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13 best face powder


Face powder - one of the main components of makeup. Evens tone and hides minor defects. An improperly chosen tool performs an absolutely opposite function - it emphasizes all the shortcomings and does not withstand temperature drops. May also add skin problems. Good powder is not sold for little money. Let's try to figure out whether this is true. Consider the most popular powder from the category of "premium" and budget funds. The top list is based on customer feedback.

Premium Face Powder

World-famous companies do not need advertising. Famous brands guarantee high quality products. But to understand the specifics of the funds is very difficult. Even consultants in specialized stores do not know thoroughly all the properties of cosmetics. But luxury cosmetics has its strengths and weaknesses.

The best cream powder

Cream powder is the choice of most modern girls. Due to the unique texture, its application becomes a pleasant process. This powder is easy to lay down, instantly moisturizing the skin. It does not require the use of foundation and completely replaces it, hides oily shine, improves complexion and is economical consumption. Usually one pack is enough for a whole year of daily use. A tool with such a texture perfectly masks problem areas. Buyers have chosen the most popular products that are listed in our rating.

2 YU.R Design Cushion Foundation

The following cream powder is very different in composition and texture from similar products. Design Cushion Foundation - Cushion, i.e. tonal tool that combines the advantages of cream powder and fluid. It consists of essence and healthy nutrients, has a melting texture. The product of the Korean company YU.R was ranked as the best tool for applying light makeup. Perfect for spring and summer, because different airy texture. Powder perfectly moisturizes, instantly evens tone. The tool is not recommended for problem skin, because unlikely to hide all the flaws. But for owners of the normal type - this is a real find. Reliably protects the epidermis from ultraviolet radiation.

In order to get the perfect makeup, you need to even out the tone of your face and give it a fresh look. Achieving these goals is impossible without the use of tonal resources. Among them are the two most popular products: powder and concealer. Their main difference is texture. In addition, both cosmetics have their advantages and disadvantages. We list the main ones:

What is powder used for?

Cosmetic should be present in every self-respecting woman, because it has a large number of positive properties:

  • hides flaws in the skin,
  • gives a matte effect
  • has a moisturizing effect,
  • makes the face sculpted,
  • removes dark circles around the eyes,
  • provides protection from exposure to
  • makes the skin radiant.

Many believe that it helps the powder to create the perfect makeup. The composition of this tool is truly unique, it can not be compared with any other cosmetics.

The powder contains particles of talc, silk and other useful components. Should choose a tool in which there are no negative substances.

Powders differ in effectiveness, components and components.

According to the form of release means can be:

Good cheap powder: is it possible

Photos from the site: irecommend.ru

When purchasing cosmetics for their own faces, many girls and women do not look at the cost of the product, but at its quality. The fact is that the wrong powder, and even purchased at a bargain price, turns out to be completely unsuitable for use, it rolls down, causes the skin to flake off, further emphasizes age-related changes and wrinkles that it should hide, and even has a persistent perfume smell that's not everyone's liking.

Try to never buy powder, the shelf life of which is already running out. High-quality and good inexpensive powder will last long enough, and if it expires, it can harm the dermis of the face, cause itching, redness and irritation, which is unacceptable.

At the same time, good face powder from famous brands has a rather high price, and not every beauty can afford such a purchase. That is why many people ask, advise a good powder, so that its price is acceptable, but the quality is quite satisfactory, if not to say high. High-quality powder at a low cost today can be found on the market, the main thing is to get right to the point and find out by what criteria you should make a choice.

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  • The best powder for the face is the one that suits you the most, and the texture of the product should always be chosen solely by your own preferences. It can be crumbly powdered, liquid, compact, ball, pressed and so on.
  • The correct shade of powder depends directly on the tone of your face. And it is better not to buy powder to match the tone, but to take a lighter shade on the floor, as this tool usually makes the skin a little darker.
  • Shimmers or flickering particles may be part of the powder, and may not enter it. Most often they are in crumbly or ball powder, but in compact and pressed they are much less common.
  • When choosing what a good loose mineral powder, pay attention that a sieve must be present in the jar, otherwise it will be difficult to apply such a substance to the face, and it is very difficult to adjust the required amount. In addition, the likelihood of sprinkling everything and everyone with a layer of fragrant cosmetics, awkwardly missed a jar from his hands, increases significantly.

