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Futurism in the interior: color palette, features


Futuristic style - one of the brightest and most original, originated in the 70s, does not lose its relevance. Today, manifestations of futurism can be found not only in art and painting, but also in clothing, design, architecture, literature.

The main features of futurism are something cosmic and fantastic, a rejection of the past and the present, a rush into the future.

Characteristic features

  1. Round doorways - this was not previously in any style.
  2. The use of neon lamps in the lighting of housing.
  3. Minimalism in the decor.
  4. Unusual architectural structures and bulky fantastic designs.

Most of the ideas designers take from literary works. Science-fiction writers are good helpers in this matter. If you chose futurism in the interior, then do not be surprised that your room began to resemble the cabin of an intergalactic liner. Now let's talk about the colors that are inherent in a fantastic style.

Monochrome interior

If you like a lot of bright colors, then apparently futurism is not for you. The color palette of style: white, black, their shades and combinations. Sometimes in such compositions several bright spots appear ingratiatingly, but their number is strictly regulated. This is usually no more than two shades. They are needed in order to add contrast to the monochrome interior.

Futurism in the interior does not tolerate wallpaper on the walls. As a rule, walls are simply painted with white paint. A good alternative, which seriously save time on leveling the surface of the walls, is white plastic panels. Their surface must be matte.

Materials used in the decoration:

The floor is decorated with:

  • laminate flooring
  • tiles,
  • bulk substance.

Futuristic furniture

The restraint of the futuristic style is more than cover furniture fantasies. That is where the scope for design ideas and creativity! You can forget about the strict forms and sharp corners.

Furniture should be light, unusual, functional. The more interesting the shape of sofas, tables, chairs, beds, the better. The best option - objects with curved shapes. It looks good hanging chairs, built-in tables, inflatable transparent chairs. If the budget allows, then you should pay attention to the design products. If you want something monolithic, then you can order a bed that will be connected to the ceiling.

In general, futurism in the interior implies a minimal amount of furniture. As a rule, it is a round bed, a transparent unusual table, a completely round sofa and the same chair. If the kitchen is made in a futuristic style, then there is always a place for a bar counter with multi-level lighting.

Suspended option

This is a chair that is fixed on the ceiling. Can be plastic, woven, woven. It can also resemble a hammock that is stretched over a round frame. Both children and adults are delighted with such furniture. It is because of this interior design that teenagers so often choose a futuristic style.

Have you ever sat in a soap bubble? Imagine that it is possible! You can sit and read a book or sit with your favorite gadget in a transparent balloon that is frozen in the air. Such furniture is made of transparent plastic or rubber.

It is, of course, to consider a more mundane version - a chair that stands on the floor. On sale you can find a traditional ball chair, which is shaped like half an egg. Such structures must have stable legs - check with the purchase. Usually the piece of furniture rotates around its axis. It is very convenient, and you can go!

Such things are made of fiberglass. Colors of products can be anything. There is no limit to fantasy. After all, this chair can be a bright contrasting spot in a futuristic style.

Look up

The ceiling in the futuristic style is often stretched. To create a multi-level structures used drywall. This material is very plastic in the hands of real masters. You can order the most incredible designs.

In the design of the ceiling plays an important role lighting. Often used halogen lamps. In addition to the built-in light sources, unusual chandeliers made of metal, glass, plastic can hang from the ceiling.

In futurism there is no place for unnecessary details. He is progressive and relatively cold. Unfortunately, if you like trinkets and colorful paintings, then this style is not for you. How to decorate the room?

The decor here will be quite functional things - household appliances of unusual shape and unexpected colors, new items in the field of multimedia devices.

If the soul still requires jewelry, then pay attention to works of art in the style of futurism, fauvism or cubism. Do not forget that the place for decoration should be chosen as reasonably as possible. A distinctive feature of futurism is conciseness and completeness. Nothing should stand out from the designer’s general idea.

Eclectic futurism

At the heart of this style are characteristic features of cosmic design, but with bright colors. That is, furniture, windows, doors have rounded shapes, but they can be colored, for example, a striped sofa with pillows of different colors, an incredibly shaped table with curved legs, and above it shelves with pink books, with paper editions hanging on them upside down thanks to a transparent invisible stand.

