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What to do in the village to earn money tips and tricks


They say that from work on the ground only one hump grows. Wealth does not make. Indeed, the labor of the rural worker is not easy. But is happiness only in money ?! Not in wealth is one thing, the main thing - wealth and peace in the family. The heroes of our material live in one of the Belarusian villages, work on their land and are completely self-sufficient.

Magazine Economy tell by their example how to grow ordinary strawberries you can earn almost a million rubles (Russian) per season. Perhaps this experience will serve for some of our readers as a starting point for starting their own berry business.

Doing their own economy prompted lack of money

Good afternoon, dear readers. My name is Alexander, I am 30 years old, I live in Belarus in the village of Mezhles'ye. I used to live in Luninets, then got married and moved to a rural house, inherited from my mother's parents. My story is about how to make money on agriculture, having only a piece of land on hand, where to start and how to get along with difficulties.

What to do when there is no normal work in the village

The average salary of an ordinary worker in our area is $ 150, and it’s almost impossible to find something more worthwhile without having the cronyism. Considering that the wife was already waiting for the second child, it was impossible to live on such money.

Together with the child allowance, our family budget was about $ 220, most of which went to children, at the very least fed and on the rest, about repairs, new clothes or some other acquisitions was out of the question. Constant financial problems prompted us to start our own business, especially since the prosperous farming in our area was a good example for our family.

Breeding pigs. Pros and cons

A dollar now costs 1.9 Belarusian rubles. A couple of piglets - 300 rubles, a chicken - 8. There are, of course, advantages in this: both chickens and piglets are well bought, making a profit. Chickens were fed feed, grain and greens. Pigs first - feed and greens, but then moved mainly to small potatoes, which in our area could be bought at ridiculous prices.

However, they didn’t have much experience in this matter, it’s already a lot of drawbacks when trying to expand livestock. The main problem was infection, because of the invasion of swine flu, the farms were closed, the pig meat was utilized. As a result, the breeding of pigs began to temporarily prohibit, so ended our livestock activities, the desire completely disappeared.

It is a lot of investments: building, rent of rooms, the equipment, purchase of equipment - flies out to a good pretty penny.

And despite the fact that in our country, thanks to the policy of the president, the farmer can receive loans, not the fact that these loans will be able to repay (because of the invasion of another infection).

How much can you earn by keeping pigs on the farm

I can’t say that it’s not worth doing pig breeding at all, we are currently keeping boar and sow, as well as 2-3 pigs for meat. Thus, the sale of piglets from sows provides feed for our pig farms. And the sale of excess fat and meat is profit.

We sell pigs of slaughter weight. That is, we do not divide into meat, fat, legs, bones, but we hand over the whole carcass as a whole. At the beginning of last winter, 5 Belarusian rubles were handed over. for 1 kg. Profit depends on the weight of the carcass. Also we sell fat here, in the village, there are enough people willing. At the moment, at a price of 7 rubles. for 1 kg. (on the market - 8 rubles.), This is normal fat, and not one skin, or “undertree”.

Breed of pigs "White large".

They wanted to switch to black and motley, but changed their mind, for some people, the development of pigs of this breed after 3 months of fattening for some reason slowed down. It is also worth saying that growing pigs up to 150 kg to one and a half years is not worth it. It is not always possible, often a pig, having approached or stepping over the annual threshold, slows down in the increase in live weight, becomes unprofitable, fat is hard, which is why products are not in demand. The best option is 8 months, during which the animal gains an average of about 100 kg.

Chickens. Benefits and risks

We keep about 30 chickens, reducing their number for the winter, adding to the young in spring, which we get from our own small incubator. The sale of surplus eggs provides “chicken farming” feed and brings a small profit. Eggs sell at 2 rubles. for a dozen. Disperses well, homemade eggs are better than the store, and the price is small. We sell mostly right here in the village. There are already regular customers, sometimes we carry to the market.

Profit is different. It all depends on the time of year (in winter, the chickens rush worse), and on how many eggs we use ourselves. On average, 20 eggs a day go on sale in the summer; a total of 20 × 30 is 60 dozen, or $ 63 of income. In winter, this amount decreases at best by half, and in summer it is approximately. This is the limit.

We don’t see any sense to develop further in this direction, it’s too great risks and costs. We switched to crop production, the matter is less expensive, although not always profitable, which I will talk about further.

And potatoes turned out to be costly

Switched to crop production. There was a question what culture to do. They didn’t particularly want to spend money, so the carrots widespread in our area immediately disappeared. To grow it you need huge areas, equipment and workers. Potatoes also fell off, in general, in my opinion, it is not profitable: large areas, technology and hired power. The costs of cultivation (planting, fertilizer, the fight against parasites) are large, and the products themselves are quite cheap, not the fact that the land is freaking, it is easy to get losses instead of profits.