If you ask to advise a good face powder, you should pay attention to another nuance. For example, if you decide to take a compact powder, then make sure that a small mirror is mounted inside its case. Still, such boxes are specially invented so that you can carry them with you, because this accessory will greatly facilitate the life of any beauty. For the rest, let's see together what is the best powder for the face, let's make an improvised rating out of budget, low-cost options.

Photos from the site: ak-makeup.com

1. Chambor Silver Shadow Compact Powder

The first place in our ranking is occupied by this product of the Swiss company Chambor. First of all, it should be said that it is found in a box much more than usual, 16 grams, instead of 12, which is quite a lot. In addition, the set offers another spare tray with powder, that is, the weight of the product can be safely multiplied by two.

Photos from the site: womenworld.com.ua

It is really a very good and inexpensive powder for oily skin. It perfectly masks the oily shine even in problem areas, mattes the skin, makes it silky and smooth. It has a fairly light texture and structure, so it does not feel at all on the skin, does not clog pores, however, when peeling, it may not cope with the task. Because for dry skin, such a product is better not to take. The cost of one box will be about 935 rubles, so if you want, almost everyone can afford it.

2. Pupa Luminys Baked Face Powder

There are products that are inexpensive, but already fairly well-known on the market, like, for example, this amazing compact powder lauded by well-known video bloggers. If the previous version is a good powder for oily problem skin, then this is just its opposite, as it is best suited for those who have a dermis prone to drying and flaking. The composition of the baked mixture includes oils that moisturize and nourish the epidermis, and above all, it is also completely neutral and anti-allergenic.

Photos from the site: zhivizdorovim.ru

Such powder is usually produced marble set, that is, consisting of several shades, which allows you to make the skin more uniform, and the face is embossed. It is rather oily, so for application it is best to apply a sponge, not a brush. The price of this powder is even lower than the previous one and is only 780-800 rubles, depending on the outlet, but it fully justifies it.

3. L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect

The third place of our rating was taken by the powder from L'real, a company that is well known in the domestic market. This is really a good inexpensive powder that can blend and adapt to the basic skin tone, skillfully hiding all the flaws and shortcomings of the dermis. It remains invisible on the skin, and lasts up to 3-5 hours, after which you will have to powder your face with a new one.

Photos from the site: IRecommend.ru

The texture of this powder is extremely delicate and thin; it is not dusty, but it is easy to apply it with a brush and a sponge. In the first version, it will be barely noticeable and natural, and in the second, on the contrary, it will create a more dense coating that hides all the flaws. The cost of such a product is only 530-570 rubles, which is really cheap.

Mineral and friable powder

Immediately, following the compact options that can be easily carried in a handbag, it is important to find out what good crumbly mineral powder is available on the market, as this is generally something special. Due to the natural mineral composition, it does not harm the dermis, does not clog pores and wrinkles, which is why it does not emphasize them, is extremely light and airy, which is why it is not visible on the face.

1. Benecos Mineral Powder

This amazing product, originally from Germany, immediately plunged into a real delight of all lovers of environmental cosmetics, as Benecos powder meets all their requirements. The OKO-TEST Independent Consumer Rights Society confirms that this powder is not tested on animals, has certificates, and is also made only from organic raw materials. It mattes, hides wrinkles and black dots, does not clog pores, and is also light and weightless on the face.

Photos from the site: magi-mania.de

Among its advantages, many note the lightest, barely perceptible scent, as well as the ability to nourish and moisturize the dermis a little. Because of this, it is more suitable for dry and hypersensitive skin, but for oily should choose something else. The cost of such powder is 750-830 rubles, which is very good.

