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How to write an excellent thesis


1. Half a year before the diploma is real to hell. Immediately after the session, only botanists write a diploma and ... yes, only botanists.

2. Normocontrol - that is, indents, paragraphs and other hat - weakens as it approaches the date X. If you come the day before handing over to your normocroller, he (she) will surely grumble, but still put his signature. She has nowhere to go, and spread rot to you due to the fact that the interval is not 1.5 and 1.75 well, stupid in general.

3. What will be the folder of the diploma - in the sense of he will be bound, or in a crust for 70 rubles from the office - there is no difference.

4. Nobody will completely read your diploma at the time of surrender, they are not interested in it, and they already know you as a pup for 5 years.

5. If you do not throw off on havchik teachers, then you can really worsen your assessment.

6. The presentation of the diploma in the power point with beautiful backgrounds and animation, make only nerds and boys of the latent type.

7. It is necessary to answer additional questions. And correctly - not necessary. Pour more water - you will be reckoned.

8. Any topic of the diploma - always fucked up as relevant. This is right, even if you count how many a frog farts once a day, it’s all the same “in the modern world, where the development of technology does not stand still, this topic should be given special attention”.

9. As often as possible, say “we are with the leader,” “on the advice of the manager,” “my manager” ... This is done so that the commission members associate your diploma primarily with the leader, and only then with you. Because how to put a fucking assessment colleague more difficult than a student.

10. The diploma itself will not write. It's right. But on the last night, a diploma will write and stick together and impose itself. Because you will have such a coma that you can’t control your own body.

11. If you are not a condom, no one will throw you down. Nobody needs that. So do not piss, everything will be fine!

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NEVER answer the questions posed in the reviews in your report.
They should ask you to protect.
If you answer them, members of the commission will have to invent their own questions.

And then you will most likely be tight.

Chet the guy is silent, it was already scary, at the very defense of the 13th

Well, how are your impressions?

Wow, this horror is simple, the heart almost jumped out before waiting for its turn.

Everything is done perfectly in 2 days. the head really was somewhat shocked when he met me 3 days before the defense, but otherwise everything is ok.
Do not frighten the youth.
You can usually flash in the university or next to the day of protection.

I would also add: a seal helps a lot, from an enterprise where your graduation project is actively used. and it's okay if the enterprise is IP Ololoev - i.e. you yourself))

Bullet-proof vest in the whole specialty is usually slightly different. (Well, although it’s only possible for IT specialties, everything’s just
The economic part is even more (to substitute your numbers in Excel tables and compile the text is a matter of a couple of hours).
Normal control. I thought it was always signed at the department before the defense. 0_o What is there to control when all the templates are gained by a dozen coursework? If only the drawings are ungodly, but those who need to draw on work I just feel sorry for in advance how starving children in Mozambique will not help them.
In general, 2 days is certainly extreme, but in a week or two you can easily do it after work, I think. If in principle there is something to write on their topic.

In general, I do not know, maybe in other places it is more difficult, although the Krasnodar Polytechnic University is quite a prestigious institution. but I remember how my classmates fussed a month before graduation. more and wailing garbage engaged (to prepare the workplace, stock up on literature, after each page to go to the head.) So time is wasted.

A guide to passing a diploma for the diploma (crust) and not for the sake of real knowledge
Of course it's too late now to give real advice, but for the future:
1. The diploma of the tank begins to be written immediately from the production practice (and ideally you need to find a production practice even after the second course for more material and for a broad analysis).
2. less water in the diploma, more data obtained personally, rather than stale books. even if they diverge, these results are obtained by you personally and today, and not 50 years ago.
3. look at which of your teachers is engaged in similar topics and feel free to approach, ask, consult (usually do not refuse, especially teachers of the old school)
4. the presentation should be neat, not bright (distracting), moderately filled (you don't need to push your entire diploma), you should not fill the slides with text (you should already know it if you wrote it yourself and with your hands, not with a scanner and the Internet ), and graphs, diagrams (read better than tables), photographs. AND NO MUSIC.
5. Take care of the knowledge of the definitions, experiments, etc.
6. tell me not very quickly, clearly and try not to let you interrupt (there is a special time for questions)
7. Before the surrender, be sure to gather friends and relatives for the rehearsal of the surrender (let it be taken seriously)
8. Well, look decent (the legend that the surrender should come dirty and stink is nonsense)
9. On the last day before handing over, put off your diploma and go for a walk (just take a walk, not a booze)



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Useful tips

A thoughtful appearance is already a part of success. The girl should be dressed in a blouse and skirt in a classic style, or in a dress. The last option will look more stylish. Dress length should be slightly above the knees, no open neckline. To keep the notes of sexuality, give preference to a tight silhouette, but only in the case of a good figure. Be sure to wear a high heel. Make up bright and make a cool hair is not necessary. You must look like a real business woman.

