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Biscuit impregnation syrup is an important detail! The best options for syrup impregnation of sponge cake: cognac, orange, coffee


Chocolate cake is a favorite delicacy of many sweet teeth. Due to the bright taste of the cake itself, it is sometimes difficult to choose such a cream or impregnation in order to reveal the beauty of cocoa. It is difficult to choose the impregnation for chocolate cake, which will emphasize the taste, but will not hide or distort it. There is a pantheon of suitable flavors and recipes that are ideally combined with chocolate dessert.

Requirements for proper impregnation

Impregnation for chocolate cake and any other biscuit must meet several requirements that will positively affect the texture of the cake without spoiling it:

  • Impregnation should not be too sweet, as in an ensemble with a cream and a sweet biscuit, closeness can give, scoring all tastes.
  • Impregnation should not be too liquid, because in the process of combining with the dough can dissolve it, making it too soft.
  • This component should not be too thick, because due to such a texture it will become viscous and will not completely soak the sponge cake.

If all the nuances are taken into account in the process, then the chocolate cake and any other dessert will turn out to be soft, airy, but at the same time juicy.

How to calculate the amount of impregnation for the cake

In order not to be mistaken with the exact amount of impregnation for the confectionery product, you need to use a special formula: for one part of the biscuit you need to take of the impregnation and 1¾ of the cream. This formula assumes that about 600-650 grams of impregnation will be used per kilogram of biscuit.

Professional pastry chefs often use special tables to calculate the proportions of impregnation for chocolate cake. It is worth considering that 2 tablespoons of sugar leaves 3 tablespoons of water. This produces 100 grams of syrup.

If additional ingredients are included in the composition, the proportions of sugar and water naturally change. It is necessary to take into account the consistency of the additional product, which will replace part of the liquid or bulk constituent.

The simplest impregnation recipe for any kind of sponge cake

Usually, any recipe for impregnated chocolate cake provides a clear guide to making the cakes and cream themselves, but a minimum of information about making impregnation. Often the recipe itself for preparing this component of the confection is described in detail, but the proportions are indicated approximately.

  • On a half kilogram chocolate cake you will need about 350-400 grams of sweet syrup, which is easy to make from 8 tablespoons of sugar and 12 water.
  • On a biscuit weighing 600-700 grams will need 450-500 milliliters of syrup, which is prepared from 9 tablespoons of sugar and 14 water.
  • Prepare a base syrup for lubricating chocolate biscuits weighing 1 kg, in the amount of 600 grams, you can from 12 tablespoons of sugar and 18 tablespoons of water.

The principle of cooking one for all options. Pour sugar into a saucepan and pour in water. Cook over low heat until sugar crystals dissolve. Cool and then grease cakes.

Alcoholic impregnation for a unique chocolate cake

Impregnation is required for chocolate confectionery, if in the recipe is indicated oil cream as a layer between the cake layers. At the same time, the taste of the cream itself will have no restrictions on the choice.

An interesting recipe for an impregnated chocolate cake can be alcohol, which will play a secondary, but quite noticeable role in shaping the taste of the dessert. In general, alcoholic beverages are often used to impregnate confectionery products. The ideal option would be impregnation for chocolate cake with brandy:

  • 3 tablespoons of brandy. It is possible to replace in such quantity the presented alcohol with dessert wine.
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar. Brown sugar can be an ideal option.
  • Half a glass of warm water.

The principle of cooking is simple. First, the base syrup is made from sugar and water. It is necessary to cool the syrup to about 30 degrees. After that, alcohol is poured. Mix all ingredients well and immediately apply to the cakes. If the temperature of the syrup is below 30 degrees, the brandy will not dissolve in the sugar syrup.

Unique cream impregnation for cake with chocolate notes

Sometimes impregnation is completely unnecessary. This option is possible in the case when the cream itself is sufficiently liquid and soaks the cake deeply and efficiently. Usually the ideal companion for any type of confection is chocolate cream for cake impregnation.

