breasted or single-breasted with large turn-down collars and a belt. There are also short styles, reaching to the waist.
  3. A “trapezium” is a medium-length raincoat with short or regular sleeves. Often the collar is presented in the form of a stand. Goes well with tight pants.
  4. Cloak-coat - option without a clasp, with a smell. Can be decorated with a shawl collar. Perfectly in harmony with tight jeans or pants, goes well with shorts or dresses.

We select the style by type of figure

Now we will give general recommendations, thanks to which you will be able to understand to whom which model is best suited.

  • Slender girls look great in any style, but especially they are good in trench coat or English classics. Such silhouettes add to the image of elegance and sexuality.
  • Low ladies do not go long models with large collars and pockets that simply "absorb" the figure. In this case, the variation for knee-length or higher, without large details, but with a belt, would be ideal for them. Also, these beauties fit raincoats "trapeze" with short sleeves.
  • Women with wide hips can advise flared look of this coat knee-length. Also it will look great on them classic straight model without a belt, made in dark colors. It will visually hide the fullness and add harmony. With such a constitution, it is worth refusing to purchase this item of clothing with patch pockets that add extra volume.
  • On the high lush girls will look beautiful long semi-fitted options with flared bottom. An additional effect will give the image wide sleeves.
  • Slender charmer fit variation with caped. Also, this model can be advised to beauties with small breasts, as it favorably emphasizes the decollete area.

Stylish combinations

Now let's see what is best to wear this fashionable outerwear.

  1. If you decide to buy a leather coat, then it is better to stop your choice on light colors, which will make your look more feminine and attractive. A skinny turtleneck with a pencil skirt and narrow high heeled boots will look extraordinarily stylish with this style.
  2. Shorter models, reaching to the hips, fit any type of women. The main thing is to choose the right bottom. They are perfectly combined with jeans of different styles, narrow or flared skirts, straight trousers. Just do not combine them with wide pants and skirts "maxi".
  3. If you can not imagine your life without jeans, then we offer you an unusually stylish option. You wear a white T-shirt or a thin turtleneck with your favorite pants, a black trench coat on top, and ankle boots with small heels on the legs. And complete this trend look fashionable kepi.
  4. Trench versatile and combined with almost any clothing and shoes. In a business suit and stiletto heels you will also look spectacular, as in a mini skirt with ankle boots.
  5. A long raincoat is worn only with shoes with low heels or without them. Under the short version of this outerwear fit high boots. If your choice fell on a model of medium length, then under it you should look for beautiful ankle boots or boots with a low shin. In warm weather, ballet flats and shoes will look good.
  6. You can decorate this outerwear with a beautiful scarf or handkerchief, matching them or, on the contrary, create a bright accent by choosing a contrasting color.
  7. If you plan to wear this item of clothing in the unbuttoned form, then pick up clothes that are combined with a raincoat, so as not to spoil the impression of the general ensemble.

When choosing a raincoat, consider your color preferences and parameters. A well-chosen variation will not only emphasize your charisma, but also add charm and sexuality to you.

3. High-quality handbag

You can change your tastes, start a new life, but not one image will not do without a practical elegant handbag. It is better to choose an accessory made of genuine leather, which, regardless of fashion trends, will look expensive, elegant and feminine. Even if the old bag is tired, but still in good condition, then you can always give it to a friend or sell it profitably, and in return buy a new one. A quality handbag is always a profitable investment.

4. Comfortable suede shoes.

If you have stylish and beautiful suede shoes, we are sure that you are looking forward to the new autumn season when you can wear them. This is especially true of those models that are of good quality, classic style and do not rub the corns every day. These shoes can be perfectly combined with jeans, dresses, skirts of different colors and styles. There are plenty of options to show your taste and personality.

5. Cashmere Sweater

No one is surprised that this thing is included in the list of mandatory in each cabinet. Every self-respecting woman should have at least one classic cashmere sweater in her wardrobe. This is a fairly universal thing that skillfully complements any classic, casual or even sporty look.

You can make a familiar combination with pants or jeans, and you can come up with something interesting and creative. For example, wear a sweater over a shirt with buttons, flared skirt, hide under a jacket or denim jacket. If properly care for a cashmere sweater, it will last for many years. For a versatile wardrobe is better to choose black, gray or beige.

6. Denim jacket

A denim jacket is really a thing out of fashion and time. It is combined with absolutely any clothes, practical, well-warmed, durable, unpretentious in care and beautifully complements any image. She is loved by both beautiful women of fashion, and connoisseurs of practical and convenient things, as well as people of working professions - it is possible to do hard physical work, to drive for a long time, to tolerate cold weather.