Growing strawberries is a worthwhile matter.

We decided to go in for strawberries, starting with little or no investment. Our soils are peat-marsh and sod-podzolic, which make it possible to do this crop. It does not require special areas. We own two plots left over from grandparents, with a total area of ​​about 40 acres, and we decided to start there.

The result of labor always pleases the gardener.

How to grow strawberries for sale

There were no problems with saplings, we walked through acquaintances and gathered for the first landing. We started with the so-called varietal “Assorted”. We landed in the fall, in early September, the first harvest was received the following year. It is better to plant strawberries in the autumn, it can be done both in September and in October, given that the first frosts in our area can be expected only in November. It is better to breed strawberries with a mustache when it is still far from frost: in late August - early September. Before the frost, she will have time to take up and grow strong in order to move the winter well.

We transplant strawberries every three years, during this period it is most fertile. It makes no sense to hold longer, the berry shrinks, the yield drops. As a result, you lose in money due to a decrease in yield, the strawberries that have been shredded are not in demand and are only suitable for delivery to procurement offices, where they pay mere pennies for it.

For 7 years, as we are engaged in this crop, we have six beds. Every year two who have worked their own, plowing, plant two new ones. It is not necessary to plant strawberries in the old beds, on the ground, plowed after the strawberries, sow garlic, which is in quite good demand and easy to grow. A year after garlic, you can squeeze strawberries again. Thus, it is better to immediately divide the total area into the required number of parts, so that there is enough space for everything.

How to grow a good harvest of berries in the open field

Fertilize the soil before planting rotting manure, fresh - can "burn" the plants. They also tried potash fertilizers, but did not feel the big difference, but manure was a free fertilizer, considering that it is produced by our own economy. As for the annual top dressing, I advise you to feed the plants three times a year: in spring, summer and autumn, but I will share my own experience.

Top dressing bushes in spring

It all depends on how the strawberry looks. If it is green, strong and healthy, then I go around without top dressing. The fact is that excessive application of fertilizer creates conditions for the vigorous growth of bushes, and the result will be just the opposite: a small number of berries and their long ripening.

Summer dressing is nonsense. I have never used and do not see the need for it. Autumn is necessary to “charge” your bushes with nutrients so that they can well endure wintering.

I will not advise you on specific methods of fertilizing, they depend on the soil and weather conditions, I constantly change my options. The result can be seen in the spring, as far as the strawberry plot needs to be additionally planted with new bushes. Strawberries for this purpose we take from the area intended for plowing. Returning to the theme of summer feeding, I will say that I consider it inexpedient, since it is well replaced by mulching.


Tried to use straw and sawdust, they are easily accessible. We stopped on sawdust, they are easier to fill, no need to crawl near each bush. The straw is slyorzhivaetsya and subsequently prevents weeding. Sawdust is better to take as small as possible, easier to pour, do not remain on the leaves, it is better to crumble under a bush. This method of mulching takes much less time.

Mulching is necessary so that the berries lying on the ground are not rot, are not covered with mold, are not dirty. Also, thanks to sawdust, the soil becomes more loose, soft and breathable, which is why frequent loosening is no longer required. In addition, rotting sawdust is in itself a fertilizer.

Weeding and hilling

We do it twice a year: in the spring, just before mulching, and in the fall, just before feeding. It is possible more often, but these are money expenses, since we have to hire workers for weeding, mulching and assembling berries. We hire people for one day, in the surrounding villages there are special brigades that we hire in the morning and deliver in the evening. We pay every day after work. The cost of work over the past year was 2.5 Belarusian rubles per hour.

Hilling spend themselves in the spring and autumn. It does not allow weeds to grow much. Thanks to the irrigation system, the irrigation of the plantation also does not require hiring workers.

As for mowing strawberries for the winter, it depends on your desire. If you have a small plantation, perhaps, it is better not to mow: mowed strawberries tolerate much more cold, especially in a snowless winter. But we have to mow, otherwise we will have to pinch the antennae twice a month or watch the strawberries grow.

Sales of agricultural products - where to sell strawberries to farmers

We do this both through second-hand dealers and directly. The main sales market is Moscow, but the surplus is selling to local resellers. The benefit for the transportation of this product does not need heavy trucks, but any car is enough; we have this role as a cargo minibus.

So sell strawberries in Moscow.

When selling through resellers, of course, we lose a lot and, if possible, it is better not to do this, but we do not have enough time and energy to sell all products directly. But even despite this, we earn enough for the season to not need until the next time: we made repairs at home, arranged the plot, bought two cars for me and my wife. We bought a small bus from last harvest, which serves to collect workers and transport products, before that we had to rent.

