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What to do in Karlovy Vary?


In the heart of Europe is a wonderful corner, which is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers. Medical resort in the Czech Republic is known to the whole world for its thermal springs. The history of this city dates back several centuries, so there are many interesting tourist facilities on the territory of the most beautiful place, and the entertainment in Karlovy Vary will please everyone.

There could be much more architectural monuments, but the main sights of the resort died in fires that raged in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the modern appearance of the pearl of the Czech Republic acquired more than 100 years ago.

Geyser colonnades

Tourists arriving at the resort often get lost and do not know what to see in Karlovy Vary in the first place, so in our article we will try to help them.

Of course, the main attractions of the charming city are mineral springs, and it is simply impossible not to visit them. Geyser colonnades are unique places where you can not only drink medicinal water, but also enjoy the incredible spectacle of a powerful jet spurting from the source. In the very center of the city, above the Tepla River, lies Vřídelní kolonáda, the first mention of which dates back to the 16th century.

Mineral spring in the heart of the city

The geyser colonnade, located not far from the Theater Square, will surprise with an unusual architectural solution, and tourists who think about where to go in Karlovy Vary will not be disappointed. Initially, a 12-meter fountain, open until 5 pm, was protected by light canopies, and later a baroque hall was erected near it. The corroded cast-iron colonnade was replaced with a modern glazed structure covering a hot and powerful source. In the spacious room, through the transparent walls of which bright light is pouring, there is not only a geyser, here you can have a bite at a restaurant, shop at local stores and buy souvenirs with resort attributes.

The remaining four colonnades are nearby, and if you wish, you can get acquainted with them. However, what to see in Karlovy Vary, everyone decides for himself.

Popular church

The resort’s architecture certainly deserves special attention, and next to the geyser is the Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene, the largest monument in the Czech Republic. For those who do not know where to go on an excursion in Karlovy Vary, we recommend visiting not only the most beautiful church, but also its cave, and you can buy tickets inside the colonnade.

The tourists are breathtaking from the sight of the funeral chapel, where the remains of the now-closed cemetery (which surrounded the church until the end of the 18th century), the altar of the Lord, made of aragonite, an interesting geological exposition, are kept. Evening excursion routes around the temple, starting after 20.00, are also organized for guests of the city.

Castle tower

History buffs who are familiar with the events that took place in the days of King Charles IV will not think long about where to go in Karlovy Vary, but go to the Zamkovaya Tower - the only building left from the Gothic castle of the ruler. His numerous courtyard also stayed at the King’s residence, and the founder of the city himself watched from the high tower for places dear to the heart.

After a terrible fire in the beginning of the XVII century, which destroyed the castle before its founding, it was decided not to restore the architectural ensemble. But the tower was an important strategic point from which they watched the enemy, so the observation deck was restored, but in the Baroque style. Now you can go upstairs on a special elevator, and from the height there is an amazing view of the picturesque city.

Where to go in Karlovy Vary, when you want to eat tasty?

Tourists celebrate a huge number of establishments offering delicious dishes and drinks. There are restaurants in every hotel or sanatorium, and prices depend on their "star" and location. For example, in the status grand restaurant Pupp, located in the Grandhotel Pupp, visitors will be offered not just dishes, but real culinary fantasies from the chef, who will present wonderful gastronomic sensations. For the pleasure to eat local and exotic cuisine will have to pay more than 100 euros.

Restaurants in Karlovy Vary are distinguished by a variety of menus and prices. Near the Teply embankment there is a small institution called Bernard. Here beer of the same name brand, not needing advertising, is served. A small room on five tables will appeal to couples in love, and all gourmets will like the cuisine of the restaurant. The average bill will be one thousand rubles, and this is a very reasonable price for the opportunity to try grilled cheese, lamb knee, pork ribs, meat soups.

Among inexpensive restaurants there are such as Venezia, Male Versailles, Charlston, Karel IV with average prices due to - 350-500 kroons (600-1000 rubles).

City museums

For admirers of art museums in Karlovy Vary are of particular interest. The main symbols of the country are Bohemian crystal and Czech glass, and you can get to know them in the exhibition halls. At 30 kilometers from the city is the palace Klášterec nad Ohří, and he gained fame after the largest museum of porcelain opened its doors under its roof.

