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Stylish evening dresses for obese girls and women (17 photos)


To catch admiring men's glances on oneself it is not necessary to have a model appearance. For women, plus the size of the sizes, it is necessary to choose the right beautiful dress that will easily hide the figure flaws and emphasize the best that nature has awarded.

Fashion for obese women is developing rapidly, today many designers include size plus size clothing in their collections, so styles and models of dresses for obese girls are constantly updated with fashionable ideas.

Now girls with curvaceous shapes can choose a super fashionable and stylish dress of large sizes, reflecting the latest trends and trends in the fashion world.

Therefore, today we decided to show you the most spectacular dresses for obese women in 2018-2019 for every taste and for different choices.

Elegant, casual, summer and evening dresses of large sizes in the most unexpected and beautiful options will satisfy the most discerning beauties.

Fashionable styles and new dresses for obese women 2018-2019

It was time to forget about wide robes and baggy styles for lush young ladies. Today, fashionable dresses for obese women and girls are not limited to a couple of standard models.

The perfect style of dress for the full will depend on the type of figure. Fashionable dress case for full girls 2018-2019 fit the shape of an hourglass shape. For the pears, beautiful dresses for full A-silhouettes and dresses with a fluffy long skirt will be perfect.

A female apple-type figure is corrected by models with a highlighted waist. This may be a belt, dresses of Greek style and trapezoidal styles.

Short dresses mini lush girls should be avoided. The ideal dress length for obese women is just below the knee, as this area is not always attractive in pyshechek, therefore it is better to hide it.

Choosing beautiful dresses for obese women 2018-2019, pay attention to color, texture, and decor. Too large and voluminous elements of the decor will add to the image of excess pomp. With prints, too, need to be careful, everything will depend on the cut of the dress for the full.

Actual this season will be beautiful dresses for the full 2018-2019 on the smell, which can be supplemented with a belt or a neat brooch.

Beautiful and stylish dress-shirt, too, can afford a lady with extra pounds. The length can be both midi and maxi, but in this version of the dress for obese women in 2018-2019 there should be a thin belt.

In the new season, beautiful dresses for obese women 2018-2019 are not only the usual dark colors. Fashionable green, yellow, blue, purple and even red are acceptable for beautiful dresses for obese women.

Beautiful evening dresses for full girls and women 2018-2019

Stylish options for evening dress for obese women in the new season are quite unexpected. If you like Crop-top outfits, you can safely afford an evening dress for a full with a cropped top and skirt. Only the skirt must be long and not too lush.

A universal dress for the full has always been and will be a black dress with a fitted cut. In the evening version, a similar outfit can be complemented by a lace top.

Lush beauties can also choose fashionable dresses for the full 2018-2019 with a lowered line of shoulders, delicate outfits with frills, and dresses with a fluffy midi skirt.

Beautiful and sophisticated evening dresses year suitable for full girls, but again with the figure "hourglass." Perfectly cope with the flaws of the figure evening dress bustier for the full.

Choosing an evening dress for the full, focus attention on the merits. Deep cleavage, highlighted waist, bare shoulders, interesting cut will distract attention from shortcomings.

Stylish dresses for the summer for obese women 2018-2019

The most fashionable summer dresses for full young ladies are of course free and light styles of fashionable colors. Floral print, stripes, bright yellow, delicate pink and a refreshing lime hue are perfect for the summer season 2018-2019.

If it is a free style, it is not only straight models. Stylish asymmetrical cut, trapezoid-shaped sundresses, flying silhouettes long in the floor look very harmonious on full girls.

If you choose short dresses for the summer for the full 2018-2019, the best A-silhouette styles you will not find. With a belt or without, with three-quarter sleeves, on the straps or on the smell - the most fashionable options for summer short dresses for obese women.

Very spectacular and stylish dresses for a fitted summer style of unusual colors full of summer, in such a dress you can go to work and even a cocktail party.

How to choose an evening dress?