What sort of strawberries to choose

Here you can not guess. No matter what anyone says, you should try it yourself. Now we use the Honey variety, last year we received the first small crop. The berries are strong, large, sweet, they are great for transportation. Let's see how he will show himself this year.

With regard to the choice of varieties for yield, so it is - a bad job. If the variety showed itself well under Minsk, this does not mean that it will also show itself near Brest.

Anyway, the year is not necessary for the year. This year the harvest is better from one variety, the next from another. It affects the soil and weather. Therefore, we both started with “Assorted” and left it, we try as much as possible new varieties.

Factors Affecting Farmer's Profits

It all depends on various factors. For example, if the summer is rainy, then your strawberries will ripen poorly and rot a lot due to the lack of sun, the berries will be small, they will be few. There will be a lot of sun, without rain - it dries. But at least with the heat you can fight with watering. But he will not replace the real rain.

Our profit last year amounted to 33,890 Belarusian rubles ($ 17,800 or 978,060 Russian rubles), but this does not mean at all that in the new year we will not be able to earn more. Everything matters: land, weather, our efforts. From this depends on yield, and therefore profit. One thing is clear, strawberries are profitable. And most importantly, it is easy to do it, it is worth starting! It does not require large investments. Good luck and you!

Is it possible to earn as much in a village as in a city

When moving to a village, any person is interested in the question of making money there, because the number of employment options in villages and small villages is radically different from that in cities. There is no such scope in the choice of profession.

As a rule, the level of wages in large urban-type settlements (urban-type settlements), cities and megalopolises is several times higher. But this does not mean that the labor of the rural population cannot be paid at the same level.

The scope of crafts in the village is large and depends on the skills and capabilities of people living in a particular territory. Farmers competently farm and do land work, craftsmen do handicrafts, teachers earn money by tutoring. Any capable person finds something for himself.

The villagers are famous for their handicrafts; therefore, recognized masters earn no less than any city dweller. Self-made household items are in demand and sold for a good price in the same villages and beyond.

The villagers are freer and more independent people. In cities, work consists in fulfilling the duties established by the authorities, but the earnings for citizens of such employment are more stable.

The farther from the city, the more free time that can be spent on the development of new professions and crafts. It is always useful to study and engage in self-development and, moreover, new classes bring monetary rewards when properly organized.

What does that require

It’s unlikely that it will be possible to earn 1,000,000 in the village, but it is quite possible to secure comfortable living for yourself and your family if you make some efforts. Since the specialization of classes in the villages is narrow, it often happens that there is simply no work.

In this case, additional work comes to the rescue. The easiest option is to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits in the garden and sell them in the city. But this is not the only way to make money.

To start making a profit, options for generating income are considered and an action plan is created. Based on their capabilities, each native of the village determines for himself the best way to develop the sought-after craft.

Much attention is paid to an independent assessment of the possible outcome of the intended actions. The chosen direction should be relevant, since in the absence of a permanent source of income (and therefore savings), one cannot be mistaken.

When planning, consider all the nuances and possible problems, as well as think over ways to solve them. Consider that all rural entrepreneurs did not achieve a positive result immediately, it took time and labor.

A native of the village, who owns agricultural machinery (combine, tractor), earns her up to 5,000 rubles per order.

Write articles

Writing unique texts (copywriting) under the force of any person who has a computer, access to the Internet and writing skills. Such work is perfect for everyone, regardless of age, social group and main profession.

Numerous freelance exchanges offer different earnings, but there is always enough work. Choose a topic in which you understand and share your experience and information with the public.

Even pensioners and teenagers from 14 years old, who have mastered the computer and studied the basics of the profession, can earn money on writing articles in the village. The level of profit depends on the time spent and the quality of the content.

Mastering the profession of a copywriter does not take much time, so the first money will come pretty soon. The author’s earnings are usually 500-1000 per day at full employment.

Residents of the village who know foreign languages, will earn on the translation of texts - such work is paid much higher.

To breed animals

Breeding domestic cattle for meat is a fairly profitable activity. Farmers take their goods to the cities, where they get good revenues.

Taking products 1-2 times a week to the urban market, many find ways to wholesale and successfully expand production, which is beneficial for both parties.

Фермерские продукты из деревни дорого стоят, но пользуются спросом в больших городах, так как натуральное мясо, яйца и молочные продукты гораздо качественнее продукции, полученной в искусственных условиях.

Выращивать фрукты и овощи

Занятие садоводством приносит неплохие деньги при выращивании овощей и фруктов на продажу. Implementing the harvest is easy, harder to do it all the time.

In the presence of a sales market, many landowners successfully develop business in the winter, realizing the greens grown at home and greenhouse vegetables in nearby cities. Profit from such a business goes all year round.

Even a child can harvest berries and fruits, therefore the whole family participates in business activities.