Eclectic futurism is the ideal style for indefatigable visionaries who do not want to be bound by the framework of ordinary futurism. In eclecticism there are also many textiles of bright colors, soft carpets, beautiful curtains. This style will perfectly fit into the nursery.

Retro futurism

Retro futurism appeared in fashion in the 50-60s of the last century, and was the embodiment of ideas about the clothing of the future in the models of modernity. The founder of this direction can be considered Pierre Cardin, who was first introduced to the public, characteristic products of retro futurism - trapezoid dresses with geometric cutouts, complemented by helmets and plastic glasses.

A well-known designer Paco Rabann supported the idea and proposed his vision of the future of cellophane and plastic clothing of the future. Models of this stylistic trend appear periodically in the works of modern designers. For example, some products from world famous brands with an architectural cut, volumetric shapes, metallized or translucent fabrics, make clothes a bright embodiment of retro futuristic style. A brilliant accessories and additions in the form of bowlers and helmets emphasize the space theme.

Secrets of futuristic interior

The interior in a futuristic style involves not only the use of new materials and techniques, but also dynamic forms. Together, this creates an atmosphere of the future. Of the most popular and appropriate style materials can be noted: light aluminum, durable organic glass, steel and polycarbonate plastic.

To create a futuristic style, designers advise to actively use white color, and place accents with various shades of gray and beige. Bright saturated colors are not suitable for this trend in room design. Smooth surfaces of regular shapes, simple lines and clear borders are what distinguishes the futuristic interior. No extra accessories and flashy details. Futuristic style in the interior is only organic forms, simplicity and infinity.

Bright room design in futurism style

Futurism style living room interior

Beautiful bedroom in the style of futurism

Futurism style living room design

However, simply - does not mean boring! Extraordinary furniture is perfect for the “salon” of your “spaceship”:

  • round bed,
  • curved table
  • oval sofa.

They will emphasize the special filling of the space, and in combination with the rest of the interior they will create the necessary impression.

Very unusual room design in futurism style.

Futurism in the interior of the kitchen

Futuristic design

Accents and filling space

One of the techniques for creating a futuristic interior is the union of the past and the future. Antique elements (maps, clocks, outdated mechanisms, etc.) in combination with the latest technology, strict lines and bright colors in the decoration create a stunning effect. It is interesting to look in the interiors of the future small "museums of antiquity". Exhibits of the “past” displayed on modern glass or metal shelves (racks) will add a zest to the design of the room.

Bright room style futurism

Futurism - the style of the future

Futuristic design

Futuristic room design

Another way to make the interior unusual is to use coded messages. This reception will be especially impressive in the bathroom or in the kitchen. To create coded messages, it is enough to place rows of numbers and letters on mirror or glass surfaces (you can use others, but this will require additional techniques and ideas). If you want to make inscriptions meaningful, you can use any of the modern coding techniques (for example, Morse code) or rare languages ​​to capture memorable dates, events, and names known only to you. This will make the room personal and create a feeling of “home” or memories of the past.

Futurism in chocolate color in the interior of the room

Futurism style in the living room interior

Futurism style living room design


To create a futuristic style, free layouts and studios are most suitable, since futurism requires space. The division into zones (working, resting, eating, etc.) is best done with the help of the game of color in space and translucent partitions. The common space will create a feeling of spaciousness and balance.

If you have a house of standard planning, but the soul is torn to space, try using techniques for visual expansion of the space with the help of mirrors, light colors of furniture and walls. The futuristic interior in small rooms can be realized as different pictures of the future.

Beautiful room in the style of futurism

Spacious bright room in futurism style

Beautiful room design in futurism style

Futurism style in the living room interior

When imitating a spacecraft or research station in your interior, use muted stray light. Illumination of the stairs (if the dwelling has several floors) or any elements of the situation will create an impression of unreality and weightlessness. The backlight should be neatly hidden from view. In the lighting of space, you can also place accents:

  • chandelier like the sun
  • lamps like stars or portholes,
  • milky way on the ceiling.

Unusual design in futurism style

Futurism in the interior

Bright bright room design in futurism style

Style futurism in the interior

One of the simplest and most beautiful solutions is the color lighting of different saturations. The guest zone can be brightly illuminated with standard white, the dining room with soft blue, etc.

Futurism in the interior is infinitely diverse, there are no restrictions, because each represents the future in its own way. The possibilities of this style have no boundaries like space.

Origins of style

Particular attention should be paid to poetry, since it all began with the versification. For futurists, the meaning faded into the background, the form and novelty became the main one. They defended their right to individualism in creativity and the rejection of the generally accepted framework and norms. The main features of the direction were formulated in the manifesto of the Italian Marinetti, published in the newspaper. His message says that futurists must hurry to live and create. A bright star to shine in the sky and sink into eternity, leaving its mark on history. Poets came up with unusual words, used foul language and slang in poems. All these techniques were designed to attract public attention and the effect of shock therapy. Among the famous masters of the genre Marinetti, Boccioni, Russolo, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov are celebrated. Domestic poets of the new wave were not always understood by the public. Their creativity caused a stormy negative reaction in the circles of the conservatives, who put traditions at the head of the table. For many, the attitude of futurists to wars was considered unacceptable. They considered them to be a cleansing of the earth, preparing a new ground for a bright future. Perhaps the popularization of pacifism subsequently shattered the ideologues of direction. In painting, futurism is in many ways similar to abstractionism and cubism. Primitive image techniques are considered characteristic of the style: geometric figures, smooth line breaks, the fragmentation of objects into sectors with the aim of looking inside. In the architecture of buildings, the style was recognized by a number of techniques that symbolized energy, speed, swiftness - features characteristic of youth. In the interior design of offices, apartments and houses, the style has lingered to this day. He has changed in many ways. Outdated ideas about the future, which has now become the present, have been replaced by fresh ideas born in the conditions of new realities.

The main differences of style

Futuristic interiors stand out against other popular styles. It should be noted that not everyone is capable of such bold decisions. Habitual concepts of coziness and comfort are transformed and acquire unusual outlines that you need to get used to. The original futuristic setting will seem to many similar to the museum, where non-trivial art objects are demonstrated. The style is characterized by:

  • Unusual shapes. In the interior picture will be present geometric shapes, straight lines and rounded, smooth corners,
  • Artificial lighting. In the concept of futurism, contact with nature is completely broken. A person is left only an isolated house, which is supported by artificial lighting around the clock. There will be few suns in the rooms
  • New life of the usual things. No trivial wardrobes or sofas in futurism you will not find. The furniture will be the least like itself: curved backs, extraordinary forms, complex combinations,
  • Chrome-plated surfaces, plastic, plexiglass. In the decoration of this style is similar to the high-tech potpourri and industrial direction,
  • "Smart" decor with the use of optical illusions. The world is governed by intelligence, respectively, and room decorations should be the product of his work,
  • The presence of glass partitions for zoning space. Ideal housing for the realization of futuristic ideas will be a studio apartment or "odnushka", which is divided into sectors,
  • The colors are dominated by cold colors, gray, white and black. Design decisions are based on the principle of contrasts,
  • Multifunctional furniture. Futuristic dislikes useless use of space, like minimalism.

Taken together, the above features give rise to original stylistic solutions that do not look like trivial interiors.

Futurism is present in the decoration of many "state-owned" buildings, where they are usually engaged in the study and development of computer technology. The style is used in offices and lobbies premises. The main goal of the design solution is to show that the company is engaged in modern research and is ahead of its time.

Interior decoration

Style is considered universal. It looks organically in any room: the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and even a children's room. However, owners should prepare for expensive repairs, as the embodiment of unusual ideas will require large investments. The decoration prevails artificial materials that look luxurious, but in any case not cheap or primitive.

Materials and finishes

In the design of the “box” of the room, plastic, glass, and chrome-plated surfaces prevail. Walls are pasted over with foiled wallpaper or sheathed with PVC panels imitating metal. From above hangs the stretch ceiling, the glossy surface of which is monotonous, without patterns or patterns. In more basic versions, white, blue or gray plaster is used. Bulk floor is decorated with paintings with complex geometric patterns. Make similar options to order. In some cases, the floor is covered with linoleum or decorated with rugs of unusual shapes with a short nap. From the tree will have to give up completely. In this respect, the style is categorical.