At the Moser glass factory, excursions are held for all comers, and thematic exhibitions with samples of crystal products will surprise you with extraordinary beauty. Tourists have the opportunity to see the complicated work of glassblowers, and in the store you can buy a souvenir that will arouse the admiration of relatives.

The Becherovka Museum is a favorite place for tourists who have tasted liquor, whose recipe is kept secret. Here you can not only taste it, but also buy all five types of drink.

Entertainment in Karlovy Vary

Where to go to a tourist who has already visited balneological complexes, museums, architectural sights? Adults and children choose Dinopark, dedicated to the prehistoric era of our planet, and interactive dinosaur models will delight guests of the city.

Aquaforum is a huge water park, where everyone is waiting for exciting rides and wellness treatments. Numerous nightclubs and bars with a varied program will appeal to young people who want to relax to fame.

Karlovy Vary is not only a beautiful resort, but also a place where you can get to know interesting sights, and the memory of your journey will remain with you forever.

What to do in Karlovy Vary?

  • Go to the old Peter and Paul Church, which houses the icons of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas,
  • See the Geyser Colonnade,
  • Visit the Brechov fortress,
  • Visit the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery and the City Theater,
  • Go to the museum "Moser", which stores more than 2000 exhibits, and go on an excursion to the glass factory, where you can walk around its workshops and see how souvenirs and crystal decorations are made,
  • Admire Karlovy Vary and its surroundings from the Diana observation tower (you can climb the hill by the funicular, or you can walk this way on foot up 150 steps or by elevator).

What to do in Karlovy Vary?

Those who first came to Karlovy Vary should make an excursion to interesting places: so, having climbed a hill, you will see an ancient castle, and at the foot of the hill is the House of Three Moors.

In Karlovy Vary, you will have the opportunity to undergo a spa treatment (complex treatment involves the passage of balneological and other special procedures, drinking cure, massage, diet), as well as take advantage of wellness and beauty programs. So, you can use the programs of the Lazne Wellness Center with its massage and beauty rooms, mineral water pools, a salt cave, gyms, swimming pools and children's playgrounds for games.

Arriving in Karlovy Vary, you should not neglect walking through the colonnades, drinking healing water and relaxing in the resort forest parks (cyclists can ride here along specially laid paths). Resort forests will meet you with houses, gazebos, small buildings, designed for recreation.

You can engage in active sports at stadiums and sports grounds, tennis courts and golf courses, or you can go to the hippodrome to bet, or go to the hockey club “Energia”.

In Karlovy Vary, the nightlife lovers will not be bored. To their services - bars and nightclubs. You can listen to live music and have fun at incendiary parties in the nightclub “Becher’s”. And you can listen to jazz in the club "Imperial", in which thematic evenings with the performance of modern jazz performers are organized several times a week. Those who are not averse to having fun until the morning will be happy to see in the club “Pyramida Music”, which is famous for its bar, great dance floor and interesting entertainment programs.

Those who come to Karlovy Vary with children should go to the Aquaforum water park - it will delight children with playgrounds and interesting attractions. In addition, this water park offers its visitors to take advantage of various wellness treatments.

In addition to treatment, in Karlovy Vary you can play golf, tennis, go fishing, and conquer the mountain peaks of the surrounding mountains.

Karlovy Vary - What to do in the city?

If you can’t imagine your journey without a guide, you can easily buy a small sightseeing tour of the city's charms in a local small company, which is scattered around the city. You can see and choose the excursion offer in the information center of the city - at the Mlynskoy colonnade, these tours are distinguished by exclusivity. This can be an interesting excursion to the dungeon under the Geyser, or a short trip to the church of Mary Magdalene. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to buy any excursion outside the city.

How to go on excursions from Karlovy Vary?

This service has, in the main, street tour of the company, from where you can go on excursions in Prague and the Czech Republic at almost any time.