So, how to choose a gorgeous dress that favorably emphasizes mouth-watering shapes? Here's what to look for when buying:

  • The dress should hide the fact that no one needs to see, and emphasize what can be shown. So if you have a smart chest, then feel free to choose a model with a deep neckline or V-neck. Such a detail will draw attention to the most prominent and sexiest part of your figure and will distract attention from other parts. If you have full hips, then hide them behind the flowing hem of the dress, you will be a real goddess. A voluminous tummy will hide a dress with a high waist. If you think that you have full legs, then choose long dresses. Full arms should be hidden with long sleeves.
  • Material. If you decide to choose a taxing dress, then pay attention to the rather dense and opaque fabrics, they will hide the extra volume and make the body more fit. If you prefer a free dress, you can choose a light flowing material, for example, chiffon. Be careful with satin and silk, overflow of such fabrics can add extra volume. You should not choose bulk or printed fabrics with a pile or a convex pattern, they also will not work.
  • The size. It is important to choose a dress of the right size. If you decide to hide the fullness of the dress a size larger than you need, you will eventually appear bigger. If, on the contrary, you decide to slightly “pull” the body, it will look even more ridiculous, as the straps and neckline may cut into the skin, and the underwear will become noticeable. So first, determine your size and consider it when buying.
  • Colour. For many years, lush girls thought that bright colors were filling up and were often forced to bypass the most fashionable shades, preferring (by the way, not by their own will) dark colors. But, finally, this stereotype was destroyed. Designers and couturiers understood that on a real goddess with appetizing forms a white dress would look just gorgeous, like a beige, milk or light peach one. So full of beauty available absolutely all colors.
  • Prints. The ban on drawings - another stereotype, which, fortunately, also successfully destroyed. But still not all the pictures are relevant and not always. If you like floral prints, then choose models with not too large flowers and not too catchy. And by the way, if you want to emphasize some part of the body, then the picture should be placed on it. But from too motley drawings it is better to refuse. Vertical patterns visually stretch the body and make you more slender.

Fashionable evening dresses

This season, beautiful evening dresses for overweight girls and women have been presented at many fashion shows by many couturiers and designers. We list the main fashion trends.

There are many options:

  • It is worth noting the special popularity of long dresses, they are chosen today by many celebrities with magnificent forms. Especially relevant are chic dresses in the Greek style, which from any girl can make a real goddess. But if you are the owner of short stature, then do not forget to wear heels, otherwise the image will be ridiculous.
  • Short dresses are also relevant, but only girls with slim and beautiful legs can afford them. If you decide to opt for such a model, then remember that evening dress can not be too short. The best length is mid-thigh or slightly lower.
  • Actual and high-waisted dresses of any length, they will hide literally everything you need.
  • If you are proud of your figure, then choose a sexy sheath dress. But remember that it should not be too tight, it will look ugly.
  • On full ladies, models in the style of new look with a concise top and a magnificent bottom will look gorgeous. In this case, the slinky top will highlight your chest, and the hem will hide voluminous hips.
  • A-line dresses that will hide all the flaws will also be appropriate.
  • You can choose a model of direct cut, it also fits.
  • Try to try on an asymmetrical dress with a hem extended from behind, it will slim your legs.

Full ladies this season can afford almost everything: silk, chiffon, satin and even guipure. But velvet should be abandoned.

Fashionable shades

Tones are also very, very many:

  • Black is relevant and popular, as always. This color will not only hide the extra volume, but also turn you into a mystery girl.
  • In 2015, many designers prefer shades of blue, such as indigo, electric, or deep dark blue. Such tones look amazing!
  • It is worth paying attention to the burgundy, it is also in trend.
  • Red will also be appropriate. But it is better to avoid its too bright and light tones, give preference to darker and more calm.
  • Coral is also in fashion, but in this case it is important to choose the right style. It should be concise, as the focus of the dress will be color.

The actual will be floral prints, geometric, as well as abstract. But remember to be careful and do not overdo it!

Fashion details

If you look at photos from fashion shows, you can select several fashionable details of evening dresses for the full:

  • Lace trim. She will make the image romantic and feminine. The trim may be present on the neckline, the hem of the dress or the cuffs of the sleeves.
  • Sequins and rhinestones. Yes, and this decor is also valid, but only if the style of the dress is concise. Otherwise, you will look like a big shiny spot, and you absolutely do not need it.
  • Various draperies. If they are located where necessary and not too massive, they will help to hide flaws. But in some cases they are simply irrelevant.
  • Embroidery. But not too voluminous and not too elaborate.

Useful tips

Some useful tips:

  1. In the evening dress for the lush girl absolutely definitely should not be a large number of details, such as folds, draperies, embroidery and so on. The emphasis should be unique, otherwise the outfit will be complete.
  2. Remember the importance of choosing the right laundry. It is best to buy a set of corrective underwear, which will hide the extra volume and make the body more fit. Do not wear too narrow panties and bras, they can stand out and spoil the impression.
  3. Try on a dress with a corset, it can also fit.
  4. If the dress is bright and original, then the accessories should be abandoned altogether. If you choose a modest and simple dress, then by all means use accessories: necklaces, pendants, large beads, bracelets (but not all at once).
  5. Relax, straighten your back, throw away all complexes and doubts and enjoy your outfit!