Color design

In accent colors prevails blue, blue, purple, green, red. All shades have a “cold” neon shine. A good option would be to emphasize the color of the corresponding backlight. The main background is made of white, black or gray tones. They are neutral and combined with any shades. The main principle of color combinations - the game of contrasts. Accents should be noticeable, but their balance is strictly regulated.

В спальнях и кухнях эффект слегка приглушается блеклыми тонами, так как в этих помещениях должна поддерживаться спокойная атмосфера. Аналогичная ситуация складывается в маленьких комнатах, где пространство нельзя перегружать, иначе будет попран один из принципов футуризма— свобода в помещениях. В залах, прихожих и ванных контрасты не сдерживаются.

Не рекомендуют применять в футуристичных интерьерах природные оттенки древесины: коричневый, песочный, ореховый. Organically, these colors will only look in retrofuturism. This trend reflects ideas that were popular in the last century. The interiors realize the ideas of the first ideologists of futurism about the present tense.

When choosing furniture are guided by its functionality. Sofas are transformed into beds, wardrobes into tables, and shelves into couches. The most unusual transformation options are welcomed in a futuristic interior. Modern furniture with hinged structures without legs is relevant. "Soaring" in space, beds, chairs and tables will not only facilitate the cleaning of floors, but also create the illusion of weightlessness. When choosing a setting, they are guided by unusual forms that will allow to emphasize the peculiarities of the interior. Organically look semicircular sofas, balls-puffs, hollow inside the chair, wavy wall shelves, radius cabinets and coffee tables, more reminiscent of polished precious stones.

Lighting devices are placed on the ceiling, around the perimeter of the room, in decorative niches of furniture and walls, on tables and on the floor. Artificial light is considered as the main source. Ceiling fixtures have the same non-standard forms as furniture. The spring legs hold absolutely round or ellipsoidal "bowls". Particular attention is paid to point sources of stray light. They are placed in large quantities, and the glow is usually not standard white, but tint to match the accent tones in specific areas of the room.

The decor in the setting is used minimum. However, those details that are still present, their originality is more than compensate for the lack of jewelry. Graphic paintings or collages on the walls look futuristic. In the room, unusual clocks having the shape of DNA molecules, crystal lattices, pendulums, installations of atoms and air bubbles, compositions of wire spirals, glass balls on legs are placed in the room - all these incomprehensible, but in their own way beautiful elements act as the main decor. .

Futurism and new technologies

In futuristic interiors often use the latest technology. Although they blend harmoniously into the interior, they become just one of its elements. This nuance can be traced to the main difference between the style and the congenial high-tech, where the technique serves as the basis around which the “plot” is twisted. Futurism looks organically even without it, it compensates for the lack of contrasts, shapes and originality of materials. Many ideologues of the direction really became visionaries and foresaw the emergence of various technical means, the existence of which it was simply unthinkable to imagine in their epoch.


The laconic description of the direction is expressed by one phrase “look into the future”. To create a unique design project, open the temporary veil and build your world the way it appears only before you. For inspiration, it is recommended to read the works of famous science fiction writers who, with their plots, will set the beginners in the right direction. Futurism is a style based solely on a person’s fantasy and its unlimited possibilities.

Elements and features of style futurism in interior design

In futurism there are no strict requirements for the colors used. A room, an apartment or the whole house can be filled with bright colors and calm, pastel. In the first case, the brightness will not be superfluous, in the second style certain details will be emphasized.

On a note! The furniture should be special - flowing, fancy shapes. Often used furniture-transformer, block. It can be disassembled and reassembled in different configurations..

Laconic patio in a private house in the style of futurism

A mixture of futurism and hi-tech in the interior of a minimalist kitchen

Futuristic bathroom with art deco elements

Tip! Designers recommend using chairs and transforming beds. Firstly, they support the style, and secondly, they save space well. The last point is very important if the room is small.

Spacious bright bathroom with balcony access

Bright yet discreet interior futuristic living room

Laconic kitchen in the style of futuristic minimalism

As for lighting, they are often hidden. The most convenient way to build such appliances into furniture, the ceiling, even into the floor. At the moment, manufacturers offer many options for chandeliers and lamps, which best emphasizes the considered style.