The most versatile option is to combine a denim jacket with sneakers and a t-shirt. If you wear it over a silk dress, you also will not lose. You can add a dark blue and light model to your wardrobe, then under any circumstances you will be able to complement your appearance.

7. Wool coat

Wool coat is always very nice, warm and cozy. Such a great thing is sure to fill up any wardrobe. A quality wool coat will never go out of style. The main thing to choose a successful style, which will emphasize the dignity of the figure, will not add visually extra weight, will be beautifully combined with the complexion. Buying a quality wool coat can strike a wallet, but there are many modern blended fabrics that are of excellent quality at much lower prices.

8. Classic black pants

One could point to jeans here, but lately they have been changing their fashion trends too often. But black pants can always be supplemented with stylish wardrobe items that will make your look more effective. They definitely should not be thrown out of your closet. In extreme cases, this option can always be put on work.

9. Bag on a chain

The accessory is small in size, which perfectly transforms into a clutch - this is exactly what every autumn wardrobe needs. The chain can always be removed and hidden inside the bag. It is harmoniously combined with any styles of clothing. You can choose any color - gone are the days when the handbag should have been the same as the shoe

10. Little black dress

This is a recognized fashion icon that never ceases to be relevant. If you add a classic black dress with a stylish leather jacket, the image will become more original, and by adding a pair of bright shoes, you can perfectly fit into the company at any party. Accessories will do the trick.

Autumn, however, for some people it is time for the blues and depressed state. But there are tips that will help them cheer up.

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What is included in the basic autumn wardrobe

Regardless of age and preference, the list of basic autumn wardrobe includes 13 items. All of them should be of classic cut and neutral colors. In order not to look “like everything”, you can choose your neutral dark and light shades (for example, replace black with dark blue and beige with light gray) depending on the color type of the exterior.

Different variations of basic things for the fall

Basic autumn wardrobe, a list of things:

  1. Jacket.
  2. Trench coat or light demi-season coat.
  3. Straight skirt.
  4. Blue jeans.
  5. Classic trousers or jeans neutral dark color.
  6. White T-shirt.
  7. T-shirt is the same color as the pants 5.
  8. Striped T-shirt.
  9. Sweatshirt or cardigan or jacket, dark or light color.
  10. Pullover or sweater.
  11. Ankle boots or boots.
  12. Comfortable sneakers.
  13. Casual shoes (ballet shoes, loafers or pumps, with or without a heel - as you like).

The things of the basic wardrobe should be chosen to your taste and taking into account the features of the figure: I don’t like a trench - we take a light coat, replace jeans with trousers, pullover with a turtleneck. But the basis of this does not change!

Things from a basic autumn wardrobe: a light coat, sweater, pants, ankle boots

Please note that, for example, a white shirt for a basic autumn wardrobe is an addition, although for a basic business wardrobe is the main thing.

Many believe that all things basic wardrobe should be expensive, but it is not. It is important that things are neatly stitched. Perhaps the only expensive thing on this list will be a trench coat, because a good raincoat can not be cheap even on sale. He should ideally sit on the figure and not bristle on the hips - this is possible only if the cloak is sewn from high-quality fabric.

However, there is a rule: the older a woman is, the more expensive things should be.
This is due to the fact that with age the figure changes and more and more requires adjustment. Modern expensive things from cheap differ mainly only in the quality of the fabric - they keep their shape well and hide flaws. For example, expensive jeans are not only a popular brand and fashionable style, they are made from high-quality denim, which corrects the hips and tightens the ass, the “rear view” is changing for the better. However, a woman with a good figure will not even notice. Therefore, it is better to rephrase the rule like this:

The farther the figure is from the ideal, the more expensive things must be.

Moreover, it is now increasingly possible to meet women 50+ with a trim slim figure, which looks great inexpensive clothes.

Here are some autumn sets you can make:

1, 2
with white t-shirt

Basic ideas for the fall

3, 4
with cardigan
Cardigan can be replaced by a jacket or jacket - choose what you like more.

Basic autumn wardrobe: make up the basic sets

Basic Autumn Kits

Basic sets for the fall

Basic wardrobe for autumn: make up the basic sets

10 sets is not everything! Who watched closely, he noticed more ... how many sets?

T-shirt, jeans, cardigan from the basic wardrobe

How to complement the basic wardrobe for the fall

Basic wardrobe - this is just the foundation. To look not just stylish, but fashionable and modern, it is necessary to complement each season the autumn basic wardrobe with several fashionable things. It can be: a bag, a scarf, a scarf, a blouse, a skirt and anything that pleases. Only now it is necessary to take into account the combination of colors - this link will find a convenient table for the selection of colors in clothes.

Short pants and jeans.

Even for our cold autumn, the second trend of the season will suit well - trousers and jeans of 7/8 length or shorter, narrow or flared.

