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Popular TV series of the 90s: a list of the best, reviews and reviews


Soaps, perhaps, watched all. And before that they were especially popular. But which of them were considered the best in the 90s of the last century?

We offer the top 10 best TV shows of the 90s:

  1. "Wild Angel" - A story about a poor orphan girl who dreamed of becoming happy, published in the late 90s. Milagros, who had recently been a pupil of the monastery, gets a job as a maid in a wealthy family, meets Ivo’s son and falls in love with his masters. He also has feelings for the rebel Milly, but lovers cannot be together. Each of them has a lot of problems to be solved. Ivo is full of fans who are ready for anything, and Milagros is too proud to win a guy and prove his love. But still the end of this story is happy.
  2. "Alph". This comedy series about an unusual creature was shown several times by different channels. According to the plot, Alf, who flew in from Melmak and settled in Los Angeles, survived the explosion and, on his ship, got directly into the garage of the most ordinary Tanner family. The head of the family called the alien Alpha and agreed not only to shelter the stranger, but also to protect him from the Division engaged in the study of extraterrestrial life forms. Alf is incredibly curious, voracious, self-confident, grumbling and a little rude. But everyone loves him, because he knows how to joke and have fun, and also sincerely treats everyone. The basis of the plot is the adventures of Alpha on Earth and his meeting new people.
  3. "Santa Barbara". This series, perhaps, was watched by almost everyone, and when new series were released, it became quiet on the streets of almost all Russian cities. In total, 2137 episodes were filmed. The show began in 1992 and ended only in 2002. And this cult series tells about the full variety of events in the life of the Capwell family, which lives in the city of Santa Barbara. But viewers also get to know other families, such as the eternal rivals of the main characters, Lockridge, and Andrade and Perkins, who are faced with similar problems. In the first season, something important happened that determined the storyline of the next few seasons. Five years before the events described in the film, Channing Capwell Jr. was killed. Joe Parkins was found guilty, but he was released from prison ahead of time. And he decides to return to Santa Barbor to prove his innocence, find the real killer and find out what really happened.
  4. "Simply Maria" - This is the third story, which was shown by Channel One in 1993. Maria is a poor simple peasant woman who came to the big city to earn and provide for herself and her family left in the village. The girl meets with Juan Carlos, in whom he almost immediately falls in love. He reciprocates, but his family is against such a relationship. Yes, and Juan himself does not know what he wants, so he is just hiding after learning about Mary’s pregnancy. But the girl decides to leave the child and after years becomes a famous fashion designer. The son of the heroine, Jose Ignacio, studies at a prestigious university and once meets a girl Laurita. But having learned that she is from a family that once abandoned him and his mother, the guy rejects Laura. Further events unfolding that will change the lives of almost all the characters.
  5. "Tropikanka" - Brazilian TV series, which was released in 1995. In the story, a young, attractive and, to all other, rich Leticia, who just turned 17, realizes that she has fallen in love. And all would be nothing, but her chosen one was poor fisherman Ramiro, who is older than a girl by as much as seven years. The heroine decides to give up everything and link her fate with her beloved. The couple settles in a hut and spends a honeymoon. But Ramiro is forced to go to sea. He gets into the boat and promises Leticia that he will soon return to play a magnificent wedding and start a happy family life. The girl waits for the groom for three months, but there is no news from him. Realizing that the guy just threw it, Leticia went abroad to continue their studies. Ramiro returns and decides that the bride has chosen a different life. But after twenty years, lovers are destined to meet again.
  6. "Helen and the Guys" - French TV series, which has become a cult and very popular among young people. It was released in the mid-90s in many European countries. In the story, three young people (Etienne, Nicolas and Christian) go to university, but they do not dream of a brilliant career, but of the glory of rock stars. And so the guys devote all their free time to rehearsals. One day, having entered the “U Alfredo” cafe, young people meet Helen and Katy, who are studying in the second year of the same faculty. Soon there is a third girl - an American Joanna. Gradually, all young people are broken up in pairs, but the fourth member José joins the band, to whom the whole company is also seeking to find a companion. Heroes fall into ridiculous stories and scrapes, as well as face such pressing issues as sects, violence, safe sex and drugs.
  7. "Friends". This youth series has become one of the most popular in the 90s. It told about six friends: Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Chandler and Phoebe. They all live side by side (some even in the same apartment), communicate closely, have fun, joke, try to lead an adult serious life, share their secrets and give each other advice and, of course, sometimes fall in love, and sometimes even each other. Easy, interesting, cheerful and optimistic comedy story, which, by the way, made Jennifer Aniston popular.
  8. Beverly Hills 90210 - one of the most interesting youth TV shows of the 90s. In the story, the twins from the Walsh family find themselves in the prestigious Beverly Hills area among the so-called golden youth of that time.
  9. "New victim" - Brazilian TV series, aired on Russian television from 1996 to 1997. This is not just a melodrama, because the plot also included a detective line. In addition, the authors touched on a lot of topical issues, such as infidelity and adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, drug addiction and so on. The story began on a rainy morning, when heavy rain fell on the roofs of houses, and in the office of one of the offices the bell rang, which turned out to be alarming and fatal. Paulo Soares responded and hurriedly left his office. A man runs out into the street and tries to catch a taxi, but suddenly a black car knocks him down. And he - the first victim, because then there will happen a whole series of brutal murders committed by the Chinese calendar. Heroes and spectators will find out who is the criminal.
  10. Twin Peaks - American TV series in two seasons, appearing in the early 90s. By the way, in 2017 the third season may come out, which, of course, all the fans are very much waiting for. In the story, FBI agent Dale Cooper begins an investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer, a high school girl, whose body was found in a lake and wrapped in a plastic bag. Dale has to find the killer, and viewers get the opportunity to plunge into the life of the small provincial town of Twin Peaks, in which all the main events unfold. While the investigation, which is conducted by Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistant, continues, it turns out that civilians in the city are not at all as harmless and law-abiding as it seems at first glance. Each of them has its drawbacks and hides the skeleton in the closet. But who killed Laura? This is to be found out.

