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Autumn Wedding: Key Recommendations


Unpredictable weather in November will not be able to outweigh the balance with many advantages of organizing a wedding during this period. A wedding in the late autumn requires only more careful attention to details at the stage of preparation for the celebration.

Advantages of a wedding in November:

  • it is possible to choose any date of marriage registration,
  • the best places of the city are free
  • prices are reduced for all services of companies in organizing holidays,
  • a large selection of leading, organizers of celebrations, photographers, video operators,
  • availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables,
  • At this time it is often time for discounts and sales in salons,
  • the beginning of the season at overseas resorts, where you can go immediately after the celebration on a honeymoon trip.

Date picker

Experts advise for a successful marriage to choose the Friday of November. This day is under the auspices of Venus - the planet of love and beauty. It is not recommended to appoint solemn dates on the days of the new moon and the full moon. In the last days of November, the Christmas Fast begins. It is also not advisable to celebrate during the post.

  1. People believe that if it is raining or snowing on the wedding day, then the married life of the newlyweds will be happy and joyful.
  2. Frosty morning on the wedding day promises a young family strong and healthy firstborn.
  3. The groom on the morning of the wedding day before leaving the house takes with him autumn leaves and a rowan tree. Give the leaflet to the first woman to meet. Then the future spouse will be true. And if the first to meet the groom man. Then he needs to hand a branch of mountain ash. This is necessary so that the future family will always live in prosperity.
  4. Wealth also promises heavy snowfall on their wedding day, when snowflakes fall from the sky with flakes.

Banquet room design ideas

The color palette of autumn suggests successful options for decorating the solemn event. All shades of coffee, mustard, gold, chocolate, beige, burgundy.

The interior can be easily decorated with pumpkins and apples. They can be used as candlesticks and vases.

Branches in combination with the golden color of vases will be an exquisite addition to the banquet tables.

Dry autumn leaves in the interior will give a saturation of the holiday color scheme.

Candles will help to create a cozy and solemn look to the place of the banquet.

Instead of traditional guest cards, decorators advise using nominal apples during this period.

Flowers in vases will be well diluted with large autumn leaves.

On the chairs you can prepare holiday capes in the tone of the holiday.

Wicker fruit baskets emphasize the warm atmosphere of the refined interior in the spirit of autumn.

Flowers of the bride in the autumn colors will be well supplemented with leaves, branches of viburnum and mountain ash, cones.

Bride and Groom Clothing

Choose outfits for the wedding in the late autumn will be warmer. Dress the bride better to buy with long sleeves. It would be advisable to choose a dress length to the ankles. The bottom of a dress longer can easily get dirty. As a cape on the shoulders fit: fur coat or a light coat.

Instead of traditional nylon stockings in the cold season, the bride should prefer thick white pantyhose. As a shoe, it would be better to foresee 2 options: walking boots and shoes for a banquet.

When choosing a suit for the groom, you should give preference to dense fabrics, which include wool. Under the jacket it will be appropriate to wear a vest.

Hats can be provided for hats. For the bride, this option will be a good alternative to the veils.

Useful accessories

Useful things can be added to the bride and groom's outfits: gloves, umbrellas, boots, and scarves. They will protect from cold and rain. And also will be a wonderful bright accents on photos.

Photo shoot ideas

Partly taking pictures during the cold season can be held indoors. An interesting option would be to register a marriage and a wedding in a rented cottage or a mansion. Original photos can be obtained using a fireplace as a background.

The feature of photographs on nature in late autumn lies in the contrast of the celebration with the fading nature, the magnificent view of the young with the cloudy sky. A good photographer skillfully combines these nuances in their work.

As attributes for shooting in nature, you can also use old furniture.

Bright umbrellas will be a great addition to the image of the young.

In Russia, in the old days often played weddings in November. When all field work is completed, the harvest is removed and there is still time before fasting. And it is easy to compensate for the vagaries of the weather with a bright festive decoration and hot love of the newlyweds.

Autumn charm: the pros and cons

Autumn weddings are full of warmth and comfort, nature is painted with an incredible palette that will become a real decoration of your holiday. This fascinating season gives a large number of seasonal fruits and vegetables, magical flowers, which can be safely used in the menu and decor. Sweet tables can be replaced with homemade pies and fruit tables, and in the decor instead of flowers to use yellowed leaves and gifts of nature.

Autumn wedding is a very spiritual holiday, which nature itself helps to create. But autumn can “please” couples not only with warm sunsets and bright colors, but also with prolonged rains or even the first snow. That is why, when planning an autumn wedding, it is necessary to take into account all the possible vagaries of the weather.

The venue for the ceremony should be chosen taking into account all these nuances. If your dream is a wedding in the open air and a ceremony outside, then a fallback option is simply necessary: ​​it can be an awning for the street, covered verandas, as well as umbrellas and raincoats for guests. The most winning option is a half-open restaurant hall, a studio or a loft with large windows and a bewitching landscape in the background.

For a warm autumn ceremony, pick up the original area: it may be an old manor or a hall with a fireplace. For a banquet or buffet, it is better to look for cozy restaurants with a beautiful interior or spacious cottages among the forest. Pay special attention to details - umbrellas and blankets for guests, removable walking shoes, tents and other protection for all areas of the wedding evening.

Stylistics and themes

Especially interesting in the preparation of the autumn wedding is the choice of style. You can stay on a rustic, retro wedding or vintage style, choose the charm of the classics or create an autumn fairy-tale journey. Manors in age-old parks will be an excellent option for a classic autumn wedding. The interior in warm colors with bright accents, thick curtains on the windows and velvet furniture will emphasize the sophistication and refinement of the decor.

For a cozy and small wedding will suit the style of travel, hunting, with animal motifs or a relaxed rustic. Inspire on the theme of the autumn wedding can and traditional autumn materials: felt, yarn, wool. Checkered colors and cozy knitted linen will be hits of the wedding evening! Candles acquire a special charm in the fall: they can also be made key elements of the decor and theme of the wedding.

The standard colors of autumn - yellow, orange and red - can be replaced by more subtle and sophisticated options: mustard, ocher, wine, burgundy, purple, emerald, chocolate. And you can add to the palette of pastel shades, to further emphasize the depth and unusual colors. Add gray, pink, mint, dusty blue.

Images of the bride and groom

Light and flying dresses without sleeves are replaced by more closed dresses of a complex and unusual design, made of thicker materials. Lace dresses with sleeves will look very nice: long, “bat”, 3/4. Inserts of felt and even thin felt will make the dress such that it will be impossible to tear your eyes off it.

Instead of a long train, choose an elegant, original trim on the bottom of the dress: after all, for a wet autumn weather the train is not the most practical option (with the exception of the wedding, which takes place entirely indoors). If dreams of a light, flying, airy dress do not give you peace, then take care to warm yourself. Fortunately, autumn accessories for brides are so diverse now!

It can be a cardigan with lace trim or embroidery, a light coat, a jacket or a knitted sweater, you can even choose a poncho or a warm flannel shirt, if the style allows. Give a highlight to your image, but do not weigh it with fur or too “winter” outerwear. Autumn is the time of the most unusual footwear: rubber boots, ankle boots or suede shoes of bright colors - a great accent even in the most conservative way.

Autumn is literally created for men who love vintage style and non-classical versions of images: warm vests and jackets made of thick fabrics, plain or checkered, interesting patterned shirts, sweaters and cardigans, coats, colorful chinos and, of course, hats! A common bow with hats for a walk will look just great!

Autumn in the decor

Autumn decor is the sophistication, complexity of colors and natural materials. Branches and leaves, moss, acorns and nuts, cones and needles, seasonal vegetables and fruits are used for decoration. The main thing at the autumn wedding is to create a mood. It will help to convey a warm and sincere atmosphere to the correct lighting - garlands of light bulbs, candlesticks and lanterns, candles everywhere - that which is necessary for a warm and bright celebration.

Textures play an important role in the decor of the autumn wedding. In fabrics, prefer flax, velvet, brocade, vintage knitted lace and velvet. Tree cuts and other wooden decorative elements will help to create your home mood.

Compositions on the tables and bouquet can be collected from both delicate flowers (fragrant peony roses and the first ranunculus), and from the “garden” flowers, which will give charm and comfort to any decor: dahlias, asters, ears and dried flowers, succulents, rowan berries and hypericum .

At the ceremony and at the entrance to the hall for a wedding dinner you can hang wreaths woven from branches and leaves. Add in them cinnamon, cloves, dried citrus fruits and fruit, and the fragrance of tenderness and autumn will flow through the hall. And at the ceremony, rose petals can be replaced by bright autumn leaves.


For the proper decoration of the autumn wedding decor, it is necessary first of all to think, and what do you associate autumn with? Of course, with yellowed and purple leaves, cool evening weather, as well as various vegetables, because in the fall there is the main harvest from fields and orchards.

The main colors to be used in the wedding decoration are yellow, purple, orange, chocolate, bronze and brown. Of course, you cannot use everything at once, choose a pair of shades most acceptable to you and maintain in this color scheme all the subtleties of wedding decor. It is these little things that will give the wedding a special charm and composure.

As for the design of the wedding decor, classical still-lifes of the XIX century artists, for example, can be a great idea, do not be surprised, but this is what you need.

Do not be afraid to use various fruits and vegetables in the decoration of the tables, which symbolize the autumn season, for example, pumpkins, apples and grapes, pears and other herbs, they will help give a special flavor to your banquet.

Planting cards, which are made in the form of apples with a leaflet, look very interesting. By the way, do not forget that the same vegetables and fruits are suitable for decorating a wedding procession, a bride's bouquet and, for example, the groom's boutonniere.

How to decorate the hall?

As we have said, everything should be combined in color and decor, if you have already chosen what style the banquet table will look like, then it’s already much easier to work with the banquet hall, you just need to add it.

Do not forget about the flowers, they are the main decoration of the entire hall, and their composition with various vegetables and fruits, the addition of wreaths of grapes and wheat, can become a stylish and original decoration of the banquet room.

It is best to choose flowers that bloom in the autumn season in order to best emphasize the seasonality of your solemn event, as well as to keep up with nature. Perfect asters, decorative sunflowers, chrysanthemums and dahlias, and, of course, roses, where without them.

Do not forget about the autumn foliage, which can be a great assistant in the design of a wedding banquet. For example, they can decorate invitations or use wreaths for individual elements of the decor, for example, hanging them on the front doors, or the young archway is beautiful for them.

By the way, candles, as many candles as possible, can become another indispensable element in the design of a wedding decor. They are able to create an intimate and reverent atmosphere at the right time, and are also an excellent element of both the banquet table and any other corner of the wedding hall.

Use candles of a suitable shade, they can be decorated with cinnamon sticks and a golden ribbon. Golden tableware, same napkins and tablecloths are perfectly combined with the autumn wedding theme.

  • Wedding in cowboy style. If your event falls on the first months of autumn, as well as you are crazy about westerns, wild fuse and cowboys, then this styling of the wedding is just for you. Such a wedding is quite possible to organize in a country house or a club.
  • Wedding in retro style. If the street is already cool, the idea of ​​a retro wedding can perfectly fit into your plans. The bride's wedding dress can be complemented with a hat or a veil, as well as an elegant coat with a fur trim.
  • Wedding in a rustic style. Perfect for those who honor the tradition, enjoys the dacha craft, as well as convinced vegetarians and lovers of the "green" lifestyle. This "fruitful" wedding is best carried out in a large house with a garden, and a banquet room is suitable, which is filled with a large number of living plants.

Dress and costume

Autumn wedding dress is a matter of your own convictions and taste, it does not require any special rules. The only thing is better if the bride still takes into account the climate of the place where the wedding will take place in order not to freeze or, conversely, not to fry.

It is best to choose strapless models and sleeves, but stock up on a cape. The case, of course, is individual, but you can not take off the sleeves and straps if it is hot, but you can always drop the cape or put it back on.

If you decide to adhere to a certain direction, then this should also apply to a wedding dress, which should correspond to a wedding in the autumn style.

It is better to use cream dresses, as well as champagne colors, the same applies to dress decoration: it can be made in a golden color, for example, from beads or pearls. The main rule for a wedding dress: the bride should feel comfortable in it, it should fit the figure, choose the dress of which you have dreamed all your life and then you will be happy.

As for the groom, it is better to choose a suit that will be made of textured and soft fabrics, be sure to stick to warm shades. You can add a bright orange detail to the image or boutonniere of the groom or, for example, a small fragment of the bride's bouquet.

Golden autumn. Wedding of Olga and Anton

Olga and Anton presented their wedding beautiful in design, but without the dark or red hues, which are often offered for the autumn holidays. Having thought about everything well, the organizers suggested choosing a date for the wedding in early October, when autumn in Moscow is not cold, and everything around is covered with golden leaves. Thus was born the concept of "Golden Autumn", which is ideally suited for this pair.

Mysterious wedding of Paul and Anastasia

To prepare for this autumn wedding was only 29 days. The style of celebration was chosen when the restaurant was approved, and he immediately recalled the castle from the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast." I wanted to leave this mystery and a sense of nature around!

September for two. Elena and Dmitry wedding

“It all started with a dream of perfect decor and a cozy autumn history of our wedding. The celebration was destined to happen in a beautiful place - the Bon Ton country club: chalets, carved pavilions, trout ponds, hilly terrain surrounded by forest - it seemed the landscape itself was realized from our dream. We chose the right place, but for a real fairy tale there were still not enough lights, decorative snags, dwarf pumpkins, autumn colorful flowers, guests warming up with cozy blankets, and mulled wine ... ”- the bride herself told about her September wedding.

Wedding on the island. Maria and Leonid

The wedding organizers of this amazingly bright and perky autumn wedding, as if in the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”, did not frighten either the island on the Volga, nor the rain, nor the original decor in the form of flying umbrellas. As the bride herself admitted, the preparation time was one of the best in her life, and her wildest fantasies were embodied in the design!

Autumn wedding of Lesha and Tanya in the style of rustic at the water

Совершенно уникальное и атмосферное место на берегу Пироговского водохранилища очаровало Алексея и Татьяну с первого взгляда. Баржа, понтон, дом, хижина, ресторан на воде… Уютный самобытный мирок заиграл по-новому, вобрав в себя все богатство осенних красок и умиротворение природы этой поры! Тыквы, сено, теплый свет, кленовые листья, калина, георгины, физалис, дерево, пшеница стали главными «кирпичиками» в создании элегантной осенней сказки на воде в этом зачарованном и необычном месте.

Berry autumn wedding of Anton and Alexandra

The exit wedding ceremony took place in early September and took place in a park in a shady place, under the slope of huge trees, where the guys read each other oaths of loyalty. They read as if at that moment there was only one in the whole world. The main decoration of the autumn wedding was the selected palette of bright enough, rich, berry shades, which very boldly and harmoniously contrasted with yellowing foliage.

The Wheel of Fortune. The wedding of Christina and Anton

Despite the fact that it was September, almost all the effects of this romantic and cozy autumn wedding were transferred to the street. Christina and Anton were obviously lucky with the weather, and the real Petersburg clouds added a certain charm to the triumph.

Cool Wedding Greetings

You fell in love with each other at first sight,
And now, finally, got married!
We want you to live correctly,
And on the cinema, and cafes do not go
And at night, when it gets darker,
Quickly start already making children.
Your parents urgently need grandchildren,
And then they die, poor things, out of boredom!

Congratulations on the wedding of the groom's parents

Happy wedding, family, we congratulate you
And only wish good in life -
Great happiness, health, success,
Comfort, wealth in the house, joy, laughter!
You son want to be a great husband
With a good job, a decent salary,
The master of a strong walk in life
Spouse cherish, love, respect!
We wish the bride to be a gentle wife
A support for the husband, the hostess of the diligent,
Cheerful, caring, wise with
That the house be filled with happiness and joy!
Native, nice, cute children,
No more beautiful couple on the whole planet
Hope the Lord let you make your way,
And the Angel protects from troubles and tribulations!
Parents in life do not need much
Only happiness and joy are always with you,
To make your wishes come true more often,
And the goals and plans easily succeeded!
We wish you a wonderful journey to the world of happiness,
Where are your friends and acquaintances smiling,
Let your dawn's love shine brighter,
So that only at the wedding, at least a thousand - Bitter!

Congratulations on the Wedding Bride from parents

Happy wedding, daughter, dear bride,
To face you a wedding veil!
In family life, bright, interesting
We wish the sun, peace and good!
May God keep from evil, trouble, sadness
And the path will indicate the right among the roads
So that you got rich with your husband, flourished,
Not knowing pain, bitterness, anxiety!
Let every day bring you only joy
And gives the light of family warmth,
So that you bloom, smiling friends
And she was very happy!
Let your happiness grow stronger over the years,
Boils of love healing spring,
Bypass house sickness and bad weather,
So that was a wonderful life even a moment!
Let with the warmth of wishes, wishes
The world will come to you in the family, comfort and harmony ...
And make the maximum effort -
We are waiting for funny little grandchildren!
In an instant, matured, daughter,
Under the dance of exquisite colors,
We wish that at the wedding only "bitter"
And in life - happiness, joy and love!

Beautiful congratulations on your wedding day

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you well,
Congratulations on your marriage guys!
May your life be generous to the joy
Beautiful, fun, successful, rich!
Fill the days with love and happiness
Hearts of warmth carry over the years
Let your dreams come true,
And the laughter of babies will take away all the hardships!

The original long greeting for the wedding

At the wedding, I wish you a sea of ​​warmth,
So that life is wonderful, bright was
Great happiness, smiles of friends,
Merry laughter and sunny days!
Let life warms the warmth of marriage
And over the years, the family union,
Where there is no sadness, adversity, melancholy
And troubles bypass your home in the distance!
So that the heart would laugh, and the soul would sing,
Let the stork bring a baby to your house
And with him a lot of the most pleasant troubles,
With parental happiness that the mountains will turn!
Go through life without the pain of loss
So that every step you take is joyfully rich,
Relatives and friends invite to tea
And laugh merry chase sadness!
Let your dreams come true,
Anxiety dispel the warmth of kindness,
Live in harmony one hundred happy years
Family treasure! Love and advice!

Long beautiful wedding greetings to newlyweds

Newlyweds congratulations!
So that the days were happy -
I wish you a cozy house
With a cherry orchard by the river!
And in it a chic setting,
To make time cool
And no problem, easy and clever,
Dreams come true!
I wish you a cool car,
Cash in the bank without a number
Do not know the loss, make friends with luck,
To conduct everything properly!
I wish you strong health
And the most ardent love,
So that trouble sweeping away,
You went through life without anxiety!
Wonderful mood holiday
Let him give you every year
Emotions joyful moments
With laughter, cheerfulness bears!
I wish you enjoy life
Do not deprive yourself of anything
Children grow up, love to swim
And do not forget about friends!

Wedding in the fall: the pros

1. You will save on organizations up to 20% of the budget!

Autumn wedding is less popular than, for example, summer. Accordingly, the demand for the services of organizers, presenters, musicians, photographers is falling. In turn, this makes prices 10-20% lower than during the peak period. This is a good option to save the budget by inviting worthy professionals to serve the event.

2. You will receive colorful photos

Autumn foliage is one of the most original options for photos. Gold and purple foliage on the trees, the same carpet of leaves on the grass, ruby ​​clusters of mountain ash in the frame - a wedding photo shoot in the fall may be such that you envy the other couples, deciding that they hurried with the wedding. A good photographer will select unusual compositions that will highlight your photos among the standard ones in the style “against the background of greenery”.

3. Any registry office at any time. This is real? Autumn yes!

As I wrote above, a wedding in the autumn is not the most popular option. In my opinion, this is an undeserved attitude to this time of year. But it is in the hands of those who still planned their wedding for one of the autumn months. You do not need to look for a free date three months before the wedding at the only free registry office in Yekaterinburg. The ceremony will be organized at a convenient time for you.

4. Comfortable weather

It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Familiar? Neither the first nor the second option can not bring the maximum pleasure from the wedding, given that your appearance should be at the height. And autumn (especially September and October) is a very comfortable time of the year, for those who can not stand the heat and do not like the cold.

5. Want an exit ceremony? Why not! At the beginning of autumn it is real

A wedding in September is your last chance before spring to organize an exit ceremony. A bright colors of nature, the generosity of Indian summer, will create for you a romantic atmosphere for a holiday.

6. Honeymoon: saving again!

Cheap trips to world resorts, cheap flights, free hotels, a small number of tourists - this is all to your advantage if you have an autumn wedding. This is a period when everyone returns from vacations, so it is much more profitable for you to go on holiday.

7. Unusual wedding bouquet in golden colors of autumn

A wedding in the fall is pleased with the design in all plans: a restaurant, clothes, registration of the registry office and, which is very important, a wedding bouquet. Every bride dreams of being luxurious. I'm right? Tones of bright autumn colors will add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The bridal bouquet and her bridesmaids, the groom's boutonniere, the décor of the banquet hall or off-site check-out will all look as impressive as possible if you use traditional autumn flowers. Dahlias and asters, gladioli and chrysanthemums of rich shades will be the hallmark of your wedding.

8. High probability that all the guests whom you invite will come

If, for example, making a wedding in the summer, you need to bear in mind that some of your guests will not be able to attend, as they will be on holiday. In the fall, most likely, most of the guests will come from holidays and will be able to attend your celebration.

Fall Wedding: Cons

1. The weather can fail

Yes, I indicated the weather as one of the advantages for a wedding in the autumn. But the autumn winds and rains - no one has canceled. However, you should not despair, because the weather is not the main thing at the wedding. A skilled photographer will make beautiful photos in any weather. After all, in summer there are weather vagaries. The only thing worth thinking about. This wardrobe: boots, jacket for the bride, umbrellas for the couple and for guests. This is especially true of those who are scheduled to have a wedding in October or November.

2. Exit ceremonies. Maybe?

Yes, perhaps, if we are talking about September, as mentioned above. A wedding in November or October will not allow you to realize the exit ceremony. Firstly, few of the organizers provide such a function, and secondly, the risk is too great that all efforts and preparation will be wasted if the weather is not favorable to you.

3. You can forget about the buffet on the terrace of the restaurant

Yes, it will not be possible to seat guests at outdoor tables in the late autumn. But the buffet itself, due to the abundance of the new crop, can be quite original. Both in the menu and in the design.

4. Not all traditional wedding photo shoot locations are available.

Those places that you could use in the summer may not be available in the fall. For example, there is a risk of dirt in the field or in the forest. Or places near the river will be unavailable for the same reason. You hardly want to risk. However, an experienced photographer knows what to do. He will be able to organize a photo session in a botanical garden that is looser than in summer, or he will offer country comfortable places where there are paved paths that do not allow to get dirty and many other options

5. Not afraid to get sick?

Autumn is a big risk to catch a cold. Part of your guests may not come due to a surge in the incidence of ARVI.

A professional will help with the organization of autumn weddings

To make your autumn holiday unforgettable, ask about the individual nuances of professionals who are engaged in organizing weddings, or provide services of a different nature (photo and video operators, presenters, animators). The Internet allows you to quickly connect with experts who give good advice from their experience.

I, the wedding photographer Alexander Malinin, are ready to advise on the organization of the autumn wedding not only in terms of holding a photo shoot, but also on organizing the ceremony, the plan for the whole wedding day, the wardrobe of the bride and groom, since all this is directly or indirectly related to my work, to me we have to take into account all these nuances.