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10 things to do in London

If you are going to another country, you should take into account many nuances, from visa processing to baggage allowance. In addition, tourists are always faced with a new way of life, which may be unusual. Britain is no exception, it is a distinctive country whose culture may well surprise a foreigner. Study these facts before you travel - it is their experienced travelers who advise you to find out first.

In the UK, social classes are important

What may shock a representative of another country in the UK is the presence of social classes. Perhaps this fact does not apply to the most obvious, however, it turns out to be quite noticeable over time. If you are speaking without an accent, others will be judged by their appearance and habits, to what level can you be taken. If it is clear that you are a tourist, no one will present such assessments.

Bar meetings are a favorite activity of the British

If you find friends in the UK, you will notice that you started drinking more often. For the British, a glass of beer after work is something completely mundane, and meetings or social events usually involve drinking alcohol. This does not mean that they drink much more than residents of other countries, it is just that it is always directly connected with communication.

Children often go to school without adults.

In many countries, children are taken to school by their parents or nanny. In some cases, children are transported by a special bus. In the UK, children often go to school on foot or by public transport. Sometimes these are rather young children who have barely completed primary school. It can be hard to imagine that it is really safe.

Many shops work for a long time

In many other European countries, stores sometimes close at weekends, with a few exceptions. In the UK, grocery stores are always open late. With clothes shops or designer boutiques, everything is different: if in Italy you can notice that on the day off they close rather late, in England they do not work at all at such a time. Orientation can be quite difficult.

The British love the cooking show about baking

There are few television shows that define the life of society. These include the show “Great British pastries” - absolutely everything speaks about what is happening in this show, even those who are hard to suspect of being interested in cooking desserts.

All use electric kettles

In Britain, no one waits until the water boils in a kettle or saucepan on the stove - everyone uses electric kettles. Tourists from countries where it is customary to use a traditional kettle are surprised at this, but the British often drink tea, and the old-fashioned approach is not very suitable for them.

It is best to buy a transport card.

Immediately think about all the nuances. If you plan to visit a large number of attractions, you will need a card for travel by public transport - so you will save a lot on the road. Be sure to review the information about the cost of movement. By the way, many museums and other sights in Britain are free - you will not have to save on this.

The British are very proud of their history

Even if you visit an ordinary small pub, you may well notice there on the wall a sign with information about the history of the institution. Sometimes it may be that this is an incredibly old place that has been operating for several centuries. This approach can not fail to impress.

Nightlife is limited to pubs and clubs.

If you like nightly entertainment, you should know that parties are usually limited to the limits of the establishments and do not flow from there to the streets, as is the case in some other countries. In Italy, people fill the streets, move from institution to institution, laugh and drink along the way. In the UK, there are no streets with many bars, people usually go to a particular place and spend their time there. Due to this, the streets at night are not as noisy as in certain areas of other European cities.

Many pubs close by midnight

Although pubs are an essential part of British culture, in most cases they close quite early, at eleven in the evening or at midnight. If you want to have fun longer, you will have to go to a club or a regular bar, which closes a little later.

The road to public transport can take quite a lot of time.

Sometimes it takes more than an hour to get from one point to another, although you do not leave the limits of one city. For some people, such long trips on public transport may be unusual, but it certainly will not surprise the residents of megalopolises.

It is accepted to thank the bus driver for the trip.

Even if you are familiar with British culture, you may be surprised that the British thank the public transport driver when they get off at their bus stop. If you decide to try this habit in other European countries, they will look at you with a surprised look - this is a purely British tradition.

In the UK, individual hot and cold water taps

This is something that is difficult for foreigners to understand. In the UK, separate faucets are commonly used, one with hot water and the other with cold. Those who are not used to have to quickly hold their hands under jets of water in order not to freeze and scald, which is rather inconvenient.

In the UK, the real estate market is moving very fast

If you are looking for accommodation the week before arrival, this is quite normal. Rental offers appear and disappear very quickly, so it’s not necessary to think about accommodation in advance. It is also worth considering that the prices are quite high.

