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Top 10 most beautiful girls of the world (photo)


The concept of beauty is quite relative; nevertheless, our efforts created a rating based on external data, sexuality, merits in world beauty contests, photo shoots for popular magazines and in modeling business. We are glad to share the list Top 10 most beautiful girls on the planet.

Scarlett Johansson - a popular American singer and actress, the owner of many prestigious cinema awards is considered one of the most beautiful girls not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Johansson began her acting career in 1992 in Los Angeles. It was an off-Broadway production called Sophistika. The first starring actress received only a few years later, playing in the film "Mannie Law." The film was a great success, and Scarlett herself received an award for Best Actress. Now the famous actress's filmography has more than forty pictures. Among the most popular are: "American Rhapsody", "Lost in Translation", "The Island", "Nanny Diaries".

Rihanna is the most popular Barbados singer and actress who has managed to win fans all over the world with her talent and beauty. At the age of sixteen, Rihanna moved to America, where she began her musical career.

The first album of the singer was released in 2005 and instantly hit the top ten. Rihanna's subsequent albums were no less successful, elevating her to star status, bringing her numerous prestigious music awards.

The singer's albums have spread throughout the world in multi-million copies, making her one of the best-selling female singers of all time. In 2007, Rihanna was recognized as the best international singer, and her contribution to world music was also appreciated in the homeland of the singer, who became the honorary ambassador of the culture of Barbados.

Amber Heard is a famous American model and film actress who has managed to win the hearts of many admirers of the whole world with her beauty and charm. External data Hurd, her acting skills and tireless vital energy - these are the three important qualities that helped the actress to achieve such success.

In her youth, Hurd led a very active life, including participation in theatrical productions, shooting in various commercials and political campaigns. At the age of sixteen, Amber began working as a model in New York.

Amber Heard's acting career began in Los Angeles, where she received the opportunity to appear in numerous television series. In total, the actress's filmography includes more than thirty pictures, with which she was able to give a special charm to her professional skills.

Charlize Theron is a popular American actress and model, winner of many prestigious cinema awards. Teron was born in Africa, in a family with different roots. Charlize started her modeling career at the age of sixteen when she took part in a model competition. This was followed by a victory in the Italian Positano competition, thanks to which Theron signed a contract with a modeling agency from Milan.

A serious acting career Charlize Theron began after the filming of the film "Devil's Advocate," which brought her well-deserved recognition and world success. In this film, she won the beauty of his millions of men's hearts from around the world. The filmography of the actress has about forty pictures. Among the most popular. include: "The Mighty Joe Young", "Military Diver", "Snow White and the Hunter", "Secrets".

Meryem Uzermi is a beautiful Turkish-German actress who has won world recognition and fame thanks to the television series “The Magnificent Century”. Born Meryem in Germany. Her father was a Turk by birth, and her mother was German. Since childhood, Uzermi became involved in the scene and she played her first roles in the amateur theater of a family friend.

Meryem studied acting in Hamburg, while filming with this series of short German films. The actress succeeded in real cinema only when she decided to try her hand at the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century”, brilliantly playing the role of beauty Hurem.

Irina Shayk is a Russian model who managed to gain world fame thanks to her appearance. During her career, Irina managed to visit the face of many well-known brands.

Irina was born in Emanzelinsk, a city in the Chelyabinsk region. He owes his exotic appearance to his parents, the model's father was a Tatar, and his mother a Russian. The first serious success of the Shake - a victory in the Chelyabinsk beauty contest, held in 2004. After this victory, which became a landmark for her, Sheik was asked to become a professional model.

Since 2007, Irina Shayk has been filmed annually for the prestigious American magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and also works on an ongoing basis with many well-known photographers in the modeling business.

Aishwarya Rai - a popular Indian actress and model, the owner of one of the highest state awards in India ranks fourth in our ranking of the most beautiful girls in the world.

Paradise began her career as a model after she was selected for Pepsi's advertising campaign in her home country. At the 1994 Miss India National Competition, Aishwarya won the title of Vice Miss, after which she became the Miss World. The judges of the contest recognized her unanimously the most beautiful winner in its history.

In the cinema, the Indian model debuted in 1997, although the first film with her participation was greeted by critics rather coolly. Now the actress's filmography has about forty pictures, most of which have gained popularity with the audience.

Angelina Jolly - a popular American film actress, model, screenwriter and director, is considered the sexiest woman in the world. During her creative career, Jolly managed to conquer the audience with her play and become the owner of a huge number of prestigious awards.

Angelina's parents were professional actors who managed to transfer their skills to their daughter. At the age of fourteen she had already worked as a model for clothing shows. This was followed by several music videos, in which she took part and work in the theater.