Characteristic features of the futurism style in the house (photos and examples)

In order for the style to be futuristic or at least look like it, it is important to consider the following points when making the design:

  • At least everything. That minimalism can be called the basis of futurism. There should be a little furniture, accessories, decorations. This is not surprising, because this style is not decorative.

You do not need to buy expensive and massive decorative elements.

  • Multifunctional.This concerns not only furniture, but everything that surrounds a person in a room. The pouf can be a table at the same time, and the chair can be a bed. Great if the furniture can be pushed into the wall.

Aspiring lines and lack of volumetric decor are important for futurism.

A round fireplace will give the living room a touch of futurism, despite the overall concept of country and loft

  • Smooth lines or diamonds. Designers strongly recommend to refuse flat walls, sharp corners. It is sometimes difficult to achieve streamlined form, but you need to strive for this. If the decoration is not so simple, then the furniture should be streamlined.

Stylish bedroom with a spectacular lamp and surround relief on the walls

Lighting is the easiest and most effective way to make the interior more futuristic.

Important! The streamline of forms in furniture is perhaps the main remarkable feature of futurism.

  • Subjects of the future, space. This is the main direction on which to focus. In any case, the stylist of the room, created in the spirit of futurism, is a bit like a spaceship or an apartment of the future.
  • Materials come from the future. Of course, we are not talking about any secret developments, but we still have to give up the standard tree. Moreover, the refusal will be in favor of glass, metal, polyurethane, carbon, leather, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and others. There should be no wallpaper on the walls; instead, paint or plastic panels are used instead. Black laminate is used for the floor, tile, the most optimal is the self-leveling floor. Following the style, it is important not to forget about safety and environmental friendliness.

Unusual soft padded stools complement the cosmic interior

Glossy walls in a modern interior

  • Gloss. Although there are no clear prohibitions on the use of a particular color, there is one important point - glossy surfaces and other reflective materials. Due to this technique it will be possible to interlace all the colors among themselves and create the effect of their diversity.
  • Modern technology, lighting. In this style, you need to abandon the grandmother's lamps, and even more so the ancient models of technology. The “smart home” system will be appropriate here, when all devices can be controlled remotely.
  • The decor. It can be present, only in most cases in a multimedia format. The only exception is paintings in the style of cubism, futurism, fauvism.

Unusual rounded ceiling in the panoramic dining room

Bedroom with hanging bed

Important! Not always futurism - all these features at once, it is quite possible to adapt it even for a standard apartment in an apartment building. Of course, the features of style cannot be overlooked, so that it remains recognizable.

If you decide to strictly follow the style, it is necessary to plan rounded doorways, the absence of corners and other important architectural nuances even before the start of the repair. Of course, redecorating in this case is not enough.

Lighting and furniture in the style of futurism

Perhaps these are the key moments in the design of this style. So, the furniture should be small - only what is vital. That is, a bed, it can be a sofa, a table, chairs. You should forget about any additional pieces of furniture - they are unnecessary here.

The original hinged lamp irregular geometric shape

Tip! You should stick to the simplicity of the form: circle, square, oval, ellipse - nothing more.

It is possible to use non-standard solutions, such as:

  1. Round bed.
  2. Chair made of plastic, created as if from molecules.
  3. Chair without legs in the style of a modern rocking chair.
  4. A table that goes into the wall and ceiling decoration.
  5. Curved shape of the legs of furniture, shelves.

Tall and long floor lamps - the highlight of any interior

Smooth and rounded lines in the interior of the private house openspace

Tip! If in the new interior other furniture is not selected, but the existing one is used, you need to take care of its modernization. To do this, you should change the upholstery, to remove the wooden elements to the maximum. If everything cannot be removed, you can repaint them in white, silver or black.

Lighting is also a separate conversation. Here, of course, you need to use the latest technology - LED economical lights, spotlights highlighting local areas. Especially original look such devices:

  1. Chandelier-ball, which hangs at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. Of course, not the most practical solution, but futuristic.
  2. Chandelier - flying saucer of huge diameter. She is very comfortable in placing over the table for meals.
  3. The whimsical asymmetric shape of a chandelier without decor, most often in white.