Those people who have an underground cellar on the site grow mushrooms for sale. There is little time spent on this and special conditions, and such activity does not require effort. Oyster mushrooms are most often grown, they grow quite quickly and do not take up much space.

Sell ​​honey

The maintenance of the apiary is a great business for the village. Honey is expensive and always in demand. Beekeepers make initial investments at the first stage of commerce development, which in a couple of years fully pay off.

Sale of natural products of beekeeping brings a good income to the owner of the apiary and pays for the cost of keeping bees.

Make handmade jewelry

Needlework has long ceased to be a simple hobby, people earn good money, making unique things with their own hands. The craftsmen weave beautiful baskets and willow furniture.

Such self-made things are highly appreciated by hand-made lovers. Handicrafts of this kind are ideal for women. Schoolchildren, too, do an excellent job with simple manipulations.

All sorts of home-made decorations are a great addition to the interior of city apartments, so the demand for them is high among urban residents.

Good profits and bring wood products. Artistic wood carving has always been in fashion, the manual method increases the value of such work several times.

How much can you earn in the village

The amount of cash earned is determined by several factors. The main one is the demand for the services provided. If there is a demand for the fruits of your labor, then there will be a reward for the work.

The size of the fee depends on the type of activity. For example, owners of equipment (construction machines, lawn mowers, agricultural machines) make a profit for providing units for rent or working on them independently.

The price tag is set by the owner of the special equipment, usually it varies from 1000 to 5000 for the execution of one order.

The salary for the sale of actually grown vegetables, fruits and berries depends on the scale of trade. Bulk sell cheaper, but more convenient. Retail is most appreciated.

For example, selling dairy products, chicken eggs and meat, the farmer has the right to set their own prices - the quality of such a product is by definition better than that of products with the addition of impurities.

Freelancers receive from 200-300 rubles for 1 article, a clearly defined daily plan helps to get a fixed amount every month.

Tip 1. Constantly learn

It's never too late to learn. Nothing prevents you from learning new professions without leaving your home. Find a business that not only has commercial prospects, but also provides aesthetic pleasure and thoroughly study it. Perhaps it is a favorite activity will be the main source of income in the village.

Dumpling shop

Looking for ideas on how to make money in the village? Pay attention to the production of ravioli. Such a thing does not require you to make large investments. At first, you can sculpt the dumplings with your hands and sell them to your neighbors or friends. Over time, when there are more customers, allocate funds for the equipment. This will allow you to increase productivity and, consequently, increase the profitability of the enterprise. Before you expand production, look for new distribution channels. The success of your business depends on this.

Mushroom cultivation

This is the easiest option to do in the village to make money. You can grow oyster mushrooms in the cellar or any other room. The most important thing is that it has good ventilation. In addition, mushrooms need light, but not direct sunlight.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of mycelium, ask for help from specialists who will give useful recommendations and help to understand all the intricacies of this case. You can find such people in specialized forums on the Internet.

Greenhouse cucumbers

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how you can earn money in the village, try growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. This is a fairly simple, but at the same time, profitable business. The largest income can be obtained from the autumn and winter harvests. The profitability of such an enterprise reaches 400-600%.

Before you engage in such a business, carefully analyze the market and look for customers to whom you will sell finished products. If you do not find reliable sales channels, your business may go bankrupt.

Growing cabbage

There is always a high demand for ordinary white cabbage in our country. If you are thinking about how to make money in the village without investments, pay attention to this activity. Cabbage seeds are inexpensive, and for the care of this crop does not need a special technique, of course, in the case when it comes to small acreage. Cabbage can be sold to wholesale buyers directly from the field. In this case, you can save on shipping and storage products.

Quail farm

Considering various business projects in agriculture, many start-up entrepreneurs pay special attention to quail breeding. This line of business attracts with simplicity, high profitability and small initial investments.

Since the most important thing in any business is profit. Therefore, before you organize a quail farm, you need to find reliable distribution channels for products - meat and eggs. To do this, you should go around the nearest outlets and agree on cooperation with their owners. If you manage to find regular customers, you can safely get to work.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

According to experts, the production of frozen vegetables is one of the most promising areas of business activity in our country. Such products are always in great demand, so your business will bring a good income.

A lot of money will have to be invested in the enterprise for the production of frozen vegetables and fruits. You will have to purchase special equipment for the manufacture, storage and transportation of finished products. If you take care of the markets in advance, the initial investment will be returned as soon as possible. This is a great option for those who are interested in what kind of business you can open in the village and make good money on it.


Thanks to various government programs that are aimed at supporting farmers, this line of business is quite promising for start-up entrepreneurs. If you are looking for profitable ideas on how to make money in the village, organize your own farm. Such an enterprise will quickly pay off, and will bring a stable profit. Of course, in order to start a business, you will need a large start-up capital and a lot of free time. If you are ready for this, rent the land and get to work.