The first shooting at the cinema took place in 1993, when Angelina Jolly played the role of a robot in a fantasy action movie that did not bring her any special dividends. Now the actress's filmography includes several dozen paintings that have become popular due to her skill.

Kate Alton is a popular American model and film actress who managed to enter the top ten most beautiful girls on the planet, thanks to her extraordinary appearance and acting talent. Kate was able to show girls with non-standard model business models that they could become stars.

Kate Alton never really thought about a modeling career, knowing full well that her big breasts and outstanding hips do not fit into accepted standards. However, it was not complex, but was able to succeed due to its perseverance and lack of complexes.

In 2008, Alton jokingly participated in the casting of the Elite Model Managemen agency, after which she signed a contract with him. Following this, the first success was followed by new offers, and in 2014 Kate got into the top twenty sexy women in the world.

Monica Bellucci - the most popular Italian fashion model and film actress, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful women of our time. During her creative career she was able to conquer the hearts of millions of men who have become real admirers of her talent.

Monica was born in an ordinary family. In childhood, Bellucci dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but fate decreed otherwise. External data girls were so attractive that she often became the face of well-known brands and companies. In a short time she was able to conquer Milan, Paris, New York and in 2004 headed the ranking of the most beautiful women.

In a big movie, Monica Bellucci began filming in the early nineties of the last century. The filmography of the actress has about fifty pictures in which she was able to fully reveal.

10 Monica Bellucci

This iconic model defined beauty standards for a whole generation. A pretty girl from Italy was striving for a career as a lawyer, but fate decided otherwise. She did not have enough money for training, and Monica began to work as a model.

At 24, she was noticed by the whole world. She became the most recognizable face of the D & G brand and appeared on glossy covers. This beauty became a muse for such photographers who in the past worked with Marilyn Monroe herself.

9 Marion Cotillard

Fall in love with her if you dare. The playful Frenchwoman became known to a wide circle of viewers due to her role in the drama “Fall in love with me if you dare”. An open smile and dimples brought this coquette Hollywood glory.

Mariyon Cotillard won an Oscar for her role in the film Life in Pink. Her partners on the set were such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she participated in the film "The Beginning".

8 beautiful Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is of Jewish-Russian origin. The star's acting career began at age 13, when Luc Besson took her for a role in the movie "Leon."

She won world fame for her role in the Star Wars fantasy saga. The actress began to learn and invite to cooperate.

Natalie Portman received the Oscar for her role in the psychological black thriller Thunderbird.

In addition to outstanding beauty, the actress has an outstanding mind. She graduated from Harvard School of Psychology and speaks five languages. Also, the actress refuses to eat meat and calls herself a vegetarian.

7 Emilia Clark

"Mother of Dragons" deserves the seventh place in the top of the most beautiful women in the world. In addition to a career in cinema, the girl enjoys art and graphics, which gives the right to call Emilia Clark creative in kind.

The popularity of Emilia Clark came with the release of the most popular TV series "Game of Thrones." The series broke all sorts of ratings, and the actress was loved by both fans and film critics around the world.

Blond Khaleesi was so attracted to the public that in the United States many newborn girls were given the name Khaleesi.

After the role in the cult "Game of Thrones", Emilia received a lot of offers from directors. More recently, she starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the next movie about the terminator.

6 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a sexy brunette who is remembered by the Transformers movie viewer. In a matter of days, the girl gained incredible popularity among men of different ages and professions.

Megan's character is as exotic as her appearance. In childhood, she suffered from panic attacks and uncontrolled attacks of aggression. The cause of the neurosis that arose was the divorce of the parents.

In addition to working in cinema, Megan Fox is fond of dancing and drama. For many years in the dance circle did their job, and plastic Megan strikes men with its grace.

The actress loves tattoos, and on her body you can find as many as eight pieces.

5 Emma Watson

The actress who played the role of Hermione Greiger in the Harry Potter saga. Time goes by and from a cute little girl, Watson has turned into a sexy woman who breaks men's hearts. However, for most viewers, she will remain an “actress of one role”.

Emma Watson was awarded a note in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest paid movie actress in a decade.

4 Ann Hatway

Sexy "Catwoman" from the series of movies about Batman conquers new heights.

Anne Hattuay won multiple awards, among which is the Oscar for his role in the movie "Miserable." The girl was nominated more than once for the Golden Globe and the BAFTA award.

Hatway's personal life is as good as her career. The girl lives in a happy marriage with designer Adam Schulman and brings up a son named Jonathan.

3 one of the most beautiful girls in the world by Kate Beckinsale

One of the memorable roles Beckinsale became a role in the saga "Another World", where the beauty reincarnated into a militant vampire.

Kate was born in a family of actors, so her future was predetermined in early childhood. The actress was born in London, but her great-grandfather had roots in Burma. Eastern origin postponed the appearance of Beckinsale.

Together with Kate in the film "Another World" and played her daughter Lily Mo. The father of Lily Mo is actor Michael Sheen, with whom Kate has been in a relationship for an extended period of time.

After Michael Sheen, Beckinsale's chosen one was the director of the Underworld film, Len Wiseman. The couple's feelings were so strong that they got engaged in 2004. The marriage survived for 11 years, after which the star couple broke up.

2 Angelina Jolie

Fantastic lips. This is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name and surname of Angelina Jolie. Add to the sensual lips emerald eyes and luxurious curls and get the second place top of the most beautiful women in the world.

Angelina loves the role of strong women. Many remember her as Lara Croft from the eponymous film, Mrs. Smith and special agent from the film Salt.

In addition to acting, Jolie is actively involved in charity work, and donates to the needs of refugees round sums.

Angelina has a great passion for tattoos and in every way decorates her body with them. Currently, there are more than ten tattoos on the girl's body, some of them are dedicated to the close ones of the actress.

1 beauty Scarlett Johanson

At the top of our top is the most beautiful girl in the world. Place the most beautiful on the right Scarlett Johanson. Blonde beauty with puffy lips is famous not only for her attractive appearance, but also for her acting talent.

In this girl balances so rare combination of beauty, mind and strength. Photos of the most beautiful girls on the planet do not descend from the first pages of glossy publications.

In addition to filming movies, Scarlett is actively involved in advertising campaigns. The beauty of the girl conquered such famous manufacturers as L’Oreal and Calvin Klein, prompting them to sign a cooperation agreement.

Hollywood star lit up and in the clips of various musicians. She worked with Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake.

Scarlett brought worldwide fame to the role of the Russian special agent under the pseudonym “Black Widow” in the film “The Avengers” and other films of the Marvel universe.

In 2004, Scarlett won the Bafta Award for her role in the film “Lost in Translation”. 4 times the actress was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

As for the personal life, the public actively ascribes to the beautiful romance with Jared Leto, Josh Hartnett, Justin Timberlnick and other Hollywood beauties.

The actress loves to sing and has a good voice and ear for music. In 2008, she released the first release of her own composition. Scarletlet’s musical career didn’t stop at one release.

In 2009, the second album of the star, called Break Up, was released. The girl was helped by Pete Yorn, a popular American singer and guitarist, on the album.

So, the top 10 most beautiful girls in the world in 2014:

1. Adriana Lima - the Brazilian model, which was recognized not only the most attractive and sexy, but also charismatic. This girl with a bright appearance was born in 1981 in Brazil. Adriana has African, Indian and Swiss roots and, probably, that is why her external data is so vivid and outstanding.

With the model, Lima started working early, at the age of 15 she won the prestigious Supermodel of the World competition, and at the age of 17 she signed a contract with the Elite agency and moved to New York. In 2009, Adriana became one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret, in 2011 she took the 4th place in the list of the highest paid models in the world. Now the girl is married to Serbian basketball player Marco Jaric and has a daughter, but still remains one of the sexiest and most beautiful.

2. Megan Fox always gorgeous in the photo, because it just can not get bad. This model and actress was born in the United States in 1986. In the family Megan there are Indian, French and Irish roots. Fox's childhood was not easy, she even suffered from panic attacks and uncontrolled aggression due to her stepfather's excessive severity. At the age of five, Megan began dancing and attending a drama club.

One of her first roles was played by the girl in the film “Sunny holidays” in 2001. Then Fox was content with secondary roles, but believed in her success. And he came to her after the movie “Transformers”, in which she played the girl of the main character, Michaela Baines. Today Megan is married and has two beautiful sons, she continues to excite the imagination of many men.

3. Scarlett Johanson. This sexy actress was born in a large Jewish family from Minsk and Dane. Scarlett started acting in films at the age of 9, but at first everyone called her a funny pink pig from Disney cartoons. Johansson became the debut film "North", which also starred Elijah Wood and Bruce Willis.

But few have noticed this little girl and appreciated her efforts and all the more beauty. Настоящий успех к Скарлетт пришёл после фильма «Трудности перевода». После него на голову девушки буквально посыпались предложения от культовых режиссёров. Она успела сняться в таких картинах как «Мстители», «Люси», «Престиж», «Высший балл», «Матч-пойнт» и другие.

Кстати, Скарлетт ещё и поёт. А ещё она славится своей любвеобильностью. Среди её бывших бойфрендов числятся такие как Марк Уолберг, Джастин Тимберлейк, Джаред Лето и прочие шикарные мужчины Голливуда.

4. Дженнифер Лоуренс - an incredibly sexy and at the same time cute actress, who was born in the USA in 1990. Today, many people know her thanks to such films as “The Hunger Games”, in which she played the role of rebellion Katniss Everdeen, “X-Men” (there Lawrence played the role of Mystic), and also “My boyfriend is crazy”. Jennifer received a lot of awards and in 2013 she became the face of the new advertising company “Miss Dior” bags.

5. Jessica Alba she was a very painful child, so she practically didn’t communicate with her peers. In addition, in childhood she fell into an obsessive state. But this did not prevent her from becoming a wonderful actress. Jessica started taking acting classes at the age of 12, and after 9 months she signed a contract with an agent. The debut of the girl took place in the film “The Lost Camp”.

At first she was content to participate in the crowd, but then accidentally took the place of the main character, because she was like her. Then Jessica began to appear in commercials. But the role in the film “The Dark Angel” became crucial and significant for her. Today, many people know Alba thanks to the film “Sin City”, the second part of which was released in 2014 and made us remember the sexy beauty Jessica again.

6. Rihanna - sexy black singer with a strong voice and a stunning figure. She experimented more than once with her appearance, but all these experiments went her only good. The first work of this girl came out in 2005 and immediately attracted attention.

Rihanna was born in 1988 in Barbados, and at the age of 16 she moved to the USA to start her career and become successful and famous. Today Rihanna is one of the youngest and at the same time popular, successful and, of course, sexual stars of show business. By the way, the wax figure of this girl can be seen in the famous Madame Tussauds Museum in Washington.

7. Lupita Nyong'o. She is considered one of the most beautiful girls of 2014 according to the People magazine. Yes, her beauty, perhaps, differs from the generally accepted standards, but it is this appearance that attracts the eye. Lupita - Kenyan actress, who since childhood was notorious and insecure. Mom always urged her that she was beautiful.

And at some point the girl not only believed in it, but literally fell in love with everyone else. At one point, Lupita moved to the USA and began studying acting at Yale University, which she successfully graduated from.

First, she worked in the theater, but in 2013 she made her debut in the legendary film “12 Years of Slavery”, in which she played the slave Patsy. All sympathized with her and wished for happiness. By the way, for this supporting role, Nyong'o received an Oscar. And she became the face of the cosmetic brand “Lancome”.

8. Anthony Misura - perhaps the most beautiful basketball player in the world. Looking at this nice, cute and slim girl, you can not think that she, among other things, also perfectly owns a basketball. Antonia was born in Croatia in 1988. Misura has loved sports since her childhood, especially volleyball and basketball.

She made her choice in favor of the latter and became a player in the Croatian national team. But sporting achievement is not all that Anthony can boast of. She was more than once named the sexiest and most attractive player, and in 2009 received the title of "Miss Mediterranean Games."

Many drew attention to this pretty blonde only at the Olympic Games, held in 2012. And although 2014 was not so intense and memorable for Antonia, many considered her one of the most beautiful girls.

9. Cara Delevingne is one of the sexiest women on the planet according to the magazine Maxim. She is an English model who grew up surrounded by luxury and beauty.

Probably this is why Cara herself managed to become a true connoisseur of beauty and introduce many to it, becoming the embodiment of the beautiful. Today, Delevingne is considered one of the most successful and invited models. In 2011, she entered the list of the 1000 most influential people in the world.

10. Mila Kunis. Surprisingly, this actress was born in the former USSR. Mila began her career from shooting in commercials, but with the help of perseverance and work she was able to become one of the most popular actresses.

She starred in such films as "Max Payne", "The Seventh Heaven", "The Third Extra", "The Black Swan", "Ascent Jupiter", "Bloodlines" and others. Today, Mila is engaged to Ashton Kutcher and has a daughter.

43 - Sandra Bullock

The actress has received worldwide recognition for many of his work. Winner of the prestigious Academy Award. Twice donated to the Red Cross for $ 1 million.

Dancer and singer from Corsica. He is also keen on football and Thai boxing. The first album, released in 2000, immediately became mega popular.

14th place. Emma Watson, actress, UK

British actress Emma Watson needs no introduction - there is hardly a person who has not seen a single Harry Potter movie in which she played Hermione Granger. And despite the fact that in drawing up the rating only external beauty was taken into account, Emma's acting talent is also worthy of praise - the best directors of the world want to see her in their films.

12th place. Bella Hitkot, actress, Australia

Despite the fact that the list of well-known film works by Bella is not very long, Internet users could not help noticing her, which allowed the 30-year-old actress to come close to the top ten of the beauties rating.

9th place. Golshifte Farahani, actress, Iran - France

Iranian actress Golshifte Farahani was born in Tehran. Today she lives in France and travels around the world - Iranian, Indian, European and American directors invite her to star in her films.