Learn and rehearse the report. Just do not memorize or repeat it 200 times. A couple of times is enough. Speak words clear to you.

Coming out to defend a diploma before the selection committee, look into each of them in the eyes and smile. Even if your hands are trembling while your heart beats madly. Speak loudly and confidently, no one will remember what you say, only what you say is important.

A common mistake made by many is to take in front of a large amount of sedatives. This is not worth doing. Otherwise, you can “calm down” so much that you will absolutely stop navigating in space and time. Better 4 days before the defense, start drinking the medicine (for example, valerian tablets). In the morning and in the evening, one tablet each, and directly on the most important day for the student, drink 2. No more.

Understand that on protection no one will throw you down and humiliate. You will pass the diploma. The teachers will ask you questions, but if you do not know the answers, they will prompt you or even answer you. Focus and preferably a couple of minutes before the defense, stay in silence.

The more confident you will behave, the more appreciated you will be!

The diploma is not only the moment responsible for obtaining a specialty, but also very touching. Having received a rating of "excellent", you will be delighted and at the same time sad, because you will understand that everything is over. There will be no more cheerful lectures, cribs, sleepless nights at the session.

There will be no such relatives for five years of classmates and teachers, there will be no familiar calls and audiences, there will be no more cheerful Days of Students. All this will go out of your life, because after passing the diploma - you are no longer a student. Therefore, it is not so important what assessment you will put on protection, one thing is important - your beautiful student time has ended in your life!

It all started with the fact that I myself once defended a diploma.

I defended him well, but “excellent” they gave me for my oratory. And I was very surprised to learn that the best theses from our “honors pupils” were awarded to fours.

It so happened that after a while, I worked for more than five years at the graduating department, for six years I looked at the protection of diplomas. AND how to protect a diploma in the "excellent" I know too.

How does it usually happen on diploma defense?

The student hangs posters on the wall, the secretary announces the name of the student and reads a thesis review. The student picks up the pointer and starts driving it over the posters and saying something. The look is directed on posters, or in a deep distance towards a window. The voice is even, monotonous, quiet - this is not to annoy the examination board. Teachers from the diploma commission sit at the tables and think about something, drink mineral water, discuss among themselves some problems. What time to waste? - everyone finds something to do. Nobody bothers anyone.

And so, the diploma report is over. Need to ask questions.

As a rule, each teacher is obliged to ask to defend a thesis 2-3 questions.

What questions will be asked after such a diploma defense? - There will be any questions, but not on the topic of the diploma. After all, no one really knows what the student said, What questions can be asked about this diploma?

As a result, questions do not sound according to the diploma, but from the general course of study at this institute. And since the experts have gathered different, and they are “ashamed” to ask the same questions, then the questions will be different, not on the topic, and the failure is ensured for the student.

And let the diploma be made “perfectly well”, and let the student figure out all the questions of his topic - he will receive a troika for the diploma

It turns out that it is useless to devote half a year to a diploma of which no one and will not hear.

Your diploma should be heard by people from the commission, if you want a good grade.

A grade for a diploma is set after all diplomas are defended, it is held collectively at the “desk” where members of the examination board compare their opinion with the “recommended” grade from the dean's office.

- Well, Ivanov answered confidently, both in diploma and in questions, and he studied well. We put five, it is necessary to put someone.
- Sidorov answered uncertainly. Put in diploma three. It is evident that he himself did the diploma, but mumbled, and did not answer the questions.
- Well, Petrov, of course, is five, maybe someone helped him to do a diploma, but he would act smartly, confidently, everything would be so. Yes, and answered questions, even though out of place, but it seems to understand ...

Protection of the diploma. The first.

Important. Contact with the commission. Visual and auditory.

Attracting attention is written in the middle of this book. As you wish, but you should listen carefully. Strongly recommend reading:

And watch this video about where you need to watch the speaker (if you, of course, want to become a speaker):

With diploma protectionintonate with a voice, speak louder-quieter, faster-slower, gesticulate ...

And, surely - make a pause.

Do not trash. Make an impression of confidence.

For the benefits of pauses, see this video:

When pointing with a pointer, be back to the screen or posters, always face and body to the commission! Never - back or sideways.

Gestures should be smooth, slow. Gestures are useful to work. to protectand not during the diploma. Do not swing the pointer, it is only needed to point to visual material. Pointer (remote) can be temporarily put, free your hands for gestures.

In addition, watch the video about the main mistakes of speakers in gestures:

And all this is necessary rehearse in advance: in front of a mirror, video camera or in front of friends.

You can rehearse online. Trainers of our School of Oratory Mastery will listen to your speech with pleasure and tell you what and how to improve. See: Online Learning.

Trash sounds and unnecessary words.

Trash sounds.

Any "E ..." and other, so-called "garbage sounds" are very annoying to the ear.

Other unnecessary words - too.

I will not argue that all teachers speak well. It happens that the teachers themselves do not shine with eloquence. But! But oneself from the side is not visible, and not heard. And they criticize students for this very much. And, accordingly, underestimate the assessment.

Learn to speak, and just speak, without “e-Kaniye”, without unnecessary words, parasites: “like, in short, here ...”

Watch the video. Cuts a rumor?

  • These are not diplomas, but webinars, but the essence is the same.

To clean up your speech from garbage sounds - you need to work on it. Make practical exercises, talk, retell texts or impromptu. And, depending on the ability of the student, the garbage in the words disappears. In our classes, as a rule, after the first lesson, most of the participants get rid of garbage sounds and words. You can learn it yourself, but better - with a coach.

You can contact our trainers or me by signing up for classes online

Third. The important point is the review to the diploma.

Do not let that reviewer rating was less fives. Reviewer must find in your diplomaerrors and omissions. Let him do it. You can even tell. But it must be allowable deficiencies, but no blunders. Shortcomings may be in diplomabecause this is not a dissertation. But mistakes in the diploma should not be. If you competently ask the reviewer a question: “And how would you yourself answer this review, and what would you say to the“ defense ”about this?” - you can get all the comprehensive information.

Normally, a reviewer recommends diploma grade. If this not excellentask what needs to be redone to score was "five". And redo it. therefore for review to the diploma need to go the sooner - the better. You can even with an unfinished diploma - less remodel.

On the protection of the diploma acknowledge that you fully agree with the reviewer.

  • In no case argue.

In your diploma speech, express regretthat you were not able to cover all the issues due to the limitations of the diploma. Express the assumption that in the dissertation work you will definitely cover this topic more widely. Or immediately begin to explain what you would change or changed in the diploma, taking into account the wishes of the reviewer.

  • You will be stopped half way to “New Vasyukam”
  • and close this question as positive.

Protection of the diploma. Fourth.

I will not write about the banal that it is necessary to throw flowers, a “table” and gifts to members of the graduation committee.

I saw both an increase and a decrease in the average grade of marks because of this seemingly “trifle”.

If this is not practiced officially, then mother, grandmother, “godmother” should come, who will personally “thank” teachers for “teaching a daughter, son, grandson, son-in-law ...”.

Moreover, referring to the "lack of time", they do it before “Diploma protection” and not after.

Do not forget the secretary of the HES.

This is the first man in the HES (State Examination Board). Which, by the way, can commit irreparable error as necessary, and into unnecessary the side.

Секретарь дипломной комиссии лучше всех знает, «как, кто, сколько и чего…».

Секретарем дипломной комиссии назначают “опытного” преподавателя, который “умеет наладить контакты со студентами” и “умеет брать от них благодарности“.

Тренируйтесь выступать.

Или найдите в вашем городе “Тренинг по ораторскому искусству”. Not so expensive, but the protection will be "excellent".
Or find online training. It is possible in our School of Oratory Mastery.
Or at least read a book about oratory. For example, this (if not already read) Oratory for beginners.

What to go to the protection of the diploma? How to dress?

Protection of the diploma - not a party.

From student clothes may depend diploma grade.

  • Meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind.

Already in appearance it can be assumed what grade for a diploma worthy of this student.

Protection of the diploma.

As a rule, teachers at the institute are cultural and intelligent people. Slightly conservative (or too). And, therefore, they want to see cultural and intelligent graduates in students. So?

A guy with a classic haircut, in a white shirt and a good suit asks for a diploma - a five. And the same man in a T-shirt - about four, in torn jeans - threefold.

The best clothes for diploma defense are classics.

School classics. Institute classics.

It is necessary to get dressed (graduate student) well.

At the same time, do not overdo it. Think, because some teachers live quite poor. And a female teacher can be annoyed by the decorations on a graduate student. And a beautiful evening dress too. Especially with a deep neckline. There - translucent tissue. Older teachers are annoyed by panties and bras seen through clothes.

Be humble. Beautiful outfits leave for the evening, after the protection of the diploma.


Pause.Eye contact. Loud greeting.

And only after that you can begin.

Attracting attention if it is not there, and you want your diploma to be heard.

Gestures, gait, instructions by pointer. Sight.

A look only at members of the diploma commission - so that everyone will listen. Passing questions "leave for later."

Speech, the less, the better.

Let there be good pauses. It will be bad if you are slaughtered in the middle.

  • If it happened, still sum up and draw conclusions.

The text can be (specially) inserted inaccuracies and errors. And better - understatement. These inaccuracies or understatement important to file so that they hear but did not feel the catch. After all, it will be those same questions who will ask you after diploma protection. And you will ready answers.

- On this poster you see a graph showing the increase in profits ....
- You showed the graphs, mentioned the profit ... But did not say about the amount of this profit.
- Thanks for the question! Yes, based on this graph, we see an increase in profits, which is ... ... ... Thanks for the question! 🙂

Focus on the benefits and the benefits of your thesisbut do not tell everything, leave the intrigue - you this will be asked instead of a question.

Critically (almost always) agree, but leave room for maneuver to your arguments. With answering questions take your time do it pauses.

And, of course, smile, pretend that it is the easiest questionthat you know everything by his diploma, and now you choose what to tell you from all this.

For questions that you do not know the answer, use "An alternative to a direct answer."

Only carefully, and always with the use of a four-stage scheme of avoiding the answer.

It is important to speak clearly, loudly and confidently so that all members diploma commission it seems that you understand in question.

  • After all, what you do not know may not know others.

There is an “iron” method of avoiding an answer.

Called: "On the thirteenth poster".

Protection of the diploma. On the thirteenth poster ...

After receiving the question, you take a pointer, poke it into the thirteenth (or other) poster of the diploma, and enthusiastically tell a long tirade, you can without pauses. It is unlikely you will kill or ask the question again. All members of the commission will have a positive feeling from your “answer”.

There is a similar method of avoiding an answer:

"It is to this answer that I find it difficult to answer, but I know that ... ...
(and you start saying what you know for sure). ” And I want to tell you that ... ...

But it is better to answer questions! And respectful, creating a kind of cultural, educated and educated person.

In this case, it is useful to insert the Name Patronymic of the questioner.

Thanks Ivan Sidorovich, for a good question. I will answer him like this: ... ... ... Thanks Ivan Sidorovich for a good question!

You can still think a lot on this topic ... But it is better - once again reread the above and put into practice.

I hope that now you have increased the chances of getting excellent for your diploma!

Additionally it is useful to read articles from the book on oratory on this site:

If you like this article - be sure to write about it in the comments! Very necessary! Very well, if you make your own additions to this important topic.

Write in the comments:how did you protect yourselfaspassed the diploma defense, and what adviceyou come in handymost.
I liked the advice on the diploma - share them with your friends.

  • Do you have questions about diploma protection? Write them in the comments!
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Videos of our online elocution school

Sincerely, the coach of rhetoric Oleg Bolsunov.

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Is it difficult to protect a diploma

To begin with, it is worth saying that students who regularly attend classes and learn the teaching materials will be able to easily pass all exams and brilliantly defend a thesis. Those people who often miss classes take up careless schooling and often have difficulty defending a graduation project.

How to write a diploma

Most of the students usually for a long time abandon the writing of the thesis, and in the last weeks (or days) they have been trying to quickly finish the barely started project. Written in this way often represent an incomprehensible selection of quotes and extracts from various textbooks, journals and books. Supervisors who are called to help and guide students while writing a work cannot help their students in any way, since they often have to write parts of the thesis for students.

If you are interested in successfully writing a thesis, you will have to write a diploma a little bit every day, as soon as you receive and agree with the supervisor on the topic of work. No matter how unpleasant it may be, but sometimes you have to force yourself, because time flies very quickly and, putting aside the writing of the diploma for a while, you will notice with horror that a week is left before the delivery. Then you have to do everything in a hurry, and the work originally planned will not be true.