Many citizens of our country buy honey not in stores, but directly in apiaries, in order to guarantee to purchase a natural, high-quality product. Therefore, you can get a good stable income from beekeeping.

If you do not have any knowledge and experience in this area, before opening your own apiary, read the subject literature or seek help from specialists. The profitability of this business sometimes reaches 100%. It all depends on how responsible you are about your work.

For those who are thinking about what can be opened in the village to make money, your own apiary is the simplest and most profitable business idea.

Ecology problems worry many modern people. In recent years, the tourism business has been adapting to these needs. Ecotourism appeared in the last century. He does not lose popularity in our time. One of the most profitable and promising areas of activity is rural tourism. Such a business in the village without investment brings a good profit.

The main requirement that applies to entrepreneurs working in this area is the refusal to use any technology. In order for customers to be satisfied and to recommend you to their acquaintances, you need to come up with an interesting recreation program for them, such as horseback riding or walking tours to scenic places. In developing a business plan for rural tourism, make a detailed list of activities that you will offer to guests. Also, do not forget that to work you will have to hire personnel - instructors, guides, medical workers and rescuers.

Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberry is a fragrant tasty berry which is loved by almost all inhabitants of our country. She always enjoys great popularity, so the business of growing strawberries brings excellent profits. There is never a problem with the sale of this product, because there is always a great demand for it.

If you do not know where to start a farm business from scratch, try growing strawberries for sale. To get a good stable income, you can build a greenhouse and sell berries throughout the year. In winter, the prices for strawberries are very high, so your initial investment will pay off in the shortest possible time.

Sale of firewood

Fuel prices are constantly rising, so in many villages they stoke wood stoves. In this regard, the demand for them is constantly growing. If you are looking for options on what to earn in the winter in the village, try selling firewood.

In order to open a business selling firewood, you do not need to purchase special equipment. It is enough to buy a small truck and find suppliers. You can buy firewood in bulk at wood processing plants or sawmills. Some companies donate waste for free, so this business will bring you a good income.

It is possible to open a profitable business in the village without major investments. The most important thing is not to retreat before difficulties and believe in the success of your business. If you are confidently moving towards your goals, everything will definitely turn out.


If you have the desire, enthusiasm and energetic approach to business, you will succeed. The main thing is not to be lazy and do not stop after a collision with the first difficulties.

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Tip 3. Look for new ways to implement

Constantly develop in the business. To distribute goods and services, use the possibilities of Internet resources. The Internet is a large advertising and trading platform, which sin is not to use for its own purposes.

When selling crafts or sewing through social networks, develop options for delivering products to the most remote corners. Use mail, courier services - thus increasing demand and increasing sales.

In this video you will receive tips on creating a profitable business in a rural locality:

Is business in the village a pre-failure project?

Only an inexperienced entrepreneur can call a rural business a failed project.

What are the advantages in the village that can help a business get on its feet?

Business support by local authorities.

It should be noted that the entrepreneurial activity in the village is supported by the state up to the investment of the initial stages.

Availability of motivated staff.

As you know, the unemployment rate in the village is quite high.

Therefore, when you open your business and create new jobs, the demand for them will be high - guaranteed.

Selected people will try to work in good faith, so as not to lose the "feeder". The low cost of renting space for production or land for construction in villages.

Availability of natural resources necessary for the development of certain business sectors.

Considering the above advantages for business, we can make an unequivocal conclusion: rural areas are suitable for the implementation of agrarian projects. Another reasonable approach is to organize a large production.

What are the disadvantages of a rural business?

Of the main drawbacks of the idea to open a business in the village, we can note the lack of a client base. Taking into account this factor, it is necessary to arrange in advance the ways of product sales.

How can I use the advantages of business in the village and what to do with the problem of the sale of goods? About this further.

What business can be opened in the village?

If you have made the final decision to open your business in rural areas, you must decide on its focus.
Finding ideas for business in the village will be helped by the question: “How do the villagers earn their money?”:

  • Selling vegetables that were grown in the garden or in small greenhouses.
  • Realization of meat of domestic animals - poultry, large cattle, pigs.
  • Milk and other derived farm products, such as eggs, wool.

Finding a better place to grow fruit than a village is a rather difficult task.

Open your apiary is not only profitable, but also prestigious, because all bee products are very popular in our time.

Fish farming will require a pond, which provides for large areas and optimal climatic conditions.

Pet food.

Silo, hay, feed vegetables, which are used in farms.

This is not a complete list of services and goods that are produced by a business in the village.

What is most important?

Focus on the localization of the village, natural conditions, predisposing for a certain kind of business.