Sometimes it's faster to go on foot than to go by bus

If you want to get somewhere during rush hour, it is likely that it will be faster to just walk for half an hour than take a bus. Even if the journey usually takes ten minutes, due to traffic jams, it can take an hour. Try to take this into account when planning your day.

Some regions of the UK are more hospitable.

If you plan to travel around the country, you may notice that people in the south are less friendly and open to communication. People in the north are much more friendly towards travelers. However, frankly rude and hostile to you in any case will not, do not be afraid.

Anyone can enter the bank without checking.

In many other European countries, it’s just that you don’t go to the bank - if you don’t have a special pass, you won’t be allowed inside. In the UK, banks are more familiar - you can safely go in there without being thoroughly checked by the security service.

British people often apologize

People apologize almost constantly, even if nothing happens. For example, you carefully bypass a person on the street - and he apologizes. This is the ultimate British politeness, to which, it turns out, it is quite difficult for some foreigners to get used to. Do not think that you have touched someone or hurt.

Author Marina Popova

The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd itself.

2. Visit English pub. Without this, just nowhere ... having arrived in London, you simply have no right not to go to the pub. These originally drinking establishments today have become a place for communication at lunchtime, in the evening after work, and at any other opportunity. Skipping a pint or two of beer or ale is the norm for every Englishman and, of course, for a tourist. Advice to men: never order a half pint (small glass) - this is a move, because This is the female dose. A good bartender will tell you, an evil bartender will smile and discuss you with a regular customer. In the extreme case, no one forces you to drink everything, but you have to sit with a “full-fledged” glass.
Recently, the conditional division of pubs by orientation has gone: there are “gastro-pubs”, where you can eat and enough attention is paid to it, there are sports bars, pubs with live music, etc. In general, if you wish, you can (and should) find an institution to your liking.

3. Ride a double-decker bus. It is desirable on the "hottest" places on the second floor. If there is a desire to join the story, then in London there are still two routes, on which the old traditional buses operate with an open footboard. They operate on routes 9 (Trafalgar square-Green Park-Kensington High street) and 15 (Trafalgar square-St. Paul-Tower of London) during the daytime every day. There is a conductor in the buses, but driving through the Oyster is also possible.

4. Visit the street market. In London there are several street markets that can be attributed to the Must see: Portobello Market is the world's most famous antique market, here you can find everything or almost everything. I especially remember how we bought a silver tea strainer and a label from cigarettes with the breed of dog we needed))) Camden Market is a very colorful place where you can buy vintage clothes, unusual jewelry, works of artists and photographers, and a lot more. This place is definitely worth a visit, if only because of its appearance, it is not for nothing that Camden is today one of the most visited trading places in London. Boro Market - a grocery market with its own special atmosphere. Open from Thursday to Sunday in the morning. Here you can try and buy everything that can only come up with an inflamed hungry brain: from the freshest oysters at a very affordable price to real English cakes, skip a glass of real cider and get drunk (7–9 degrees fortress !!) go pushing around the stalls with the most delicious in the city of food. In addition, there are several well-known shops on the market: chocolate - the head is spinning from the variety, and the sellers are real fans of their business, will tell with love about every look and taste, Neal’s Yard natural cosmetics shop (the best I've tried in my life).

5. Walk along the Thames. In London, it is generally pleasant to walk on foot, but what can we say about the Thames Embankment, where in a couple of hours you will see an incredible number of attractions, recognizable cityscapes such as the London Eye, Parliament, Tate Modern Gallery, Globus Theater, Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and of course Tower Bridge. In such walks you can spend a few days, not at all tired of the special London atmosphere.

6. Walk through the parks of London. The parks of London is an amazing opportunity to disconnect from the bustle of the huge city, being right in its center. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St. James Park, the list is almost endless, because parks occupy almost 15% of the city’s area and in fact are its symbols on a par with Big Ben. There is nothing more pleasant than to sit on a sunny day in a lounge chair (attention! This is a paid pleasure))) and feed almost tame squirrels.