For the preparation of chocolate cream impregnation will need the following ingredients:

  • Bank of condensed milk.
  • Kilogram of butter.
  • 60 grams of cocoa powder.
  • A pack of vanilla.

To prepare the cream-impregnation is very simple:

  1. A can of condensed milk is poured into a container.
  2. Add butter to condensed milk, which must be cut into small pieces.
  3. The resulting mass must be whipped with a mixer until the cream acquires an airy consistency.
  4. Add vanillin and cocoa powder, again beat the ingredients with a mixer.

At this stage, the preparation of impregnation cream ends, you can begin to use the finished product.

Citrus syrup-impregnation for sponge cake

A good combination is a citrus base and chocolate sponge cake with any cream. It is easy to prepare citrus syrup, but it takes about 6 hours to infuse it. Citrus syrup for impregnation of chocolate cake is prepared according to the following scheme:

  1. In a 1: 1 ratio, you need to mix water and sugar. Put the container on a small fire, and stirring, bring to the state when the crystals completely dissolve.
  2. When the syrup has cooled slightly, add finely grated citrus peel.
  3. After 5-6 hours, drain the syrup by removing the zest.

Citrus syrup for chocolate biscuit is fully prepared.

Cherry impregnation for the original taste of chocolate dessert

The ideal combination is chocolate and cherry, which is why many recipes for chocolate-covered cake sponge cakes also include cherry cream base. Cherry soaked chocolate cake can also include a hint of alcohol.

For cherry impregnation will need such products:

  • 100 grams of fresh pitted cherries.
  • 30 milliliters of cognac.
  • Glass of water.
  • 40 grams of sugar.

Prepare a flavored version of the impregnation of cherries:

  1. Place the peeled cherries in a saucepan and pour the water over the berries.
  2. Boil the berries on low heat.
  3. After the cherries shrivel and the water turns red, the berries must be completely removed.
  4. Slightly cool the broth.
  5. Pour sugar into warm water and pour brandy, mix well.

When the sugar crystals dissolve, you can start using a viscous substance.

Chocolate impregnation

Chocolate impregnation will be a real boon for chocolate sponge cake. There are several options for its preparation:

  1. Chocolate impregnation for sponge cake can be prepared on the basis of the base syrup, which is added to the melted chocolate. The proportions of chocolate and syrup can be chosen according to preferences.
  2. You can make chocolate impregnation, which does not immediately penetrate into the base of the sponge cake, but it will turn out no less tasty. It is enough to mix in a ratio of 2: 1 melted chocolate and butter. Sometimes melted chocolate is mixed with a small amount of water.
  3. Some self-taught pastry chefs simply drown chocolate and generously pour cakes on it. In this case, the result can be unpredictable, since it completely depends on the quality and composition of the tile or pastry glaze.

When using such impregnations for sponge cake, some time is needed for the composition to penetrate into the “pores” of the cake layers, making them soft and soft.

Non-alcoholic impregnation options

In addition to the standard impregnation options, namely chocolate, cherry and cognac, there is a huge variety of recipes. All of them are based on sugar syrup, and the additional taste and aroma is obtained due to additional additives.

Such impregnations for chocolate cake without alcohol are especially popular:

  • citrus,
  • strawberry
  • raspberry,
  • coffee shop
  • dairy,
  • vanilla,
  • banana

Basically, the standard sugar syrup is brewed first. When the sticky base has cooled, the auxiliary ingredient is added in the selected proportion. Each option should be perfectly combined with the cream, otherwise the taste of the whole confectionery product will be spoiled.

In the case of fruit, the ingredient itself is not always digested in water; mashed potatoes can be used. Pureed fruit is poured into the syrup. It is desirable that at the time of connection, the ingredients were already cooled and about the same temperature.

