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How to learn to walk in heels: useful tips


How to achieve slim body and self-confidence in just a few minutes? To do this, just wear high-heeled shoes. But how to do this if you have never worn such shoes? Learning to walk beautifully in shoes or stiletto sandals is not so difficult, just follow some of the recommendations of experts.

Such elegant shoes make a woman special: her gait changes at once, she becomes more graceful and seductive, besides, in this way you can hide some of the flaws of a female figure.

The secrets of choosing shoes

Before you learn to walk in heels, you need to choose the right shoes to be as comfortable as possible. If you are new to this business, give preference to high-quality shoes with a comfortable shoe.

They must fit you in size and width of your legs, otherwise all attempts to master the art of high-heeled walking will not bring positive results.

Many girls refuse to wear such shoes, as they immediately begin to hurt and tired legs. If you also have such a problem, buy special gel pads, they will protect your feet from fatigue.

Of course, all girls want to learn to walk on the highest heels, however, it is better to start with shoes, in which the heel height does not exceed 5 cm. It will not exert a heavy load on the feet and will not cause any difficulties when walking. Over time, you can gradually move to a height of 8 cm, and then at 10-12.

According to experts, it is better to start learning to walk on heels with classic shoes-boats. Choosing your favorite model in the shoe salon, walk in it in the hall to make sure that the size is chosen correctly.

But sometimes it happens that the dream shoes for many women are high-heeled shoes. In this case, you should understand that you can not immediately put them on and go, or you will have an absurd and clumsy look. Follow the recommendations of experts, and soon you'll walk on heels no worse than models on the catwalk!

Mastering difficult art

Although doctors strongly recommend not wearing heels, as such walking adversely affects the female body, in some cases it is simply impossible to do without it.

How to walk on heels correctly - many people want to know, but not always you can learn it yourself, often without expert advice.

We learn to walk on the hairpin, adhering to the recommendations that will help us make the dream a reality and to walk gracefully with our heads held high in our favorite shoes:

  • Learn this science at home or in the office, where no one sees you, so as not to become a laughing stock of others,
  • For the first attempts, you should not choose a heel more than 5 cm, because you can only discourage the desire to study further. After one or two weeks, your legs will get stronger and get used to, then you can move to a higher hairpin,
  • Sometimes even a thick heel during movement can cause difficulties. If you also encounter such a problem, try to first look like a high platform,
  • Start walking in slow small steps, speeding them up gradually,
  • Try to put your legs straight, without bending at the knees, otherwise your walk will look ugly and awkward,
  • When walking, pay attention to first heel touched the floor, and then the sock. Never stand on the floor completely the whole foot, this is the most common mistake of many women and girls. You should try to shift your weight from heel to toe,
  • You do not need to wag your hips too much, because it will not cause others good impressions of the girl, in addition, it can cause a loss of body balance,
  • While learning the art of walking on heels, complicate your task. To do this, go not only in a straight line, but try to squat, bend, climb and descend the stairs.

If you see that you have already mastered the technique of wearing shoes on the heels of the house, go outside, for example, to shop at the nearest store.

How beautiful to walk in heels

Do you want to learn how to keep in shoes with heels, and want to learn how to walk beautifully and confidently in heels, this technique alone will not be enough for you. Carefully examine your manner of walking. You need to stand in front of a large mirror, so that you can see yourself to his full height, walk away and walk up to him, trying to put one foot after the other.

It is important that your chin was raised high, in any case, do not look at your feet, because such your inept actions will only attract the attention of others.

It is beautiful to walk on heels with a confident woman’s gait; Every morning, take a few minutes of simple physical exercise: do 10 squats and bend forward, this will help strengthen and stretch your calf muscles.

Women with weak legs for more than an hour will not be able to go out in heels. Take this into account and correctly calculate your capabilities if you go to work, put a spare pair of comfortable shoes in your bag.

Remember, if you have not worn shoes with heels before, in a few days you will not be able to walk in high heels correctly and beautifully, it will take much longer.

Beauty without harm to health

All girls are familiar with the phrase “Beauty requires sacrifice.” Of course, for the sake of beauty, we are ready for much, even often neglecting our own health.

However, if you do not want to give up such shoes at all in the near future, be sure to let your feet rest. Do not wear stilettos for more than 3 hours a day. If your work allows you to change into comfortable ballet flats or even slippers during the work process, use this feature.

To master the technique, as in heels to walk in your favorite shoes, is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. Even those girls who wore only high-heeled shoes before pregnancy refuse such shoes. Heels only increase the load on the spine, which is completely undesirable, because he already has a hard time because of the weight of the woman.

After removing the shoes at the end of the day, make several rotational movements with each foot, relieving muscle tension in this way.

After a long stay on heels do regular foot massage. If you know that your feet are prone to blistering from wearing shoes, even on a flat sole, and wearing heels, do not forget to put a few patches in your bag.

Do not be afraid to wear shoes with heels, because it will give you confidence, slimness and attractiveness!

Choosing the right shoes

The main feature of walking in high heels is the ability to keep confidently. If you initially say "I can not!", "Oh God, it is impossible to learn this!", Then it will be so. Be patient, pay attention to the little things, practice regularly.

  1. The ideal model of shoes are heeled shoes, the length of which varies from 8 to 10 cm, but the height of the heel is the choice of an individual. It all depends on personal preference and foot size.
  2. If we talk about a longer stud about 12-15 cm, you will feel uncomfortable. Even girls wearing heels constantly look ugly, stomping in such shoes. For this reason, we recommend that you immediately abandon such eccentric options.
  3. It is important to understand that shoe models vary greatly, even if they seem to be exactly the same. To properly evaluate the shoes, put them on, stand on a flat and non-slippery floor, straighten your knees completely. Rise on the socks so that from the heel to the surface there remain about 3-4 cm.
  4. In cases when it is not possible to tear off the heels by the specified amount, the shoes do not fit, the heel is too high. If you ignore the advice, when walking the knees will bend strongly, the gait will seem awkward. Without fail, consider the size, make sure that there is enough space for the insoles.

First steps in heels

  1. The procedure for the development of heels should proceed gradually. Change one shoe with another as you learn. Understand that the time has come to go shopping, you will help the internal state. The next time you try to walk, you will no longer experience discomfort, this will be a signal.
  2. To gain experience you will help the "home" development of heels. As practice shows, the girls get used to the new shoes for 2-3 hours. You can wear shoes and start housework, combining one with the other. Besides the fact that you get used to the heels, there will be a great chance to carry shoes, making them at times more convenient.
  3. The first thing you need to learn to stand in shoes, as well as walk in them at home. Only after that you can afford to go to a nightclub with friends or on a date with a gentleman.
  4. Put on your heels, turn to the mirror one side, then slowly turn to the other. Such a move will provide an opportunity to assess the posture, if necessary, expand the shoulders, retract the stomach, lift the chest. It would be better if you immediately put on a dress and make up to gain confidence.
  5. After a visual inspection, go "walk" around the apartment. Walk on hard surface, avoid slippery floors and soft carpets. At first, walking in heels do not try to bend your knees, do not walk with a “male” gait, keep your legs as close as possible to each other.
  6. Do not disturb your posture, do not hunch. The first 2-3 hours watch your back, monitor every step, because right now you are laying the foundation for further gait. Do not try to master everything at once, a little later you will feel more confident and stop paying attention to possible shortcomings.
  7. Walk around the room, constantly changing the direction of movement, do not walk the model line. Brake smoothly, do not jump, do not press on the heel. After you feel confident, being on a hard floor, change the floor, start learning again with small steps.

Walking heels

There are important features that will help you walk on your heels smoothly and gracefully.

  1. First of all, it is worth remembering that the steps should be short, and the feet should be directed strictly along one line, not to the sides. First place the heel on the surface, then put the weight on the toe, do everything quickly, do not jump. If you feel uncomfortable, reduce the length of the step.
  2. Arrange hands to maintain balance, do not "peck" nose into the ground, keep your chin raised. In cases where there is no certainty when walking, avoid slippery or wet surfaces, do not walk on gravel, lawn, sand, or pavement covered with ice.
  3. There are often situations when at the beginning of training girls lose their balance and fall. It is not necessary to restore the balance, it usually leads to a fracture or dislocation. Learn to fall correctly, getting rid of embarrassment and, in extreme cases, a slight injury.
  4. Experienced experts in one voice say that you can not walk on heels for more than 5 hours a day. It is absolutely unimportant, just that you have mastered the technique or have long known the beauty of such shoes. If you have pain in your ankle, take off your shoes, let your feet rest.
  5. Try to master the model walk, standing in front of a mirror. Cross one leg over the other, seductively shaking your hips, and do not try to walk too wide. Perform simple manipulations of 15–20 minutes a day, then proceed to the next step. Put a bottle of water on the floor, try to lift it, squatting. Keep your knees together, stand up gracefully.
  6. When wearing high heels is difficult to get used to the slope of the foot, caused by a similar value. Perform an exercise every day: sit on the edge of the sofa, lift your feet on your toes, stay in that position for 15 seconds, lower your heels. Perform another 15–20 approaches; if you wish, replace the technique by walking around the apartment on your toes.

Exercise "Children's step"

The technique includes a number of features, but it is an addition to the basic technique of learning to walk in heels.

  1. Do not try to take a big step and at the same time look elegant. Start with small, childish steps, most importantly, do not bend your knees. Soon you will realize that due to the height of the heel, the steps are automatically shortened.
  2. Do not lower the heel and toe at the same time. Observing the technique of walking in heels, you will notice that after the heel weight is transferred to the fingertips. It is at this moment that you need to go further, as if you are moving on your toes.
  3. Put your legs closer together. To achieve this and not correct your walk constantly, wear a pencil skirt or a tight-fitting dress that will tighten your hips. Such machinations will help to achieve a model gait when the models are walking along the runway, exposing one leg forward with the other.
  4. Stand in such a way that the heel of the right foot is in the middle of the left sole. At the same time maintain the angle between shoes the size of a fist. Now transfer the body weight of the back foot to the tips of your fingers, wait about 10 seconds. After this, repeat the same with the front foot. Such a move helps to develop a balance.

What you should pay attention to

Starting training on the development of heels, follow practical recommendations that will help you feel confident in any situation.

  1. Constantly change direction, do household chores, being in shoes: wash the dishes, vacuum, iron. Such manipulations will make you forget about the discomfort, besides, from a male point of view, it looks extremely sexy.
  2. Get to know different types of coatings: go down to the courtyard, walk around the house, walk around the carpet. You will probably have to walk on a slippery tile when you are fully finished training.

Like any other thing, walking in heels has its own characteristics that must be considered. Adhere to basic techniques and practical recommendations, pay attention to posture. Do not take too wide steps, pick the right shoes for training.

5 golden rules of walking in heels

  1. Gait "from the hip" begins with the correct distribution of the center of gravity of the foot. Stepping from heel to toe, smoothly move your body weight forward, as if walking on tiptoe, and boldly take a step with the next foot.
  2. Learn to follow your posture. Do you remember Verachka’s phrase from the “Office Romance” movie: “The whole otklyachitsya;
  3. Watch that the head and spine are on the same vertical line, and the chin is parallel to the floor. Do not look down when you go on your heels, remember, you are a self-confident girl.
  4. Spread your shoulders, slightly lowering them down, tighten the stomach.
  5. Keep your hands free, slightly shaking in time to maintain balance, bend your legs a little bit, try to have your big toes looking forward and your knees slightly touching each other while walking. Steps should be slow, smooth, small and confident.

Imagine yourself walking on a straight line, carefully putting one foot in front of the other, looking straight ahead. Your hips sway a little, forcing others to admire the beauty of an easy and relaxed gait. You are queen. The best, delightful and confident.

An exciting walk is a fashionable sentence for those who are able to make a challenge to the gray of everyday life and simplicity. Shoes with high heels - the choice of purposeful women. Whether you can learn to walk in it with confidence depends on your desire.

What are the benefits of heels?

Heels have many advantages. It is believed that such shoes first appeared in ancient Egypt. After the shoes, which increased the growth and lengthened the legs, became popular in Medieval Europe. An interesting fact is that promoted the development of fashion for heels, the queen of France, Anna Breton. She wore only one heel to hide the uneven length of the lower limbs. And the well-known trendy studs were released only in 1950 thanks to the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo.

Today, there are such types of heels:

This shoe has many advantages, provided that it is worn correctly. It emphasizes the silhouette favorably, giving it slimness and elegance. As the heels lengthen the legs, they are able to increase height, visually giving the figure a more feminine shape. Walking in shoes with heels is somewhat heavier, but this does not spoil the overall impression of the image of a woman.

Shoes with heels, exactly like a manicure on their hands, fashion accessories, a properly chosen dress style, complete the creation of a unique individual image of a girl. If the shoes do not look harmonious with the outfit, they can ruin even the most stylish look. Имеет значение не только цвет, но и высота каблука, правильно подобранный стиль обуви, например классический, ковбойский или гламурный, и мастерство носить подобную обувь.

Туфли на каблуках стали настолько популярными, что на сегодняшний день существует целая индустрия, которая разрабатывает не только дизайн подобного элемента, но и применяет современные технологии в производстве, чтобы изделия получались не только красивыми, но и комфортными для ношения. World-famous designers earned more than one million in the production and sale of such a plan of shoes. Among them Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti other.

Stiletto shoes appropriate to wear with almost any clothing other than a tracksuit. They will look great with a delicate lace dress and narrow trendy jeans. Business suit suggests appropriate shoes. Shoes can be worn under shorts in casual style, strict pants and any skirts. They can pick up various accessories, such as bracelets that are worn on the hands. For this reason, these shoes are considered universal.

Choosing a shoe model

How to walk in high heels? In order to understand this question, one should correctly approach, first of all, the choice of model.

There is a simple way to help check whether this pair of shoes suits you or not. To do this, you should stand on a flat hard surface. Try to pull the heels 3-4 cm from the floor. If you succeed, then you have every chance to learn how to walk in high heels in this pair. Otherwise, your knees will not fully straighten while walking. Beautiful gait while definitely not work.

How to walk on heels?

If you have always preferred the low move, then this question will cause you a lot of difficulties. To begin with, the first shoes should not be chosen at high speed. The maximum comfortable height will be 5-7 cm. At the same time, the heel is better to choose a wide and stable one. Shoes should be made of genuine leather, comfortable to sit on your foot. Also, preference should be given to the round rather than elongated toe. In this case there will be no fear that the legs will catch on to anything.

Also, as a first experience, it is good to give preference to shoes that have a wide strap around the ankle. This will make it as comfortable as possible to fix it on your foot and give more confidence.

It is better to refuse such shoes as sling shoes. They will not provide the necessary support and can lead to ankle dislocation. Perfectly fit sandals on high wedges. It is more stable. In addition, a narrow wedge will allow you to train your leg more diligently, and prepare it for a thin heel.

How easy is it to walk in heels? If you still have no experience in high heels, then give preference to more comfortable shoes.

So that the process of habituation is not difficult, you should gradually move to a greater height. Do not immediately buy shoes, the heel of which will reach 15 cm. Your gait will definitely not be beautiful. In this case, you will be very tired. It can also cause injury.

Training - the key to success

How to walk in high heels? When learning this skill, it is important to remember that the skill will not come in one day. It requires training. Before you go out in the light of a beautiful new shoes, it is better to distribute it at home. She clings to your leg. And the feet will get used to the high lift.

Doing all the housework in the new shoes, you will soon cease to notice it at all. It is important to remember that having become accustomed to walking on a heel with a height of 7 cm, you cannot easily stand on a ten-centimeter pin. Patience and practice - the key to your success.

Stages of training

How to walk on heels? Now tell. Studying this skill, all work should be divided into several stages:

1. Learn to stand confidently. If earlier you did not wear heels, then you need to get used to the new height. Standing in front of a mirror, spin in different directions. Also pay attention to how you stand. Posture should be smooth.

2. Take a few steps. Please note that the floor should be flat and hard enough. It is better not to start training on a thick carpet. It may upset your balance.

3. When learning to take the first steps, carefully watch your posture. Place your legs exactly, as close as possible to each other. At the same time, take small steps. Later, gaining confidence, you can accelerate. Move away from the mirror and return to it, carefully observing how your walk looks from the side.

4. When you will easily walk on the selected cover, try changing it. Learn how to step on any surface.

5. Try to sit down, taking any objects from the table, chair, floor. It is important to firmly press your knees to each other.

6. Going outside is better to start, for example, with a small hike to the nearest store. Walking on asphalt is significantly different from a homely flat surface.

When honing a confident walk, it is important to think about how beautiful it is to wear heels. After all, a hard foot setting does not make you feminine.

The rule of walking “along the same line” will never lose its relevance. In this case, the legs should be put straight and in no case bend the knees.

Steps should be smooth. Put the heel first, then the sock. At the same time to transfer weight to the foot that is ahead, you need to quickly and smoothly. If you cannot do it right away, try making smaller steps.

Remember about your posture, the chin should be raised high. You can in the process of training to place your hands to the sides. This will help to balance.

However, if you overestimate your capabilities and began to fall, then it is better not to try to catch the balance. These actions can cause serious injury. Moreover, from the side such a fall will look more comical.

If you already understand that a high heel is your life, and you feel yourself in shoes like fish in water, you should still remember that overcoming sprint distances can break even the most resistant fashionista.

It is important to know about a little trick: even the most uncomfortable shoes with high heels will be able to soften the silicone insole.

We take the first steps

Looking back at all the advantages of such shoes, many women have an overwhelming desire to learn to walk on it, but where should I start if I have never tried to wear heels?

First of all, with the correct selection of shoes. If you have never worn shoes with heels, then you should start with something more mundane and sustainable, for example, with boots or shoes with a square heel or platform, the height of which does not exceed 5-7 cm, depending on the individual structure of the legs.

Of course, I want to immediately get into the cute and elegant shoes on a 10-centimeter stud, but still have to wait and let my legs get used to the new position for at least a month, and better, more.

Only patience and work can take you to the desired summits, because there is nothing worse than a young and beautiful girl who hobble with great difficulty on a tall hairpin.

After you have learned how to maintain a balance on such a more or less stable shoe, you can proceed to the next stage. Gradually, you can increase the height, try to choose a model in which you will feel as comfortable as possible: for this it should fit in size and in height, watch the width and fixation of the back, if there is one.

But even here it will not work out quickly: at first, it is better to train at home or on a smooth office floor, put on your heels in front of a mirror, stand up straight, put your legs straight.

Try to take a few smooth and slow steps, so you can appreciate your new look, as well as your posture at a new height. By the way, in many respects, your gait will depend on her: your posture should be smooth, elongated, in no case, you can not slouch, retract your head and shoulders.

Slowly turn in different directions, appreciate the new sensations, in high heels everything feels different: your legs are very tense, the balance disappears somewhere. Try to allocate a few hours for walking on the heels around the house: at this time do your usual work, cleaning or cooking, after a while you will get used to the new height and you will feel more confident.

It is important to begin with clear, slow and correct steps: the leg on which you rest must always be straight, you can’t walk on bent legs!

After the home floor seems to be a developed territory, try to go a short distance from the house, for example, to the nearest store or park. On uneven asphalt, you immediately feel insecure, it’s harder to balance there, so try to go slowly but surely.

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