For example, if you live near the river, why not organize a freshwater fish pond?

Or is there a lawn with a wide variety of grass somewhere near your village? An ideal place for beekeeping!

The main problem of the idea for business in the village is the fear of being left without a permanent sales market!

What business to open in the village is only one side of the question. The second is where to implement it?

It's time to discuss possible solutions to this problem.

Example of a business idea for a village: product implementation

Nikolai Alekseevich has a land plot of 2 hectares in the village. The thought came to his bright mind to start greenhouse production of vegetables.

More specifically, cucumbers and tomatoes.

P.S. Business is very promising, as the greenhouse technology allows you to grow vegetables and get ahead of all competitors who use open ground ...

The businessman was able to open a greenhouse complex in the village, consisting of 4 film greenhouses, the area of ​​each of them is 600 square meters.

Nikolai Alekseevich achieved a daily volume of commodity output of 450 kg of cucumbers and 200 kg of tomatoes.

But then the question arose: a man lives in the village of Samoilovsk, with a total population of 35,000 inhabitants. The local market is overflowing with goods, the sale of products has become impossible.

In search of a solution to the problem, Nikolay phoned all friends, and he managed to find out the number of the distributor in the regional center.

Implementer - Michael, agreed to start selling goods, working for 10% of the total cost. This option satisfied Nicholas, he signed a contract with Michael.

As a result, the partners worked according to the following scheme: Mikhail came by car to Samoilovsk every 3 days and collected the goods prepared in advance. The goods were sold at agreed prices. Every weekend companions shared money earned.

On such a simple example, the reader can understand the importance of planning the sales of products produced in the village.

P.S. To produce goods is only one side of the coin. Without a proper sales flow, a business is worthless.

Possible ways of selling goods in villages and small towns:

Selling in local markets or in trade shops.

This method is suitable for small volumes of goods.

Product sales in large cities through intermediaries.

In this case, you will act as a supplier.

Trade through its own chain of stores.

An advanced way for experienced business owners.

  • Custom production, i.e. you make an order for certain products, and then buy the entire manufactured volume.
  • The use of each of these paths has its own characteristics and difficulties.

    But when choosing, it is worthwhile to build on, first of all, the future planned volumes of the goods produced and the target audience of the products.

    After analyzing your business, you will be able to assess the situation and clearly form the best way to implement.

    1) Ecological farming in the village

    You have land, but you do not know how to use it properly? Engage in ecological vegetable farming.

    The meaning of this business is to grow vegetables without the use of synthetic fertilizers and protective agents.

    It should be noted that growing vegetables in this way is quite difficult. But the price that people are willing to pay for "natural products" will please the manufacturer.

    Экологическое овощеводство – тренд рынка. Но, нужно учесть, что подобные бизнес идеи для села становятся объектов постоянных проверок государственных инспекций.

    Они будут тщательно проверять, действительно ли ваш бизнес производит только органическую продукцию.

    Вашими клиентами могут стать как большие торговые сети, так и отдельные индивидуальные предприниматели.

    Although you should not forget about the possibility of self-marketing of goods.

    Ps. The advantages of organic vegetable growing lie in the fact that this business concept is now "in trend." Believe me, marketing agents just dream of a client like you!

    2) What business to open in the village among the forests? Sawmill!

    A sawmill is the perfect way to capitalize on the benefits of a business in a village.

    But there is one important point - to organize such a business is possible only in areas where there is a sufficient amount of wood.

    Russia is rich in forests, because this idea is very relevant.

    Special advantages lie in the proximity of the resource base, which saves on the supply of materials.

    The forest is the wealth of Russia, which can become the basis for a successful business.

    Another advantage of the idea to open a sawmill in the village is the organization of production with the involvement of local residents.

    As already noted, jobs in villages are few. Therefore, subordinates will be ready to work selflessly to ensure their financial needs.

    Building materials made of wood are indispensable in the market, because the sale of goods will not cause difficulties. Cooperation with manufacturers of high-quality furniture is the best way to sell products.

    It is possible to work under certain orders ...

    You need to understand that the better materials you produce, the greater will be the total income of the sawmill in the village.

    3) Breeding bulls in the village

    Do you like juicy bloody steaks? Even if you are a vegan, and eat nuts with fresh fruit, please note - there are many “bloodthirsty” people in the world.

    Assess yourself the statistics of the demand for this product in Russia:

    Open in the village of their own farm for breeding elite varieties of bulls - a great idea. Yes, one cannot deny large-scale initial investments, but it should be understood that such a business is very profitable.

    Just remember - a piece of marbled beef of the highest category weighing 3-4 kg can cost up to 30,000 rubles!

    To open a farm in the village, you need a few mandatory requirements:

    The building for keeping large cattle must be built very firmly to avoid injury to employees.