Solution: serials - to be

Obviously, the decision to open the way for them to the post-Soviet film market was made by someone from the Politburo. It was a smart step: the population affected by hyperinflation needed a vent. The Mexican TV series has become a “trial step”. Why was this done, who knows? Perhaps the leadership of the television tried to soften the mores of a huge country suffering from inflation, and the Mexican “soap operas” were ideal for this.

These series had one feature: their subjects did not cause rejection and retaliatory aggression, because they were tied to a fragile beautiful girl, the main character. The melodramatic series of the 90s (foreign) were originally intended for the female audience. After all, as you know, the fair sex is traditionally more susceptible to emotions and feelings. And it took effect.

However, the first seen telenovelas years later became close to our older viewers. And now they remind them of the years of youth. Now, for these people, the secondary is the fact that the series of the 90s they saw are foreign. All the same, they became relatives for them.

If it were possible to go back in time, we would witness how they were watched by everyone: from small to large. The new genre fell in love with the mass audience. Even the way of life of citizens has changed noticeably during the first three TV shows. Both the townspeople and the villagers, as if by collusion, tried not to plan homework for the duration of the coveted series.

Thus, the first series of the 90s seen by our viewers are foreign. The list of such movie novels of the 90s, broadcast in the CIS countries, subsequently consisted of dozens of names. (However, we will present it in this article later, according to the country of origin).

Series number 1: "The rich also cry"

The first and most famous series of 1979, which created a sensation on Soviet TV, was called “The Wealthy Are Crying, too.” The main role was played by Veronica Castro - Marianna Villareal, and Rogelio Guerra - Luis Alberto Salvierrara. (By the way, both actors are still in good creative form and are actively filmed in voice acting and private television shows).

The producers of the series were Valentin Pimshteyn and José Alberto Castro, the brother of the main actress. Telenovela was filmed based on the novel of the Mexican writer Ines Rodin. In the USSR, the series was shown in 1991, and it lasted the whole year. The viewer on the screen saw 248 episodes telling about the hard life of the girl Marianna Villareal, who remained an orphan but turned out to be the heiress of the whole ranch.

The second part of the film was based on another play by the same Mexican writer Ines Rodin "Roquel". But screenwriter Carlos Romero adapted it as a continuation of the series, already telling about the life of the family of Marianna after marriage.

After the resounding success, the leadership of domestic television channels one after another bought Mexican TV shows of the 90s. A full list of them is presented below.

All the above presented serials of the 90s were broadcast in the evening on Russian television channels, as well as for viewers of the CIS. However, soon Brazilian began to successfully compete with Mexican TV shows on our market.

Series number 2: "Slave Izaura"

Brazilian TV shows of the 90s had their own characteristics. Firstly, the number of episodes, usually in the series, was more than 200. Secondly, a rather non-trivial plot, which does not allow to foresee the logic of the plot and, thirdly, the intricate kinship of the characters.