Choose a gorgeous evening dress and become the queen of any ball!


Evening dresses “size plus” are created in order to perform three important functions: slim a girl, demonstrate the beauty of her forms, transform flaws into dignity, decorate her image, making it solemn and seductive at the same time. When creating such outfits, designers take into account one important nuance - dresses should not add volume to the silhouette, so they are immediately refused from flounce, voluptuous pleating, embroidery with bulky beads, multi-layered lace, ruches, and numerous brilliant rhinestones and sequins.

How to make a dress without such seemingly indispensable decorating parts solemn? With the help of an elegant ornament on the fabric and elements of drapery. It is these details, with a thoughtful approach, make the figure much slimmer, and the image more spectacular.

Beautiful styles and models

Fashion season 2016 - 2017 pleased the girls in the body with a huge variety of dresses for the evening out. Each model is so beautiful that even thin ones with model parameters will envy their beauty. But the most important thing is that in each individual style and model everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so that any girl can feel like a real queen of the solemn event. Consider the most fashionable copies of this season:

  • Dresses of a trapezoid and flared cut - such dresses not only stretch the silhouette, making it more elegant, but also mask rather large hips. Some models of such outfits are asymmetrical - they are distinguished by an elongated hem at the back and shortened in the front, so young ladies with beautiful legs will have something to boast about.

  • Dresses in the Greek style - the trend of the season. The model on wide straps will be ideal for young ladies who, despite their fullness, have rather beautiful tightened arms. This dress looks very feminine and romantic, and its main advantage is the high waist. It is this small nuance that allows young ladies with a rather large tummy to look elegant and refined. And the V-shaped, square or asymmetrical neckline of the neckline will precisely draw attention to the main dignity of the magnificent figure - the chest.

  • Strict dress-case is suitable for girls with a distinct waist. If on the background of large hips and chest your silhouette forms an hourglass shape, do not be afraid to choose such a model. The dress gently wraps around the figure, but the rather dense fabric does not make the silhouette look ugly, exposing only the dignity of the figure for everyone to see. V - shaped neckline creates a piquant emphasis on the chest, hips stand out in a rounded elegant shape, and the waist on the general background seems incredibly thin.

Special attention is given to dresses in the style of the year. For a long time it was believed that such a style looks good only on thin people, but the demand for such a model among the young ladies with magnificent forms this season has simply impressed and it is not surprising. Girls who want to emphasize the roundness of the hips and at the same time hide the fullness of the legs, choose this model. The skirt in such models can be flared from both the hips and below, so that young ladies have plenty to choose from.

Dress length plays a very important role for those who want to use it to hide the flaws of their own silhouette. Modern designers please owners of magnificent forms with models of dresses of different lengths and each of them is designed for a particular type of figure.

Dresses in the floor most often chosen for special occasions, because to find a more festive style is really very difficult. Such outfits are in demand both among young ladies and women of solid age, but the most important thing is that they skillfully hide figure flaws. A woman who is always shy about the fullness of her legs, in such a dress will feel confident. This season, long dresses are made in the Greek style. There are also light solemn sundresses in the floor, which become the decoration of any holiday.

The minimum length that is appropriate for evening wear is mid-thigh. These dresses are chosen by young girls who, despite the full, they want to show their smooth legs around. Each model of the shortened evening dresses is designed for a particular figure. Dresses with a smell are chosen by those who want to hide a noticeable tummy, sundresses on shoulder straps - those who are proud of the beauty of their hands, dresses with an open neckline - the owners of beautiful breasts, and flared models - those who want to emphasize femininity. Dresses - cases always differ a little long and perfectly emphasize the beauty of the figure.

Actual colors

The fact that pussy young ladies have to choose outfits of exclusively dark shades in order to hide figure flaws is a terrible delusion. Modern designers have long understood this and were quick to prove the veracity of this statement to the whole world. This season you can find evening dresses of bright, rich, cheerful colors, which do not increase the silhouette at all, but decorate it.

Pastel colors are also present in the model range for the full ones and there is no need to be afraid to choose them. But if you still can not part with the eternal classics, remember that she is always in fashion, and the choice of dresses more restrained and familiar shades is huge.

The color that will be relevant forever and will adorn any evening look. Black dresses emphasize the mystery and elegance of the person who chooses it. Slightly dilute the restraint and conciseness of apparel help the various elements with which fashion designers often complement black dresses for the full.

Глубокий вырез на платье в пол придает образу соблазнительности, а кружевные вставки на коротеньких моделях - романтичности и легкости. Легендарная Коко Шанель ввела моду на маленькое черное платье, а дамы с пышными формами не должны отказывать себе в удовольствии выглядеть женственно.

Only courageous and self-confident women are able to choose the color of passion, and this choice is rarely unsuccessful. Individuals who know their flaws and are able to hide them, do not choose bright scarlet color, but stop at shades of burgundy, wine, cherry, lingonberry, tomato, ruby, plum and other colors. Crimson, antique pink, dark scarlet, light coral and strawberry shades can afford to wear only young ladies with light fullness, without eye-catching silhouette defects.

Romantic shade that always gives femininity and seductiveness. It is better for ladies with too magnificent forms to refuse it, and here it will only decorate girls of easy and average fullness. If the silhouette is far from the ideal hourglass better, if the models of this color will be complemented by geometric patterns, necessarily vertical. Often, dresses in the Greek style differ in just this shade, and if a girl picked him up taking into account the peculiarities of her figure, she looks just weightless.

Color that has become especially popular this season. Curvy women of fashion can experiment with their own way, choosing models of dresses in dark blue or indigo. The denim shade, the color of ultramarine and the shade of sea wave have come into fashion. Sapphire color will emphasize the nobility of the image, and midnight blue - ego elegance. Young people prefer to choose dresses of light - blue shades - blue, azure, cornflower blue.

Dresses of green shades often choose hot red-haired girls. For the young ladies in the body dresses of a dark green, grassy and emerald shade are the most appropriate. There are also successful models of menthol and lime shades. From the dress of light green and mint color corpulent young ladies often refuse, and rightly so.


Hue that perfectly conceals the fullness and looks solemn. For evening looks, full-bodied young ladies often choose dresses of Persian and dark purple color. Shades of lilac, lavender, blue-lilac and violet are often chosen by young ladies who want to emphasize their femininity and sophistication.

Fabric plays an important role in creating a sophisticated silhouette when it comes to a magnificent figure. When creating evening dresses to use thick fabric, which well hides the fullness is impossible, because the outfit should also be festive. That is why fashion designers sew dresses from a combination of several materials.

Chiffon dresses are a great alternative to silk and satin outfits that only complete the silhouette. They are light, flowing, playing with each movement, creating a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. Their main advantage is that they do not crumple, and care requires minimal. With the right combination of colors, textures and decorative details, such dresses can give an image of femininity and decorate any festive look.

From velvet

Solid, expensive material that will not only make the figure sophisticated, but also emphasize the status of the person that is dressed in it. Often, designers use this material to create decorative inserts on dresses from other fabrics.

Contrary to popular belief, look good on lush ladies and models of viscose and polyester, the main thing is to choose the right style of dress.

How to choose

When choosing the perfect evening dress, you should focus not only on the characteristics of your own figure, but also on the characteristics of growth, because what looks good on low pyshe may look out of place on statues with fullness.

What should be the model of dresses for girls of different heights?

For short stature

For girls who are not tall, you can choose dresses straight and trapezoidal cut. Perfectly on these young ladies will look model year and dresses with an asymmetrical hem, where the front part is shorter than the back.

Dresses with an asymmetrical bodice, as well as models without sleeves will look good on small ladies with uniforms, if the neckline and hands allow. Neckline fits any, but it is better to stop the choice on the V - shaped. For girls who want to hide the fullness of their hands, it is better to choose models with sleeves ¾ or long.

For tall

For girls of high stature, elegant dresses with a slit on the side are suitable, if the slimness of the legs allows. Stately ladies can afford to wear dresses with a V-neck on the back, which will make the silhouette slimmer. Dresses to the knee straight cut will also be appropriate if there are contrasting inserts on the sides, and the girl's waist is pronounced. But what should be abandoned by lush tall young ladies, is it from the dress models with the year - this style will make the silhouette shapeless. Caution should also be applied to shorter models.

What to wear

The evening dress ideally complements the velvet tipples matched in color, if the girl has a pear-shaped body type.

If the forms do not allow you to create additional volume in the neckline, you can throw an elegant bolero on the dress. A cape of this kind will help to hide the fullness of the hands and protect it from the wind on a festive evening. In addition, she will not add volume to the silhouette at all, but on the contrary, she will make the image even smarter and emphasize the girl’s ability to dress stylishly and fashionably despite the small figure flaws.

If the texture of the dress allows, and you do not want to hide your hands, you can choose a lace cape - this will give the image of femininity.

Choosing shoes and accessories

The choice of accessories, girls with curvy shapes should be treated with particular responsibility. Elegant little decorations will be lost against the background of a good figure, as well as small handbags. As jewelry, it is better to choose thick chains with massive pendants, multi-layered necklaces and beads of elongated type. Jewelry under the throat is inappropriate here, as well as small ringlets with earrings-studs. A massive belt with a brooch or a wide satin ribbon will help to emphasize the waist.

The best bag for an evening look will be a clutch of impressive size. Well, if the hairstyle will also be voluminous and decorated with a massive shiny hair clip. Shoes for a solemn image should be selected on the heel, and the lower the girl, the higher should be the heel and vice versa. Sandals and stilettos will fit under short dresses, and classic pumps can be worn under long to the floor. And remember the main thing - there should be no frills in accessories, otherwise you will make the image heavier.

Manufacturer Analysis

Evening dresses are always bought for particularly important events, so they do not spare funds for them. But as practice shows, in the modern world the high price of a dress does not always guarantee its quality. To choose really good clothes, you need to evaluate the model range from different manufacturers, to characterize the advantages and disadvantages of each and compare them. Most often now buy evening dresses from Ukrainian and Belarusian manufacturers. What are their features?


The main feature of the dresses from the Belarusian manufacturer is that they are focused on the lush Slavic forms. Designers have extensive experience in creating dresses for just such a figure, so they know better than others how to hide its flaws and emphasize its merits. Belarusian manufacturers pay great attention to the variety of styles and the size range of their products, so a girl with any shape can choose a dress to her liking. The quality of the materials from which dresses are sewn in Belarus is fully consistent with international standards, and the styles are in line with global fashion trends. Another attractive advantage of them is that they can be purchased on the Internet at a fairly attractive price, which does not include the cost of customs and transportation costs.

In Ukraine, there are many knitwear factories, so evening dresses from this manufacturer are always made from sturdy natural materials. An equally important factor is the low price of dresses, for which various discounts are often offered. Ukrainian manufacturer pleases ladies with curvaceous shapes, a variety of models and an extensive size range of products. Each copy of the dress is sewn, not only taking into account the characteristics of the magnificent figure, but also the age characteristics of the consumer. Ukrainian evening dresses can be easily purchased anywhere in the world by ordering from an online store you like.

Elegant and elegant images

A truly chic evening look can be created by choosing a lace evening dress in pastel or sandy hues. If you are different appetizing forms with easily pronounced fullness, embossed openwork will decorate your silhouette, provided that the dress is flowing. Dresses in which lace elements frame cuffs, a hem, sleeves and a decollete zone smartly look. Truly elegantly look on full dresses with a translucent cape through which the texture and pattern of the main fabric is visible. Velvet models of dresses look gorgeous in black, green, purple and blue, but it is best to refuse light-colored models from such material.

Real connoisseurs of fashion know that the excessive fullness of the hands can be hidden with a sleeve of a simple cut, so they often choose such dresses. Girls who can turn the flaws of a magnificent figure into dignity will never choose a dress with a large, horizontal pattern, but will opt for contrasting prints that visually correct the silhouette.

True fashionistas know that the elements of drapery should be present only in the waist area, and pleated details can only be vertical.

Girls who want to maximally emphasize the finesse of the waist and breast pomp, choose dresses with a corset and a low neckline. Young ladies who know their flaws precisely, skillfully hide them with the help of successful color solutions, because dark shades always visually reduce, and light shades increase.

Actual styles of elegant evening dresses for women with curvaceous

Today, long evening dresses for obese women - this is not a dream, and not an illusion. Fashionable elegant dresses in the floor for the full exist. And they are not enough.

Let's say even more: beautiful evening dresses for obese women with a large size have become a new experimental theme for many fashion designers who create new original dresses for obese women, using a large number of interesting cutting techniques, and embodying the latest trends in plus size fashion.

It is characteristic that long evening dresses in the floor for full girls and women will allow to lengthen the silhouette, skillfully hiding some flaws from the eyes.