    Having a private pasture of several hectares is another important requirement.

    The bulls must move to ensure the best quality of beef.

    Caring for bulls requires a lot of experience.

    You will need useful personnel that can help in the organization of business.

    Ps. Breeding bulls in the village can bring a huge income. But do not forget the fact that it will have to invest considerable finances.

    4) Ecotourism - the idea of ​​business in the village

    Ecotourism is not a new direction in global business. But in Russia it is still a real novelty!

    There is no denying that the Russian Federation is rich in beautiful landscapes. Using nature for its own enrichment is a very sensible idea.

    If you live in the countryside, and breathe fresh air every day, admire the scenery, why not share this beauty with others?

    The best way to organize ecotourism is to create an online service to collect groups of tourists.

    Mostly, your customers will be residents of large cities who want to see the beauty of their country, and just take a break from the tiring days of work and the harsh air of civilization.

    A huge plus for ecotourism is the minimum investment, as you can manage the site and act as a guide.

    ... It is very important to be able to choose a good route that will impress customers and make them repeatedly resort to your service.

    20 best business ideas in a village in just 9 minutes:

    What business can be opened in the village? The reader has already found several equivalent answers to this question.

    A completely different and more significant question - do you have enough courage to open your own business in the village? After all, you will have to work hard to create an extensive and stable customer base.

    Are you ready to step over false beliefs and banality, and become a successful businessman far from the big city?

    1. Business in the village or how to become rich outside the city

    There is a persistent delusion that it is more difficult to do business in a village than in a city. In reality, in rural areas, a much larger number of projects started from scratch pays off. At the same time, the costs of organizing and running a business are much lower - at least because land, labor and resources are cheaper here.

    Investments in agriculture are promising and long-term investments that almost do not depend on fashion trends in the economy and market fluctuations. The earth and what it gives are intransient values ​​that people will always need. Even the most advanced technology will not replace meat, bread and milk.

    Developing agriculture is not only profitable, but also beneficial for the development of the economy. In the conditions of crisis and constant sanctions, Russia is increasingly focused on the domestic market, which means that products manufactured in the country will be more and more in demand every year.

    At the same time, it is necessary to understand that manufacturing industries by definition cannot bring quick profits. This is not stock trading and even an online store that pays off in 4-6 months.

    Business in the village - for those who look forward to the long term. After all, the harvest, poultry and livestock must first be grown and only then realized.

    I will list all the advantages of business in rural areas:

    • relatively low competition - the number of farms in Russia is not yet so large as to fully provide the domestic market with products,
    • state supports farmers - they take less taxes from them, grants and subsidies are allocated for the development of the agricultural sector,
    • the cost of natural products is constantly increasing - people care about their health and prefer healthy domestic products imported,
    • lower tariffs for electricity and other resources - for example, in the Novosibirsk region the difference in tariffs between town and country is 25%,
    • more favorable environmental conditions - clean air, no chemicals in products, etc.

    And if in the sphere of industrial goods almost all profitable niches are already occupied, then in agriculture for enterprising and energetic people - expanse. And then, agricultural production is necessary for the population all year round, which means that there will never be a shortage in the sales market.

    We can not say about the disadvantages of the village business. There are no established mechanisms for the sale of finished products. - Every farmer has to look for their feeds.

    Crop and animal production is highly dependent on natural and seasonal factors: one poor year, drought or, on the contrary, heavy rain, and the result of many months of work will be negated.

    However, the cultivation of vegetables, grains and the production of meat and dairy products are not the only areas for rural business. You do not want to engage in peasant labor - master new directions: ecotourism, beekeeping, growing mushrooms, breeding crayfish or fish.

    There is always a demand for quality raw materials and finished products. By the way, a kilogram of salted mushrooms in an ordinary supermarket costs 1000 - 1500 rubles . Price per kg of crayfish ranges 500 - 900 rubles . Honey and other bee products are also not cheap.

    2. What business can be opened in the village - TOP-9 popular ideas

    The list compiled by the expert department of our magazine covers the most profitable and popular business ideas for rural areas.

    If the proposed options do not suit you, dozens of other areas are at your service - making furniture from a rod, harvesting and selling furs, breeding rabbits ... there is not enough article to list all the ideas. In addition, the question "What business to do" is disclosed in detail in a separate publication of our journal.

    1) Growing fruits and vegetables for sale

    The most obvious and underlying idea. Where else to grow vegetables, if not on the garden? With proper organization of labor costs will pay off in one season.

    It is not necessary to start with large volumes. First, try to realize the surplus agricultural products that you grow for yourself. If you understand that demand exceeds supply - develop production further.

    The financial costs themselves are small:

    • seeds,
    • fertilizers,
    • water for irrigation
    • equipment for tillage and care of plants.