So, if you decide on a tour of the dungeon, you will find the entrance directly from the Geyser colonnade. Here you will see one of the hottest springs in the whole city - Vřídlo. Its highest temperature is about 73.4 degrees of heat, the source itself rises to a height of about two kilometers out of the ground. The history of the emergence and development of the source itself comes from time immemorial, from the 14th century, people began to use water as healing, strengthening this place more and more, so that precious water does not mix with ordinary river water. Numerous geyser explosions led to the fact that people began to strengthen the banks of the Teply River with concrete slabs, perfecting the river system. And so here, under the geyser colonnade, the dungeons are located, where there are natural keys and wells, a huge number of pipe fittings and adjusting devices, with the help of which healing water is sent to a dozen sanatoria of the city.

Jan Becher Museum

Becherovka is Czech liquor, named after the creator, pharmacist Jan Becher. It is known not only for its benefits, but also for its unique taste and aroma. The signature recipe of the drink on herbs and spices is kept in the strictest confidence, today it is available only to a limited number of people.

During the tour of the museum you can find out the history of the creation of Becherovka, watch a documentary, inspect the cellars, see a collection of historical bottles, labels and other exhibits. The final will be offered tasting three varieties of liquor - Original, Cordial, Lemond.

In the store you can buy the drink itself, gift sets and branded cups at attractive prices.

House of Wax

The wax museum of famous personalities of the XIX-XXI centuries is located within the walls of the Church of St. Luke.

The collection includes 112 exhibits, among which are wax copies of presidents, politicians, members of royal families, athletes, movie stars and the music scene. All figures are made by hand and are dressed in costumes that reflect the historical era.

Moser Glass Museum

The Moser glass museum in Karlovy Vary is a place where you can join the world of beauty and have a great leisure time. Museum showcases contain more than two thousand stunning positions made by craftsmen of past centuries and our days.

The tour includes a visit to a glass factory, where craftsmen demonstrate the process of blowing products. Visitors will also be invited to visit the company store, where you can buy crystal and glass souvenirs for every taste.

Karlovy Vary City Theater

Art lovers will love the city theater, located in the heart of the historical part of the resort. Founded in 1886, the neo-baroque building is considered to be a masterpiece of architecture.

Within the walls of the building you can admire the frescoes and paintings by Austrian artists. The foyer and facade are decorated with statues created by the famous sculptor Theodor Friedl. The program of the theater is diverse and includes operas, ballets, concerts of symphony orchestras, musical pieces and other events.

Bars and night clubs

Karlovy Vary is rich in places where you can dance, listen to music and relax with a glass of Czech beer.

  • Night club "Becher´s"Is a place where live music plays and dance evenings take place.
  • «Pyramida Music Club"- youth club with a spacious dance floor and a good bar. Here they hold regular incendiary parties, music of various directions plays.
  • «Pyramida Music"- a fashionable night entertainment institution. In addition to the stylish bar, rhythmic music and dancing, visitors can enjoy exciting erotic shows.
  • Club "ImperialLike jazz lovers. Here guests can enjoy a cozy English-style hall, an excellent bar and a large dance floor. On Fridays, you can listen to performances by jazz bands.

Waterpark in Klašterec nad Ohří

The water park in Klašterec nad Ohří is a water entertainment center that will appeal to both adults and children. It is located 20 kilometers from Karlovy Vary. The complex contains seven pools of different depths, thrilling rides and slides.

Adult tourists here can relax in the jacuzzi, and children have fun on the trampoline. On the territory of the center you can ride a quad bike, play volleyball, football and tennis.

Zoo and Dinopark in Pilsen

A visit to the zoo, combined with an interactive dinopark, will be the right decision for those who do not know what to do with children in Karlovy Vary. Pilsen is located 70 kilometers from the spa resort. In the zoo, you can see a lot of unique animals living in enclosures that mimic the wildlife.

Dinopark visitors get into a prehistoric forest inhabited by huge dinosaurs that look and behave like real animals. On the territory there are cafes with traditional Czech cuisine, a 3D cinema and a paleontological town, where you can do excavations.

Entertainment in Karlovy Vary is multifaceted and diverse, here you can plunge into the history of the city, enrich yourself spiritually, please the children and spend time at ease and fun. In this small resort town there will definitely be places that will appeal to any tourist.

How to get there

There are two railway stations in Karlovy Vary: Dolny Nadrazi, (Lower Station), located near the bus stop, and Horney Nadrazi (Upper Station), located north of the city center, on the other side of the Ohře River. Horni Nadrazi can be reached on foot in 10 minutes or by buses 11, 12 or 13.

