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How do the British dress up? English dress style


England is an unusual country, probably, not to find another such one, in which everything will also be traditionally and “on the shelves”, its style that has developed there for centuries, has now become the subject of world imitation and deep respect.

Here you will not find youth explosive trends, bright colors and non-standard solutions, the British live in the traditions that consist of restraint, good breeding and coldness in reasoning.

They had a considerable impact not only on the character and culture of the local population, but also on the aesthetic side of their life: the decoration and style of the interiors, the style of dress, even British music will be very different from the rest, everywhere there is a flavor, its elegance, its “handwriting” .

If you ask, in a nutshell, to describe the English style, then it will probably be two main epithets: restraint and elegance, and it does not matter at all, we are talking about the interior or about the style of clothing.

The British are famous for their mannerism, impeccable education, primness and practicality, which fully affects their appearance and home environment, you are unlikely to meet there a large number of “non-standard” youth, because these people, regardless of age, really appreciate the quality and comfort.

In English or British style, like a fish in water, it is these people who can feel themselves, but eccentric, quick-tempered and emotional natures will most likely have to find something more “free” and “unconventional.” However, all the beauty and peculiarity of this style is precisely in its restraint, traditionalism and impeccability, the absence of screaming forms and objects, and many will agree that it is really beautiful.

English style in the interior space

The formation of this direction was influenced by two epochs - the Georgian and the Victorian, each left its contribution to the art of home design, combining a variety of styles from different eras and countries, the English style was able to find its own unique and inimitable.

For example, the Georgian era was distinguished by its grandeur, symmetry and restraint, just the same features that formed the basis of the considered style.

But during the reign of Queen Victoria in the middle of the XIX century, when the flourishing of the Victorian style occurred, the habit to demonstrate its status and wealth became fashionable, expensive interior items became popular, they invested a lot of money and considered affordable "luxury."

It was during this period that the balance was found, the main features that we used to observe in modern English style - technical innovations bordering on aristocratic splendor.

Remember, if you want to decorate your house or apartment in the English style, then you will have to spend money, it will require considerable expenses, but, in the end, it will please its owner with elite outlines and respectable notes.

You should also know that this is not the case when the style can be made with small strokes or additions, this is exactly the case where the style needs to be “maintained” to the fullest extent, since it combines poorly with the rest of the design and interior design, and sometimes ridiculous.

You can not arrange in the English style only the kitchen or just the living room, if you really want to emphasize your status and refined taste, then get ready for a complete reworking of your entire home. It is very difficult to list all the subtleties and characteristics of this area, but you can recall the individual and basic elements that fully characterize the British style.

First of all, if we are talking about the living room, then this is, of course, a fireplace. Without this home attribute, English houses rarely do, because the climate in England is different with chilliness and frequent rains. The British usually use a real fireplace, without replacing it with an electric one, in the decoration they use only natural and natural materials - stone or wood.

All the sofas and armchairs in the room turn to the fireplace, it essentially becomes the semantic center of the room, where family members gather, drink tea and communicate. As for sofas, the traditional model is particularly famous and popular - the Chesterfield sofa, which is characterized by the presence of quilted elements and characteristic forms, it is better that it is made of natural upholstery of dark colors.

We can not say about the fireplace seats, which deserve special attention in the English atmosphere. Such an attribute of home interior is always upholstered with expensive materials - velvet or leather, and is also equipped with curved legs, soft stuffed armrests.

The bedroom in the English style is always equipped with a large double bed, which is often decorated with a chic four-poster. Mandatory accessories are all kinds of stained glass inserts on the ceiling, brushes on pillows and carpets, tapestries and heavy curtains.

The interior of the rooms must be used only natural materials, especially dark wood. As for the colors of textiles, furniture and walls, here it is necessary to feel the measure, basically, only natural shades are used: cream, brown, dark green, yellow, ivory, gold. Red or terracotta blotches are possible.

English style in clothes

The peculiarities of the English style in clothes are also closely intertwined with the character and mentality of the British themselves: practicality, impeccability and accuracy of lines, elegance, simplicity and minimum of cuts, cuts.

The modern English lady always looks dignified and interesting, despite the fact that she never seduces and does not flirt, avoids overt dresses and overly short skirts, she is always able to intrigue and cause genuine interest. What is hidden behind a shallow neckline?

A playful skirt just below the knee provoke interest in its owner, smooth curves of the hips and other parts of the figure, all the virtues are underlined, but do not shout about yourself, there is always a place for mystery and fantasy.

A modern Englishwoman, even quite young, will not put on baggy or translucent dresses, a modern creative is not for her, because she has grace in every detail, from buttons to dress to fabric and style.

Fashion in England is based on ideal features: a thing must sit perfectly, be of excellent quality and be practical, it is unlikely that you will meet a young lady in open sandals with a high heel on the streets of this country.

If the shoes, they must be closed, if the heel is open, then the sock is necessarily closed and vice versa. In favor, comfortable and stylish shoes - oxfords, sleepers, boots with heels or low speed, pumps.

All things in the English wardrobe are characterized by fitted silhouettes, and colors with restrained colors, can not do here and without the traditional English cell. Pay special attention to accessories: hats of various shapes, scarves on the head and neck, as well as modest, but expensive jewelry.

Features of the English style

The classic or English style of clothing used in his image at least once in their lives, everyone, and not only the Englishman. Surely everyone was at the interview, exam or conference and looked just in English.

Jackets, jackets, strict dresses, skirts and trousers are all from classics. Characteristics of style are severity, conciseness, conservatism, practicality, good quality, restraint, and all this demonstrates the sophistication and excellent taste of a person. The sense of proportion, which is characteristic of the stiff Englishmen, is manifested in everything: in color, decoration, number of accessories, etc.

Outerwear in the English style is usually a coat or raincoat of a loose, slightly fitted cut. In general, a rectangular silhouette is inherent in this style, which is used to create coats, dresses, trousers, etc. Also as an outerwear is appropriate conservative poncho. Prohibitions include patent leather and shiny details.

Dress in classic style - It is an opportunity to emphasize its beauty without being bare. Modesty and restraint - that is what true English women appreciate. A dress in combination with a jacket is usually softened by a strict female image, while a set of skirts, blouses and a jacket completely turn a woman into a business lady.

The length of skirts and dresses is usually up to the knee, possibly lower, but rarely - lower. Classic loose-fit pants are also appropriate for a classic style. Such sets are chosen by residents of England and the whole world for work in the office.

Fans of accessories are clearly not attracted by the English style, since there are practically no such decorative details in it.. The finish on the clothes is minimal and very strict, even the line is made in the color of the fabric or is completely hidden. Similarly, buttons are selected to match the clothes, miniature and inconspicuous. Bags in classic style do not lose their shape - these are clutches or bags.

For the English style as a shoe is considered a classic model - pumps. A small heel or wedge, open heel or toes is an elegant, chaste option. Ankle boots or boots with a straight shaft are suitable for the cold. In terms of finishing, everything is also quite modest - without rhinestones and other decorative details.

You can add an outfit with a scarf, which will dilute the main color of the suit and may even be the main decorative element. The best decoration is a string of pearls, gold chains with a pendant, light jewelry are permissible.

Rings, bracelets and earrings can also be present in the image, but not all of them. You can add an image with a hairpin in your hair, a brooch. Sometimes it is enough just a lace scarf, neatly put in a jacket pocket.

The color scheme for this style is black, white, blue, gray, milky and mustard. Some bright colors are acceptable: coral, cranberry, yellow. Screaming colors - not for the classics, all shades are usually muted. A popular pattern is a cell that has been used in the Burberry brand for many years.. A houndstooth or “crow's feet” is also quite appropriate when creating the image of a true English lady.

Of the materials, English designers prefer natural fabrics: tweed, silk, chiffon, drape, wool, jersey, etc. Fur and leather are used in the image quite rarely, only in the most exceptional cases.

Separately about hats

Headgear real ladies are worthy of special mention. The Queen of England practically never appears without a hat - a vivid example of an adherent of the English style. For the classics fit as ladies' hats rounded, and bowlers, hats with wide soft fields, berets.

Cap-pills are especially appreciated by visitors of hippodromes and races traditional for England. What can be decorated in a classic English style is hats. For their decoration, feathers, lace, metal, decorative stones, brooches, etc. are used. Finishing elements should be close to the hat itself in color, and the headdress itself may differ from the attire, but at the same time be in harmony with it.

English Queen's hat

How and where do modern Englishmen dress?

Of course, the English style of clothing, in which there are not many opportunities to express themselves and there are practically no accessories and decorative parts, is not popular among young people, and older people also dress in more comfortable and free clothes.

The British, like people all over the world, dress in casual style - practical and comfortable. Fashion designers follow the mood in society and create new brands and clothing brands. That is why the British now have a huge selection of clothing brands for every taste and for any style, although things that meet the traditions of the classical style, also have not gone away.

The pedantry of the British determines the quality of things produced. Clothing from England is always of high quality, and this also applies to world-famous expensive brands like Burberry, Paul Smith and Karen Millen, and more democratic brands.

That is why English clothing has many fans around the world. But lovers of English brands in other countries may face the problem of clothing selection, because the sizes often do not correspond to those they are accustomed to in their homeland.

Clothing modern Englishwoman

About sizes

If the British understand the designation of their size, then the rest need to adapt to them, especially when ordering clothes via the Internet. So, for example, our 40 size and international size XS in England are considered 6-8. Our 42 and international S - there are 10-12. Our 44 - for the English 14, etc. It is better to get acquainted with the table of matching sizes in different countries already when choosing clothes.

On some things, for example, jackets of individual brands, the dimensions may be completely different, but usually all the necessary information is indicated in the product card in the online store. If you decide to visit the English stores directly in the producing country, then there should be no problems: the tags usually indicate the international size.

To dress traditionally, like a real English lady, or freely, like a modern Englishman, everyone chooses himself. But sometimes it is useful for everyone to change and appear in front of others in a new way!

Appearance history

English interiors are decorated in the style of Baroque, Gothic, classical and realism. However, they all share common features that characterize the lifestyle of the English aristocracy. The most characteristic of England are the interiors of the reign of Queen Victoria (Victorian style) and King George (Georgian style). They were formed in the era of prosperity and development of the country - at the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII century. As a rule, they are distinguished by expensive respectable furniture and room decoration, the presence in the interior of overseas decorative items made of precious and rare materials (ivory, mahogany).

A remarkable feature that distinguishes the English design of the period, is considered a colonial gloss. That is, in the interiors often met with decorative and household items brought from India, Africa, America or Australia. They fit into the setting. According to custom, such items were taken care of and passed from generation to generation in excellent condition. The main feature that characterizes the interior design in the English style is the abundance of antique furniture, decor, dishes in authentic surroundings.

Council Creating the English style in the interior of a modern apartment, you need to pick up finishing materials, furniture, textiles and lighting in the spirit of old England, not allowing even a hint of modernity, speed of life, functionality of household appliances. The interior should create the impression of refined solidity, regularity and good quality.

Who will suit the English style

English style in the interior will surely appeal to such categories of citizens:

#one. For collectors, as the decor of the English rooms is replete with collections of beautiful dolls, exquisite dishes, antique furniture, decorative elephants, rhinos and other items. On the mantelpiece, in the showcase of cabinets have a variety of collections.

# 2. Fans of reading natural paper books in a cozy chair in front of the fireplace, because in the English house there must be a home library. And regardless of its size, number and content of books, it is a place of rest and a study at the same time. Books are placed in large wooden cabinets equipped with a ladder (in order to easily get any book). In addition, libraries are equipped with a massive table and a comfortable chair with a standing floor lamp next to it.

# 3. Connoisseurs of beautiful, comfortable and expensive furniture from solid wood and fabric upholstery. In the English interiors furniture sets play a leading role. The furniture is carefully selected, combining various objects among themselves. It is bought not for one season, but for centuries.

#four. Owners of small apartments interior design in the English style will be most welcome. Since the rooms in the English houses are small and even cramped. This is due to climatic features. A small room can be better heated in wet and windy weather. In this regard, the British can safely borrow the principles of interior decoration, the use of colors and ways of arranging furniture.

#five. Adherents of the classics will like interiors with symmetry, harmony and precise proportions. There is nothing superfluous in the design, everything is in its place.

Basic English style basics

When designing interior design in the English style, modern designers rely on such principles.:

  • living space must be clearly zoned,
  • windows and other glass inserts are made of small parts - stained glass,
  • for finishing surfaces use natural wood (most often oak), stone or their modern analogues,
  • гостиную, библиотеку или спальню оснащают современным камином с декоративной полкой,
  • освещение подбирают приглушенное и разнообразное (бра, торшеры, светильники),
  • планируя обстановку комнат, тщательно продумывают расстановку шкафов, кресел, диванов и другой мебели,
  • for textile design, natural fabrics are chosen in a strip or a tartan, monochromatic canvases or in small floral patterns are also suitable,
  • the decor is decorated with decor - photographs in frames, statues, mirrors, paintings and portraits, vases.

Features of the layout in the English style

The main principle to which all interior decoration and arrangement of rooms is subject is symmetry. Doors in the corridors, windows, rooms - everything is arranged symmetrically. As mentioned above, often English houses are characterized by the presence of small rooms. But at the same time, they can have two floors. A beautiful staircase in the living room leading to the second floor is not only a characteristic sign of style, but also an important element of the division of space.

Who will like the room in the English style

You will be surprised, but, above all, to residents of small apartments. Englishman's house is small. It can even be called quite close. His tiny rooms are no more beautiful than our Khrushchev houses, so the lack of space for this stylish decor is not a hindrance.

Small apartment in English style

Naturally, fans of the classics will not pass by such beauty. Maybe someone will speak of the English interiors as old-fashioned, but not adherents of conservatism in home comfort.

English style will appeal to lovers of the classics

The third category will be fans of the abundance of accessories in the setting. The English interior for them will become a real balm for the soul, as it allows you to force every free centimeter with all sorts of trinkets like porcelain elephants, napkins, vases.

Connoisseurs of comfortable furniture, bibliophiles and simply those who can sit by the fireplace for their happiness will not remain indifferent to the English style in the interior.

Characteristic stylistic features of the English direction

“The decor of the room in the English style is devoid of the inherent nation of stiffness, composure and conservatism”

In order to understand the intricacies of English interiors, we must at least realize that this style is a hodgepodge. The fact is that during the formation of the direction of England was a colonial empire and did not hesitate to enrich their culture with traditions inherent in other nations.

The cultural exchange is most reflected in the decoration of residential buildings. The decor of the room in the English style is devoid of the inherent nation of stiffness, endurance and conservatism. The British first ventured to combine the incompatible in the situation and it should be noted that they succeeded. What today refers to the typical English interior features?

Details of the decor of ancient architecture

When the direction of the Victorian period, in the interiors will appear a lot of signs of classicism, brought up on the architectural and cultural canons of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Elements of antiquity in the interior in the English style


The room in the English style attracts with the absence of broken lines, simplicity by the elegance of the forms of the furnishings characteristic of the Georgian era.

English style is distinguished by the absence of broken lines.


It is manifested in the mixing of diverse stylistic trends. Best tracked in decor. A characteristic feature of Victorian interiors.

Eclecticism in modern English interior style

Density of furniture

There is always a lot of furniture in English interiors. It seems that all the objects were squeezed in here with their last strength, however, there is no piling up effect.

Dense furnishings without clutter

Feature planning

In English style rooms are divided by functionality. Living room, dining room and library - the rooms are always different and certainly available in the house.

The library is a mandatory part of the interior in the English style.

Abundance of textiles

The presence of the English style in the interior gives a huge amount of accessories from fabrics, up to the upholstery of the walls. The traditional material for this direction is chins - thick cotton with a floral print.

English textiles

Expensive materials

Furniture and decoration of premises is made only of valuable wood: oak, walnut, red wood. Carved ornaments are often used.

Furniture made of fine wood is an integral part of the interior.

Vertically elongated structures with a lifting-sliding opening method.

Traditional windows for English interior

Color solutions

English interiors are impressed with natural colors and natural tones. The most relevant:

  • brown,
  • shades of red,
  • golden,
  • sand,
  • rich emerald,
  • terracotta,
  • bronze,
  • Ivory.

English interior is impressed with natural tones.

Additional spectra can be red, gray-green, yellow. Often in large quantities in the design of the premises there is a white color. But nevertheless the English feel a special love for red shades. According to them, they should be rich, but rather deep than catchy. An English-style room can be decorated with upholstered furniture in a similar design, carpets, rugs, pillows, and curtains containing notes of red in their colors.

Bright red accents in the interior

Characteristic for the style of the cage and floral ornaments. The first is quite active in terms of emotional stress and is clearly visible in the interior, so you need to add geometry in moderate quantities.

Textiles in a cage will emphasize the English style of the interior

Vegetative subjects can be present in unlimited quantities. With such patterns literally everything is decorated. Only in a room in the English style can one see vegetable prints in the decoration of the walls, on curtains and upholstery at the same time. And this nonsense does not seem to anyone. Moreover, this “overload” looks very inspired and organically.

Vegetable prints may be present in unlimited quantities.

When creating English interiors, do not neglect the rule of color: attach furniture to bright walls with pastel colors and vice versa.

Nuances of finishing room surfaces

"A characteristic feature of the presence of the English style in the interior is a two-level decoration of the wall areas"

On the decoration of the walls in the English interior, you can type any materials. Equally well with the task and wallpaper, and paint. It is not the texture that matters, but the color and pattern. Background surfaces should not be bright and mottled with catchy large-scale prints. It is better to give monotony to the walls, although, for a change, you can also use vertically directed stripes or apply a floral pattern in the same way.

Background surfaces should not be variegated.

A characteristic sign of the presence of the English style in the interior is a two-level decoration of the wall areas. This can be considered a corporate stylistic device. Moreover, the lower part of the surfaces in this case is decorated with wooden panels, and the upper sections are covered with wallpaper, mainly of a fabric type. The themes of the latter may vary. It will be appropriate not only a vegetable print, but also heraldic signs or a Scottish cell. As an option, the full-size decor of the wall in the English-style wooden paneling can be considered. Most often in a similar perspective are made cabinets.

Characteristic two-level wall decoration

In the design of rooms they are often left light, painting in beige, cream, white tones. There are several ways to design the ceiling surface in English interiors.

First of all, it can be plastered smoothly. Wall joints in this case are decorated with stucco borders or beat off with a stripe of wallpaper with a pattern. The way is universal, suitable for finishing rooms for any purpose.

Universal ceiling option

Secondly, stucco elements of the decor can be placed on the ceiling itself and highlight them in color. This option is acceptable for halls and living rooms, that is, ceremonial, spacious rooms frequented by guests.

Stucco decor elements on the ceiling

ThirdlyEnglish style in the interior beams are very suitable. The element is important, carrying with it mysticism, vintage, and requiring appropriate continuation in the rest of the decoration.

Beams fit perfectly in the interior in the English style

Fourth, the surface can be decorated with stained glass inserts. It turns out not less original and stylish.

Stained glass inserts on the ceiling

To finish the floors in the English interior use parquet or plank. Parquet lamella stacked characteristic pattern. The floor is often covered with carpets of a single color or with a printed geometric pattern, which will simplify the task of harmonizing space.

Parquet board for the interior in the English style

In rooms of certain specificity, the floors are finished with ceramic tiles. It should also be different natural shades. Combination variants with checkerboard stacking elements are possible.

The tile laid in a chessboard order will harmoniously fit into the English style

Ornamental layouts of floor tiles are popular. The geometric pattern obtained in this case is considered the simplest version of the floor mosaic characteristic of English interiors. This decorative method is called the Victorian layout and is actively used in our time.

Furniture for the room in the English style

"In the interior of the room in the English style should certainly stand Chesterfield sofa"

The British love comfort, so the furniture they have a special relationship. As a rule, they fill their interiors with sturdy pieces of furniture. They do not skimp on expensive, from a natural array of wood headsets. English style in the interior can be calculated by chairs and tables made of stained oak or luxurious mahogany. Unfortunately, this luxury is not available to the average average person in the street, therefore pompous models are being replaced by high-quality counterparts from MDF. By and large, the English interior is not so important from what will be produced furniture, as the fact that they meet the basic stylistic requirements. The first thing that a design should have is a special shape of the legs. Although the style is characterized by straightness, these pieces of furniture should be slightly curved, like an inverted comma. The presence of a characteristic decor makes the furniture exterior elegant.

Traditional English Style Furniture

If we talk about upholstered furniture for the room in the English style, here it is worth emphasizing on the upholstery, more precisely on its texture and color scheme. Do not forget that the English style in the interior is chic, charm and luxury, so do not try to save money here. It is very correct to stay on the headsets with velvet upholstery, damask or leather trim.

Rich fabrics do not have to be monotonous in order for the furniture to match the severity of the furnishings. On the contrary, preference should be given to bright colors, perhaps even upholstery with very catchy and large drawings.

Bright furniture with a large print will refresh the interior

What exactly of the furniture to put in your home is an individual decision. You are free in your choice. Free in all but one. In the interior of the room in the English style should certainly stand Chesterfield sofa. He is a stylistic business card. Sofas of this series are known and popular all over the world. They can not be confused with anything. These characteristic forms, the presence of quilted elements make the design completely dissimilar to their counterparts.

Sofa Chesterfield - the stylistic business card of the English style.

Due to its uniqueness, the sofa very often becomes a compositional center in home interiors. If you want to make it a fat accent point, emphasizing the stylistic orientation of the room design, then buy a model covered with dark skin.

Integral accessories and accent solutions for English interiors

If you are talking about an English house, then fantasy immediately draws a cozy pastime in a huge, with crackling firewood. This is another household item that clearly describes its stylistic identity. For the dank English climate, this interior element, even nowadays, remains a real operating center that performs the function of space heating, and does not serve purely decorative purposes.

If in Foggy Albion they try to make fireplaces in the old-fashioned way, with stone or wood cladding, then we, when playing the English style in the interior, are increasingly using electrical analogs. It is customary to surround the area in front of the fireplace with pieces of upholstered furniture, turn the sofas in his direction and be sure to move the coffee table so that you can have a comfortable tea party. Chimney shelf forced photographs, countless souvenirs or refined figurines.

Electric analogue of the fireplace in modern English interior

It is customary to decorate the zone above the fireplace in English interiors with mirrors, but in the modern interpretation of the design they can be replaced with a plasma TV panel.

Contrast staircase

The presence of stairs in the house is another opportunity to focus on the style of its design. To do this, you will need to make a construction of natural wood and paint the risers or railings with white paint. Prostrations remain natural dark tone. Such sophistication of contrast will add ladder charm.

Contrast railing


English style room is required. If it is not possible to allocate a separate space for it, take one of the walls under the bookshelves. Shelving for books are also made of wood. A good addition to this area will be comfortable chairs, a miniature coffee table and a floor lamp.

The entire wall bookcase can easily replace the library.

Decorative aspects

English interiors are distinguished by careful detailing. Ethnic details play a special role in them:

1. Chinese porcelain.

3. African statues.

4. Forged candlesticks.

The abundance of decorative elements - a feature of the English style

All these elements are designed to create the atmosphere traditional for English houses.

For the living room and bedroom in the English style is characterized by the presence of large volumes of textiles in the form of bedspreads and embroidered pillows, curtains and rugs, tapestries and canopies.

Wall decor is done with paintings, family photos. They are made according to the “mirror” principle, that is, expensive works are framed in unpretentious baguettes, and cheap reproductions in rich, gilded, heavy frames. Characteristic and the principle of their placement. All elements must be in strict symmetry.

Symmetrical arrangement of paintings in the interior

Plots of sports life, hunting, drawings of animals, in particular horses and dogs, are close to the English style in the interior. Often there are images of cars, heraldry. In the central rooms and halls hunting trophies are hung out. In the living room there is a place for a wall clock.

English interiors do not tolerate glare. To organize the lighting in them, you can use a variety of lighting fixtures, but halogen caps and other newfangled designs of directional light should be avoided. It is better to opt for floor lamps and table lamps, framed by fabric lampshades, which will give diffusely soft light streams.

Lamp shades give a characteristic diffused soft light

Overview of an apartment decorated in English style

The main element of the decor - a fireplace. The design option sets the tone for the rest of the room. A library area may appear in the room. Shelves with books can occupy the entire space of one of the walls and be so high that you need to use a stepladder to search for books. Staircase for the living room in the English style will require difficult. It will have to be made of real wood and color solution in harmony with the surrounding space.

Library area with step-ladder in the English style

The bed will be the accent of the furniture. This should be a massive and dimensional object with a luxurious headboard. The list of mandatory elements of the situation includes:

  • dressing table,
  • rocking chair,
  • bedside tables.

English style bedroom

The English style in the interior of the bedroom is always an abundance of textiles with openwork patterns and unique hand-made embroidery.

There should be no mention of modern technology. In the interior, everything must breathe old-fashioned, so the gadgets are hiding behind carved wooden panels, and steel elements are replaced with ceramics.

Modern English style kitchen

Furniture - a mix of wood, marble, stone with gilded fittings. From the decor: carving and tableware.

The bathroom in English style is simply gorgeous. Ideally, it has a high window or its imitation. The indelible impression is made by the quality and design of plumbing, as well as the brilliance of copper pipes. Elegant handles, original towel holders and other accessories that are traditional for referral complement the decor.

Elegant English style bathroom

Английский стиль — знакомство с британским характером

Говоря о задумке обустроить интерьер квартиры или дома в английском стиле, стоит упомянуть, что главная его черта – законченность. It should exude luxury and refined taste, unobtrusively speaking about the high status of the host.

All elements of the decor should be in harmony, maintaining the design in detail - from antique furniture to patchwork plaids of patchwork technique. The cabinet requires a more restrained finish, other rooms can be decorated much brighter and bolder.

The interior design in the English style can be described as follows:

  • antique columns to decorate walls and openings,
  • abundance of noble wood elements: bog oak, mahogany and walnut,
  • classic wallpaper with stripes, curls or small floral pattern,
  • solid furniture upholstered in fabric and leather (Chesterfield sofa),
  • large library cabinets with old books,
  • beams as ceiling decoration,
  • pelmets, heavy drapes or floral patterned English curtains,
  • oil paintings, an abundance of statuettes and family photos,
  • floor lamps with fringe, antique chandeliers, pillows and patchwork blankets.

Going into the house, guests should get into the atmosphere of old England. Cabinet in the British manner immediately evokes a sense of respect. This can be achieved by observing the design according to all the rules, as it is said in one famous movie “bargaining is inappropriate here”. If you are the owner of a country house, then this idea can also be embodied in architecture.

The English style made by the hand of the modern master is the better, the more ancient it looks. There are techniques that give the space a touch of antiquity to everything: these are paintings, aged furniture, fringe, velvet, hides, patchwork (quilting) and much more. This creates an atmosphere of comfort, carrying over in time horse riding, pipes with tobacco and family gatherings.

How to equip an English-style house

An apartment or house furnished in the British manner is a very attractive option - a real home. In this style can be decorated and office. To create an interior bedroom, kitchen, living room choose more bright colors, but the study in the original British style is usually darker. It is absolutely not necessary to start a capital alteration, just enter a few key positions and your house will be transformed. You can plunge into all these details and put together the ideal “British”, but it is perfectly acceptable to use only separate motives.

The fireplace is the central figure of the interior, inspired by the traditions of foggy Albion. Arranging a fireplace in your home, you will never lose, even if you change your mind to design the English style. The fireplace is actively returning to many houses and even apartments, bringing comfort with it.

To decorate it, use the decoration of natural or artificial stone, tiles and wood.

All furniture should be directed to the fireplace - wicker rocking chairs, woolen plaids in checkered or colorful patchwork techniques, hides and bookcases are appropriate here. The living room with a fireplace will be a favorite place for the whole family, who is going to read a book with a cup of coffee, listen to the crackle of firewood and just chat. Nothing is more traditional English than such gatherings.

Moreover, it can be a real working fireplace or an electric imitation for decoration, which even the landlord can afford.

The design of the space above the fireplace is most often made with the help of a huge picture or, for the sake of modern technology, a plasma TV.

Wood finish

Deep rich colors of wood are classics of decoration of the room, especially if it is necessary to equip an office. This finish adds a strict composition to the whole composition, therefore it is not suitable for a bedroom. Juicy mahogany density, maroon and chocolate shades of stained oak will be recorded in the office, office and the same living room with a fireplace. Very impressive wall panels and ceiling beams, consoles, where there is a clear symmetry of rectangular milling.

Doors must be executed in the same style. Wood panels are used to decorate the walls. A study designed like this promotes mental work.

You can decorate the kitchen design with lighter wooden elements as perimeter decoration. If we talk about the interior of the bedroom, then instead of the dark tones of wood, you can choose the opposite direction - white. Iron rules for the design is not, the English style you need to feel. Antique columns for decorating the doorways of the bedroom will look great, which also uses the classic interior in the style of “England”. The style in white shades is perfectly complemented with wallpaper of pastel tones, light floral curtains and furniture with fabric upholstery.

Wallpaper in the English style is one of the most spectacular and at the same time simple ways to decorate the space. The choice of colors and patterns is very diverse and at times, oddly enough, not British-style excessive.

Wallpaper in the style of an English house:

  • traditional uniform vertical strip,
  • sophisticated floral pattern, sometimes even with elements of fauna,
  • classic repeating pattern in the form of curls of different sizes and branching.

Colors can be both dark and light, depending on the place of their application. Pastel colors are recommended for the bedroom: pale blue, light ash, beige or light pink.

The classic English style uses not only flower drawings, but also birds, pictures of people as decorations for wallpapers. Colors can be chosen from cream to black. Such a bold design, of course, not for the bedroom, but for a large living room.

A classic-style room is a strip of alternating brick red and gold or blue wallpaper with a repeating pattern.

Choosing spectacular wallpapers you need to understand that they must be diluted with strict elements, otherwise it will be a classic, but a stylistic “cacophony”. The colorful wallpaper with curls, the same motley curtains, huge antique chandeliers and furniture upholstered with fabric imitating the patchwork technique will certainly not harmonize. But the restraint of the tree in combination with such wallpaper make up a great design.

As if wanting to get more sun, colors and colors, the style of the misty peninsula is not rich in light, rich in color.

Textiles in the British interior are used in two ways:

  • english curtains
  • furniture upholstery and furniture accessories.

If you want to design an apartment or house in the British manner, then the English curtains are the perfect tool. Long, lying on the floor, with a floral pattern or repeating pattern, they conquer at first sight. Despite the variety of curtains in English style offered in stores, it is worth thinking about everything. If you focus on wallpaper with a colorful pattern, it is better to choose plain curtains in English style, and vice versa. In the office it is better to choose a discreet calm tone.

English curtains can be a convenient option for the bedroom and living room.

Furniture decoration can be as bright, variegated and pretentious, and conservative. It also contains all the same elements as in the wallpaper. An original pattern for upholstery can be a cell in a variety of colors. One of the most daring options is patchwork pillows and bedspreads.

By the way patchwork - It is the original English art to sew an infinite number of bright shreds, resulting from a shortage of Indian fabrics. Some designers even offer upholstery using the patchwork technique, but note that it can quickly get bored.

English style in the interior design of apartments and houses requires expensive furniture. It can Chesterfield leather sofa, upholstered carved chairs and sofas, furniture of both artsy and strict lines, bed with a curved headboard for the bedroom. The main thing in furniture for such an idea is not even design, but quality of materials. Sometimes the English style is even deliberate excessiveness in the amount of furniture per square meter, but this is not at all necessary.

All you need to create an English design is furniture in a classic style or a more refined baroque.

Accessories and fittings

To begin with, in the style we describe, accessories play one of the main roles. Mandatory presence of antique candlesticks, chandeliers with imitation of candles, a variety of small or outdoor statuettes.

Speaking of traditions, England is a style that does not tolerate a bright light, so you should choose softly luminous lamps and chandeliers. For the bedroom are indispensable floor lamps and fringed lamps, delicate crystal chandeliers. Lamps and chandeliers with forging decorate both the kitchen and the living room. Globe, pen, cards on the walls fit perfectly into the British office.

In addition to all the listed decorative elements, you can choose accessories:

  • exquisite curtain rods to decorate the bedroom and living room,
  • furniture accessories in classic style,
  • bronze door handles, etc.

Despite the fact that the English style has a classic core, quite bold combinations get on together. In architecture, the English style is much more rigorous, the interior design of a house or apartment, as if for contrast. Entering the building with a restrained exterior, you immediately fall into captivity of the colorful variety of textiles, plaids and plaid pillows.

Attention is attracted to statues, antique chandeliers and paintings.

In addition to the English classics, the alpine chalet is used with the same success. In some ways, these styles intersect, but the Alpine chalet requires huge panoramic windows.