What is futurism?

Futurism as a phenomenon applies not only to painting and fashion, but also to literature, photography, cinema and architecture. In simple terms - this fashion for all science fiction, space and alien! In addition, futurism is the avant-garde and progress. Futurism flourished in the 60-70s, and every year it appears more and more often on the fashion stage.

Signs of futurism in fashion

The futuristic style of dress has its own distinctive features and is therefore always unmistakably recognizable. His signs are:

  • Innovative, original approach
  • Broken geometric or streamlined aerodynamic shape
  • Innovative materials
  • The predominance of the effect of "liquid metal", shiny accessories
  • The integrity of the image (to the futuristic, along with usually added "alien" makeup and hairstyle)
  • The combination of bright colors on the canvases of futurist artists

Creativity of designers

To clearly see the signs of futuristic style in clothes, pay attention to the creativity of designers. In recent years famous designers come off in fullcreating your futuristic collections.

Futuristic coat and dress from David Coma

For example, Georgian designer David Coma - (in the original David Komakhidze) showed a completely unique futuristic collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 at Aurora Fashion Week.

Futuristic Dress Collection by David Coma

According to the fashion designer, the Italian futurists Fortunato Depero and Umberto Boccioni inspired a surge of inspiration. His models were immediately chosen Beyonce and Lady Gagaknown for her outrageous (by the way, it’s in futurism with both feet).

Alexander McQueen in the spring-summer 2010 collection created amusing futuristic shoes, which the whole Runet has been intensely discussing. True, few people decided to wear it ... 🙂

Unusual alien shoes from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen did not go past the futuristic style of dress. His yellow-black silk dress with lace print "a la Alien" without hesitation, tried on Naomi Campbell.

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière sews for Balenciaga unusual things with an amazing combination of bright colors.

Brilliant futuristic models from Balenciaga

And in the autumn-winter collection 2010 Versace you can not see the futuristic idea.

Fashion futuristic metropolis from Versace

In a word, many famous couturiers found their source of inspiration in futurism. And they will do it again and again, because the topic of futurism is absolutely inexhaustible.

Create a futuristic style of dress yourself

Yes, I can imagine your skeptical question: where to go in such a futuristic outfit?

As you can see from our sets, it is not necessary to wear extraordinary outfits. To attract the attention of others just a hint of futurism is enough.

Futuristic social outfit with a drop bag from Emilio Pucci

clothing from original materials with brilliant texture and metallic shade It will easily create for you the image of a woman of fashion At the heart of the futuristic style are all the same classic models of fitted women's dress, pantsuit, leather pants and jackets, with a hint of a space theme.

Casual Futuristic Dress Outfit by Chloe

In futuristic outfits traditionally used black, white, gold, cobalt, steel gray.

But who can be sure for sure what will be our distant future? Do not be afraid to try combinations of bright colors.After all, only your great-great-grandchildren will be able to reproach you for inconsistencies with style! 😉

Juicy futuristic ensemble with shoes from Nina Hjorth

Pay special attention unique accessories of geometric shapes with metallic luster and incredible volume - chains, massive necklaces, bracelets resembling pieces of meteorites, wide belts.

Rick Owens Dress Up for Strong Women with a Gray Waistcoat

Give preference rubber, plastic, gold, platinum and silver ornaments. Decorations with floral, animalistic and vintage elements will be absolutely inappropriate.

By doing makeup , you can add a little shine - for this, use eye shadow, lip gloss and shimmering powder. Do not forget to take care about hairstyle - the more unusual it is, the better. Therefore, boldly make zigzag parting, pigtails, high horse tails and fleece, use original hair accessories.

Feminine futuristic outfit with a MaxMara bag

The futuristic style of dressing is always mysterious and original. As always, we call be very careful in choosing clothes and accessories, after all, to be like a mysterious woman from another planet is one thing, and to Lady Gaga is quite another 🙂

Nevertheless, the women's site sympaty.net considers the futuristic style extremely interesting compared to other, more conservative styles in fashion. Do not be afraid to find non-standard solutions.because they allow you to create your own style!

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