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Crosswords - the benefits and features of an intellectual hobby


Some pensioners are addicted to solving skanvordov. No TV, no radio, no internet - nothing is nice for them. Only scanwords. They say they are developing. Is it like that?

Memory is precisely trained in this way. And in old age it is very important to have a good memory. Sometimes it is simply vital. There is no need to talk about development - they will not learn anything new there. But at least some mental activity is very good. And for a working person, these scanwords are just killing time. I took a child to the train to entertain - it’s not interesting at all, although we used to love to solve them with him. Allowed to flow - quality deteriorated.

Even taking into account the fact that the quality of scanwords is low now (the words are often repeated from number to number, from edition to edition, and the wording is so illiterate that it often looks more like puzzles), it must be admitted that there are still benefits from scanwords:

- they train memory, especially for people in old age (sometimes they recall the elementary words that fly out of my head, or the answers from another edition, but the memory has to be strained),

- they develop logic, thinking and anything, because the wording is very "mysterious",

-Scanvords are useful for the younger generation, whose members read little and write even less, for the development of literacy.

A bit of history and the essence of crosswords

Crossword puzzle called in the form of interwoven cells. The player's task is to guess the meaning of the words and inscribe them in squares. The words are intertwined with each other, which facilitates the task, since a part of the letters of the subsequent words becomes available after guessing the first. Historians argue that in ancient times there was something similar to the modern "krestoslavitsam." Confirmations to their guesses they find in the excavations.

It is believed that the first crossword puzzle was created in 1913 by Arthur Wynn - a native of England, who moved to his 19 years in the United States, where the first "krestoshedress" was published in the newspaper "New York World". The Russians for the first time were able to enjoy and benefit from solving a crossword puzzle in 1925, it was published in the literary magazine Rezet, published in Leningrad. In Soviet times, for the sake of puzzles, lovers of guessing words bought the magazine Ogonyok.

The main types of crosswords

There are many types of crosswords, among which the most popular:

  • classic - the usual grid, in which you need to enter words,
  • scanword (Scandinavian crossword) - it can be recognized by the arrows and definitions inside the grid,
  • coordinate (merican) - it is necessary not only to solve the words, but also to build a grid,
  • nonogram (Japanese) - here you need to guess the color or black and white picture,
  • cellular - words are entered in a circle
  • Filvord (Hungarian) - words have already been entered into the grid, but they need to be found and crossed out,
  • Chinward - a linear crossword puzzle, in which the last letter of the previous word is the beginning of the next,
  • Estonian - has a high density of words.

Modern crossword puzzles are printed not only in newspapers, magazines and collections, today they are digitalized. There are special applications for computers and mobile phones. There are sites that publish crosswords online. If desired, puzzles can be solved anywhere and anytime!

What is the use of solving crossword puzzles?

The advantage of crosswords, first of all, is that they broaden their horizons and motivate the player to get new knowledge. Unfamiliar terms and words become close and comprehensible, and a person keen on guessing soon turns into a recognized scholar.

Intellectual entertainment, accessible to all, has a positive effect on the work of the brain. Doctors strongly recommend that older people crossword puzzles to prevent memory impairment, improve brain activity, combat irritability. It is believed that this occupation is the most effective measure in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. We also included this hobby in the list of hobbies for pensioners.

Young people need to solve crossword puzzles to get rid of forgetfulness, to train logical thinking, to learn to think associatively. Spending time over verbal puzzles, you can forget about minor problems, it is easier to survive the stress and resentment.

It is believed that classical crosswords are best suited to broaden horizons and improve memory, and the use of Japanese crosswords in improving logical and associative thinking. It is advisable to alternate puzzles to use all zones.

How to learn to solve word puzzles quickly

Beginners look enthusiastically at the pros and think: how to learn to solve crossword puzzles quickly and without errors? In fact, it is only at the beginning of the path that difficulties arise, and with experience not only knowledge of frequently used words comes, but also certain techniques are developed.

For example, each word has vowels and consonants, they always alternate, therefore, having already some letters in the cells, you can even pick up an unfamiliar word. It is necessary to take into account everything: what kind of word - masculine or feminine, in what number is it indicated - in singular or plural, that it is a noun or adjective.