Tips, what style of evening dress for obese women to choose

In the absence of large growth and the presence of extra pounds of long dresses for obese women for the wedding and any other special occasion - this is ideal, because such clothes undoubtedly draw the silhouette of a woman.

Today, pyshechki has no right to say that they have nothing to wear. The most stylish and beautiful evening dresses for full ladies are the finest variety of new ideas, so every plump lady can choose her own style of dress for obese women.

Among the variety of styles and dress ideas for obese women, you need to choose those that perfectly fit the body, allowing their owners to feel excellent.

If we talk about the most current styles, then the styles of evening dresses for overweight women in 2018-2019 will be pleased with such options as a fish, straight cut dresses for full, restrained, but very elegant evening dresses for full A-line ladies and fashionable now midi length. If you have beautiful legs, do not deny yourself the pleasure to wear short cocktail dresses.

In the trend, evening dresses are for full to the floor, which will delight with contrasts, in particular, combinations of different shades of the palette and harmoniously selected textures, which makes such holiday dresses for full ladies stunning.

One-piece straight dresses will be more effective thanks to the folds, ruffles, unusual brooches, intricate buckles.

They always look very elegant applications, creating an incredibly sensual and feminine images.

In the near future, long evening dresses for obese women with a touch of elegance and even aristocracy will be mega popular.

Amazing beauties with a magnificent figure are beautiful evening maxi dresses for obese women with a neckline and open back. Such styles of dresses for obese women also allow you to lengthen the silhouette, highlighting the charm of a magnificent lady.

Trendy 2018-2019 are fashionable evening dresses for obese women with a corset.
The corset always gave special elegance alongside, and in the case of full girls and women it becomes the ideal solution.

Seductive evening dresses with a corset for obese women really always had a special charm, because in such backgammon cute pyshechki feel most feminine, inimitable and very sexy.

Another interesting novelty that deserves attention is fashionable evening dresses for obese women, combining bare shoulders and lush bottom.

For many, such an outfit may seem very challenging, but in fact it very well emphasizes the charms and hides the flaws of women with plus size.

The classic technique that is used in creating an evening dress for obese women is drapery or a large fold now fashionable. Evening dresses for obese women with drapery look very gentle.

Stylists advise lush fashionistas to choose beautiful dresses for obese women in muted shades, not being afraid to treat them in combination with large print, located in the buttocks and hips area.

Fashionable evening dresses for obese women, no doubt, will be created in monochrome.

It is blue, green, red tones. They are favorites of this year. Do not lose the position of black, gray, emerald shades.

Dresses of brown, peach, purple and many other tones and shades that will refresh and decorate the figure of a plump woman will not in any way make the image boring, but quite the opposite.

Also plain evening dresses for obese women with a straightforward cut is always fashionable and relevant.

Often, designers offer plump fashionistas original evening dresses in the floor for obese women in cold and dark shades, but they are advised not to completely give up on bright, light and warm colors.

Yes, a bright palette visually enhances the silhouette, but if you properly combine dark and light colors, you will get a very refreshing and interesting fashionable look for a magnificent lady.

New evening dress for obese women 2018-2019 - evening dresses for obese women with a slit. Often, plump women have very beautiful legs. Well, why do not they boast.

Fashion designers offer to pay particular attention to such dresses, because such beautiful evening dresses for overweight women will make a plump modest woman a spectacular flirt.

Beautiful long evening dresses for obese women in the Greek style - this is the classic version of the dress for obese women 2018-2019, which for many years has not lost its relevance.

Due to the special features of the style, evening dresses for obese women in the Greek style hide the tummy, not allowing the woman to wear complexes in evening dress.

If you are a lady of curvaceous, be sure to consider evening dresses with a square neckline. No less impressive will look on the elegant chest V-neck. Well, and of course, the universal version of the style - dresses with high waist.

For evening dresses for the full ones to play in a new way, you need to complement the image with pulling decorations and one or more bracelets suitable for your image.
Remember, your ideal image is not only your dress, hairstyle, makeup and accessories - this is, first of all, your mood, which you should always be beautiful.

Self-confidence, correctly selected beautiful evening dresses for obese women - and you are a star who will shimmer with a bright, piercing light the whole evening.

Dear ladies, we invite you to consider the most original, in our opinion, evening dresses for obese women 2018-2019, photos of which will surely help you find your style of dress in which you will be the queen of the evening.