Pants can be made of cotton, wool, leather, velveteen, or even thick velvet, as in the Atuzarra collection.

In early autumn, they can be worn with flat shoes or wide heels, with “boats”, sneakers or loafers. When it gets cold - with short boots or high boots. Very convenient - less risk of their dirty in the rain, and look elegant.

Short pants can be part of a business suit or casual look.

Short jeans can also be worn with any comfortable autumn shoes, complementing the bow with a jumper, trench coat, denim jacket or a stylish blazer.

Oversize jacket and blazer.

A loose blazer in the fall of 2018 can be worn with a dress or with pants and jeans. He can replace a raincoat or short coat on sunny days. Combine it with tight pants, pencil skirt or sheath dress. The contrast of the broad shoulders of a blazer or jacket and a slim figure will create a feminine look.

They are popular at any time of the year, but in the fall in a jacket, dress, skirt or coat of tweed is especially cozy. Any tweed thing is also convenient because it remains fashionable for several seasons. As a rule, their styles and silhouettes remain classic - the collection of Chanel and Giorgio Armani.

An alternative can be a jacket or a coat of wool - the collection autumn-winter 2018-2019 Marissa Web.

Jacket in a cage.

Things from the fabric into the cage is one of the main trends of the autumn of 2018. But you can restrict yourself to complement your autumn wardrobe with a jacket or blazer in a bright cage or cage "Prince of Wales". It can be worn with jeans and short pants, a straight silhouette midi-length skirt, and a knitted or woolen dress. Fashionable street style onions can be made up with a short coat of wool or tweed in a cage.

It is hard to imagine an autumn wardrobe without warm and cozy knitwear, especially - without sweaters and sweaters made of wool and cashmere. We can choose a three-dimensional model and create a multi-layered ensemble - the Fendi collection (photo on the left), an original cardigan, as in the photo in the center, or a sweater with embroidery. They can be worn with skirts, pants or jeans.

Trendy knitwear 2018 - a large abstract, floral or ethno.

Sweaters and jumpers with contrasting geometric print look impressive - they can be combined with any monophonic wardrobe items.

Sweaters and dresses with wide or narrow stripes will also be fashionable. Original look jumpers with a pattern in a diagonal strip, as in the photo in the center.

The color palette of autumn.

The most fashionable colors of this fall are all shades of ocher, caramel, milk chocolate and red. As well as things and accessories traditionally bright colors, characteristic of the autumn collections: blue and blue, orange and yellow.

And black clothes are always elegant - a photo of the most stylish autumn bow, made up of slim black silhouette jeans, an original leather jacket and a silk blouse, completed with fashionable ankle boots and an elegant handbag.

Bright accessories of autumn - silver or silver metal decorations. Designers recommend focusing on paired or asymmetrical earrings and large bracelets.

Fashion winter season 2018-2019 - warming stylishly

Elegant street style Emily Luciano - New York

Summer pants for women - photos and models 2018

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Fashionable autumn looks 2018-2019: a stylish autumn wardrobe for women

For many, fashionable autumn images are associated with the dullness of dull dark colors, in particular black, blue, gray, brown, which, as a rule, are very popular because of their practicality in bad weather.

Модные осенние луки 2018-2019, конечно же, также не будут лишены этой палитры, но дизайнеры предлагают в новых сезонах комбинировать эти цвета с более насыщенными и даже яркими оттенками и многоцветными принтами, внося в каждый осенний комплект свой особенный характер и настроение.

If you have autumn images, but they lack something, you can always add them with a scarf, gloves, handbag, shoes or a mustard, yellow, raspberry, burgundy, wine and Marsala shade.

You can also easily create trendy autumn bows, choosing beige, red, blue, orange and pink tones, thereby bringing notes of playfulness and romance to your autumn look.

If you are bored with peas and strip, give preference to clothes in a cage, things with a complex mosaic and watercolor pattern, a photo print, and also do not lose sight of ethnic, animal, and floral motifs.

Fashion designers offer to play with styles, leaving strict rules in past seasons.

Create beautiful autumn images, mixing elements of different styles, which is also very relevant today.

Fashionable autumn looks 2018-2019: what to wear when it's cold

We presented fashionable autumn bows for women and girls for every taste. The weather in autumn is very different, so you should take care of both warmer outerwear and warm, but relatively light things.

And so, how to diversify your autumn wardrobe ...

Fashionable autumn bows 2018-2019: knitted dresses, tunics, sweaters

If the woman in the wardrobe has knitted items, fashionable autumn bows can be formed without much effort.

The ideal option to wear this autumn knitted midi dress with a contrasting, thin belt and different versions of shoes with heels.