2. Artdeco Mineral Compact Powder

The amazing German product with sea minerals Artdeco Mineral was immediately loved by all who were not afraid to buy it at their own peril and risk. This good and inexpensive powder “is able” to matte the skin with high quality and hide all its flaws. In a word, it is a powder with a good covering power, which contains no oils, and even less waxes. That is, it is wonderfully suitable for oily and problem skin, it will take care of it all the time.

Photos from the site: blogspot.com

This powder is simply applied and distributed over the surface of the skin, it is almost invisible, but it creates a freshness effect, as if you just had a good rest and are full of energy. The cost of such powder varies from 700 to 150 rubles, which is quite acceptable.

3. Max Factor Professional Loose Powder Translucent

What would anyone not say, but the crumbly powder presented to you is really an ultrabudgetary option, since its price is only 280-320 rubles, that is, quite inexpensive. It is rather small, because it fits perfectly evenly on the face, it does not clog pores and it contains oatmeal, which narrows them professionally. That is, this product is for oily and problematic skin, but also for dry, it fits perfectly, since the derma itself does not dry, but rather nourishes.

Photos from the site: highstreetbrands4less.com

Each box is equipped with a convenient dosing grid, which allows not only to accurately collect the required amount of substance, but also to save it economically. Therefore, this powder will last for a long time. True, the case does not provide a mirror, and the palette of shades is represented in a single tone, so you need to take this into account when purchasing.

Liquid and ball powder

The third category of good and inexpensive powder is a ball powder, but there is also a liquid one, and it is better not to confuse it with the foundation, as these are slightly different things. You need to very carefully choose cosmetics for themselves, as they should be as close as possible not only to the shade, but also to the skin type, otherwise it will be visible and the entire effect will be lost.

1. L’Oreal Alliance Perfect

The most expensive of this category, but in fact also budget and affordable is the novelty of the market - liquid mascara from L’Oreal. This powder has the properties of a highlighter, that is, it makes the skin radiant and deep, so it must be applied with extreme caution. Most often, such means are required in the fashionable now-during make-up strobe. For daytime makeup, this powder can be mixed with the foundation, but for evening wear, use it as follows.

Photos from the site: IRecommend.ru

The tube with liquid powder is equipped with a special elongated spout for easy application. Such a solution helps to save material, and therefore it lasts longer. The cost of a tube of powder highlighter is only eight hundred rubles, not so much, considering that it will be enough for at least three months.

2. Vivienne Sabo Poudre Melange

Despite the fact that France has always been a trendsetter in the world, this time the ball powder takes only second place in our improvised top of budget products for face matting. Real professionals use such balls not only as powder, but also as blush, highlighter and even eye shadow.

Photos from the site: IRecommend.ru

The texture of such balls is quite light, and the shimmer in them is extremely small, which allows it to perfectly pick up on a brush and stay on the surface of the dermis of the face. The price of a jar of such balls is low, only 350-370 rubles, which practically any girl can afford.

The most common powder

Cosmetic product from the company Shiseido is very popular. It occupies a leading position among its peers. Women using decorative cosmetics, prefer to stop their choice on this powder. The tool makes the skin matte, and also has many positive properties. For example, in the composition of the powder there are no oils and harmful substances, so it can be used to mask wide pores, redness and other imperfections.

After applying the powder, you can immediately feel that the skin has become velvety and fresh. Employees of the brand claim that the tool was created by the latest development, therefore, the protection properties of the epidermis have improved significantly. Powder has a care effect, the face becomes radiant and attracts attention. The complete set provides a replaceable unit so as not to waste time when the tool has run out. Cosmetics can last for a long time on the face without makeup amendments.

  • skin care,
  • replaceable unit
  • widespread action
  • resilience.
  • great value
  • small mirror
  • uncomfortable sponge

The approximate cost is 1650 rubles.