Rules on the use of impregnation

It is necessary not only to find the perfect impregnation to taste, but also to properly prepare. When the main points are taken into account, you should not forget about the proper use of impregnation. It is important, in accordance with the regulations, to apply a softening component on the base of the cake in order to preserve the texture of the biscuit.

How correctly used impregnation for chocolate cake:

  1. It is necessary to evenly divide the total amount of impregnation between all cake layers.
  2. Each mini portion is divided into 2 parts.
  3. Using a tablespoon on the surface to distribute one part of the syrup. This procedure is done with each cake.
  4. A few minutes after the distribution of the first portion of sweet spread, you need to repeat the procedure with the second part of the consistency.

In such a situation, the cakes are fully saturated and allow the cream to penetrate into the pores of the biscuit, making it soft and juicy. Another application involves the distribution of the first portion of the cake using a pastry bag or syringe. It is worth using for such purposes the nozzle with a thin tip.

The syrup is perfectly absorbed into the cakes, which have stood for about 10 hours. After the very moisturizing using syrup, you need to wait another quarter of an hour, and then apply the cream. To the taste of cream, chocolate sponge cake and impregnation combined, it is necessary that the cake stood for another 5 hours before serving directly.

Cocoa powder and coffee impregnation base

Often for cakes from chocolate biscuits use a cream that does not contain fresh fruits or berries. Therefore, as the impregnation for standard types of creams often use a coffee base. Impregnations for cocoa chocolate cake are especially popular.

Chocolate glaze can also be the perfect counterpart to soak. It is enough to melt the butter in a water bath. Add sugar and gradually add cocoa powder. The consistency depends on the proportion of oil in the total mass.

The coffee option is prepared just as easily. First, prepare the base syrup from sugar and water. Next you need to brew natural ground coffee. It is enough to use as an additive only 30-50 grams of coffee. Sometimes use a product from coffee machines or coffee machines. This is an alternative to a question that concerns quality.

It is possible within the framework of one confectionery to immediately use the two options presented. Alternately greased cut cakes. At the same time the application rules are followed. One cake necessarily smeared with one type of impregnation.

Biscuit impregnation syrup - basic cooking principles

Biscuit cakes absorb moisture well enough. So that they do not soak it is necessary to strictly follow the technology of preparation of impregnation.

The sponge cake can be dry or wet. For dry baking using a greater amount of impregnation.

Impregnation is applied to the cake with a silicone brush, spray gun, or just sprinkled with a spoon.

Sugar and liquid - the basis of any impregnation. For aroma, vanilla, citrus juice or zest, coffee, etc. are added to it.

In cakes consisting of three cakes, the upper cake is plentifully watered by impregnation, the middle and lower ones are not so generously soaked.

Impregnation is desirable to withstand throughout the day.

Recipe 1. Classic sponge cake syrup


125 g of granulated sugar

190 ml of drinking water.

Cooking method

Water is poured into a saucepan and put it on the stove. Turn on the fire at an average level and wait for the first bubbles to appear. Add sugar to boiling water.

Continuously stirring the contents, we twist the fire to a minimum. Cook until the grains of sugar dissolve and turn off the heat.

Cooling impregnated to a barely warm state. As a flavoring you can add liqueur, liquor or citrus juice.

Recipe 2. Syrup for impregnating sponge cake with cognac and strawberry


filtered water - 300 ml

fine sugar - 50 g,

strawberry - 300 g

Cooking method

Wash strawberries, tear off the tails and squeeze the juice out of them.

Put the berry cake in a saucepan, cover with water and add sugar.

Put on a quiet fire and boil, from the moment of boiling, five minutes. Strain the syrup through a fine strainer.

Pour strawberry juice into the impregnation, mix and send it back to the stove. Boil again.

Keep the syrup on fire for three minutes, remove from heat and cool to a warm state. Pour into brandy and mix.

Recipe 3. Cocoa-based sponge cake syrup


35 g cocoa powder,

90 g butter,

175 g of condensed milk.