Long nouns, as a rule, end in the end of “stvstvo”, “ction”, and “end”. The names of sciences are at the end of "logic". The easiest way is to go over all the words, fill the cells with those words that are well known, and then study the puzzle to the bitter end.

Compiling crosswords is an exciting experience.

Compiling crosswords is an even more fascinating hobby to which come those who are no longer content with solving other people's puzzles. Even a schoolboy can create a simple “triangle”; this does not require special talents. But to make an interesting and competent crossword puzzle you will have to work hard - pick up words that will intertwine with each other, come up with the right definitions for each task.

It is better for beginners to act this way - to make an approximate crossbinder, fill it with words, then add words, focusing on the existing letter. In the end, come up with interesting definitions and meanings.

Computer technologies have reached the compilation of scanwords, there are programs that can do it in a couple of minutes. However, such an approach can hardly be called fascinating; rather, it is a common curiosity and a desire to look inside the intellectual industry.

We hope that solving crossword puzzles will be one of your favorites, but not the only hobby. Be sure to pick up a few more hobbies on our site. Let life be filled with bright colors that illuminate it day and night!

The benefits of solving crossword puzzles and scanwords

  • the opportunity to occupy the child for a certain time in an interesting affair. Bright pictures and fun puzzles will not let him be bored while you are busy,
  • a child who often solves crosswords is able to build logical chains much better than peers who do not train their brains with such exercises
  • correctly writing in crosswords is a must. This helps the child to memorize the spelling of most words, which will help him in the future during school and in life,
  • a younger schoolboy develops associative thinking while doing crossword puzzles.
  • prevent the development of forgetfulness
  • improve logical and associative thinking
  • relieve stress
  • ease negative emotional stress
  • temporarily distract from minor household problems.
  • prevent the development of problems with memory impairment, because a crossword puzzle makes you keep in mind large amounts of information,
  • relieving irritation
  • reduce the rate of development of Alzheimer's disease (sometimes it turns out to stop this disease completely).

Types of crosswords

  • classic. These crosswords have the usual form in the form of a grid, in which you need to insert words horizontally and vertically,
  • coordinate. They are also called Mexican. Unlike the classic ones, these crosswords do not have a grid, since it is necessary not only to solve the words, but also independently create the necessary form for this puzzle,
  • cellular. In such crosswords, a construction like a honeycomb is used, and the words are written in a circle,
  • Chaynvord. These crosswords do not have the usual grid, since they are linear. Each next word in it begins with the last letter of the previous one. So the corresponding line is built,
  • scanword The second name is the Scandinavian crossword. It is very easy to learn this crossword, since the direction of the word is determined according to the arrow, and the questions themselves are in the cells of the crossword puzzle,
  • japanese puzzle It is also called a monogram. This type of puzzle does not use letter symbols of words, because the solution is a black and white or color pattern. It is necessary to draw it, accurately calculating the number of cells to be painted in the grid,
  • Hungarian crossword (filvord). In the crossword grid, all the words are already inscribed, however, you must first guess the words and then delete them from the grid,
  • Estonian crossword is special because its word density is very high.


Solving various crossword puzzles and scanwords not only helps to have fun when there is nothing more to do, but also significantly train the brain. On the Internet, you can even find special services where you can solve scanwords online. By the way, many professionals in their profession then use crosswords in their profession. About why it is useful from time to time to solve crosswords and will be discussed in our article today.

Doctors recommend solving crossword puzzles to relieve stress. And people at the age of such activity are doubly useful, because when solved, they stimulate the growth of new brain cells, which in turn serves to prevent a person from such serious diseases as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, if an elderly person will correctly alternate mental and physical activity, he will be able to stay in good shape longer.

Crosswords are actively used by teachers when explaining a new topic or consolidating knowledge on the material covered. On the one hand, in this case, knowledge is acquired in the form of a game, the atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed, children in the spirit of competition try to remember the lessons they have been taught and give the correct answer, and, accordingly, the teacher’s goal is achieved.

Interestingly, when applying for a job, more and more often, a person needs to solve a certain crossword during the interview. Thus, the company identifies especially talented individuals capable of career growth and long-term work. The same task can be carried out and already employees of the company for the formation of personnel reserve in a particular area.

Scientists have shown that if a person spends every day for up to 25 minutes to solve a crossword puzzle, his intellect will increase. Many young people who want to get a good and promising job are training themselves by solving a crossword puzzle.

Any crosswords, skanvordy, charades and so on combine a pleasant pastime and brain training.

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What are crosswords, what are they?

A crossword puzzle is a puzzle that involves guessing intersecting words. The name from the English language, by the way, is translated exactly as “intersection of words”.

There are several types of crosswords:

  • Classic consists of lines, which, in turn, include cells. Words fit horizontally and vertically, and the tasks are written separately.
  • Skanvordy - this is one of the most beloved by many varieties. The puzzle is a grid of empty cells for words, as well as cells with short tasks.
  • Chainward looks like a system of cells placed in squares and arranged so that each last letter of the previous word is the beginning of the next.
  • Philward is an entire field filled with letters. Among them, you need to find words that can be arranged along broken lines. But at the same time one letter is used only once in one word.
  • Japanese crossword puzzles do not have words, but encipher images that are composed taking into account the number of hints corresponding to the filled cells, as well as empty passes between them.
  • In the keyward, or, as it is called otherwise, the keyword, you need to enter letters corresponding to certain numbers. Some pairs have already been given, while others will have to be determined in the process of solving.
  • Divord or dual looks like a grid of cells, but each has two letters, but you need to choose only one by one, forming words.
  • American or so-called criss-cross is a grid, next to which words are indicated. They need to fit in the cells.
  • In the Estonian crossword, words are separated in a grid not by blocks or empty cells, but by thickening of the sides of the cells. As a result, the puzzle looks very dense and has no voids.

How to choose crosswords, so that they are interesting and, importantly, useful? First, consider your level of training. So, if the crossword is too simple for you, then you will simply be uninteresting to solve it, so it will not be useful. And solving an overly complex will not take pleasure and make you nervous because of the lack of necessary knowledge.

Secondly, take into account your goals. If you want to increase vocabulary, select the classic crossword puzzle. If your main goal is the development of logic, then Japanese varieties will suit you. Scanward contributes to the training of memory and improve ingenuity. Keywords and movies help to increase concentration of attention.

Thirdly, consider the peculiarities of your thinking and personal preferences. For example, one is easier to orientate in the grid of a classic crossword, while others prefer short hints and capacious definitions given in the scanword.

The use of crosswords

What is useful crosswords?

  1. Expansion of vocabulary. In the process of guessing, you can learn new words, as well as their interpretation, and this is very useful for development, as well as broadens the horizons and increases the knowledge base. This pastime will make you an educated and interesting conversationalist.
  2. Solving crosswords is very useful for brain activity and significantly improves mental abilities. Classes allow to use parts of the brain, the activity of which is reduced when performing routine tasks. As a result, the volume of healthy acting brain cells increases, and the functioning of the body improves. In addition, scientists have proven that if you do crossword puzzles regularly, you can reduce the risks of developing such diseases and conditions as senile dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  3. Crosswords are useful and come in handy during the training. This kind of presentation of the material is used by some modern school teachers and university professors. First, it allows you to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere, as well as to establish contact with students. Secondly, the material is much easier to digest, since several types of memory are involved at once. Thirdly, there is a competitive spirit that serves as an excellent motivation and forces you to use already learned information.
  4. With the help of some types of crosswords, you can improve memory, train logical thinking, as well as increase concentration. All this can be useful in life, for example, when training or performing professional tasks.
  5. Such a pastime is much more useful and more productive than watching TV.
  6. Solving a crossword puzzle is a great and effective way to get rid of stress or escape from bad thoughts.

How to solve with benefit?

Scientists have proven that by devoting only 10-25 minutes a day to solving crossword puzzles, you can significantly improve your intellectual abilities. And even if there is not much free time, everyone will be able to find such a small amount of it. For example, you can solve crosswords while traveling in public transport, at lunchtime or while waiting in line.

Important: occupation, first of all, should be fun, so if it makes you nervous, then try to master another type of crossword or reduce the level of complexity.

Tip: do not start deciphering in an excited or tired state, you can not concentrate.

If you still have not tried to solve crossword puzzles, then be sure to start training your brain in such an interesting and enjoyable way.