7. Shopping. Where do without him? London is one of the world's shopping capitals. Traditionally, tourists are purchased on the main shopping street of Oxford Street, but personally I don’t really like it. There are also Piccadilly and Regent Street, Harrods and Selfridges department stores. You should also pay attention to the largest department store in Europe, Westfields, where all the most famous brands are collected, but there is no such crowd as on Oxford Street. In addition, you can not leave without buying Scottish cashmere, amazingly warm and soft.

8. Look at london from above. It is not necessary for this to climb into the capsule of the London Eye. You can spend more enjoyable time in the restaurants on the roof of the Hilton Park Lane hotel or in the OXO Tower.

9. Try on the role of Harry Potterand find a way to Hogwarts on platform 9? Well, or at least sfotkatsya with a cart, which is embedded in the wall, stupidly smiling at the camera lens))

10. Recall school lessons and visit museums in London. For example, go to the National Gallery (for free) and choose your favorite picture. Personally, I like a few, I can not choose a favorite. By the way, the Gallery itself is organized very conveniently, you can always come and just sit on the bench, contemplate the beautiful, thinking how is it even possible to draw SO ...

I hope that London will be as interesting to you as I am. Have a good trip!

What to do in England?

  • See the main sights (Stonehenge, the house-museum of Shakespeare, the Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire, suburbs of London),
  • Have a great evening in theaters, nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, pubs, opera, ballet,
  • Sit in a flat boat and go for a walk along the River Cam to admire the views from the river to Cambridge
  • Visit any English cafe / pub and visit the famous Five o’clock afternoon tea ceremony,
  • Check in at the zero meridian (the starting point of time on the entire planet) at the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

What to do in England?

You can get to know England by going on a bus tour (route routes go through all the important points of England).

Those who are going to England for shopping will be able to buy new clothes in any city (London, Chester), there are all kinds of shops, large supermarkets, shopping malls everywhere. In England, you can buy both souvenirs, and branded and vintage items at affordable prices (several times cheaper than in Russia).

Shopping is better to go in June and after Christmas (seasonal sales). Well-known brands and premium items are best purchased at the discount center Bicester Village, located near Oxford.

Large English cities offer their guests a lot of entertainment. Active tourists can go horse riding, golf, tennis, football, rowing.


  • In England, lovers will enjoy hiking - there is untouched countryside, beautiful hills and wastelands. So, you can go to Northumberland National Park or to the Lake District, where Scofell Mountain is located.
  • Fans of cycling can rent a bike and go on a journey through one of the routes in England. It is better to plan a cycle walk in East Anglia (this is due to its flat landscape and picturesque villages).
  • Lovers of the unusual will be able to see artifacts, stalactites and stalagmites on excursions in the Kents Cavern caves in Devon. Here you can organize a celebration of a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding!
  • If you wish, you can take a boat trip on the underground river that flows into the Peak Covern Cave in Derbyshire. Everyone who embarked on this journey will sail through man-made tunnels, and at the end of the path will fall into a huge underground lake.

Vacation in England - means an unforgettable time spent and getting a lot of vivid impressions.

Recreation and entertainment

Major English cities, especially London, are rich in all kinds of entertainment facilities. There are a huge number of different theaters, night clubs and pubs. Lovers of the more sublime and classical performances can visit the local opera or ballet, as well as concerts, which abound in England.

Fans of outdoor activities can easily find something to do to taste among a variety of sports entertainment, for example, one of the most prestigious and favorite sports of a real Englishman is golf. Horse riding, horse racing, tennis, soccer and rowing are also popular in England. Competitions in these sports disciplines are often held at different times of the year.

Horse Racing in England

Countryside and hiking

Despite the relatively high population density in the country, England is famous for its spacious countryside, beautiful hills and wastes. Do not miss the opportunity to go hiking or just wander through the local parks. By the way, not far from the Scottish border is located Northumberland National Park - one of the largest moorlands.

Northumberland National Park

And if you go to the north-west, you may be able to see the Lake District - a breathtaking place in which is located the highest peak of England - Mount Scofell. In the west of London you can wander through the evergreen hills, and enjoy the cliffs and rocky shores.

English cuisine

Who has not heard of such famous English dishes as pudding, haggis or pie? Going to England, you get a unique chance to try these dishes and many others. And, of course, do not forget about time for tea. After all, England is not less than China is famous for its tea traditions.

Particular attention can be paid to Cornish cream tea, which is served with special baked cream, warm tortillas and jam.

English tea cream tea

Also this country is famous for its wines and cheeses. So if you have the opportunity to look into a restaurant or tavern, do it without fail.

Shopping in english

It doesn't matter what you are going to do in England and in which of the cities you plan to go, whether it be London or Chester, you can easily find the most diverse shops on the streets from large supermarkets to medieval shopping malls. It has everything your heart desires, ranging from simple souvenirs and trinkets to famous brands and vintage clothes! Так что берегите кошельки, впрочем, вещи здесь гораздо дешевле, чем в России.

Откажитесь от взяточничества

Особенно актуальным этот совет может стать для туристов из России и СНГ. Не пытайтесь дать взятку местным полицейским, так как вас попросту не поймут, а может даже отправят в тюрьму. Помните, в Англии самый низкий уровень коррупции в мире. So you better behave prudently and do not break the rules of public order.

Student ID

If you have a student card, by all means take it with you to go shopping. The fact is that many shops in England offer discounts for students. For example, Topshop will offer 10% of the cost, and the Apple store will give a discount of 25%. Such programs operate in many stores, so do not hesitate to ask the cashier.

Seasonal sales

If you like shopping, but prefer to save, be sure to visit seasonal sales (sales are especially popular in June and after Christmas). Well, lovers of famous brands and simply premium-class should definitely visit the discount center Bicester Village, which is located near Oxford (40 minutes by bus from London).

Discount Center Bicester Village

VAT return

Want to return some of the money spent? Easy! You can get up to 20% of cash spent on purchases. The fact is that students from Russia and other countries who are not members of the European Union are entitled to a VAT refund. To do this, you must ask the cashier to give you a special receipt besides the check. However, not all stores operate according to this scheme, so pay attention to the index with the text Tax Free. This means that the service is provided.

How to see the maximum in a short time?

If you decide to go to London, but time is extremely limited, but you want to see as much as possible? Then what you need is a ticket for the “come and go” bus (hop-on, hop-off). These double-decker buses move along routes that capture the main attractions of the city.

English Double-Decker Bus

It is also convenient that you can get out of transport at any time, explore the area and take the next sightseeing bus, which appears every 15 minutes.

Headphones are issued during landing to listen to the guide's comments. For convenience, the story of the beauties of London is in Russian. So enjoy your holiday and positive impressions! We hope that the question "What to do in England?" Is no longer in front of you.

A bit of history

History is what a tourist planning a trip to the UK needs to know. Settlement of the territory began a long time, mostly Celts. In the 43rd year of our era, power seized Rome, which ruled the state 4 centuries. Then there was the invasion of Anglo-Saxons of Germanic origin, in the eleventh century the Normans appeared in England, seizing most of the land.

In the sixteenth century, Wales was forcibly joined to England, and in the same century there was a series of religious reformations. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, Ireland, England and Scotland united, but at the same time each state maintained political isolation.

The Kingdom of Great Britain was officially recognized in 1707, and in the next century the state began to develop rapidly, contributing to the development of world politics, art, and culture. Together with other allies, Great Britain opposed German forces, but after World War II, it lost power over some lands.

Today, Britain continues to be a kingdom, and it is ruled by the legendary Elizabeth II, who has done an incredible amount for her people, becoming a true symbol of the era and country.

What you need to know about the climate

The weather can throw a lot of problems, but if you foresee all its whims, you can relax. The British climate is temperate oceanic and strongly dependent on the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder the country is called Foggy Albion: there are a lot of fogs here, which is caused by high humidity.

It rains almost all year round in the UK, so be sure to bring an umbrella or a raincoat. Often winds bring moisture and cold from the Atlantic Ocean, but most of the precipitation falls on western territories. In eastern areas warmer and drier.

In winter, the average temperature is 0-5 degrees, below -12 it almost does not fall. In summer it is warm, but not hot. In winter it may snow, but on the ground it lingers for a while. Spring and autumn are rainy.

What is definitely worth seeing?

What to see if you plan to rest in the UK? Consider the main attractions:

  1. Big Ben. Such a nickname has received a huge 14-ton bell of the main clock tower of the capital of Westminster Palace. Although now this name applies to the entire construction.
  2. Windsor Castle is one of the largest and oldest in the world, has a history of 900 years. But it is remarkable that it is used to this day.
  3. Westminster Abbey. This is the most famous British temple, a real shrine of the state, in which the coronations and wedding ceremonies of monarchs take place. The scale of the building and its unique antique and elegant decoration are amazing.
  4. The capital will be impressed by the world-famous Tower Bridge, which, by the way, is included in the ratings of the most romantic places on the planet. It crosses the Thames and is located right in the heart of London. Special chic creation give magnificent Gothic towers.
  5. Stonehenge can rightfully be considered a landmark mysterious, unique and mysterious. Come here and try to solve the riddle over which scientists are beating: where did this huge stones come from?
  6. Tower Being in London and not visiting this place is a crime. The fortress has become the historical center of the city, and you can find it on the north bank of the Thames. Today there are guided tours.
  7. Buckingham Palace is the most important in the country, because for more than forty years the Queen has been making the most important decisions for the whole country (and sometimes the world).
  8. London Eye. At this point of interest, you can ride and see London from above, because this is a huge Ferris wheel, which offers incredible views.
  9. Loch Ness is a bland Scottish lake, which is known to many thanks to the legends of a strange monster.
  10. Trafalgar Square is located in the most central part of London and is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the country.

And this is not all interesting places worth visiting in the UK. But if you arrived here for a week, then try to see all the most interesting!

What is there to do?

Tourist should pay attention to several activities:

  • Gastronomic trip. Traditional British cuisine is not very sophisticated, so gourmets will not be surprised. But you will enjoy fresh and high-quality products. Of the popular dishes you can list the deep-fried potatoes with fish, roast beef and other dishes of meat, potatoes, vegetables and fish. For breakfast, traditionally offered healthy and hearty oatmeal. Particular attention is paid to tea parties, which delight not only fragrant drink, but also sweets.
  • Museums. There are a lot of them in Great Britain, for every taste, for example, Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes, British, Beatles, toys of Pollock, Charles Dickens, cinema, National Marine, Harry Potter, natural history, transport, childhood, hard coal, tea and coffee . By the way, some places can be visited for free.
  • Sport. In the UK, prestigious views are popular, for example, horse riding, golf, horse racing. You can attend a sporting event or take part in it.
  • Parks There are a lot of them in the country, so lovers of hiking will surely be satisfied. It is worth noting the popular parks, which include the Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, Villa, Prior, New Forest and others.
  • Hikes Great Britain is not only grandiose castles and sanitized parks, but also open spaces with wastelands, rural settlements, hills and trees. And there are a lot of those, so you can just go hiking and have a picnic, enjoying the magnificent views and clean air.
  • Shopping In Britain, you can buy a lot of interesting things, starting with cute souvenirs and dishes, ending with trendy or vintage clothing and antiques.

Some interesting facts

Finally, interesting British features and facts:

  1. In the country, the traffic is left-sided, so that, when crossing roads and all the more driving, be more careful.
  2. In many restaurants, tips to waiters are included in the check bill.
  3. The British are polite and restrained, so do not allow frivolity and ambiguous gestures. For example, the British will not tolerate close physical contact. And do not forget to thank for the help.
  4. It is not customary to show tenderness and love in public, this is considered to be a bad form.
  5. Shops in this country are closed quite early, so it is better to go shopping until evening.
  6. Smoking in public places in this state is prohibited. But if you can not do without cigarettes, you should look for a specially designated place with a corresponding sign.
  7. The British mentality is such that not a single resident of the country even thinks about going somewhere without a queue. And this unspoken rule applies to tourists too. So stand at the end and wait.
  8. If you decide to take a photo for memory, make sure that children do not fall into the squares. Photographing someone else's child is possible only with the permission of his parent. And if dad or mom sees your actions as an offense and an invasion of privacy, then you will be dealing with the police.

Now you know much more about Britain, and to plunge into the special atmosphere of this country, come here and travel!