Cooking method

Take a medium sized pot. Pour into her drinking water and put on the stove. From above we establish a saucepan of smaller diameter, leaning it on handles. The bottom must be submerged in water.

Butter chop into small pieces and rub with cocoa until smooth.

Put the oil mixture in a saucepan and wait for it to melt, stirring constantly. A thin stream is introduced into the liquid butter condensed milk. Tomim before the first bubbles.

Remove the saucepan from the water bath and beat the contents with a mixer or blender. The mass should become dense and increase in volume. We cool the impregnation and use as intended.

Recipe 4. Biscuit coffee syrup


coffee liqueur - 30 ml,

ground natural coffee - 10 g,

fine sugar - 60 g

Cooking method

Pour coffee into a saucepan and pour hot water. Put on the stove and bring to a boil.

Remove the coffee from the stove, cover with a lid and insist ten minutes.

Strain the coffee infusion and add sugar to it.

Again we send to the fire and boil for three minutes from the moment of boiling over low heat.

Turn off the fire, cool the contents of the saucepan, pour in the liquor and stir.

Recipe 5. Mint Orange Syrup


125 ml of drinking water

Cooking method

We combine water with vodka.

Peppermint leaves are well washed and cut as small as possible.

Mint pour a mixture of water and vodka. Add sugar and stir until grains dissolve.

Pour into a saucepan with a lid and leave in a cool place for a couple of weeks.

After the allotted time, cut the orange in half and squeeze the juice into the impregnation. Mix and use as intended.

Cooking method

Pour ground coffee in a saucepan and fry it over medium heat for a minute. Fill the coffee with boiling water and boil until the first sign of boiling. Remove from the stove and wait for the foam to settle. Repeat the process two more times.

Cover the stewpan with a lid of coffee and leave for a quarter of an hour. Strain the drink through cheesecloth. Throw away the thick.

We pour out sugar in coffee and set it again. We wait for the boiling, constantly stirring until the sugar crystals dissolve.

Remove the syrup from the stove, cool. Add cognac to syrup, stir once again. Soak the resulting mixture of cakes.

Recipe 7. Orange syrup for impregnation of sponge cake


120 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice

orange peel from one fruit,

60 grams of sugar.

Cooking method

My orange, wipe with a napkin and remove the zest from it using the finest grater. We place the zest in a saucepan, squeeze orange juice to it.

Sent on a slow fire and cook for three minutes from the moment of boiling. Sprinkle sugar, stir and mix until all grains are dissolved.

Cook the syrup for another eight minutes, filter and cool.

Recipe 8. Syrup for impregnation of sponge cake with wine


lemon juice - 5 ml,

fine sugar - 250 g,

drinking water - a glass,

Cooking method

Pour the water into a saucepan, add sugar and set on low heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until the crystals dissolve.

In boiling syrup add lemon juice and vanilla. Keep a couple of minutes, remove from heat and cool.

Recipe 9. Lemon Syrup


55 grams of sugar,

245 ml of drinking water

Cooking method

Cut half of a lemon, place it in a blender container and grind to puree. The resulting lemon mass is transferred to a saucepan, pour in boiled water, cover with a lid and insist for a quarter of an hour.

Slightly squeeze the contents of the potato potato to squeeze out the remnants of the juice from the pulp of the lemon. Strain the infusion a couple of times through cheesecloth. Add sugar and vanilla to the lemon liquid.

Turn on the burner to low power. We put on it a saucepan with a lemon mixture and cook the base of the syrup for ten minutes.

Remove from heat, cool and saturate cakes.

Recipe 10. Cherry syrup for impregnation of sponge cake with brandy


50 grams of granulated sugar

100 ml of cherry syrup,

boiled water - stack

Cooking method

Cherry juice combine with water and brandy. Stir.

All sugar is poured into the liquid and set on medium heat. Cook, stirring continuously, until all the sugar particles are dissolved.

Twist the fire to the minimum and boil the mixture for another three minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

Recipe 11. Syrup for impregnating sponge cake with black currant


½ stack black currant syrup

250 ml of boiled water

60 g sugar fine.

Cooking method

Combine water with sugar and jam syrup. Stir and put the dishes with the mixture on a slow fire. Cook, after the first signs of boiling, continuously stirring until sugar crystals dissolve.

Remove from heat, cool and pour brandy.

Recipe 12. Coffee syrup in milk


½ cup of milk and boiled water

60 g of ground coffee.

Cooking method

Fill the ground coffee with half a cup of boiling water and make coffee. Remove from heat, cover with a lid and cool. Filter out.

Combine milk with sugar. We put on the stove, turn on the slow fire and bring to a boil, stirring continuously. Pour in filtered coffee and stir.

Keep another three minutes, remove from heat and cool. Alcohol and flavors are added to the cooled impregnation.

Recipe 13. Caramel syrup for impregnation of sponge cake


100 g of condensed milk boiled.

Cooking method

Milk is poured into a saucepan. Put on the stove and bring to a boil. Add boiled condensed milk and sour cream. Stir well.

Biscuit placed in a form with a diameter wider than the cake. We pierce in several places with a wooden skewer or fork. Fill the cake with hot syrup.

Soak the cake for five hours.

Biscuit Impregnation Syrup - Tips and Tricks

Do not add flavors to the hot syrup, otherwise flavors will simply evaporate.

Before using the syrup must be cooled.

It is desirable to withstand the syrup before use for the day.

For impregnation you can use brandy, liqueur or any other alcoholic drink.

Syrup from water and sugar

Extremely simple to prepare is sugar syrup for impregnation of sponge cake. It is ideally combined with any berries, fruits and creams. Lemon juice or berry jam is added to make it slightly sour.


  • sugar - 8 tbsp. spoons
  • water - 13 tbsp. spoons
  • lemon juice - 2 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan, stir, put on the fire.
  2. Add lemon juice, cook until boiling.
  3. When the water boils, make sure the sugar is completely dissolved, turn off.
  4. Allow to cool slightly. The amount received is enough to soak 2 cakes.

Milk syrup

To produce milk syrup, milk, sugar and vanilla are boiled together to make an aromatic milky impregnation for sponge cake. Regular milk is often replaced by condensed milk, it gives a more rich creamy taste. Vanilla powder can be replaced by rum essence, which is good for cakes with tropical fruits.


  • water - 250 ml
  • condensed milk - 200 g,
  • essence rum - 2-3 drops.

Cooking method:

  1. Dilute condensed milk in water, bring to a boil.
  2. When boils, turn off, add essence, cool slightly.

Coffee impregnation

An excellent option is coffee impregnation for sponge cake. Prepare it on the basis of instant or brewed coffee. The second option is preferable, since natural coffee gives products a more pronounced and refined taste. Optionally, brandy or brandy alcohol is added.


  • coffee - 2 tsp
  • water - 1.5 cups,
  • Cognac - 40 ml,
  • sugar - 120 g

Cooking method:

  1. Coffee brew a half cup of boiling water.
  2. In the remaining water, stir the sugar, boil.
  3. Strain coffee solution, mix with syrup and brandy.

Why do you need impregnation?

Biscuit is a type of dough that is commonly used to make cakes and muffins. As a rule, baking is quite fluffy and airy, but it may seem dry. And for its softening and moistening various impregnations are usually used. In addition, syrups improve the taste characteristics of biscuit and give it a pleasant aroma. Typically, the impregnation is selected based on the constituent parts of the product, as it must be combined with them and complement the remaining ingredients.

How to cook?

How to prepare syrup for impregnation of biscuits? There are lots of different options, and below are considered the most successful.

Impregnation will be fragrant, if you cook it with brandy and sugar. Would need:

  • three art. l brandy
  • five or six art. l Sahara,
  • five art. l water.

  1. Mix the sugar with water, put on the fire and bring to a boil, boil for about five minutes. The mixture should not thicken much, but it also cannot remain liquid.
  2. Cool the sugar syrup to 25-30 degrees, add brandy and mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Use fragrant brandy impregnation.

Tip: brandy can be replaced with high-quality rum, it will also give the biscuit a pleasant aroma and tenderness.

Easily, quickly and practically without costs, you can make a delicious impregnation of jam. You will need the following products:

  • glass of water,
  • half a cup of jam,
  • two art. l sugar (if the jam is not very sweet).

  1. Bring water to a boil, add sugar into it and stir it until completely dissolved.
  2. Add the jam and either turn off the heat immediately to get a liquid impregnation, or boil the mixture a little to get a thicker syrup.
  3. If there are pieces of fruit in the jam, you can drain the liquid, but this is not necessary.

Prepare a simple sugar syrup, which is suitable for any desserts and flour products. Here is what you need:

  • glass of water,
  • three quarters of a glass of sugar (you can use both regular white and brown).

The preparation is extremely simple: mix water with sugar, put the mixture on the fire and boil to thicken the syrup and acquire the consistency of liquid jelly. Further impregnation can be used.

Try to make a creamy impregnation. It will take:

  • a third cup of whole milk,
  • three art. l cream liqueur
  • half a cup of sugar
  • a quarter cup of water
  • some vanilla extract or vanilla.

  1. Combine milk with water, bring to a boil.
  2. Add sugar, stir until dissolved, and keep the liquid on low heat for about five minutes.
  3. Cool the mixture, then enter into it vanilla and cream liqueur. Mix everything thoroughly and use flavored syrup to soak the sponge cake.

If you are preparing a citrus muffin or a cake, then it will be perfectly complemented by lemon soaking. To get it at home, prepare this set of products:

  • glass of water,
  • teaspoon of leaf green tea,
  • half a cup of sugar
  • a third of a lemon or a whole small lime.

  1. Brew tea first. Boil water, fill it with leaf tea leaves, leaving for five minutes.
  2. Strain the prepared and slightly cooled drink through the rolled gauze or cloth.
  3. Squeeze the lemon juice, add it to the tea, and then add sugar.
  4. Stir everything and soak your cake or cupcake with fragrant citrus and sweet green tea.

Gentle and sweet impregnation is obtained from condensed milk. To prepare you need:

  • half a can of natural whole milk condensed milk,
  • 70 grams of butter,
  • glass of water.

  1. Boil water, immediately add condensed milk to it and boil the mixture for just a minute.
  2. Add butter to the hot liquid to make it melt completely.
  3. Use this syrup immediately, while it is hot and liquid so that the butter and condensed milk soak the dough well. This option is ideal for dry and non-fat biscuits.

Fragrant get coffee impregnation. You will need:

  • three quarters cup of sugar
  • three quarters of a glass of water
  • three art. l coffee (it is desirable to use natural ground, but high quality sublimated will do).

  1. Dissolve sugar in water.
  2. Boil the mixture for five minutes.
  3. Add coffee, stir it thoroughly.

Use for impregnation fragrant and delicious cherry syrup. It will take:

  • a glass of cherry juice
  • three art. l Sahara,
  • two art. l cognac.

Preparing such an impregnation is simple: add sugar to the juice, boil it for five minutes, cool a little, add brandy and soak the cakes.

How to make chocolate impregnation? To prepare you need:

  • half a pack of butter,
  • 100 condensed milk
  • three art. l cocoa powder.

  1. Heat the condensed milk on the stove, add cocoa, mix everything.
  2. Add sliced ​​butter to the mixture.
  3. Bring the mass to a boil and cook a minute.

How to soak the biscuit?