The first episode of the “sunny country”, shown in 1988, is “Slave to Izaura,” filmed by Gilberte Braga in the novel of the same name by Bernard Guimaraes in 1976. The plot of the film is devoted to the theme of finding freedom and love. The main character is in slavery. But after passing the test, he arranges his fate and marries a loved one. The main role in the telenovela was played by Lucelia Santos. Her gentlemen on the show were Rubins de Falca, who embodied Leoncio Almeida, and Edwin Luisi, who played Alvaro Santana. The series for our viewer has become a cult, and the word “hacienda” has become firmly included in the everyday dictionary of summer residents to refer to suburban areas.

Series number 3: "Just Maria"

In 1992, the most tearful Mexican series appeared on the screens, which was also discussed by all the spectators of a huge country, “Just Maria”. His producer was also Valentin Pimshteyn.

Telenovela told the story of a Mexican Cinderella, a girl from a province who came to the capital to arrange her life. The series showed its formation: from a simple seamstress to the head of a large modeling agency. The plot told about the relations of several families: Lopez, Elvilyare, Kareno and others. Maria was played by Victoria Ruffo, who was considered the highest paid Mexican actress.

Her cavaliers on the show - Victor, played by Jaime Garza, and Juan Carlos, played by Manuel Savall, a famous actor, who unfortunately died in 2009 from cancer. It is curious that the son of Mary was played by three actors, who changed as the character of the series grew older.

"Wild Rose"

In 1994, the series "Wild Rose" was released. The main character, an 18-year-old girl, was brilliantly performed by the 35-year-old Veronica Castro, who was beloved by our audience. Her character - poor girl Rosa, who turned out to be the daughter of a wealthy lady and driver.

In the story of the telenovela, families make it difficult for lovers to find happiness. The viewer sees on the screen a thick cocktail of quarrels, detective, jealousy, cheating - in a word, everything is in the best traditions. However, in the end, Rosa finds her happiness, becomes rich and marries her Ricardo. By the way, Ricardo played a famous actor and singer Guillermo Kipetilyo.


In June 1995, our compatriots were offered a new Brazilian telenovela “Tropikanka”, filmed in 1994. Viewers treated her favorably.

One liked the beautiful and rich Leticia, played by Silvia Pfeiffer, in love with Ramiro (Erston Capri), a poor fisherman who is 7 years older than her. Someone supported his wife Siren, played by Regina Dorada, someone worried about the young couple of Delilah and Vitor, repeating the fates of their parents. They were played by Carlo and Marin. The series also involved many stars, such as the granddaughter of the famous actor Duarte, Paloma.

The spectator of the CIS liked the temperamental, full of intrigues Brazilian series.

Reviews of film critics were much more restrained, they noted the primitiveness of the plot of these series.

Following the Mexican and Brazilian telenovels of other countries flooded our film market:

  • Argentinean (“Black Pearl”, “Antonella”, “Celeste”, “Manuela”).
  • Venezuelan ("Forbidden Woman", "Revenge", "Cassandra", "Luis Fernanda", "Only You").
  • European ("Commissioner Rex", "Poirot", "Sprut", "First Kisses", "Mr. Bean").
  • American (Beverly Hills, Charmed, District Melrose, The X-Files, The Adams Family).

Without exaggeration, it was possible to say that the foreign series of the 90s at the end of the century completely filled our television space.

However, the leaders of Russian cinema understood that they were losing to competitors. In the middle of the 90s, the strawberry telenovela from the director Yuri Belenky, filmed in the spirit of the unforgettable humorous miniatures of "The Snack of 13 Chairs", appeared on the screens.

After 2-3 years and other directors began to shoot Russian TV series of the 90s, the list of them objectively could not be long. The last decade of the century was nearing its end, but over the last 99 years a completely decent list of film works was created.

"Streets of Broken Lanterns"

In 1995, the signal series "Streets of Broken Lanterns" was filmed. The film work itself, as a result, saved up as many as 16 seasons, began to be shown on television screens at the end of 1998. The plot of the series is not surprising: domestic police officers are investigating crimes.

However, the detective story of the CIS spectators was no less successful than the best foreign TV series of the 90s. The list of worthy Russian cinema works in this genre is increasing even nowadays.

The actors played vividly, with humor. The spectator liked the bright characters of the operas: captains Kazantsev Vladimir (Lykov Alexander), Larina Andrei (Nilov Alexey), senior lieutenants Dukalis Anatoly (Sergey Selin), Abdulova Anastasia (Melnikova Anastasia), lieutenant Volkov Vyacheslav (Mikhail Trukhin).

TV audiences and informally played characters from the leadership of the police department were remembered: the head of the slaughter department, Major Solovts Oleg Georgievich (Alexander Polovtsev), the head of the police department Petrenko Yuri Alexandrovich (Kuznetsov Yuri).

The series was doomed to success. The film’s heroes do their duty to the community honestly, without even thinking of leaving the profession, despite the wear and tear of their UAZ, suffering from low wages. The “Cops” appealed to the audience precisely because of the spiritual display by the actors “inside out” of the difficult work of the operas, for the loyalty of the characters to the oath, for their principled opposition to crime. From the critics of the series received quite good reviews.

Comedy series: "Strawberry", "Accelerated Help"

The first of the Russian short stories (we have already written about this) television showed the comedy series "Strawberry". This was the name of a private cafe, opened by the main characters - the Koshkin family. The characters of the series now and then fall into comic stories, serving the motley visitors. The main roles of "Strawberry" were played by actors Alexander Demyanenko, Galina Polskikh, Pavel Belozerov, Maria Aronova, Natalia Krachkovskaya.

В 1999 году российский зритель смог увидеть также и первый сезон комедийного сериала «Ускоренная помощь» совместного производства с Белоруссией.

Сценарий писали КВНщики БГУ, обыгрывая популярный американский аналог - «Скорая помощь». Ироничную изюминку этой киноработы составляет контраст действительности 90-х со стремлением главных героев – врачей и медсестер - добросовестно делать особо нужную обществу работу. Настоящие испытания приходится претерпевать главврачу Клунину (Игорь Фильченков), докторам Румянцевой (Елена Внукова), Попову (Олег Акулич), Бранкевичу (Сергей Новицкий) и старшей медсестре Рае (Эвелина Сакуро).

Сериалы российские - «суперменские»

I liked the Russian audience as well the first season of the National Security Agent series, shown on television in 1999, where Mikhail Porechenkov embodied Alexey Nikolayev, an FSB agent, and Andrei Krasko as his teammate. This work also earned good reviews from film critics.

In the “Record of the Detective Dubrovsky” (1999), the charismatic Nikolai Karachentsev played the role of a former policeman who became a private detective.

At the end of 1999, the television series was filmed and a film premiere of the telenovela “Kamenskaya” was shown - about the phenomenal investigator Anastasia Pavlovna Kamenskaya, which Elena Yakovleva played with talent. However, the TV show of this series did not fall on the 90s.


Until the end of the decade, foreign TV shows of the 90s completely dominated domestic television screens.

The list of Russian telenovels began to grow substantially only in 1999. Perhaps that is why their list is noticeably inferior to the Mexican.

The list of filmed domestic telenovelas is dear to the national film lover by reflecting the beginning of the exit from the crisis of all Russian cinema. It was a good competitive film production, immediately liked by our viewers, who gladly accepted domestic telenovelas. In addition, the series of the 90s (Russians) have a special meaning. They are the forerunners of the future domestic cult film works.

Helen and guys

  • Drama, comedy.
  • France, 1992-1994.
  • Duration: 3 seasons.
  • IMDb: 5.6.

Three first-year friends enter the university to study sociology, but the soul does not belong to it at all. Moreover, for almost 300 episodes of TV shows, we have never been shown a single frame where the trinity would have done at least something connected with studies. And all because the true vocation of the characters - to be musicians, to fall in love and live a carefree student life.

The series was incredibly popular in Russia, and each hero, heroine or couple in love from this show had their own fans. Someone tried to look like Helen in everything, dyeing his hair and narrowing his eyes in a special way, someone copied the style of clothes and unusual habits of other heroes. What can we say, the song from the serial screensaver can still be heard on a call on someone's phone.

Beverly Hills, 90210

  • Drama, romance.
  • United States, 1990-2000.
  • Duration: 10 seasons.
  • IMDb: 6.2.

The cult series about American golden youth living in the prestigious Los Angeles area of ​​Beverly Hills. This show is considered to be one of the progenitors of all modern youth TV shows. In those days, "Beverly Hills" was a real revelation: it was discussed quite acute topics related to sex, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide and gender relations.

In Russia, the series was broadcast on NTV and STS, and then it was endlessly repeated on other channels.

  • Comedy, romance.
  • United States, 1994–2004.
  • Duration: 10 seasons.
  • IMDb: 9.0.

The cult sitcom of the 90s, which I haven’t heard about and which hasn’t been revised several times, except perhaps lazy The story of six friends who live in the neighborhood and share all the joys and tribulations with each other.

The series is popular and does not lose its relevance so far, and the army of loyal fans still worships Rachel, Monique, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. Many fans with a smile, remember the phrase from the series, sing Phoebe's funny songs, dream of finding the same true friends, and every time they sigh heavily, recalling the last series.

Secret materials

  • Fantasy, thriller, drama, detective.
  • Canada, 1993–2002, 2016 is our day.
  • Duration: 10 seasons.
  • IMDb: 8.7.

One of the first and still best TV series, shot in the genre of science fiction. It tells about the special agents Mulder and Scully, investigating events that are not always amenable to logical explanation. For the entire duration of the series with the heroes, a lot of devilry happened: they faced aliens, mutants, paranormal phenomena, werewolves - and this is not the most complete list.

Watching the show was unusual, scary at times, but incredibly interesting. “I watched all the X-Files series: now I’m afraid not only to live, but also to breathe” - this is how you can describe the impressions of this show.

  • Drama, crime, detective.
  • United States, 1990-1991, 2017.
  • Duration: 3 seasons.
  • IMDb: 8.2.

Perhaps this series is the strangest, most surprising and mystical thing that could have happened to domestic television in those years. The whole country followed the mysterious adventures of the charming agent Cooper with bated breath. The series was scolded, they did not understand, they were even afraid - but they continued to look with unprecedented curiosity, because it was strikingly different from the tired Latin American “soap”.

Even if in our days Twin Peaks causes many people mixed emotions, it is easy to imagine what kind of bomb it became in those years, spawning a whole generation of dedicated twinpixomans who had been waiting for the premiere of the third season for 25 years.

Xena - the Queen of Warriors

  • Fantasy, thriller, drama, adventure.
  • United States, 1995-2001.
  • Duration: 6 seasons.
  • IMDb: 6.7.

A fascinating fantasy series about the fearless woman warrior Xena, famously managing with a weapon and ready to always come to the aid of the needy. The show was incredibly demanding: in each episode a little story was told, and it was interesting to watch tricks, battles and special effects. It seems that all the little girls of that generation were secretly dreaming of growing up and becoming like this cool and adult Xena.

Her name was Nikita

  • Action, thriller, drama, romance.
  • Canada, 1997-2001.
  • Duration: 5 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Spy series on the script of Luc Besson about a young girl accused of a crime, which she did not commit. Nikita is sentenced to life imprisonment, but a very secret organization comes to the rescue and recruits her to work. The series was shown on NTV late at night, but they were surely repeated during the day, so the students had the good fortune to enjoy it at dinner right after the lessons.

Melrose place

  • Drama, romance.
  • United States, 1992-1999.
  • Duration: 7 seasons.
  • IMDb: 5.8.

American soap opera, which at one time turned on the channel CTC. In a quiet place called Melrose Place a full and full of life live a few main characters, with whom interesting things constantly happen: someone falls out of the window, disappears during a yacht trip, drowns in a pool. In between these cases, they meet, quarrel, fall in love and still have a lot of things in time.

Wild Angel

  • Drama, romance, comedy.
  • Argentina, 1998-1999.
  • Duration: 1 season.
  • IMDb: 7.4.

Another soap opera, but this time Argentine, with Uruguayan singer Natalia Oreiro in the lead role. In the center of the plot - the intricate relationship between the colt Milly, who works as a servant in the house of the rich, and Ivo, one of the sons of the owner of this house.

In Russia, the series has become so popular that after the premiere it was repeated five more times. Schoolgirls of those times imitated the main character in everything, while the boys dreamed of being like the main character. The soundtrack with the song from the screen saver sounded from all the tape recorders, and the production with the symbols of the series was swept off the shelves almost instantly.

About unusual home dwellers

  • Fantasy, drama, comedy.
  • United States, 1986-1990.
  • Duration: 4 seasons.
  • IMDb: 8.1.

The comedy series about the charismatic and charming newcomer from the planet Melmak, who was sheltered by the hospitable Tanner family. Many years have passed since the first show of the series, but everyone who watched it still remembers that Alf was still a good-natured grumbler who loved cats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Harry and Henderson

  • Fantasy, comedy.
  • United States, 1991-1993.
  • Duration: 3 seasons.
  • IMDb: 5.5.

Another comedy story about unusual home dwellers. This time a strange guest went to the Henderson family: on the forest road, they shot down a strange creature, who later turned out to be a snowman. Like decent people, after this incident, the Hendersons took him to his home.

About space, stars and time travel

  • Fantasy, fantasy, comedy, adventure.
  • Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, 1997-2002.
  • Duration: 4 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.4.

Excellent sci-fi series, which is not shameful to see even in our days. Strange, eccentric and absolutely unlike each other heroes (among them - the head of a robot) seize the spacecraft "Lexx", which was created for the destruction of the planets. All this motley company to the joy of the viewer is sent to surf the cosmic expanses and get into all sorts of adventures.

  • Fantasy, action, drama, adventure.
  • United States, 1994-1998.
  • Duration: 5 seasons.
  • IMDb: 8.3.

The legendary space-engine, from which all geeks of the planet still fan. The space station "Babylon 5" was built to conduct diplomatic negotiations between the five civilizations. That she - the last hope for the restoration of peace and tranquility in the universe.

Sabrina is a little witch

  • Fantasy, comedy, family.
  • United States, 1996–2003.
  • Duration: 7 seasons.
  • IMDb: 6.6.

Fantastic series about a little witch who has to be torn between the real and the magical world. Rumor has it that many watched the show only because of the cat Salem.


  • Fantasy, drama, detective.
  • United States, 1998–2006.
  • Duration: 8 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.1.

The story of three sisters-wizards who constantly faced dark forces, conjured and read something in the huge "Book of the Sacraments." Merch with “Charmed” was a worthy competition to notebooks with Natalia Oreiro, chips and liners from Love is chewing gum.

Of course, this is not a complete list of TV shows that we watched in those years. If you have something to add - welcome to the comments!

Jeeves and Wooster

From 1990 to 1993. 4 seasons, 23 episodes.

IMDB Rating: 8.5

The series tells about two Englishmen who were lucky to live in the late 1920s. One is not too smart, but he knows the rules of etiquette perfectly well, Jeeves. The second is too careless, the eternal loser, Worcester, who is constantly in the midst of the most strange situations. By the way, the series is beautiful not only by the British humor of the mid-nineties, but also by an excellent cast - Jeeves and Worcester are played by young Hugh Laurie (and this is more than ten years before the appearance of Doctor House!) And Stephen Fry.

From 1990 to 1991. Two seasons, 30 episodes.

IMDB rating: 8.9

The name of the director speaks for itself. Some believe that it was from this series that David Lynch’s real career began. In the center of the storyline is a crime that shook the small provincial American town Twin Peaks. For decades, nothing more serious happened than the stolen package of kefir, but one morning the body of a local schoolgirl Laura Palmer is found on the bank of a local river ...

Welcome to the nuthouse

1994 year. One season, six episodes.

IMDB rating: 8.9

Eddie McKenn is a real loser. He is almost forty years old, but he is still single, not in love with anyone and still lives in the same apartment with his grandmother. In the professional field - too little joy. At 38, Eddie is a simple window dealer. But everything changes when he is offered to earn some money and restore the radio station in the local psychiatric hospital. Eddie agrees to be a DJ. And in the course of his amazing work he realizes that psychos are not necessarily people who are treated in a psychiatric clinic. Often, just the same, on the contrary ...

Despite the fact that the series was filmed almost twenty years ago, the plot still has not lost its relevance. True, if you want something more modern, easier and more amusing, then it is better to put the series on the shelf and opt for some regular new film distribution: for example, watch online Cars 3.

My so-called life

1994 year. One season, 19 episodes.

IMDB Rating: 8.4

The series is about the difficult life of adolescents, which will be, first of all, interesting for adults. Despite the fact that the shooting took place more than twenty years ago, the plot has not lost its relevance to this day. It allows you to look at the life of adolescents through their eyes. Adults, crossing the age line, very quickly forget what it feels like to get an invitation to go dancing, to speak for the first time with the guy you like, to talk with your best friend. The series allows you to re-awaken these emotions.

Bullies and nerds

1999 year. One season, 18 episodes.

IMDB rating: 8.9

Yes, the shooting took place in the nineties, but the series itself tells us about the events that occurred a decade earlier - in 1980. The series takes place around Lindsay Wier and her younger brother Sam, high school students in a fictional town near Detroit. Lindsay, a diligent student and participant in mathematical Olympiad, begins to spend time in the company of "freaks" because of her love for charming, but selfish Daniel Dezario, the informal leader of the company.

Russian TV shows of the 90s

Many of us remember the television of the time. The series of the 90s (the Russians) reflected its specificity; therefore, detective projects dominate among them, where there is an active struggle against banditry (Kamenskaya, the National Security Agent). This did not prevent domestic television production from gaining momentum, and in the 1990s, the first Russian sitcoms (Klubnichka), youth and comedy series also appeared. The list of the most high-profile is presented below.

  1. "Streets of broken lanterns" (since 1998). The series is about police officers, their hard work and life outside the service.
  2. "Beware, modern!" (since 1996). Humorous series with Dmitry Nagiyev in the lead role.
  3. Queen Margot (1996). The series, consisting of eighteen episodes. Leading Russian actors Nikolai Karachentsev, Dmitry Pevtsov, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and others took part in the screen adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Dumas.
  4. "Waiting Room" (1998). A ten-part dramatic film about train passengers forced to make a stop in a small provincial town. Vera Glagoleva, Mikhail Boyarsky, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and others starred in the lead roles.
  5. "Simple Truths" (1999). In fact, the first Russian series, the target audience of which was modern youth. It tells about the life of ordinary schoolchildren.

Brazilian TV series of the 90s: the list

These once popular TV stories had several special features. First, the number of episodes (more than two hundred), which gives the right to call any Brazilian TV series a “soap opera”. Secondly, famously swirling plot, not giving the possibility to predict the final. And, thirdly, the mandatory point was the intricate kinship of the characters. Brazilian TV series of the 90s, a list of which is presented in this compilation, fully comply with all the named criteria:

  1. The Tower of Babel (1998).
  2. "In the name of love" (1997).
  3. Air Castles (1999).
  4. Tender Poison (1999).
  5. "Cruel Angel" (1997).
  6. Tropikanka (1994).
  7. New Sacrifice (1995).
  8. "Fatal inheritance" (1996).
  9. "Easy Money" (1998).
  10. Land of Love (1999).

Argentina: the best tapes of the end of the last century

The best TV shows of the 90s produced by Argentina are characterized by the fact that the whole plot is built around one main character. This reflects the name of the series.

  1. "Wild Angel" (1998). The series with Natalia Oreiro in the lead role. Tells about the fate and love of orphan Milagros, who grew up in a monastery. In the course of the series reveals secrets from the lives of Millie's parents.
  2. Antonella (1992). The role of the main heroine performed charming Andrea del Boca. The series includes detective elements, but still the main love line remains.
  3. Celeste (1991). The series is about a poor girl who works in the house of her rich father, but does not suspect it. In this film, the themes of homosexuality and AIDS were first raised.
  4. "Black Pearl" (1994). The main role was played by the popular Argentine actress Andrea del Boca, who also performs the title song of the series.
  5. Manuela (1991). The series is filmed on the basis of the novel by Caroline Nabucco "The Heiress". It is noteworthy that many famous musicians participated in the creation of this telenovela (Julio Iglesias, in particular). The series brought great fame to Grecia Colmenares, the leading actor.

Series of Venezuela

In general, the serials of the 90s (foreign, mostly) are distinguished by an intricate plot, a variety of plot lines and characters. Venezuelan series are no exception:

  1. Revenge (1990). He became the first Venezuelan series, shown on Russian television.
  2. "Forbidden Woman" (1991). The series, where the main character is torn between two men. Irene can not decide who is dearer to her: Herman or his son Carlos.
  3. Cassandra (1992). Coraima Torres played the lead role. The series was shown in one hundred countries of the world.
  4. "Only you" (1996). Dramatic series, raising the problems of unequal marriage and family relations.
  5. "Louis Fernanda" (1999). The first starring role in her life was performed by actress Scarlett Ortiz. She played a student girl who fell in love with her teacher.

Telenovela Mexico

Mexican TV shows of the 90s became one of the first foreign TV shows on Russian television. They had the same feature as the Argentine. All the TV shows of the 90s were tied to the girl - the main character:

  1. "The Usurper" (1998). The story of two twin sisters and their cruel and domineering mother.
  2. "Wild Rose" (1989). На российские экраны сериал вышел в 1994 году и тут же стал одним из самых популярных. Главную роль исполнила Вероника Кастро, причем сделала это блестяще. На момент съемок ей уже исполнилось тридцать пять лет, а играла она восемнадцатилетнюю девушку Розу.
  3. "Марисоль" (1996 г.). История девушки с изуродованным лицом, прозябающей в бедности и не знающей о богатом и добром отце, который ее разыскивает.
  4. "Однажды у нас вырастут крылья" (1997 г.). The broadcast was conducted on the TVC channel (repeated three times in different years), according to high ratings during the show it can be judged that this series has become one of the most popular in Russia.
  5. "Just Mary" (1990). He became the fourth Mexican TV series, shown on Russian television. Is the sixth remake of the original, filmed in Argentina in 1967.

European TV series

Only a few TV shows from Europe were able to break into Russian television in the 1990s, completely flooded with Latin American "soap operas":

  1. "Commissioner Rex" (Austria, Germany, since 1995). The series about detective Moser and his faithful dog Rex, who loves buns with sausage and easily solves any puzzles.
  2. Agatha Christie's "Poirot" (UK, since 1990). Seventy films about detective Hercule Poirot were shot. The series has been repeatedly nominated for the prestigious television awards of Britain.
  3. Sprut (Italy, since 1984). The last episode was released in 2001. The series, where Commissioner Cattani fights with the Sicilian Mafia almost one on one, has become one of the most popular in Europe.
  4. "The First Kisses" (France, 1991-1995). The series is about a schoolgirl named Justine and her friends. Echoes with the TV series "Helen and the guys," because the main characters are sisters, according to the producers.

US Series

The serials of the 90s foreign, in particular American, had a wider genre scope than the Russian ones. There were plenty of soap operas, dramas, comedies, and fiction:

  1. Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990). The last episode of the series about the golden youth of Los Angeles was released in 2000. The television series raises youth and social problems of the time. However, much is relevant now.
  2. Charmed (1998). The project lasted eight seasons and was closed only in 2006. The fantasy story of the three witch sisters attracted millions of viewers around the world.
  3. Melrose Place (1992). Entered the list of the best classic shows, taking fifty-first place out of a hundred possible.
  4. "Love and the secrets of Sunset Beach" (1997). Broadcast two years. The series talked about the lives of young people from California. Ratings began to decline after six months of the show.
  5. The X-Files (since 1993). The science fiction series lasted nine years and became an integral part of the pop culture of the 90s. He tells about the work and personal life of two FBI agents, whose roles were played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Children's series of the era of the 90s

Selection of TV series aimed at children and adolescents:

  1. Lassie (Canada, 1997). The series is about a thirteen-year-old boy Timmy and his faithful dog Lassie, who accomplishes some feat in each episode. Is a remake of the original, released in 1954.
  2. "Sabrina is a little witch" (1996). TV series about a teenage girl who learns that she has magical powers. Sabrina learns to live with the thought that she is a witch. The series lasted seven seasons.
  3. "Harry is a snowman" (1993-1996). The series is about the Henderson family, who managed to make friends with the snowman.
  4. Alf (1990). Has been broadcast in Russia since 1996. The series is about the little inhabitant of the planet Melmak, a decent glutton and merry fellow.
  5. "Xena - warrior queen" (since 1995). The series is about the invincible warrior and fearless girl Xena, who is ready at any time to help those in need.

Sitcoms of the 90s

The flowering of the Russian sitcom (situational comedies) occurred in the 2000s, while in Europe and the United States this genre was already presented quite widely:

  1. "Helene and the guys" (France, 1992). The sitcom lasted six seasons and closed in 1994. However, the producers decided to give a second life to the heroes and launched the series "Dreams of Love" (1995). The action has been moved from campus. The guys have already completed training, and they began an adult life.
  2. "Friends" (USA, since 1994). The series was filmed for ten years and has become the most popular comedy project of its time, bringing great fame to all the actors, as well as many awards and television awards.
  3. "Married with Children" (USA, 1987-1997). Comedy series about the hard life of one large family.
  4. "New Addams Family" (Canada, USA, 1998). A remake of the 1964 series in a more modern interpretation.
  5. Mr. Bean (United Kingdom, 1990-1995). The series is about the strange Englishman Mr. Binet, about extraordinary problems and methods of solving them.

So, the presented list is only a small part, reflecting the pop culture of that generation. But these popular TV shows of the 90s were undoubtedly the most memorable.