Trains from Prague leave the railway station every 2 hours and arrive at Horni Nadrazi in 3 and a quarter of an hour. The ticket price is 323 kroons, the fee for the second person is 242 kroons, for the third - 162 kroons.

A bus ride is the cheapest way to get to Karlovy Vary from Prague. But if you are an avid train lover, the company “Thomas Cook European” offers an unforgettable journey along the scenic route that runs along the winding river channels.

In addition, trains to Loket (16 km, 30 minutes, 31 kroons) and Cheb (52 km, 45-60 minutes, 79 kroons) depart from Karlovy Vary every hour.

Every day, from 5 am to 8 pm, buses “Student Agency” take the route “Florenc (Prague) - Dejwick metro station”. The trip takes 2 hours. The cost of a full ticket is 160 CZK.

From the station Florenz depart buses and other companies, but they are much more expensive and less comfortable.

There are also buses from Prague and Cesky Krumlov to Karlovy Vary.

What are the prices for rest

Due to the high popularity of the resort, it is better to book hotels in advance, for example, on booking. Compare prices from different sites here. Еще один вариант размещения в Карловых Варах — снять жилье у местных, предложения можно посмотреть вот тут. Если же вы предпочитаете организованные туры — здесь можно посмотреть путевки в Карловы Вары из России.

Геотермальные источники

Всего в городе 12 источников, и в гостинице можно получить их перечень с описанием.

  • Скальный источник. Напор — 1,3 л/мин.
  • Гейзер Вридло. Время для посещения — с 6 утра и до 7 вечера. Напор — до 2000 л/мин. The entrance is free.
  • Лазне III — красивое здание со спа.
  • Лазне I — тоже здание со спа, здесь когда-то находились ванны императора Франца-Иосифа.

Смотровая башня "Диана"

(Vrch přátelství 5/1, тел. +420353222872). You can get here by cable car from the Mill Colonnade (40 kroner one way) or on foot along a walking tourist trail laid through the forest. For convenience, the tower is equipped with an elevator, entrance is free. From the observation deck offers a breathtaking view of Karlovy Vary and its surroundings. Nearby there is a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and a mini-zoo. Tower "Diana" deservedly refers to the list of attractions that are required to visit.

Description of the city

Karlovy Vary is a resort town belonging to the Czech Republic and famous primarily for its healing mineral springs, which annually attract a large number of tourists and are used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Another well-known first name is Carlsbad. The number of people living here is small and amounts to only about 50 thousand inhabitants. Karlovy Vary is located in the western part of the region of Bohemia in a picturesque place where the waters of the Tepa, Ohře and Rolava rivers merge.

Interesting fact: this resort became popular only at the end of the last century. After the so-called “velvet revolution” this place became actively sponsored, including by foreigners. Numerous hotels and resorts have undergone reconstruction, which allowed to achieve compliance with international standards and reach a new level.

Where to stay, how to move around the city?

Since Karlovy Vary is considered a resort town, there are quite a few accommodation options: comfortable hotels, hotels, and sanatoriums. Problems with booking rooms should not arise, but still if you decide to improve your health in the tourist season, it is better to take care of everything in advance.

The main public transport is buses that run on a schedule (you can find it at stopping points). You can buy tickets either at special kiosks or directly from the drivers, but the latter option will cost you a bit more.

Day and week passes are also available. Another way of moving is a taxi, but this method cannot be called a budget one. Two funiculars are popular with vacationers, one of which raises tourists to the observation tower, and the other to the famous Hotel Imperial.

Tip: if you have a driver's license, then you can rent a car and gain mobility. But the city has strict parking rules: it is allowed only in certain places and must be paid for, but some hotels have their own free parking.

What's so interesting?

What to see in a city like Karlovy Vary? Consider the main attractions of the resort:

  1. Observation tower with the proud name of Diana.
  2. Geyser colonnade, where you can see the eruption of water from the bowels of the earth.
  3. Church of St. Mary Magdalene.
  4. Peter and Paul Church.
  5. Mill Colonnade.
  6. Goethe Tower, which is also used as a lookout.
  7. Dvorzhakovy Gardens is a small but very beautiful green area in the center of the resort.
  8. Castle colonnade.
  9. Old lock.
  10. The market colonnade is considered one of the most amazing places and was originally a temporary structure.
  11. Garden colonnade.
  12. Sculpture dedicated to the deer, whom Charles the Fourth was trying to catch.