In order for a biscuit cake or cake to succeed and become airy and tender, it is important to follow some rules for soaking the cake layers. First, the amount of syrup should be moderate: the biscuit dough quickly absorbs moisture, so it may seem that there was not enough impregnation. But if you increase its volume, the product will become wet and quickly deteriorate.

Secondly, it is important to soak the cakes evenly. For this, many housewives use a teaspoon, but this method is not entirely convenient. The dough may remain dry in some places, but at the same time some areas will be over-wetted. For a uniform distribution of the syrup, you can use a cooking brush or spray.

Third, do not forget about the laws of physics. The liquid goes down, so the lowest cake soak the minimum, medium - moderately, and the top - abundant. Impregnation will penetrate into the lower layers, providing uniform moisture. Fourthly, it is better to process the dough with hot or at least warm, not cooled down. When it cools, it starts to turn stale, and in this case adding syrup will not help to achieve the best effect.

Tip: consider the initial characteristics of the biscuit. If it is dry by itself, then more impregnation is required. If the dough is quite wet, then the syrup should be less.

Choose any recipe, prepare the impregnation and use it to improve the properties of muffins or cake layers for the cake.


  1. Mix both components, pour liquid into a saucepan with a thick bottom and set on slow fire. Stir continuously until the sugar is completely dissolved, and then leave the mass to boil.
  2. As soon as foam appears on the surface, remove the syrup and cool. In a slightly warm liquid, if desired, you can add ½ tsp. vanilla sugar.

Classical impregnation is ready. Since its taste can be considered neutral, it is suitable for any biscuit.

You must also adhere to the following relationship: for 1 kg of cake layers - 600 g of impregnation and 1.2 kg of cream - then our dessert will be perfect.

Do you want the product to be not only pleasantly moist, but also fragrant? Knowing how to make sugar syrup for impregnating a cake, it is not difficult to diversify its taste, adding:

  • coffee
  • honey
  • milk, condensed milk, sour cream
  • fruit and berry juices
  • liquid jam or jam
  • citrus
  • alcoholic beverages: liqueur, rum, brandy, sweet wine.

It is important that the impregnation is well combined with the other ingredients in the cake: cream, fillers (if any), a layer of jam, and so on.

Lemon impregnation

It will add a slight sour taste to the dessert, creating a pleasant contrast with sweet cream and fillings. Lemon syrup is more suitable for light cakes, without adding cocoa, for dark cakes, you can take an orange.

There are several options for making impregnation.

Impregnation for cake "Prague": a recipe from the USSR

The incredibly popular dessert Prague today is our Soviet legacy. At that time, the chef of the Moscow restaurant of the same name was the well-known confectioner Mikhail Guralnik, who presented several iconic delicacies at once, including Bird's Milk, to the sweet tooth.

The maestro decided to make a cake that is not inferior in taste to the legendary Viennese “Zaheru”. Thus was born the “Prague”, which we still bake with pleasure for the holidays.

The Soviet dessert was prepared according to GOST and provided for chocolate cakes impregnation of apricot jam. Moreover, according to the classic recipe, confiture was applied only on the top layer and sides of the cake before it was coated with chocolate icing. But if you wish, if we are afraid that the cakes will remain dry, you can moisten each of them.

How to soak a cake

  1. Korzh, before soaking with syrup, must be completely cooled. Best of all, if they lie from 3 to 6 hours and only then will be moistened. Hot cake plus the same impregnation is a shapeless, softened dessert that cannot be saved even by a thick layer of cream.

Do not forget about such an important stage as the soaking of the cake. Without it, the biscuit cake loses its special charm and complex, sophisticated flavor.

The main thing is to follow the above tips and be sure to experiment with tastes.

How to soak a cake with syrup or brandy

Sugar solutions are too cloying to remove the sweetness, some of the product can be replaced with potato starch during cooking. Starch still gives viscosity, too soft dessert will not allow to decay.
How to soak the biscuit? The bottom layer of the cake is watered the least, the middle one is bigger, and the top one is plentiful, in the end all three will be evenly wet.
Juice from canned fruit is excellent as a moisturizer. Nothing to do, just pour ready. This will save time if you want to quickly achieve results.
Cognac, like red wine, has the ability to convey color, so it is better to soak in cognac liquid dark pastries, for example, chocolate cake. For light liqueurs fit.

Sugar solutions help to keep the finished product longer, they act as preservatives.

It is better to process hot cakes, only baked ones absorb moisture faster.
Distribute aromatic additives with a soft brush, or spray it from an ordinary plastic bottle by piercing the cap. Suitable for these purposes spray. To whom it is convenient to pour the solution with a teaspoon.
If overdone with brandy watering - blot the cake with a cloth. This applies to any solutions - excess moisture can be wetted with paper towels.

Orange and lemon impregnation for sponge cake

Citrus flavored pastry is one of the brightest in taste. Recipes for fruit syrups are not fundamentally different.

  • Fresh juice of oranges or lemons - half a cup
  • Lemon peel chips - a teaspoon
  • Single Orange Peel
  • Sugar - 50 g

Citrus peel bitter, before chopping it, pour boiling water, trying not to digest.
All the ingredients combine and set on fire. Boil the liquid for 15 minutes, remove the soft chips of zest.

Impregnation for biscuit jam

One of the easiest ways to moisten the cake, so that it is tasty and juicy. Any home-made jam will do, but the most fragrant are still considered by the chefs as berry jams, cherry plum, pear, peach and apricot jam.
In a glass of water, add a couple of spoons of jam, make juice. Bring it to a boil, strain the berries. If you want to add zest - drip liquor. Non-alcoholic decoction is also not bad.

Chocolate creamy syrup for impregnation

In this recipe, the syrup is used hot as soon as it is cooked.

  • Egg Yolks - 4 pcs
  • Water is a big spoon
  • Fatty cream - 300 ml
  • Sugar - 1 big spoon
  • Bitter chocolate - 200 g

The basis - sugar syrup, brought to a boil. With the appearance of bubbles, the yolks immediately flow into it and beat to a thick mass.
The next stage is the dissolution of chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave. Add a thick brown mass to the syrup.
Next - cream. Beat intensively until foam. Following this recipe, we do everything very quickly. We send cream to the general chocolate syrup. Mix, give to nourish and insist. The resulting mass can serve as an independent cream for dessert, resembling custard.

Dairy products are great for moistening chocolate pastry pastries: cakes, eclairs, pies, rolls. Creamy shade gives a delicate flavor of milk chocolate. Cream, sour cream, milk are combined with alcoholic products, and just with water.

Honey and sour cream impregnation for biscuit

Honey and milk - the perfect gentle combination for light cakes.

  • Honey - 2 large spoons
  • Water - 1 big spoon (If we increase the portion, the proportions always keep 2: 1)
  • A little sugar
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp.

Cooking creamy watering is easy, just mix everything thoroughly.
Honey is dissolved in water, making a sweet liquid, a little thickish. She immediately pour the cakes of the future cake. And on top, with the second layer apply the second part of the impregnation. We do it this way: whip sour cream (better if it is thick), sugar. Spread on honey liquid evenly.

Honey, like sugar solution, without other additives, can well impregnate products. Water will remove its excessive sweetness and make it liquid. Without heating and cooking, it is simply dissolved.
With any of the decoctions can not be in a hurry, they need exposure. With the moistening and saturation of the pies, it does not get a quick meal. Wet dessert wrapped in plastic wrap and leave for several hours in the refrigerator. Only after that, already filled with juicy cakes cream. Fragrant additives bring the dessert to the ideal, because in its pure form pastry smells like flour, eggs, and many do not like it. The stronger the smell and taste, the greater the chance of success.