    But it is necessary to spend not only money, but also forces. Who worked in the garden, knows what it takes to grow a good harvest. However, no one forbids you use hired labor.

    Additionally, organize canning, processing and freezing of fruits and vegetables, so that the business is year-round.

    2) Farming

    Farmers rent or buy vast land and cultivate cereals, vegetables and fruits, as well as breeding birds, cattle and small livestock. Farming requires solid primary investments.that pay off not immediately.

    It is necessary to think in advance about the sale of finished products. Farmers cooperate with wholesale companies for the purchase of products, catering, supermarkets. And still the crop and meat are sold in specialized markets and fairs.

    4) Opening shop

    In villages and villages, retail trade is often poorly organized. It happens that one store serves several localities at once.

    I personally watched the outlet in my summer cottage and am ready to confirm that there are more than enough customers in such a shop, especially in the warm season. Lines of 10-15 people lined up, and each of them took more than one type of product.

    To establish an uninterrupted supply, organize a small warehouse at the store. Partially, products can be purchased at wholesale prices from local residents - eggs, milk, berries, vegetables.

    It is not necessary to limit the range only food. In the villages, non-food essential goods such as laundry detergents, hygiene products, various trifles, which cannot be dispensed with, such as batteries, clothes pegs, children's toys, etc., are in high demand.

    In the “rich” villages, building materials, agricultural equipment, animal feed and fertilizers will be in demand.

    Obviously, the success of the outlet depends on its location, on the number of local residents, on their ability to pay. That is, the place to shop must be chosen wisely.

    By the way, the store can be opened not only in a specialized visit, but also in the garage, if you have one. About this site has a separate article "Business in the garage."

    5) Production

    These include businesses that use local raw materials. There are many options - sawmill, woodworking plant, the production of animal feed, flour, vegetable and canned meat, jams, sausages, dumplings and other semi-finished products, bath brooms.

    The scale and production capacity depends on the initial investment. It is not necessary to start with large-scale production. And some products can be made at home..

    6) Collection of herbal teas and berries

    Herbal healing, soothing and invigorating teas are still in vogue.

    In the shopping center near my house there is a whole shop that sells exclusively herbs and berries for brewing. According to my observations, the outlet has a stable audience of buyers and quite good incomes.

    Raw materials for the store are certainly not collected in the city park - it is supplied by villagers who are collecting on a professional basis.

    The idea, though non-standard, but quite cost-effective. With proper organization, it will bring a decent profit with minimal cash outlay.

    What is needed? Only your time to collect herbs, berries, flowers, calibrate them, dry them with the help of special drying (the last moment is crucial).

    Another branch of this direction is the collection of medicinal herbs. According to one pharmaceutical portal, the annual demand of plants and factories for the production of herbal preparations is 50,000 tons of raw materials. And it is possible to prepare almost three times less.

    7) Country tourism

    Perspective niche. Personally, I would choose this direction, because it has all the chances to become a fashion trend in the near future.

    The cities are full of people who are tired of the hustle and bustle and unfavorable environmental conditions. They strive at least for a while to break out into the bosom of nature, to relax and be filled with healing energy.

    Not everyone has a dacha, and it does not always solve the problem. The suburban area in the suburbs is not at all the same as a house in a village by a picturesque river.

    What you need to start a business? A good house with rooms for renting plus neighborhoods, suggesting a variety of leisure activities - so that guests can go fishing, relax in the sauna, go to the forest for mushrooms, go to the farm, and ride horses.

    Where to look for customers? Organize an advertising campaign on the Internet and in the media of the nearest major city. Make the site of your tourist base, invent a few of your own chips like the same herbal tea or healing oak barrels in the bath. In winter, arrange a ski base and snowmobile rental.

    If it goes, on income, build a full-fledged hotel in the Russian style, but with European standards of comfort.

    8) Fish breeding

    If the village has clean ponds, use them to breed commercial fish. Just do not forget negotiate with local or district administration. Or organize an artificial reservoir on your site. Fry carp, crucian carp, catfish, even trout are on sale. In addition to fry, you need to buy special foods and vitamins.

    Once you have organized your pond, you will only have to support it, and this is very convenient.

    Alternative - breeding crayfish. The advantage is that the demand for this delicacy exceeds supply, and the yield in the natural environment is limited.

    9) Business on the Internet

    If agricultural activity is not your fad, but you really want to live in the village, you do not have to mess around on the beds or raise chickens. That is, you will do it in your free time, and in the main - make money online.

    The network is now in every village, which means that online business is accessible to everyone. If you are a designer, copywriter, translator, programmer, professional Forex player, online store owner, traffic arbitrage specialist - work remotely and get money on the card.

    Comparative table of specific business ideas: