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Features cooking tandoor


Dishes cooked on the grill, are especially tasty. The smell of smoke penetrates into each piece of kebab or fish, which from this acquire their own special flavor. But weather conditions are not always favorable. In addition, you can cook a limited number of dishes on the grill: you cannot bake cakes on open charcoal, and a large piece of meat will probably be raw inside. Here the tandoor will come to the rescue.

What it is?

The tandoor is an Asian or Oriental ceramic stove designed for cooking. According to some information, the tandoor appeared over 3000 BC in India, and according to other sources, it was invented in Uzbekistan. This happened thanks to the Sart tribe who lived in that area at that time. They invented cooking food in a clay jug. For this, it took a little firewood, and the heat was kept longer.

Externally, the tandoor resembles a large clay pot with a double lid, made of fireclay refractory clay - a natural, environmentally friendly material. In the lower part there is provided a blower for kindling coals and scooping the ashes with a small spatula. The height of the ceramic furnace without a lid is 70 cm, and with a lid - 105 cm, the diameter of the neck of the pot - 25 cm. The reliability of the design is added by a steel border with forging elements.

In the main cover there are special holes for hanging upright skewers. In addition, the kit includes a special grill on which you can cook fish in a tandoor, as well as vegetables, as on a grill. But this is not the whole list of possible dishes.

What can be cooked in tandoor

Before buying such a ceramic oven, you need to know in advance the list of dishes that can be baked in it. What and how to cook in tandoor? In fact, the list of dishes is much wider than the one used for barbecue, and the cooking process itself is much faster.

Skewers of beef, pork, lamb or chicken, game and poultry, vegetables, bread and tortillas, fish and seafood - all this in a tandoor becomes especially juicy and fragrant. Thanks to the special technology of cooking the oven walls, they evenly warm up the food, so the meat will never remain raw inside, but it will not burn, as often happens on the grill.

The advantages of cooking in tandoor

The process of cooking in the tandoor is due to heat transfer and infrared radiation from the inner walls of the furnace. Thus, even if no coal remains in it, the dishes will still be baked due to the accumulated heat.

Among the advantages of cooking in tandoor are the following:

  • Unique tastes - dishes cooked in a clay oven, have a special taste and have a slight smell of smoke.
  • Saving time - in just 15-25 minutes you can get a tasty, juicy and well baked kebab, poultry or fish.
  • Ease of use - no need to turn the skewers, make sure that the meat does not burn, because the miracle-stove will do everything itself.

Now it remains to learn how to properly cook in a tandoor, and begin to marinate the kebab. And there is no doubt that it will turn out much tastier than on the grill.

How to cook in tandoor at home

The process of cooking begins with the kindling of coal. To do this, pre-chopped firewood laid out on the bottom of the tandoor and set on fire. Their burning takes place under the hood. Immediately after ignition, the walls of the tandyr are covered with black soot, but as the coals form, they will again become white. This will mean that the ceramic oven is ready for cooking.

After the wood burns through, you can hang skewers that are included in the kit. Due to the thick ceramic walls of the tandoor, it cools down very slowly. This means that after the meat you can cook and garnish without additional kindling of coal.

Recipe for cooking shashlik in tandoor

The safe choice of meat for kebabs is pork. It is better if it is a neck. Then the kebab will be moderately bold, juicy and appetizing. Contribute to this and special cooking technology, which is typical for a ceramic oven. How to cook in tandoor barbecue?

To begin with, the meat should be marinated. For 3 kilograms of pork, cut into medium pieces, you need to take 4 tablespoons of adzhika, 1 kg of onion salt and pepper to taste. Prepare deep dishes. Mix meat with adjika and salt, and then lay out layers, alternating pork with chopped onion rings. Leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours, and better for the night.

An hour before the estimated cooking time, heat up the tandoor. To do this, open the blower, put firewood on the bottom of the stove (about two thirds of the total volume) and set it on fire. When the walls of the tandoor become white, part of the coals to scrape, close the blower, and the kebab can be hung upright. Cooking time of pork is 20 minutes.

Tandyr Flapjacks

Tandy cakes are made from unleavened dough. It is kneaded from a glass of water, 0.5 kg of flour, salt (a teaspoon) and dry yeast (a tablespoon). The dough is prepared without a dough, but before molding the products it should increase in volume by 2-3 times. Then it will need to be divided into balls weighing 300 g each and stretch it with hands into a flat cake. Before sending the products to the oven, they are punctured in the center so that they do not deform. How to cook tandoor cakes? Right on the walls of the furnace. Thanks to the special technology, the cakes will hold onto them as if glued.

Before laying the dough wall tandyr must be sprinkled with water. To keep the cakes on the walls of the furnace, one of the sides should be moistened with salt water. Then, using a mitten, take a blank from the dough and stick it to the wall. When the cakes are browned, they can be taken from the tandoor. The approximate cooking time is 10 minutes.

What is a tandoor, how can it be?

Tandoor is a cross between a brazier and a closed barbecue. This device has a spherical shape and is used by the peoples of Asia for the preparation of traditional dishes. It is equipped with two covers for the body and a blower, sometimes with stands for the preparation of different dishes. And in ancient times, tandoors were used to warm the premises.

Such furnaces are widely distributed in Latin America, Spain, in the south of Russia, in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, India, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Japan, the Balkans and even in Africa. In some localities, the tandoor is an integral attribute of every court of the southern nations.