Culinary features

The cuisine of Karlovy Vary is traditional Czech, which is why it is dominated in a simple, rustic style, but at the same time very nourishing and appetizing dishes, such as cabbage cooked in various ways, boiled knee (baked pork knuckle), dumplings, duck, as well as world famous Czech beer.

Wafer “payments”, which are sold in other Czech regions, are considered to be the real symbol of the resort, but, most likely, they were first made here. Another local culinary attraction is the fortified liqueur “Bekherevka”, which was developed by Jan Beherev and presented as a health and refreshing drink.

To undergo treatment, improve the body or just relax your body and soul, go to Karlovy Vary!

Churches and temples. What are worth visiting

  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul. It was built in 1897 in the image and likeness of the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity near Moscow. The church has a colorful appearance and is crowned with five domes. In its interior decoration used numerous gifts of Russian aristocratic families. One of these gifts is a high relief with the image of Emperor Peter the Great.

  • The Church of St. Luke is an Anglican church, built at the expense of the English guests of the resort in 1877.

Museums. What are worth visiting

  • Museum of Karlovy Vary (23 Nova Louka street). Open from Wednesday to Saturday at 9: 00—12: 00 and 13: 00—17: 00. Dedicated to the history of the city. An adult ticket costs CZK 30, for children - CZK 15.
  • Jan Becher Museum (Masaryka street 57). Opening hours: 9: 00–17: 00. Dedicated to the creator of the liquor "Becherovka". A ticket for an adult will cost 100 kroons, children - 50 kroons.

Mineral springs of Karlovy Vary

Healing waters in the thermal springs helped restore the health of many generations of tourists. Since the XVI century, the aristocracy of Russia and Europe constantly visited these places for the correction of health.

Excursion rest is well combined with wellness treatments. Here you will not find giant shopping venues, noisy parties, discos. This is a place for a measured, relaxing holiday.

Without losing time, visit the thermal springs. Mineral springs are a landmark of the city. Today there are more than a hundred, but only 12 of them have medicinal qualities. Drinking treatment is carried out in compliance with certain rules. For example, it is necessary to drink water from a source from porcelain or glass cups. To enhance the healing effect you need to stay in peace of mind and balance. Treatment is recommended to combine with walking tours of the city.

Annual events in Karlovy Vary from May to October

To decide what to do in your free time in Karlovy Vary, you must take into account the season of the year when you visit the city. You may be a participant in cultural events:

  • first saturday may the opening of the holiday season is held - a costume show of Charles IV through the city streets,
  • 1st of May - cooking show: the best cooks of the city offer their meals and drinks to the guests of the city,
  • mid june - Karlovy Vary costume carnival,
  • in the first week of July The International Film Festival is taking place,
  • in September, on weekends, symphony orchestras perform on city streets. The holiday is arranged in honor of the composer Antonin Dvorak.

Reserve and interesting places

Fans of outdoor activities can go to the reserve "Slavkovsky Forest." This national monument of nature is amazingly beautiful. The Ohře River flows through the granite massif through a deep canyon among the bizarre pyramids. The most desperate can go on a canoe on it or leisurely stroll along the suspension bridge, on the way visiting local restaurants.
Here are the interesting cable rides. In Svatoshsky rocks you can try to learn climbing.

Travel to historical sites

Getting into Karlovy Vary, you touch the story. Fans of historical places will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Such places are located in the resort and its surroundings. Do not forget to look at the Christmas Museum, which sells Christmas souvenirs and decorations all year round.

Inquisitive tourists can plunge into the past by visiting:

  • Diana's lookout tower - from the observation deck of the tower you will see a panoramic view of the surroundings,

  • Goethe lookout tower - the oldest observation deck of the city. In 1945 it was called the I. Stalin's tower, but in the 60s it was renamed,
  • castle towerwhich adjoined to the castle built under Charles IV, but only she has survived to this day,
  • castle loket with gloomy dungeons and majestic towers. Here lives a dragon with whom you can meet,
  • Valech CastleThe building dates back to the 16th century.
  • Bečov nad Teplá - from the 13th century, the castle changed its owners many times, until, since 1945, it passed to the state.

Museums, churches, galleries of Karlovy Vary are favorite places for visiting tourists

Tourists visiting Karlovy Vary are pleased to note the following places they like:

  • Colonnades - curative sources hid beneath them. These are grand architectural creations. You will enjoy the carved elements of the wooden market colonnade,

  • Museum "Moser" demonstrates crystal and glass products made by famous masters of the manufactory,
  • Jan Becher Museumwhere you can find out the history of cocktails that were prepared on the basis of water from sources, taste beverages, buy souvenirs and different types of Becherovka,

  • Local Lore Museum (year of foundation - 1865) presents the history of the region, showing to visitors archaeological finds, historical documents,
  • Picture gallery - on its territory there are various exhibitions of sculptural and artistic art,
  • City Theater of Karlovy Vary - here was the premiere of Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro,
  • Church of St. Lukebuilt of red stone
  • Church of St. Mary Magdalenewhich originally belonged to the Order of the Crusaders,
  • Peter and Paul Church - The first Orthodox Church of the Austrian Empire,

  • Dvorzhakovy gardens - a cozy park with trees over 200 years old,
  • Rock "Oleniy Skok", on top of which is located a statue of a chamois - the symbol of Karlovy Vary

Apartments near landmarks

When planning a visit to this wonderful place for recreation and recreation, you need to take care of where to stay. The most convenient way is to book an apartment in the center of Karlovy Vary. Revelton suites - 8 spacious apartments - a combination of comfort, excellent service.

Here is a full-fledged kitchen, a cozy dining area, household appliances, comfortable beds, workplaces.

Upon arrival at the family hotel in Karlovy Vary Revelton suites You can go for a walk to interesting places that are within walking distance from you. You can walk to the hot spring and the Colonnade in 10 minutes.

It is impossible to describe all the sights of this magnificent Czech resort. Visit Karlovy Vary! Revelton Suites will give you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the middle of this amazingly beautiful city.

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Recommended places

  • Cafe Pizzeria “Venice” (Cafe Pizzeria “Venetia”, Zahradni 43, tel. +420 353 729 221). Be sure to try Tepla River Pizza for 120 CZK.
  • Restaurant “Jean De Carro” (“Jean De Carro”) is very spacious and beautiful, it’s a pity, the quality of food leaves much to be desired, despite the high prices.
  • “Parliament” (“Parlament”, Zeyerova street 5). Tables in the open air and delicious food. Sunday is a day off.
  • Skippek Steakhouse (Sklipek, Zeyerova Street 1, tel. +420 353 229 197). Here for 180 crowns served huge steaks.

Bars. Where to go

Karlovy Vary is the birthplace of Becherovka, which bears the name of its creator. Drink strong, for an amateur.

When choosing a place to rest, keep in mind that in establishments located near the river, drinks cost twice as much as 20 meters away from it, on the main street.

  • Cafe “Elephant” (“Elephant”, street Stara Louka 30). Coffee and cakes. The cost of coffee is 45 kroons.
  • Juice bar "Kokopelli" (Bulharska street 9). It offers juices and smoothies at prices ranging from 20 to 37 kroons.
  • Cafe “Brejk” (Stara Louka street 62). Opening hours: 9: 00–17: 00. In this cafe you can make your own baguette. Coffee costs 35 kroons, baguette - 50 kroons.
  • “Restaurace u Tomase” (Zeyerova Street 3). A variety of Czech dishes and large portions. Everything is prepared in the best way, and thanks to a large selection, even a sophisticated tourist will find something he has never tried before. The waiters are always friendly and willing to help. Different types of light beer and Pilsner Urquell are available for bottling. Lunch will cost 150-250 crowns.

How to move around the city

The city is not very big, and it is quite possible to walk on it, but a motorcycle or a car is useful for exploring the area. Orient on prices for car rental can be on the link.

Internet cafe (street Masaryka 31). Hours: 9: 00–21: 00. Cost - 48 CZK per hour.