Demo video of powder application:

Bourjois powder is compact and gives a matting effect, it makes the face attractive and smooth. Able to stay without changing the appearance all day. It is recommended to use it in order to complete the makeup. Packaging created in the form of a transformer with a rotating lid.

You can install a mirror in any convenient position and use it. The particles contain light-reflecting substances, so the skin acquires radiance, SPF provides reliable protection from the rays of the sun. Powder texture resembles silk, so its application is light and comfortable. However, for dry skin remedy is not very suitable, because it leaves flaking. There are 4 different shades in the palette.

  • color spectrum,
  • convenient packaging
  • SPF filter
  • resilience.
  • leaves peeling.

The approximate cost is 660 rubles.

Clarins Multi-Eclat makes skin velvety and radiant. Powder contains mineral particles, it is easy and comfortable to use. The particles are very small, so applying the product is quite easy, it lies flat. The face is protected and moisturized.

Powder has a delicate smell and attractive packaging. The funds may last for a sufficiently long time; with daily use, it can be used for more than two years. Professionals recommend using powdered women with any type of skin. However, the cosmetic is not able to hide too large flaws. The skin remains smooth all day, no need to constantly correct makeup.

  • delicate texture
  • efficiency,
  • convenient and stylish packaging.
  • great value
  • inconvenience in application,
  • missing a mirror.

The approximate cost is 2200 rubles.

Video review of this powder:

ColoreScience Pro cosmetics are perfect for the prevention and treatment of skin. It lacks negative substances, because of this, it has a positive effect on the skin. During use, cosmetics acts on the most problematic areas, eliminates deficiencies.

Powder like a pencil with a brush on the end. Shake cosmetic before applying. The complexion, thanks to the matte finish, becomes even, radiant and healthy. Ideal for dry skin. It is also worth noting that the powder includes a special protection from ultraviolet radiation.

  • therapeutic effect
  • SPF filter
  • отсутствуют вредные вещества,
  • наличие встроенной кисточки.
  • большая стоимость,
  • интересная упаковка,
  • упаковка может разбиться и пудра рассыпется.

Примерная стоимость 4000 рублей.

Девушки прекрасно знакомы с производителем косметических средств Pupa. Именно поэтому такая пудра пользуется особенной популярностью у прекрасной половины человечества. Замечательно подходит для кожи с проблемами, обеспечивает идеальную гладкость и делает макияж восхитительным. Пудра с минералами довольно экономна в использовании.

When applied face becomes smooth, it becomes very gentle. The smooth consistency carefully hides imperfections on the face. The tool has a matte effect that is hard to miss. The palette has a variety of tones, so every woman will be able to choose the means for themselves. Minerals and natural ingredients care for the skin.

  • efficiency,
  • famous brand
  • a lot of gentle tones.
  • easily broken.

The approximate cost of 1000 rubles.

NYX powder is quite popular among the beautiful half of humanity. It is recommended to use powder for young girls who have not had time to face age-related skin changes. Powder creates an even tone on the face and beautiful color. Cosmetic product has a fairly dense texture that fits perfectly to the face. Able to last without changes all day long and provide the skin with a matte shade.

Carefully hides problems on the skin, emphasizes the necessary advantages. It is quite difficult to apply, but the face instantly changes. The texture allows you to economically spend the tool. It is recommended for young girls with problem areas on the skin.

  • suitable for problem skin,
  • dense texture
  • economy,
  • efficiency.
  • lack of sponge

The approximate cost of 800 rubles.

Guerlain Meteorites managed to become a real legend in the field of cosmetics. Most women keep their loyalty to this powder. It comes in beautiful packaging and exudes a delicate scent of violets. Applying powder provides her radiance and tenderness, excellent care.

It should be noted that it is recommended to use this cosmetic as a final element. The face becomes smooth and beautiful, it seems to glow from the inside. The texture of the powder is weightless, so it is easy to apply. However, it is intended only for the skin without significant deficiencies. Different colors in the mosaic make the skin luxurious.

  • pleasant smell and convenient packaging,
  • radiance and smoothness
  • many shades.
  • high cost
  • only for skin without significant flaws.

The approximate cost of 3000 rubles.

Visually about the effect of powder:

Korean manufacturer Tony Moly constantly comes up with a delightful design for their cosmetics. Panda’s Dream Powder is no exception. The packaging brings with it a charming panda face, which instantly attracts everyone’s attention. Also, the powder has a number of positive qualities, which should be discussed.

In the configuration there is a sponge for convenient application, the skin on the face becomes attractive and emits light, all the pores and ugly areas are filled. The powder has a very unusual aroma, as well as a memorable design. Provides reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation, because of this, perfect for use in the summer.

  • attractive packaging
  • SPF filter
  • availability of sponge
  • use in the summer.
  • high cost with a small amount.

Approximate price is 1000 rubles.

Video test using panda powder:

Powder DiorSkin from the manufacturer from France forced to respect themselves because of its composition and perfect application. The packaging is very stylish, so it instantly attracts the eyes of girls. The composition contains special components that provide an incredible radiance to any skin. The texture of the powder is airy, it is easily and evenly applied and noticeably improves the tone.

When applying a cosmetic, the face is moisturized and looks natural. DiorSkin provides excellent endurance, great for dry skin. Matting effect is able to hide the most problematic zones and ensure velvety. In the palette there are two shades.

  • skin care,
  • stylish packaging
  • stamina
  • moisturizing.
  • easily broken.

The approximate cost of 2000 rubles.

This powder is one of the leaders among its peers. The tool is very affordable, but has a lot of positive properties and gives a stunning effect. She is able to remove excess shine on the face and provide him shine. Also, the powder is quite economical to use, contains a special sponge in the configuration, which is very convenient to apply the tool.

The compact size allows you to take the powder with you at any time, it is able to stick to the skin throughout the day, you do not have to correct makeup. However, there is no mirror in the configuration. Provides a matte finish and eliminates shine. The manufacturer has developed a palette with numerous shades that are very beautiful.

  • varied palette
  • efficiency,
  • compactness.
  • missing a mirror.

The approximate cost of 500 rubles.

Powder tips are in the video:

What should you choose?

When choosing powder, you need to look at its texture and release form.

Cream-based powder is chosen by many women, because it has a completely unique texture. It is easy to apply, provides skin with high-quality moisturizing. When using it, there is no need to apply foundation. The face is darkened, becomes dull and powder hides all the flaws. Also, the tool is considered economical, the packaging is kept with daily use throughout the year.

Loose powder is considered the most popular among its counterparts. Such tools are light, airy and crumbly, quickly applied and even the skin. Great for oily and problem skin. However, before applying you need to use a foundation or another basis. Crumbly means perfectly hide even strong flaws and redness.

Compact powder created specifically for problem skin. It eliminates redness and under eye circles, inflammation and pimples. The density of the powder can not provide an easy application, but the face instantly changes when it is used. Powder can be used by people with dry skin, and it does not require prior use of the cream.

Mineral powder is considered very common, because it contains unique substances in its composition. It contains elements that make the skin glow. The face becomes healthy and radiant, radiant with health.

Any girl sooner or later begins to notice problems on her skin. Naturally, this leads to discomfort. That is why it created a matting powder that hides the flaws and makes the face smoother and smoother.

Criteria for choosing a good powder

  • Powder texture can be liquid, powdered, pressed or ball. Compact powder is more dense, so its matting and masking effect is ideal for oily skin type. Crumbly version is often easy and transparent, it serves only to fix the makeup.
  • Tint Powder will depend, first of all, on the complexion. For this reason, most manufacturers have several tones in their assortment. You can find out how the chosen shade is suitable for your skin on the back of your hand.
  • Flickering particles (shimmery), giving the skin a barely noticeable radiance, are present mainly in the ball and crumbly powder.

What powder is better to refuse

Of course, when choosing a powder, individual features of the skin of the face play the main role. However, some nuances should be taken into account so that the new acquisition does not prove to be a disappointment.

  • It is not necessary to buy powder, ideally coinciding with your skin tone, it is better to buy a lighter tone. Remember that powder usually makes natural complexion a little darker.
  • Choosing the "crumb", discard the powder, in the block of which there is no strainer. Otherwise, it will be difficult to apply on the face with an even light layer, and the probability of accidentally spilling the contents is great.
  • Preferring compact powder, you should not take those types where there is no mirror. Of course, this is not an essential criterion, but compact powder is a mobile option, and a mirror is simply necessary.
  • Do not buy powder with a short shelf life, otherwise you just will not have time to spend it.

The best powder, popular in 2017-2018 year - in our rating, compiled from customer reviews and according to experts.

Face powder which company choose

The list of the best manufacturers of quality decorative cosmetics is extensive and well known. These are mainly well-known brands whose advertising we see every day in magazines and on TV:

1. Christian Dior

There are worthy copies of less-promoted brands that have relatively recently entered our market or are known only in the narrow professional environment of makeup artists. These brands include:

But, of course, powder should be chosen not by name on the case, but in accordance with the peculiarities of the skin and makeup requirements.

Diorskin Forever Compact

The base powder, which is resistant to high humidity, provides an unexpectedly high level of skin protection against ultraviolet radiation — SPF 25. The case comes in a velvet case, and if you turn the box over, you can see that the main unit is replaceable. When your favorite powder is over, it is enough to purchase a “spare tire” with the necessary number and use it further - it will be cheaper.


  • Nice texture and very fine grinding,
  • It gives the skin a slight satin glow,
  • Not bad masks small defects, redness and dark circles,
  • Copes with shine up to 6 hours
  • Economical,
  • The case has a sponge compartment,
  • Pretty bravely withstands falls.


  • Shows flaky skin,
  • At repeated drawing the layer becomes too heavy and noticeable.

Make-up powder Diorskin undesirable - it can only be applied again to cleansed skin or use lighter finishes. For maximum correction, it is better to take a sponge; a brush will give a layer of medium density.

Bourjois Healthy Balance

“Healthy Balance” contains natural fruit extracts for nourishing the skin: a good cocktail of antioxidants, regenerating and moisturizing ingredients. Compact powder is suitable for all skin types, because, among other things, it also has a matting effect.


  • Pleasant fruity smell
  • Keeps on the skin from 5 to 10 hours, without rolling down and without falling off,
  • Good matting
  • Does not overdry skin
  • Does not clog pores
  • Hypoallergenic composition,
  • Affordable price - after all, this powder from the category of mass market.


  • The standard sponge does not fit in the case, but yours is not provided here,
  • Some shades give in yellow and orange,
  • Does not hide redness on the skin.

Shiseido Pureness Matifying

Compact powder, designed for oily skin, may well be used on normal and combination, prone to acne. Also included in its formula are SPF 15 components that protect the face from photo-aging.


  • Well masks enlarged pores,
  • Aligns overall tone
  • It has a long mattifying effect even in heat,
  • Delicate texture and very fine grinding,
  • Oil free
  • On sale you can find replaceable blocks,
  • Very compact packaging, although the weight of the powder is slightly more than usual - 11 g.


  • Small mirror,
  • Serious defects can not cope
  • On dry skin, it emphasizes peeling, but this powder is not intended for it.

Shiseido Pureness is suitable for finishing make-up, but can be applied directly to a light base. However, when choosing shades you need to remember that almost all colors here come with a yellow subtone. But on the summer tan or dark skin, they fall perfectly.

Max Factor FaceFinity

Compact powder with a level of protection SPF 15 gives a light matting effect, while it has good water resistance. It consists of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that are essential for dry skin. The tool is universal and can be used as a base or for finishing fixing makeup. Available in 7 popular shades - alas, only 3 of them are suitable for light-skinned Slav women.


  • Well masks minor defects,
  • Evenly lays down even on the fat and combined skin,
  • Allows repeated drawing without effect of a mask,
  • Does not crumble and does not float during the day,
  • Does not contain fragrances,
  • Large mirror in a case
  • Adequate price.


  • Without concealer or concealer will not cope with serious flaws on the face,
  • Not suitable for applying a wide brush - it is better to use a sponge or a thick kabuki.

For daily use and make-up correction, this powder is quite suitable. Moreover, the skin type does not play a decisive role - the tool does not cause the sensation of dryness and mattes the fatty areas well. But the coating gives an average density.

Givenchy prisme libre

Probably the most famous powder in the world, the demand for which has not fallen for 11 years. It is a whole palette of 4 natural shades - each in a separate compartment of a transparent box (4x3 g). The texture of all four means is absolutely the same, so you can create your own shades from them. Powder perfumed composition with the scent of roses and white flowers.


  • Puff does not allow the shades to get enough sleep through the dispensers and independently mix,
  • Economical consumption
  • Beautiful smell of perfume,
  • Good lightening and matting effect for 4 hours,
  • It lies down very light, imperceptible layer
  • Aligns the color, but remains invisible itself.


  • Does not hide skin defects,
  • Emphasizes flaking
  • The puff is too small and is suitable only for a set of the required amount of powder.

Prisme Libre is available in 6 different palettes. In all the “light” sets, white powder comes with the addition of shimmers that create a pearly shine on the skin. It is applied as a fixative on the foundation, practically without changing its shade.

Chanel Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation

This is a miracle of make-up on the market for only 3 years, but it already claims to be a legend. In a jar, it looks like an ordinary “crumb”, but on the face it turns into a coating akin to a soft foundation. Reflective particles optically mask minor age-related defects, and the powder itself has a level of UV protection SPF15.


  • Convenient dosing mesh fabric,
  • On normal skin lasts up to 6 hours, although it will float earlier on oily,
  • Included is a kabuki brush - very dense and delicate,
  • Pleasant and unobtrusive smell with pink notes,
  • Silky texture,
  • Smoothes the overall skin tone and makes it visually smoother,
  • No feeling of heaviness after application,
  • Does not need to finish.


  • If you overdo it with the amount of powder, you can get a mask effect,
  • With a dense application or polishing emphasizes large pores,
  • Unsuccessful step shades - some women simply do not find "their" color.

This powder is able to replace several cosmetics at once: foundation, highlighter, finish. It all depends on the selected tool and method of application. The lightest effect can be obtained with a regular soft make-up brush.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting

Velvety friable powder for all skin types - moisturizes dry and mattes oily. The composition includes natural antioxidants (extract of wolfberry) and anti-aging components. Unlike other “croutons”, this powder was initially pressed. In the case under the rotary lid, the blade is hidden, which cuts off a thin layer of means and only then it is fed to the dosing grid.


  • Excellent durability
  • Gives a thin veil coating,
  • Evens complexion and hides the transitions from the foundation,
  • The effect of the inner radiance of the skin,
  • Slightly smoothes pores
  • It has an average matting effect,
  • Perceptible hydration
  • The mirror under the lid - a rarity for the "home" crumbly powder.


  • Small package - 3.4 g
  • Not everyone likes the smell, but it erodes quickly,
  • Rare in the domestic market,
  • A small selection of shades.

This powder can also be found in the Smashbox kit, but its price scares many. On the other hand, we are talking about a professional tool for visage, and not just luxury cosmetics.

Top Baked Powders

These newfangled products do not contain fragrances and are perfect for anyone who is severely allergic to cosmetics. Alas, the use of baked powder is not recommended for oily skin - on her such makeup holds the worst: quickly rolls and spreads. Hence, there are some negative reviews.

Chanel luminys

This baked powder is not as popular as Pupa, but it also has its merits. Chanel Luminys with a matting effect evens out the skin tone due to its medium density texture. Contains photo-reflective particles, giving the skin a more fresh look. Powder is intended for dry application and is available in weights of 9 g. Dark numbers are more common on the market and are positioned as bronzers, but for light skin there are suitable shades.


  • Very persistent - lasts up to 12 hours on the face,
  • Masks various skin defects and redness,
  • Unobtrusive scent,
  • Convenient sponge in the kit,
  • Affordable cost.


  • Not easy to find on sale,
  • There are no absolutely light shades - all give the effect of at least a light tan on the face.

Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls

Veil with shimmering glitter is a mixture of multi-colored mineral balls. Each shade here is responsible for its effect: pink enlivens and refreshes the face, green hides redness, white gives lightening, purple reflects the rays, creating an optical disguise, and golden gives the skin a special glow. "Meteorites" are available in 4 palettes for different skin tones.


  • Soft balls - powder is easily picked up with a brush,
  • Can be applied to the face dry and wet, as well as polishing,
  • Invisible transitions between powdered and clean skin,
  • You can put off the pink balls and use them instead of blush,
  • Magnificent jar, resistant aroma,
  • Очень тонкое покрытие – действительно похожее на вуаль.


  • Эффект влажной кожи из-за избытка перламутра не всем нравится,
  • Не рекомендуется наносить на Т-зону комбинированной кожи.

Guerlain Meteorites – отличный вариант для яркого вечернего макияжа. В электрическом свете блестки буквально сияют на лице, при естественном освещении они не столь заметны.

Vivienne Sabo Poudre Mélange

This powder, on the contrary, has a mattifying effect due to its talcum content and is ideal for daytime make-up. However, a light elegant shimmer after application is also present here, but it is noticeable only with artificial light.


  • Natural shades
  • Soft ball texture,
  • Easily replaces rouge,
  • It gives the skin a beautiful and healthy shade.
  • Does not dry
  • Economic expense and reasonable price.


  • In the line only 2 palettes - in pink and brown tones,
  • Not immediately taken on the brush,
  • Aroma on the fan - gives a sweetish retro-cosmetics.

As in any ball powder, the sponge here is not intended for applying makeup - it simply holds the granules, not allowing them to break in a box. You should also be careful with the use of such cosmetics, if you have problem skin prone to acne. This powder can expose even carefully plastered acne.

What face powder to buy

1. For skin with small defects, but without peeling, Diorskin Forever compact powder is suitable as a base for makeup.

2. To do without tonal creams, but at the same time hide too large pores, you can take the baked Pupa Luminys Baked powder. But keep in mind: for women with oily skin, it does not fit.

3. If you want a baked product with a good matting effect, look for Chanel Luminys. The same cosmetics can be used as a bronzer for the face.

4. In summer, it is better for owners of problematic or shiny skin to carry the Shiseido Pureness Matifying compact version with them. In the cold season and in wet weather, it will be replaced by Max Factor FaceFinity.

5. If there is very little space in the cosmetic bag, you should choose Bourjois Healthy Balance in a very compact case for every day. This powder is great for oily and mature skin that needs nutritious nutrition.

6. As a universal remedy, which is suitable both for masking imperfections, and for fixing the finish, we can recommend loose powder from Vitalumière Loose from Chanel.

7. Want a professional make-up? Spend some money on powder Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting - it is perfect for any skin type.

8. For a spectacular completion of makeup, select the fixing “crumb” of the Givenchy Prisme Libre - it will even out the overall tone and give the face the desired shade. And if you want to use it outside the home, it is better to take the Prisme Visage Mat compact version.

9. For completing a spectacular evening make-up, the Meteorites Light glitter powder from Guerlain is perfect. The only thing - you should not put it on oily skin, although pearly peas can simply be put in another jar.

10. Is it a pity for expensive “meteors”? Try to start a budget option - Poudre Mélange brand Vivienne Sabo. Fine ball powder will give your skin a beautiful shade and discreet shimmer.