There are three types of tandoor:

  • Stationary above-ground furnaces have significant weight (it reaches 400-1000 kilograms) and, for stability, are supplemented with foundations or clay platforms. This installation has a classic spherical shape and is usually located in the center of the courtyard.
  • Earthen or pit tandoor located below ground level and practically dig in it, and also complemented by refractory walls made of loess or clay. Such species are rare.
  • Modern portable tandoor. This installation is also made of clay, but has a lighter weight and relatively small size. In addition to the basic elements, the portable tandoor can have handles used to move it.

History of

The first mentions of tandoor appeared in the 10th century, and since then adaptations have been constantly improved and undergo some changes. But the basic principle of cooking remains unchanged: the tank heats up due to the combustion of fuel (usually wood), and then its walls give off heat to the products placed in the oven and, thus, ensure their heat treatment. Moreover, the heating is uniform, and the food is not cooked on coals, but is practically baked.

The first tandoors were made of loess - the so-called stone dust. Then for the production began to use fire-resistant clay varieties: kaolin and chamotte. Sometimes animal hair and sand were added to the material, which made the mixture dense and made it even stronger.

Rules and features of use

The process of cooking in tandoor consists of several stages:

  1. First, the tandoor should be placed on a stable flat surface (if it is portable) outdoors.
  2. Remove the large lid, open the blower.
  3. Load firewood inside the furnace body so that they take up about a third or half of the tandoor volume.
  4. Fire up the fire and close the case with a lid.
  5. As firewood burns, the walls will be covered in soot. When it begins to crumble, and the fire is almost extinguished, leaving the hot red-hot coals, prepared products can be placed in the tandyr.
  6. When the dish is inside, close the pumper, cover the oven with a lid.
  7. After some time (it depends on the specific products being prepared in the tandyr) open the lid and remove the dish. Constantly monitor the process is not necessary, since the ingredients can not burn.

Pork Skewers

  • pork
  • onions (head per kilogram of meat),
  • pepper,
  • lemon,
  • seasoning
  • butter.

  1. Meat should be cut into pieces. The size of each is about 3x3 centimeters.
  2. Stir in pork with seasonings, lemon juice, salt, chopped half rings of onion, pepper and butter. Leave the meat to marinate for six to seven hours or overnight.
  3. String the pieces on skewers, place them in a tandoor and cook for about twenty-five minutes.

Chicken with nuts

  • 1.5 kg chicken fillet (or carcass)
  • one and a half glasses of any peeled nuts (it is better to use different ones),
  • greenery,
  • three garlic cloves
  • five art. l vegetable oil
  • salt.

  1. Prepare a peculiar sauce, grinding the peeled nuts (you can also pre-fry them) and mix them with butter, chopped garlic and finely chopped greens.
  2. Cut the chicken into fairly large pieces and salt.
  3. Now each slice of chicken fillet to coat with nut sauce, wrap in foil and put in a heat-resistant dish.
  4. Bake the tandoor chicken for about an hour.

Tip: you can strung pieces on skewers or lay on the grid.

Savory Vegetables

For this dish you need:

  • two eggplants,
  • two bell peppers,
  • large onion,
  • tomato,
  • ground paprika,
  • salt,
  • olive oil.

  1. Eggplant cut into slices, like tomatoes.
  2. Pepper, clean the seeds and cores, cut into rings.
  3. Onion after peeling, too, is cut into rings.
  4. Salt all the vegetables, sprinkle with paprika and pour with oil.
  5. Either string the ingredients on the skewers, or place them on a wire rack.
  6. Bake the vegetables in a tandoor for fifteen minutes.

Finally, some secrets of using tandoor and cooking dishes in it:

  1. During the first ignition, increase the temperature gradually. First set fire to the sawdust, then put firewood in portions. If you immediately warm up the case, it may crack. Gradual kindling is necessary in the winter season. In the summer, you can immediately set fire to the entire amount of firewood.
  2. Store the tandoor in a dry place. Before you remove or cover it, wait for the full natural cooling.
  3. A reasonable question - what kind of firewood to use? Birch, hornbeam, acacia or oak will do, as they have the highest heat transfer coefficient during combustion. Fruit trees may have specific odors, and conifers contain resin.
  4. The volume of firewood is determined by the length of the cooking process and the volume of the dish, but it should not exceed two-thirds of the body.
  5. The approximate time of kindling is from half an hour to an hour, depending on the air temperature.
  6. Each time, clean the tandoor with a scoop or a damp cloth if the walls are glazed.
  7. Do not fire the tandoor in enclosed spaces and observe safety precautions.

Be sure to try cooking delicious dishes in the tandoor!

The origin and characteristics of the device furnace

The first such furnaces appeared in Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago, their name then sounded like "tunuru". Other references refer to later times from the 10th to the 12th century and they are already found in the languages ​​of different nations: Uzbeks, Georgians, Turks, and Armenians.

Lived tandoor to our days. In the modern sense it is a spherical oven in which Asians prepare food. You can meet this in many regions. Residents of some of them are still using it as a home and a way to heat their homes, since the device is very economical and heat capacity.

Previously, the brazier was only stationary, it had a volume of up to 1 cubic meter and weight, together with the foundation, up to 1000 kilograms. Installed exclusively on the street, the walls are lined with raw brick for better heat capacity. Coal or firewood was fed through a special window, and when the internal surfaces were heated well, baking products would be stuck to them.

Today even portable devices are released, resembling a vase with a lid. The lid has a device for mounting skewers, at the bottom of the "vase" there is a blower for fuel placement. This invention is very convenient and is already very popular because of its mobility and practicality.

What is cooked in tandoor?

Since this type of brazier is found in many cultures, the dishes in it are cooked very different:

  • Azerbaijan and Armenians bake in it “churek” bread, pita bread, dried fruit,
  • Hindus more often cook meat dishes there,
  • In Central Asia - this is samsa and all sorts of buns, flat cakes.

In general, today there are up to 40 names of dishes that can be prepared in a tandoor:

  • This fish delicacies,
  • And lamb,
  • And any vegetable dishes,
  • Baking (mostly yeast dough),
  • Chicken, goose.

The meat in this case has a juicy texture, and does not overcook on hot oil, which is harmful to health.

How to use the tandoor?

Almost anyone can handle such a portable mechanism. Maybe everything will turn out well not the first time, but with experience you will learn how to cook faster and tastier.

The main thing - follow the following scheme of actions:

  1. You take off the big cover, put the firewood inside for 2/3 of the whole volume and kindle it through the pump room,
  2. When they break out, put the lid back on and leave it for 40 minutes, during which time the working temperature will form there. You can determine it visually, soot will no longer appear on the walls,
  3. Before you lay the food, look, all the wood must be burned out, only the embers remain. They must be distributed evenly across the bottom,
  4. If you are frying kebabs, stick the meat and place it in the device,
  5. The degree of roasting is regulated by the air supply through the blower or the small cover,
  6. Fish is usually ready in 7-10 minutes, meat in 10-15, vegetables in 5 minutes,
  7. After cooking, the stove must be left to cool.

The preparation takes place due to the fact that the heated walls uniformly heat the products. This ensures roasting, preserves the juiciness and usefulness of dishes.

Fragrant Yeast Cakes: Recipe

This is a very simple and practical recipe. If the house has a tandoor roaster, you can provide yourself with delicious fresh pastries for each day.

Make cakes should be like this:

  • Knead the dough: for 1 kg of flour take a teaspoon of salt, 2 cups of water, 30-40 grams of yeast,
  • Then the mass is covered and cleaned in heat for fermentation,
  • After the dough is divided into pieces of 300 grams,
  • Balls are made of pieces and put into heat again,
  • Later, pellets are formed from balls with a rolling pin, the central part is made slightly thinner than the edges. In the middle you need to perform several punctures so that when cooking the cake is not deformed,
  • Now drown the brazier, and let the tortillas still “fit”,
  • Before fixing the cakes to the walls of the oven, brush them with water on one side, and fix them with it.

Everything, the finished dish will be covered with a light brown crust. To check the readiness, pierce one of the products with a wooden stick.

Meat: cooking features in the roaster

Any meat can be fried in a tandoor. Here it is prepared quickly, so it preserves the taste and juiciness as much as possible The most popular meat dish - pork kebab, it is made simply:

  • Marinette, as usual, for this everyone has their own recipe,
  • Put it for 2-6 hours soak marinade,
  • Then string on skewers and place them in a roasting pan.

For full readiness is usually enough 12-15 minutes. You can also make a kebab of beef or lamb. Only to beef in the marinade should not add vinegar, it is better to take tomato paste and lemon juice. And also put more onions, cut it into rings. The approximate baking time is 20-25 minutes.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to cook in this way - it's great. Dishes are succulent, with a crust, and there is no need to apply butter, to overcook it. Anyone can buy a portable structure today, even if you live in a city. It is small and when leaving for nature or to the country, you can take it with you. If you are not sure whether to buy, now you can not think, understanding what a tandoor is, how a modern stove works, you can easily cope with it and get a lot of pleasure, as well as surprise your friends.

How to install a portable tandoor?

У газовых, угольных или электрических моделей промышленного изготовления в комплект входит подставка для тандыра. Ее использование позволяет приподнять дно сосуда над почвой. Due to this, the ceramic furnace warms up better and cools longer as compared to the models deepened into the ground.

For a homemade portable hearth, a small cart can serve as a stand. To mold or lay out the stove is best immediately on it. The support for the tandyr on wheels makes it easy to move it around the site, but to install it will require a flat platform.

In any case, the tandoor should be installed vertically with minimal deviations. This will not allow the container to overturn during the kindling process.

How to prepare for work a new tandoor?

It is very important to properly ignite the tandoor for the first time. Asian industrial furnaces (from Amphora or others) are roasted during the manufacturing process. Burned and finished ceramic caps for homemade barbecues. But in the manufacture of a completely self-made hearth, it will be necessary to make a preliminary firing: it is combined with the preparation of a tandoor for work. At the same time, the ability of the material to expand when heated, without breaking.

During the initial kindling process, the walls are covered with many tiny cracks. This provides ceramics with the possibility of thermal expansion. Therefore, the characteristic sounds (crackling, clicks) produced by the expanding wall are considered to be quite normal.

Will help prepare the tandoor instructions for use below:

  1. Portable wood tandoor-amphora should be installed on a flat surface. To do this, there is a tandyr stand in the kit: it isolates the furnace from the cold and moist surface of the soil. If the model runs on propane, then a gas burner for tandyr must be installed in advance. To connect the electric tandoor, you will need an extension cord if the installation of the hearth is done outdoors.
  2. In a gas or electric model, heating is produced gradually, following the instructions for the unit. To melt a wood (coal) stove, you need to remove the large lid and install inside the grate if it is not attached during manufacture. In the makeshift hearth, the grate is arranged when laying the stove.
  3. Open a hole for blowing.
  4. Put a little dry paper and thin pieces of hardwood on the grate. Summer residents, who usually use liquid for kindling, should remember that it is not suitable for tandoor: in a closed furnace there will be an unpleasant smell that is transmitted to the products. We kindle a small fire, in which you need to gradually add chips, maintaining a weak burning for 30-40 minutes.
  5. The outer walls and the neck of the furnace should be noticeably warm. Only after that you can begin to heat the tandoor for firing, placing thicker logs in the neck at 1/3 of the volume of the hearth. Flames should not rise above the neck. At this particular time, the crackling of a ceramic vessel or a stucco furnace can be heard. When the strong flame disappears, the stove must be closed with a lid, leaving a small opening open to allow the smoke to exit. We burn to the formation of hot coals. Then you need to add firewood a second time, again filling the stove with 1 / 3-1 / 2 volume.

To determine the readiness of the tandoor to work can only be visually. After a consignment of firewood is thrown into the stove, its walls will turn black with soot. As it warms up, soot burns out and, when the walls become light again, the temperature in the tandyr will reach operating values. After waiting for the hot coals to remain from the wood, you can load into the oven pre-prepared products for kebabs or other culinary delights.

How does the Asian hearth work?

The history connects the emergence of this tandyr with nomadic tribes that moved along the Great Steppe 3-4 thousand years ago. On the stands, it was easy to make a furnace out of clay, which was abundant everywhere, and you could cook anything in it. Due to the small volume and the dome construction for firewood, there was quite a bit of firewood, which in the steppe is deficient.

As the nomads turned into settled ethnic groups, as a result of cultural exchanges between the tribes, the domed furnaces spread throughout all the countries of Central Asia and penetrated into the Caucasus. Even at present, extremely tasty flat cakes are cooked there exclusively in such hotbeds. But for the first time people faced with a new device, a natural question arises: how to cook in it?

The principle of operation of the tandoor is simple to the genius. First, in a dome-shaped or amphora-like structure they make a fire. It is already possible to boil tea or boil broth on a melted stove while it is heated. But the main process of cooking begins when the ceramic body is heated to a high temperature. Burned coals can be removed or left inside: it is impossible to smoke in a tandoor, but the taste of smoke adds special charm to food.

In a hot oven, a frying pan with food (meat, vegetables, fruit or fish) is placed. After that, the lid is closed, and the food is prepared by the heat emitted by the walls. It happens very quickly: small pieces of tender meat (chicken, rabbit) and fish (up to 1 kg in weight) reach readiness in 15-20 minutes. The whole bird carcass can be baked in about 1-1.5 hours. For vegetables and fruits (apples, quince, etc.), 10 minutes is enough.

For those who know how to use tandyr, tasty and interesting recipes are available. In the Asian oven, you can cook a wonderful kebab and lula kebab. It bakes cakes and pies with different fillings - tandyr samsa. You can bake the whole leg of lamb, duck or make a baked ham. In the presence of a cauldron prepare pilaf and other Asian dishes.

Tandoor is not intended for the manufacture of smoked meat. The high temperature inside the dome makes smoking in the tandoor impossible, because even for this you need a large amount of cold smoke. But you can add some smoked taste to kebabs or sausages, if you put a bit of hardwood chips on the coals before you put skewers in the tandoor.

Convenient trivia for tandyr

To make cooking even more enjoyable, oven manufacturers have created a variety of tandoor accessories:

  • stand for the poultry and pan, where the juice flows,
  • Christmas trees for the simultaneous preparation of 2 dishes,
  • lattice.

Devices are issued in different modifications, all equipment is made of stainless steel and withstands long-term operation. A set for a tandoor is usually not included in the delivery package, accessories can be purchased separately, having previously evaluated what they are for, their dimensions and other characteristics.

In the manufacture of dishes at home is useful and a table for tandoor. It will be convenient to lay out the dishes or string them on the spit before cooking, put accessories with pieces of meat or vegetables taken out of the hot oven, and leave the baked cakes to cool.

Skins for tandoor, you can take the most common. It is important that they have a ring for hanging in a home-made hearth (on the bar) or in an amphora product, where there are special cuts. Kebab or Lyulya kebab in tandoor is cooked a little differently than on the grill. The meat is baked from all sides until golden brown and does not burn, you do not need to turn the skewers in the cooking process.

Mistresses will need and mittens. A simple accessory will reliably protect your hands from accidental burns. Mitten should completely cover the hand, wrist and reach approximately the middle of the forearm, as there is always the danger of touching the hot neck when loading food or removing ready-made food.

What can be cooked in tandoor?

The usual recipe for a dish in tandoor does not contain inaccessible ingredients or complex cooking technology. Everything is prepared by baking. Having mastered the traditional Asian recipes, you can adapt to the new oven and other cooking methods, because the principle of how the tandoor works is very similar to the oven. Here is just an experienced chef will say: I melt this miracle-oven in about one hour before the start of work.

Most meat dishes will require pre-marinating. It will make tender even beef. Marinade can be used by your beloved, the preparation of meat usually takes about 4 hours. A description of how to cook shashlik in a tandoor differs from the traditional one only in the way skewers are installed. In the Asian furnace they are hung on a bar or in special openings on the neck. It will be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Ham, pieces of rabbit, steaks are laid on the grid, which was installed in the tandoor. Coals can not be removed. Cover the neck with a lid and wait 15-20 minutes. Ready food to take out and serve. If you need to bake another batch of products, the second time you need to increase to 20-30 minutes, as the tandoor begins to cool.

If you want to get juicy meat without a crust, you can wrap it in foil before loading. It is also usually baked fish. Pieces weighing about 1 kg should be seasoned with spices, lemon juice or a little salt for 30-60 minutes before loading. After that, wrap in foil (if desired - along with vegetables) and put on the grid. Cook for 15-20 minutes.

Very nice summer dessert - baked apples or quince. From the fruit you need to remove the seeds, but not to make a hole through. In the recess, you can simply pour sugar and put a piece of butter. Filling options:

  • honey or raisins with cottage cheese,
  • chopped nuts with honey or sugar,
  • sugar or honey with ground cinnamon.

Apples to lay in the pan, put in a tandoor for 10-15 minutes. Bake until soft and serve.

For flat cakes, prepare a simple yeast dough made from flour, water, salt and sugar, adding dry yeast according to the instructions to them. After the dough rises 2 times, cut it into pieces, make tortillas, often pricked middle. Using a wooden circle, press the product against the wall of the furnace and close the lid. After 10-12 minutes, check the readiness: the cake will easily fall off if you touch it with your hand.

Knowing how to use the tandoor, you can master a variety of recipes for cooking. Different accessories help you easily load food and get food out of the oven.

History reference

In Armenia, tandoor is called tonir, while in India - tandoor. Uzbekistan is considered its birthplace. Regardless of the name, the principle of the device of the furnace is simple - it is a clay or brick tank, which in ancient times allowed to cook food and in parallel to heat the air in the room.

For the first time the Uzbek tandyr is mentioned in documents dating from the 20th century. It is believed that this unique oven was invented by the Sarts, who treated it rather like something inspired. There is a belief that in order to warm up, peri came to her or, as they were called in Europe, fairies. When the Sarts were conquered by the Mongols, the furnace began to travel around the world, changing and simplifying. Together with external changes, the religious significance of this device has changed.

It is generally accepted that Central and Central Asia is the birthplace of modern tandoors. Why? Historians suggest that because of the rather dry and hot climate, people had a fuel shortage. Therefore, they diligently sought opportunities to obtain from it a small amount of the longest possible heat, which would be enough to prepare numerous dishes for large families. So there was a tandoor.

First furnaces

At first, people tried to cook in the ground. It was a very difficult and time consuming process. For this, a special hole was made in a special soil called loess. Usually it was no more than 35 centimeters in depth, and almost half a meter wide. From the side, a duct was made. Since the pit was shaped like a jug, fuel consumption was significantly reduced, and heat was concentrated in the center. There and cooked a variety of dishes.

Now, too, you can find a similar in structure oven. It is called "horizontal chamotte tandoor". What it is? Chamotte or kaolin is a special solution, which partly resembles loess, not so much in its consistency, as in its properties. It includes a special clay, which is taken in the mouths of rivers, quartz sand and goat wool or horse pile. It is curious that the furnaces were made of the same material. It is known that out of 10 students only 1 could become a true master of tandoor manufacturing.


This Uzbek tandoor is a furnace made by hand craftsmen. The solution, the composition of which has been described above, is kneaded with the feet in order to obtain a mass of the desired consistency. Rectangular blanks are made of it, which lie in the open sun for 14 days. Then from them, as from the designer, collect a big pot-bellied jug with a narrowed neck. The walls of such dishes have a thickness of at least 2 cm. In order to fix the result, the tandoor is left upside down for a week in the sun. Thanks to the dry air, the entire structure dries well.

After a week, the inside of the oven is carefully greased with cottonseed oil and begins to heat it. Materials burn in the oven all day, strengthening it and making it better. After this treatment, the walls will quickly heat up and retain heat for a long time. True, knowing how to make a tandyr does not in any way mean that if you try to do it yourself, you get something efficient. This requires mastering a special skill.

Principle of operation of the device

The material from which the stove is made largely explains the tandoor device. Loess or chamotte clay has always been known for its heat capacity. The oven always maintains the same temperature, optimal for cooking any food.

One of the most popular dishes is considered to be cakes in the tandoor. But this oven is perfect for meat, fish and even a side dish. Moreover, any of the dishes will be evenly baked from all sides.

Often there is a hole on the bottom of the tandoor. Through it, they put firewood in the furnace and in the same way take out the ashes. The accumulated heat is transferred to the products that are prepared in the oven either on a special grid, or stuck to the walls, if we are talking about flat cakes. The third cooking option is on skewers that are attached to the lid.

Knowing what a tandyr is, it will be interesting to know what kinds it is.

  1. Ground. Such tandoors are installed on a clay platform in the yard or in a hollow in the soil. Virtually every family in Uzbekistan has such a furnace.
  2. Portable. At the moment - this is the most popular stoves. They make forged handles and a beautiful cover.
  3. Pit. Do not differ from those that did centuries ago.

About portable I would like to talk separately.

Special tandoor

Furnaces were originally made so that they could be put in their yard and leave as a legacy to their children and grandchildren. Now flat cakes or tandoor kebabs are a kind of trend. Many famous restaurants in all parts of the world offer dishes from the traditional cuisine of Central Asia, and from the author.

Perhaps that is why portable tandyrs were invented. They are made in almost the same way as traditional ones. Just for the convenience of transporting them attached metal handles. The tandoor itself is also covered with metal stripes for durability.

As mentioned earlier, portable stoves often have covers. It is clear that in order to make cakes in the tandoor, the lid is not needed. But for some dishes it is simply irreplaceable. Let us dwell on this element of the furnace in more detail.

This part of the furnace is made two-level: from large and small parts. Skewers with meat are usually attached to a large part, and less are fixed. Thus, the meat is baked, but juicy and with a crust. There is no need to turn the skewer or shift from place to place, as during frying on the grill. And without that, all roasted evenly.

Furnace advantages

Modern tandoor is a great helper in the kitchen in a cafe or at home. There are at least nine reasons why you want to buy it for yourself.

  1. Juiciness. Unlike other cooking options on charcoal, where products lose a lot of liquid, any dishes cooked in tandoor remain juicy. They are baked through hot air, the temperature of which is the same in any part of the oven.
  2. Meals for everyone. Even if the tandoor is made of brick, you can cook any meat and vegetables in it. This is an ideal oven for baking and other excrement not only with yeast dough.
  3. Time. Since the temperature inside is equally high, all dishes are prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible. The only drawback is that it takes almost an hour to heat the furnace itself.
  4. Healthy food. In fact, the tandoor is a natural high-quality multicooker. Due to the temperature regime, everything that is prepared in the oven does not lose its beneficial properties.
  5. No burnt dishes and black crusts. In the Uzbek tandoor any product will be baked evenly. If all coals lie evenly, then the furnace will do everything by itself. Your mission is to pull out all the food in time.
  6. Designed for any weather conditions. Some tandoors are even designed to work at minus thermometer marks.
  7. Fuel economy. One heat of the oven tandoor is enough for at least 3 tabs of kebabs. And this is a reliable fact!
  8. Without shelf life. Конечно, тандыр из кирпича прослужит не так долго, как из керамики или глины, но из-за постепенного нагревания и такого же медленного остывания, целостности печи ничего не угрожает, и она может прослужить ни одному поколению.
  9. Идеальный мужской подарок. Как говорилось выше о том, что такое тандыр – это уже бренд и подарить его дорогому мужу или отцу было бы очень хорошей идеей.

Сложно найти того, кому бы не понравились блюда из тандыра. Все, что приготовлено в этой печи вызывает аппетит и просто бурю позитивных эмоций.

Особенности работы с печью

Прежде всего, стоит отметить, что сейчас речь пойдет не о тандыре из кирпича. This type of furnace is very specific and only remotely resembles its ideal prototype. We will talk about clay products.

If you examine the properties of clay, it becomes obvious that it reacts very badly to water. Therefore, the clay product is best kept in a warm and dry room. Especially when it comes to frost. But, if it so happened that the stove came under a shower, it should dry only naturally.

Heating tandyr

Melt tandoor need to gently. Start with chips and small sticks. Let the walls heat up slowly. Only when it reaches a certain temperature, you can move on to larger wood.

By the way, with regard to firewood, then people who already have experience using tandoor, strongly recommend the use of natural wood. As their source is better to use birch, hornbeam or oak. It is not recommended to use branches from fruit trees and conifers. Why? In addition, the clay perfectly absorbs odors.

Flapjacks and kebabs in tandoor

How can you have a modern tandoor, and not bake cakes in it? For the preparation of this fragrant product, it is necessary to prepare yeast dough from twice sifted flour. After 20 minutes of being in a warm place, you need to skip it through a meat grinder with the Christmas tree net and send it up.

When the dough becomes fluffy, it must be divided into two hundred gram balls. Then it is necessary to form the classic tortillas, smear them with salt water on the bottom and send them in a vertical tandoor.

Until the cakes become yellow-brown, from time to time they should be sprayed with salt water and fan.

If you have a tandoor, how to make the most delicious kebab in it? Prepare the meat according to the classic recipe, hang it in the oven for 15 minutes.

What do we have in the end? Tasty meat with a crust and classic Uzbek flatbread. A tandoor stove is a great way to gather friends and relatives without being distracted by cooking.

Tandoor lamb

Prepare a leg of lamb better than tandoor, will not work anywhere. But before it must be well marinated, seasoned in spices in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. For preparing a marinade for a two-kilogram leg, you will need 6 heads of garlic, a tablespoon of dry mustard, juice of one lemon, rosemary and salt. Divide garlic into teeth, peel and tamp into incisions previously made in the leg. Use lemon juice, mustard, salt and rosemary to prepare marinade, which you rub your leg on all sides. Then put it in a bag or wrap in plastic wrap and send in the refrigerator.

How to cook meat in the tandoor next? To do this, you need to kindle firewood, wait until the walls in the furnace turn white, and install a hanging grid. Put a leg of lamb on top of it and leave to bake for 2 hours. After the time has elapsed, open the pumper plate and cook the leg for another 15 minutes until a golden brown is formed.

How to cook shank in tandyr

Due to the fat layers, the pork knuckle rarely turns out to be dry. But in the tandoor, it comes out especially juicy and cooks only 40 minutes. Here, as a side dish, you can bake potatoes, which are soaked in meat juice and turn out to be tender and crumbly.

Shank need to carefully rub with salt and pepper, as well as nashpigovat garlic, making small pockets in the meat. Send in the fridge for 2-3 hours. At this time, melt the ceramic oven.

How to cook in tandoor shank with potatoes? Potatoes with peel are laid out on the hanging grid. Shank is strung on a skewer. Now you need to hang it so that the juice flowed directly onto the potatoes. So in 40 minutes, both the main course and the side dish will be cooked immediately.

Tandoor Fish

Steaks of salmon or any other red fish marinated in lemon juice and salt for 2 hours. Meanwhile, finely chop 2 cloves of garlic, dill, grate some cheese and mix these ingredients with two tablespoons of cream. This will be the fish sauce. But how to cook salmon steaks in tandyr?

So that the fish did not turn out dry it can be cooked in foil. But then it will not be possible to achieve that special flavor that distinguishes dishes cooked on the grill, from all others. The second option is to scoop all the coal from the furnace, when its walls get enough heat and the wood burns through completely. So the fish will be able to bake evenly for 10 minutes, but not dry. Similarly, you should cook a whole carcass, but the cooking time should be increased to 15-20 minutes.

Duck recipe for tandyr

A duck in a tandoor is cooked on a hanging grid for 1.5 hours. During this time, she manages to bake evenly and soak in the juice of apple filling. To prepare the dish, a duck weighing about two kilograms is taken. It needs to be washed, dried with a paper towel and rubbed with a mixture of salt and pepper inside and out. For the filling, chop the large sweet and sour apples, chop ½ cup of walnuts. Mix all the ingredients together, add a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon. Stuff the bird with the resulting mass, sew it with thread and send it to the oven.

How to cook in tandoor duck with apple filling? The glowing coals lay down in the center of the stove. Install the grid. Put a duck on top of it. Close the tandoor cover - and you can relax for another 2 hours. Wonderful oven will do everything on their own. 15 minutes before the end of cooking, open the lid and blew. Additional air flow will contribute to the formation of a crust on the bird, and the duck will turn out even more fragrant.

Vegetable shashlik in a tandoor

This option for cooking kebabs is a real find for vegetarians. But baked vegetables are so tasty that they do not tear off meat-eaters. Vegetarian skewers can be served as a side dish to the main dish. No less tasty is a warm salad made from grilled vegetables.

From people who did not grow up in Asia, often the question is: how to cook dishes in the tandoor? In fact, there is nothing complicated. In tandoor you can bake almost any vegetables, mushrooms and even fruits. They are cooked directly on a wire rack or strung on a skewer and left suspended for 7 minutes. Very tasty vegetarian kebabs are made from champignons, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, onions, etc.

The way of stirring up tandoor remains the same as in previous recipes. It is better to clean the coals from the stove before cooking.

Ceramic stove, or tandoor, will be a real find for gourmets and is ideal as a gift to respected people.

Food in tandoor: preparation for baking and roasting

The first ignition is a procedure that needs special attention. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Your goal is to maintain a high temperature in the vessel, gradually heating its walls. To do this, you need to load wood for a third of the volume of the furnace and allow them to burn.
  • After that, add some more firewood - you will have approximately ⅔ of volume filled. Then make sure that the logs reach the specified level.
  • Often, the first ignition may cause cracks on the walls of your brazier. This is a common phenomenon for clay walls - you should not blame the manufacturer and think that cracking is a defect.

Typically, the set of the desired temperature takes about half an hour. You just need to get the hang of it and follow the rules that we told you about.

Here are some more tips on how to prepare a tandoor:

  • It is necessary to install the oven on a stable and level base.
  • After that, remove the dome.
  • Then you need to open the blower, load dry logs.
  • The last step - directly ignition.

The best of all in this eastern variation on the mangal theme is a hardwood with a high heat-transfer coefficient. But not pine and not fruit and fruit trees - they are absolutely not suitable for these purposes.

As soon as the first phase of burning of firewood is over, return to the place first a large cover, and then, when the flames disappear, and a small one. You can cook in tandoor with or without a coal layer, but if you decide not to add coal, get ready for what will have to wait much longer - for example, you can cook not three dishes, but only two dishes for one tab of the logs.

How to make meat with a ruddy crust in the eastern oven

There is nothing easier. It is enough after your roaster warms up properly, remove the extra coals and bring your dish to readiness. At the same time, it is necessary a few minutes before the final to open the blower and remove the top cover (cap) to create a “draft” effect. As a result, after 3-4 minutes you will have a ruddy crust on your steak or baked duck - depending on what you have for lunch.

Tandyr Tips

  • If your goal is juicy kebabs with vegetable garnish, buy a roaster, whose weight is 80 kg or more.
  • If you need a stove for cooking in any, even the most gloomy weather, the weight of the clay giant should be much more - from 110 kg or more.
  • Less heavy tandoor (60 to 65 kg) are suitable for cooking in the heat. However, they need an eye so the eye - in such ovens food quickly burns.
  • Weight up to 60 kg is a good alternative to the usual brazier, however with such a roaster it will not be possible to use a lot of additional accessories. In addition, these options are not as versatile as their heavy counterparts.
  • Those who want to bake bread in tandyr need to pay attention to the diameter of the neck - it should be from 30 cm and more.

There are at the eastern furnace and a few drawbacks.

  • It is easy to burn food in it - so that you get evenly roasted meat, and not smoking coals, you need to constantly monitor the temperature.
  • With a small brazier, you will not be able to serve baked vegetables immediately after the kebab. You will have to load firewood, wait another 30 minutes and only after that start cooking.

The best option for those who want even the most complex recipes to succeed the first time is not a tandoor at all, but a good grill. Kamado Kamado Joe is a ceramic stove with a dome in which it is equally easy to cook completely different dishes. It perfectly retains heat, in it meat and vegetables are baked evenly and do not burn.

However, even if you prefer grills, at least once try in an unusual clay chafing dish. This video demonstrates that cooking in a tandyr is a fascinating process and an unforgettable experience.

A friend cooked a duck, and we will tell you about other dishes that can be made using an oriental oven. For example, about chicken thighs - more dietary option. To get them, we must leave a certain amount of coal (⅔) at the bottom, making sure that the logs do not prevent us from installing the necessary accessories. And then proceed to the most interesting.

  • Marinating thighs in any marinade and spread the meat on the grill. If you want the bird to cook in its own juice, wrap it in foil.
  • We put the lattice in the tandoor, lower the dome, close the pump room.
  • We notice 20 minutes. During this time, the first batch should be baked. Check - remove.
  • We will leave the second batch for a longer time - about 25 minutes, and the third - at 30.

What else can be cooked in tandyr

The most popular dishes:

  • Baked vegetables.
  • Kebabs.
  • Stuffed potatoes.
  • Mushrooms
  • Dishes in cast iron.
  • Mutton.
  • Beef.
  • Fish (most often in foil).
  • Roast.
  • Bread.

When cooking, you can use:

  • Skewers - single or self-rotes. In the tandoor, they are arranged vertically.
  • Metal rings and hooks for roasting meat on the bone, ham.
  • Various lattices.
  • Cauldron from cast iron on the support ring for chowder and pilaf.
  • Pottery for roasts and dishes that should be properly on the fire afterwards. Such dishes are first placed on the grid and only then installed in the oven. You can not put it on open fire.

Do not forget that the tandoor requires careful and careful handling:

  • In the first ignition it is impossible to raise the temperature too sharply - only gradually.
  • The roaster must be protected from icy water.
  • During ignition, the flame can rise high enough. Prepare simple fire extinguishing agents in advance and keep them handy.
  • All the time that you do not use a universal oven, you must keep it in a case or under a canopy.
  • Keep children away from open fire and hot clay.
  • During work, use special gloves or gloves.

Here's how to cook in a tandoor, using additional accessories, and what can be baked in it. We introduced you to the basic rules, it remains only to give a few recipes.

Leg of lamb

Among all the recipes for tandoor dishes with photos in our collection is a real classic. Sheep leg stuffed garlic cloves, sliced ​​into slices or julienne carrots. After combining salt and pepper and thoroughly rub the meat with the ready mixture from all sides. You should think about the marinade beforehand - plum juice is taken for it, and with it coriander, cumin, crushed garlic. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, coat the resulting mixture leg, leave it overnight, and better - for a few days. After wrapping the lamb in foil, we fasten it on a hook, put it in the oven, prepare from 1 to 2 hours. Do not forget to open the blower shortly before the end, so that the meat is covered with a crispy crust.

Delicate sausages can be made by yourself. Buy a natural intestine, fill it with minced meat with finely chopped onions, spices and garlic, add a little fat to beef and lamb - it will make your sausages more juicy. Tie the resulting sausages with a thread, put on a wire rack and lower into a tandoor. You will have to wait a short time - about 15 minutes.

Cooking delicious dishes in a tandoor will be analyzed in detail in the video recipes below, but there you will not find such a simple and extremely tasty delicacy, proving that you can cook anything in an oriental oven. Ingredients - sour-sweet or sour apples, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla. You will also need a shelf rack on which our unusual dessert will be baked. We leave the fruits whole, cut out the core, put sugar in the recess with vanilla and cinnamon, bake on a wire rack for 10-15 minutes.

Cooking in tandoor: video recipes

See how Glorious Friendly cooks Adjar khachapuri - not only in a clay oven, but also on a gas grill.

But he took the crayfish - that's what came out of it:

Another recipe - this time you will learn how to fry steaks.

But no less appetizing chicken legs - repeat and try.

These video recipes will tell you how to cook dishes on the tandoor. Do not forget: you must constantly monitor the temperature. If you miss the moment, the meat or vegetables will burn.

That's all that we wanted to tell about the eastern oven, which is popular no less than the grill. But you need to handle it with the utmost care and skill - before you invite guests to a picnic, practice your loneliness, see what you can do. If the result is far from ideal, and there is no time for mastering the brazier, use Kamado - the effect of it is the same due to the dome and the ceramic walls, which retain heat perfectly.

In this article, we talked about tandyr and gave information on how to cook in it at home and in nature, with photos and videos. Have a picnic and call the guests - they will be pleasantly surprised by the new tastes.