You can wear sexy leather, suede boots, slithers and sliders, dress in elegant ankle boots or prefer boots of original color, combined with the mood of the set and accessories of the image.

Knitted sweaters, tunics and sweaters are well combined with jeans and bell bottoms, loose, fitted and straight cut, culottes.

Particularly spectacular look fashionable autumn images of 2018-2019 with knitted items of large knitting, which focus on the fragility of its owner.

Undoubtedly, stylish autumn bows will not do without knitted scarves, hats, making a proper accent in the set, as well as cardigans and vests, which are an integral part of women's wardrobe in the fall.

Wearing a knitted vest or cardigan with a classic shirt or blouse, you will get a delicate romantic or laconic office bow, and by combining a knitted top with ethnic patterns with jeans, you will feel great both on a walk and on vacation.

Fashionable autumn bows 2018-2019: leather dresses, pants, skirts and jackets

If you want to be in trend, you can not do without skin. Actual will be fashionable autumn images 2018-2019 with a leather skirt, exclusive autumn bows with leather dresses and jackets, as well as spectacular autumn sets with leather trousers with a straight or narrowed cut.

Leather clothing of the autumn-winter season is represented in many collections of famous designers, so finding the perfect style of leather clothing is not difficult.

In addition to the above options, fashionable leather coats are again in vogue, which will help create unique office suites for autumn for confident women.

Jackets-kosukhs, which were fallen in love with young ladies, had considerable success last year.

They are in the same status this fall, because with a leather jacket it is possible to create both unusual images with hints of romanticism for autumn, combining it with a skirt to the floor or midi, and stylish mixes in casual and urban style with trousers and jeans.

Beautiful sets of clothes for the autumn 2018-2019: autumn coats, autumn jackets, autumn jackets, jackets and vests

When it's cold outside, you need to pick up things that will save you from colds, while not depriving femininity and originality.

Fashionable autumn looks 2018-2019, which were proposed by modern fashion designers at the last shows, confirm that women can dress warmly and beautifully.

If you like a sporty style, you will feel like short, long, inflated jackets, and for elegant women, designers have offered a demi-season overcoat for autumn in the oversized style, coats, jackets and jackets in the classical style, as well as non-standard models of coats of complex cut, for example, poncho.

Military style returns to fashion, which means that a strict double-breasted coat with cuffs, shiny buttons, flipping and other elements will also be in trend this fall.

In the collection we compiled we show the styles of outerwear, after reviewing which you will be able to decide on the choice of autumn outerwear.

By the end of autumn, you can safely dress in furs, choosing not only short natural coats, but also artificial options for short fur coats and vests of bright shade.

Fashionable autumn images 2018-2019: combine the incompatible, and be unique

It would seem that very simple autumn bows can be made special if you add them with the right accessories.

For an evening out, use accessories in the form of brooches, necklaces, metal bracelets with natural stones.

More discreet options you can choose for everyday kits to add zest to the trendy autumn images for every day.

Do not be afraid to add flashiness to your autumn bows, on the contrary - a large decoration, a bright handbag or a volumetric scarf in a cage will add to your look of uniqueness.

Since not only the styles listed above are in fashion, but also boho style, you can create catchy fashionable autumn images by mixing incompatible things, which is most characteristic of boho-chic.

But do not overdo it with such combinations. Autumn style in boho style should look fashionable, not ridiculous.

Women who like retro clothing will undoubtedly prefer the brevity of trouser suits and the elegance of bell skirts from denser fabrics.

Actual autumn sets 2018-2019 photo tips for stylish women

For those who are in search of a new image, we recommend that you view our collection of ideas on how to dress in the fall in a practical, fashionable and original way.

Cardigans and sweaters

These are universal “autumn” things. The basic wardrobe of autumn clothes should include a pair of cardigans and 2-3 sweaters. In such things are not afraid of cold.

A special trend - sweater top - suitable for a straight skirt and high-waisted boyfriend jeans.

In cardigans it is comfortable and spacious, any girl in them seems taller and slimmer.

Unchanged attribute wardrobe. High or low waist - you decide, it all depends on the shape and taste. Narrowed, with “turns” and without, classic or with decor, with lace, “holes” and other things - the choice depends on your preferred style. Comfortable skinny jeans with ankle strap.

If you like leaky jeans, you can make them yourself. How? Read in our article on how to make beautiful jeans with holes. If over time they become sloppy, use our instructions, which describe in detail what to do if the holes on torn jeans look untidy. But there are jeans to erase properly, there will be no problems.

Jeans "bananas", as they were called in 90: widened from the hips and narrowed to the bottom, they go to slender beauties.

Light-colored jeans are ideal for white and beige sweaters.

Under the low boots you can fashionably tuck up your jeans. For more than one season, jeans with a turnout remain in trend.